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snapshots from before and after the comic-con incident

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Their first kiss was a frantic coming together of two clueless idiots who spent months pining after each other, too afraid to mess up their friendship, their working relationship, the banter and tension between their two characters.

They both knew how much their characters and the relationship between their characters meant to fans of the show. Though neither idiot said any of this out loud to each other, of course.

It was after a tough day of filming, not only did they spend most of the day under the hot LA sun, but one scene in particular that they were shooting was exceptionally emotional. It was a scene where Clark almost loses Jimmy, in fact, he does die, as far as viewers know. His resurrection is explored in the following episode, and even though Derek knows this, knows what comes next for Stiles’ character, he is still losing himself in the moment that Jimmy “stops breathing” in his arms.

Stiles is really fucking good at pretending to die. And it really fucks with Derek’s head. And for some reason, it makes him so angry at Stiles. How could he toy with Derek’s head and heart and feelings like that?

And Derek has always gotten pretty irrational when he’s angry, which is how he finds himself storming up to Stiles trailer after they’ve finished for the day and not waiting for permission to enter before he’s stomping through the door. And of course Stiles is half out of his fake-blood-soaked wardrobe, cheeks reddened from the sun and probably from Derek’s abrupt and surprise entrance, too.

Derek just glares at him for long, tense moments, yelling at him in his head and with his eyebrows but not finding the actual voice to say everything irrational that he wants to say.

The way Stiles slowly finishes undressing, then pulling on soft-looking sweats and a well-worn T-shirt, with a Superman emblem on the chest, of course, and the way he not for one-second stops looking right into Derek’s fucking soul, makes Derek think that maybe Stiles gets it, too.

He rushes forward and Stiles' arms are waiting for him, expecting him. He runs his hands up Stiles’ arms, over his shoulders, cups the soft skin of his slender neck, feeling the warmth of him, thumbing over Stiles’ pulse point, his steady thrumming heartbeat so present and exhilarating under Derek’s hands. Stiles is not Jimmy, not even close, and Derek hasn’t lost his best friend, and what they have been building up to since the day they met may be fragile but he will never, ever regret pushing into Stiles, giving over his heart and his lips and his breath, and taking everything Stiles gives him in return.

They kiss like its more necessary than breathing; like they’ll never have another chance to be this close to everything they’ve ever wanted.

They still need to talk, and they will, finally, and it will be terrifying and wonderful. But in this moment, words don’t matter.

That’s their first kiss.