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See You Then

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Where feather faces lined with paint and opium jump between stars
There grins a shattered soul
An opened wound in father's backfired plan
In the palm of the hand of the Universe
Chocolate strands and stinging blue suns
Skin of West Coast sand and whiskey-soaked gravel ground beneath dark boots for a voice
A whole of a half of a quarter and fingers that could sing using the rotation of the planets
Wings eloping with the backdrop of the black
He soars, he swoops, a graceful cursive invisible ink against the heat of other systems,
He is watched by the weary eye of the noble expanse
In triumph and faded glory
And he is the fist wedding bone through broken skin,
Punching through the abyss in a flurry of impeccable fire
He becomes the sun
He is, after-all, the glint in the eye of the enraptment of damnation
Streaking through infinity,
He is the stitch in the heart of a man flailing in a sea
Of the blood of his own hand
And he is he saviour
And where feather faces lined with paint breach his dreams
Those crimson-stained lips crinkle his flesh
A rustle at the periphery of his flight,
And he breathes out a cloud of midnight tune
At the threshold of his being
The lyrics of the waves of light
"I love you."