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Legally Bi

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A girl with half violet, half blue dyed hair waves a piece of recycled paper in the air with a smile in her lips.

“Ok everyone, gather round”

A black skinned girl with braided hair and glasses swiftly steps besides her.

“Did you double check the precedence of that paper Elise? You know how Evan gets”.

Elise winks one of her hazel colored eyes at her.

“Never doubt me Alana”.

The two approach the table where the other five people are seated; one of them, a boy with magenta dyed hair clears his throat slightly annoyed.

“So, are we gonna do this or…”

The only other boy in the table shoves him softly, part of his hair is dyed cyan while the other is a dirty blonde.

“Ignore him, Lester’s still bitter about Venus”.

The magenta-haired boy leans back into the chair with a hand to his forehead dramatically.

“She was such a good fly trap Gale, why did she have to go?”  

A girl with Indigo dyes hair levels him with an almost disgusted look, voice matching her expression as she speaks

“Did you really name your Venus fly trap Venus?”

The other girl in the table, the one with orange hair and green dyed stripes, laces her fingers together and lays her chin on top with an amused grin.

“Oh, burn”

The last person in the table has blonde tips to their brown hair, and tired gray eyes as they plead with the rest of the room.

“Can you guys quiet down a sec and let Liz finish”

Elise smiles warmly at them with before taking a seat in the table, Alana follows suit.

“Thank you Alex; now, as you all know, our dear president has been dating his childhood best friend, no offense Lana”

“None taken”

The girl with the green stripes cuts in with a bored expression.

“And they’ve been together for years, and Ev likes him more than trees, we’ve been through this”

The indigo haired girl levels her with a warning glare.


“You can silence me but you can’t silence the truth”

“Oh my god you dork”

“Well, if you two are finished, I was going to say that there’s a huge change Evan will be getting a ring tonight”

Lester jumped in his seat, hands slapping against the table.


Gale immediately turns to Alana.

“Did you know about this?”

“Of course, those two have been together for so long, it’s hardly a surprise”

The girl with the indigo hair makes arches an eyebrow.

“What does that have to do with recycled paper?”

“Well, Irene my dear, we’re going to write Evan a congratulatory letter”

Everyone shares glances before turning to the two of them and nodding enthusiastically.

They spend a good few hours on it, mostly to get on the same page about how to word it, or what to say in the first place, Alana reminds all of them that while Jared proposing to Evan is a definite possibility, there’s still a chance it might not happen tonight, or at all; Elise says that they can always modify the letter on a different date to fit whoever Evan ended up engaged to, at which point Alana agreed that having it done just in case was better than not at all. They finish it just in time for the usual meeting the do outside of school, but Evan doesn’t arrive, instead Irene’s phone goes off and she gasps loudly.

“Oh god, guys, Evan’s having an outfit emergency?”

Alana tilts her head to the side.

“Can’t he just wear a suit?”

Elise shakes her head vehemently.

“No, no, he has to think about it; otherwise he’ll send the wrong message”

Alex almost melodically.

“Is he freaking out Rene?”

She hands them the phone with a wince.

“See for yourself”

Alex nods quickly and gives it back.

“Let’s go help him get his man”

Lester gets a hold of Gale’s left arm, his other hand going to his heart.

“I feel so proud”

Gale pries him away with a soft smile.

“I know”

Alex rolls their eyes at the two of them.