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Just because Katsuki’s so-called best friend was a Morning, and Katsuki was an Evening, it didn’t mean shit. Just like how it never meant anything back in middle school that Deku was a Morning too, despite what people who kept teasing Katsuki would say. Starting with his mother.

What did this old hag know?


As if he would ever marry Deku.

Or Kirishima, for that matter.

People mostly ceased to tease him about Deku at UA - but Kirishima, he got it bad, especially from the three other idiots calling themselves his friends.

And fuck them, to be honest.

Maybe everyone assumed Deku would get together with the two other nerds he befriended - but both Round Face and Glasses ended up gravitating towards IcyHot and the tall girl with the black ponytail, the four of them obviously starting to form a unit.

Which left Deku on his own, but he didn’t seem bothered that his friends all got together without him, he seemed cheerful as ever.

Fucking nerd.

It was way too early to form units either way, it was way too early to think about marriage, so if they wanted to rush into something stupid it was their pregorative.

Some people were forming relationships including people from other classes too - like even two of the idiots in his friendship group, Tape-Arms and Racoon Eyes decided to get together with not only Sparkly Laser Guy but Vine Hair Girl from the other class too.

Which, weird.

But whatever.

Katsuki was not about to follow their example, needless to say.

But that did not stop those idiots around him from blabbering.

“So when will you ask Kirishima out?”

“When will you ask Earjack Girl out?”

“That is rude and you know it” Kaminari pouted. “Jiro is way out of my league, and who knows if she even likes me? Meanwhile you and Kirishima get along.”

“Newsflash Dunce Face, just because a Morning and an Evening get along, it does not mean that they want to fuck each other.”

“Well, duh I know that” Kaminari rolled his eyes. “That is why I am not asking you out.”

Kaminari was a Morning, and Katsuki just glanced at him.

“Even if you would like me, I am still out of your league, therefore you would not ask me, just like you are not asking Earjack Girl.”

“No, I would not ask you because you have the personal charm of a rug. That is why you are single.”

One day, Katsuki will throw Kaminari out the fucking window.

And despite all of it, he did start to gravitate more not only towards Earjack Girl, but also Sticky Balls guy and the Animal Guy.

That was a weird quartet if Katsuki had ever seen one, but if Kaminari had no taste whatsoever, that was not Katsuki’s fucking problem.

“You are just jealous” Kaminari said simply. “Because I got something going on, while you are still too stupid to ask Kirishima out.”

“I have something called good taste. Which is why I wouldn’t even be attracted to someone as stupid as Hair For Brains.”

Seriously, Kaminari could fuck off.


Point was, that Bakugo absolutely did not have to care for anything that anyone was doing in their love lives.

Which is also why he wanted to throw Kirishima out a window.

“I mean isn’t it weird?”


He knew better.

He absolutely knew better.

But he still asked.

“Well, that.”

Kirishima looked out the window, pointing outside where Deku was talking with the steely asshole from Class 1B.

“What would be weird? Deku is like a small fucking tick, always latching onto anyone. Of course he would befriend even the other classes.”

Kirishima was outright pouting, and there was a suspicion rising up in Katsuki’s stomach.

“Are you jealous, Hair For Brains?”

“Huh? What?”

“Deku is an Evening like you. That guy is a Morning isn’t he?”

“Huh? Why should I be jealous?”

Katsuki sighed and shook his head.

Some people were total idiots.


“Is there something between you and that steely dick?”

Okay, maybe Katsuki didn’t actually have any tact whatsoever.

But also, Deku blushed furiously.

“...there totally is, isn’t there?”

“It is not that simple, Kacchan!” Deku's face was as red as Kirishima’s hair. “I… I am pretty sure there is someone else he likes, either way.”

“And? It would fit into the relationship either way.”

“And there is someone else I like too.”

“...there still isn’t much of a problem there that I see, Deku.”

“Ah well, you see…” Deku tilted his head a bit.”I do think it would work! I mean I think the person I like and the person that Tetsutetsu likes actually do like each other.”

“Peachy. Don’t invite me to the wedding because I do not care.”

“The problem is, though” Deku continued without a care to whatever Katsuki had said. “That I do think that while the one Tetsutetsu likes would be easy to convince… the one I like is a more complicated situation.”

“I literally do not give a fuck about your crushes, Deku.”

Deku looked at him, and shook his head, like he was convincing himself of something.

“You know, Kacchan… I will stay hopeful, though.”

“You know, Deku I really do not give a fuck.”


Of course the one Tetsutetsu liked was Kirishima.

Of course it was him. The two of them were the same person, except for the fact that one was a Morning and one was an Evening so really it was a match made in… well, somewhere. And how Deku fit into this was a mystery, but he certainly was seen around school sometimes, his arm linked with Tetsutetsu’s, while he was holding onto Kirishima with the other arm.

…or maybe it was not a mystery.

“Bakugo, I do not think you are jealous because of Kirishima.”

“I had been telling you that, idiot.”

“Correction: not just Kirishima.”

By this point Sero was there too, with a smug grin on his face.

“What do you want?”

“You know, there is place for a fourth one in that relationship…”

Really, when you get down to it, Tape-Arms was practically begging for Katsuki to blow up his desk.


Sadly this was not how Aizawa saw it so he made Katsuki stay for detention. Which meant that it was already dark when he got to leave towards the dorms.

Or at least he would have if there wouldn’t have been a way too familiar face waiting on the stairs.

“Did your dates ditch you, Deku?”

“Wouldn’t say that” Deku said standing up. “You showed up didn’t you?”

Katsuki was silent for a few moments.

“The fuck does that mean?”

“Oh, nothing” Deku's smile did not disappear. “We can go back to the dorms.”

For a short while they walked in silence.

“I am not your fucking date.”

Of course Katsuki couldn’t keep quiet. Not after the shit Deku had just said.

“I heard you the first time.”

“Then why did you say that?”

“You really do not know?”

Tetsutetsu also liked Kirishima.

Deku also liked someone…


“How long?”

“How long what?”

“You really don’t know?”

Now Katsuki was mocking, but that was what it was.

“Since we were in kindergarten together.”

“What the fuck, Deku?”

Deku stopped, and looked at him with a serious face, and it made Katsuki stop too.

“And you?”

Silence, before Katsuki rolled his eyes before walking ahead again.

“It’s rude to stay behind your date, Deku.”

He didn’t have to say it twice, Deku quickly caught up, with a wide grin on his face.

“Can’t wait to tell the others!”

Katsuki was dreading it already, having to deal with three loud idiots.


He can certainly try a few things out to shut them up.


Turns out, kissing them to shut them up worked.

Too bad it only worked with Deku and Kirishima, though.

Oh well.

Better than nothing.