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Pleasant Surprises

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Alcohol. Countless of shirtless bodies. Loud music. Even louder people. Probably some drugs too, who are we trying to fool here? All things that you expect to see at a frat party. What you don't expect is a mop of orange hair to bounce all 'round the house, making sure everyone's having a good time and that their cups are filled. At least Yoongi doesn't. The thing with Park Jimin is that nothing about him is like you(Yoongi)'d expect. He's not bulky nor tall, nor is he as loud as the usual frat boy. Hence why Yoongi didn't know that he is one up until now; now that he's realised Jimin is the one hosting the party they're at. Yoongi's seen him around, and he knows Jimin's one of the popular students, but that's about all he knows. That and, now, the fact that he's a frat boy. And that he's gorgeous.

"You're staring at his ass again." Yoongi looks to his right and sees Jeongguk coming to stand by his side, gulping down the disgusting blend of alcohol in his red plastic cup. Who drinks liquor with a straw anyway?

"Am not." Yoongi shakes his head and takes a sip of his 'clean' blend. It may be in the same kind of disgusting cup as Jeongguk's, but at least Yoongi knows what's in his. "And you're one to speak." He scoffs as Jeongguk proves his point by ogling a bypassing someone and whistling under his breath.

He's still not quite used to seeing Jeongguk around campus. They've been friends forever, but Yoongi hadn't realised how much they'd begun to drift apart until Jeongguk started his first year with blond hair, wearing grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Might not seem like a big deal to most, but Yoongi had almost broken his jaw because it dropped so hard. He'd expected little high school Jeonggukie with his emo fringe, plaid shirt and black, ripped jeans beyond any sort of repair. 

"Mm, you see, that's the difference between you and I." Jeongguk takes another sip from his cup and tries to keep a straight face, but Yoongi can see him physically struggling to swallow the mixture. "I'm at the very least aware of my actions. Besides, it's all part of the act. You know I don't like playing with hearts." Jeongguk bumps Yoongi's bony shoulder with his own, and it almost sends Yoongi flying to the ground. He wants to blame it on the alcohol, but he's barely drunk a cup.

"But how about you stop whatever it is that you're trying to do right now and actually go talk to him? I know that, somewhere deep down, you think he's interesting. Like one of your mental cases." If Yoongi had been in the right state of mind he would've argued that they're not mental cases, just patients. But he's not, and he knows it's no use trying to make an up-and-coming lawyer understand the basics of psychology and empathy. Especially a drunk one. He shakes his head and makes a sound of disapproval as his eyes once again land on the eccentric, orange-haired boy. "Before you do though, let's get you out of this, you look ridiculous. It's fuckin', what, twenty-two degrees out and you're wearing a leather jacket? Fuck outta here." Jeongguk laughs as he takes Yoongi's cup and basically rips the jacket off of the older's body.

Before Yoongi has any time to react, he's got his cup back in his hand and he's being pushed in the general direction of the party host. He shoots an angry glare over his shoulder, but Jeongguk seems the opposite of intimidated as he starts to draw hearts in the air and making cute poses to go along with them.

Yoongi doesn't have the energy to figure out what the younger might be insinuating so he turns around to look the other way. Bad choice. Right in front of him stands - or walks - none other than Park Jimin himself. And the reason why I say walks is because he does just that, he walks, into Yoongi.

"Oh! Shit! Sorry, dude! I'm suuper clumsy~ if you couldn't tell already!" Nothing about him screams frat boy, except for his clothes, but they're actually on his body so they don't really scream it either. The heavenly giggles that leave him definitely don't.

"It's alright!" Yoongi shoots him a quick and half-hearted smile and he looks down at his drenched t-shirt. At least it's black. "It needed a wash anyway!" Jimin's smile basically splits his face in half and his giggles turn into a full-blown laugh. Yoongi finds himself smiling again.

"Might need a shredder now!" Jimin's face scrunches up in some kind of grimace as he looks at the mess he's made. "I mean, it's drenchewow." Yoongi tenses up as Jimin's hand is suddenly planted on his stomach. He moves back to try and avoid the touch but he makes sure to make the movement as natural as possible, he doesn't want Jimin thinking he's offended or something. He is a bit shy, however, and he tries his best to play it off as nothing; even though the touch made his cheeks blare with a bright pink.

"What? Find something of value?" Yoongi chuckles and he's finally feeling some effect from the alcohol as he thinks about the rather odd choice of words.

"Nah, nah it's just- heh, 't's gonna sound stupid but," Jimin looks up from Yoongi's abdomen to his face and Yoongi's sure he can see a hint of a blush on Jimin's cheeks as well. "I haven't... felt a guy without a sixpack in a while!" Jimin laughs at himself (or so it seems) and averts his gaze again, this time to the floor.

"Yeah, you're right! That is stupid!" Yoongi can hear Jimin laughing even though he can't see it, and when it dies down he feels the need to keep the conversation going, so he puts out his hand in front of - or rather, under - Jimin's face. "Min Yoongi! That's my name, or so I've been told!" Jimin snorts and takes Yoongi's hand. "You don't- I know your name, but I mean, you can still introduce yourself, but I mean, you don't have to!" Yoongi does realise that he's repeating himself in a rather moronic way, but he's just intoxicated enough to not care.

"Min Yoongi, huh?" Jimin doesn't let go of his hand for a while, a rather long while actually. "Jeon's your bro, right? Like, your actual bro? Brother!" Jimin shakes his head to get out the right words, then looks expectantly at Yoongi for an answer. He shakes his head too. "Good, good! I don't feel good fucking people's siblings, you know?" Yoongi laughs at first, but then the words start to sink in.

"Wait..." Yoongi narrows his eyes and his hold on Jimin's hand tightens. "You... Jeongguk?"

Jimin's eyes go wide as saucers and he shakes his head like some damn madman. "No! No way, not Jeon! Fuck me if I'd fuck Jeon. I mean- I don't know what I meant by that but I'm not! Never have, never will! He's too... Jeon." Yoongi nods as Jimin laughs at his own explanation, but as Jimin gnaws on his bottom lip the words sink in for a second time.

There's a definite smirk on Jimin's lips even though he's trying to hold it back and Yoongi's stomach starts to do somersaults. He knows he shouldn't, especially not with someone like Jimin. But Jimin doesn't seem like those someones he's supposed to be like.


The advantage of hooking up with the party host is that it's Jimin's house (or, his and his housemates'), and that means he has his own room. A room to which's door Yoongi is currently being pushed up against.

Jimin's more teeth than tongue, more teeth than lips even, but Yoongi won't complain. Especially not when he's having hickey after hickey sucked onto his fair skin. The music is still thumping hard outside and Jimin's definitely feeling it if the way he grinds against Yoongi to the rhythm of the song is anything to go by.

Everything seems a bit surreal to him, and it gets even worse when Jimin's thumb comes up to Yoongi's lips and gently taps on them. Yoongi's eyes dart from the younger's hand to his eyes. He has a brow raised as if he's waiting and Yoongi thinks he knows what he wants, so he opens his lips and lets the digit sit in his mouth for a while, then he starts to move his tongue against it.

Before long he's basically sucking at the finger and he gasps when Jimin removes it, running it along Yoongi's jaw, leaving a wet trail behind it. "Care to eat me out, angel?" Well, shit. That definitely isn't what Yoongi thought he was going to say, but fuck if he'd say no to this kind of opportunity. He has been staring at Jimin's ass for the most part of the night after all.

There is some shedding of clothes at some point, but it seems to be out of Yoongi's control as he can't really recall how it happened, all he knows is that he's down to jeans and his choker, and Jimin's... well Jimin's got nothing but socks on. And now they're gone too.

Jimin seems to notice Yoongi's temporary confusion and walks to him, giving him a quick kiss before shuffling back to the bed and positioning himself on all fours. "'You gonna be long?" Jimin snickers as he shakes his butt around in the air. Yoongi huffs and sinks down on the bed as well.

He has to take a moment to remember what's going on and to make sure it's real. Because it's so completely out of his usual comfort zone that it doesn't feel like it is. "If you don't wanna that's ok-ay." Jimin's words get cut off by a squeal as Yoongi finally snaps back to reality and flattens his tongue against Jimin's awaiting hole. It's amazing how responsive Jimin is, Yoongi doesn't have to do much else than leave small kitten licks for him to be gasping out moans and pleas for more, more.

Yoongi gently prods at the opening but he doesn't push inside yet. "Fucking, get on with it," Jimin mumbles against the bedsheets and he reaches back to grab Yoongi's hair, physically forcing him closer. It's Yoongi's turn to gasp out a moan as Jimin pulls at his hair, and he can't do much else than comply as his face gets pushed impossibly closer to Jimin's ass. Jimin tastes faintly of coconut, which makes Yoongi's job that much easier as he alters from those kitten licks from before to actually eating him out and sucking at the rim. If he thought Jimin was loud before, it's nothing compared to how he is now.

Jimin isn't as whiny as Yoongi expected him to be, but he's definitely vocal. "Fuck, fuck yes baby, just like that." Countless praises and directions fall from his lips, and in all honesty, Yoongi doesn't like that kind of stuff, but right now he doesn't mind it. He's enjoying it, actually. As Jimin keeps encouraging him to go deeper and to give him more every two seconds, Yoongi decides that adding a finger or two might be a good idea, and it seems like Jimin agrees as his arms give out and his cheek hits the sheets once the extra digits are added.

His moans turn shaky and he hisses every now and again when he pushes himself back onto Yoongi, but apparently, he's still not satisfied, because once Yoongi starts to get the hang of where Jimin's sweet spot's placed he's being pulled away.

"Lay on your back, love?" For once Jimin says it like he's asking a question. Not that Yoongi's about to say no, but still. He nods in response and does as Jimin's requested. The orange-haired man follows Yoongi's movements until he's sitting on top of him, straddling his thighs.

Jimin leans down to catch Yoongi's lips in a desperate, open-mouthed kiss, and one of his hands comes up to grab Yoongi's chin. Yoongi has no idea how, but Jimin's pretty much pushing all of the buttons that make him fucking melt right now.

"I really, really wanna ride your cock. Can I?" Jimin knows that Yoongi won't say no, can't say no. He knows that he has the older wrapped around his finger, which makes the question more of a taunt than an actual question. Yoongi still responds with another nod as Jimin's fingers are digging into his cheeks, making it hard for him to speak.

Jimin grins and does some acrobat type shit to retrieve a bottle of lube from his bedside drawer. "You clean?" Jimin asks as he dangles the bottle and a condom in Yoongi's face. He has to think for a moment, but he comes to the conclusion that he is and nods at Jimin. That grin from before turns into a smirk as he throws the condom to God knows where and slides further up Yoongi's thighs, licking his lips in what Yoongi hopes is anticipation.

Jimin immediately starts to unbuckle Yoongi's belt and gets his jeans off in no time. Before Jimin's even done with the undressing he starts to mouth at the prominent bulge in Yoongi's pants, and Yoongi's chest tightens as heat travels from his stomach and all the way up to his head. Jimin replaces his mouth with his hand, slipping it under the waistband of Yoongi's pants, and the younger leaves a couple of wet kisses up Yoongi's chest before he turns most of his attention to Yoongi's neck.

"You're so hard already, baby. You liked my ass that much, huh?" Jimin chuckles against Yoongi's skin, and he should feel embarrassed, but somehow Jimin's words only infuse more heat to his stomach. Yoongi whines audibly as the hand around his dick suddenly disappears, and he looks at Jimin with wide eyes, asking for it to come back without having to say anything. Jimin only smiles and finally pulls off Yoongi's pants.


It doesn't take him long to lube them up properly, and soon enough he's positioned to sink down on Yoongi, but he doesn't. Instead, he reaches a hand up to Yoongi's neck, and Yoongi gasps quietly as it nudges his skin. Jimin smirks at the reaction and swiftly removes the choker (right, the choker, Yoongi'd totally forgotten about it).

Jimin raises one of his brows as a silent question, and he doesn't completely remove his hand from Yoongi's neck. Yoongi once again nods in response. Jimin shrugs and lets his hand slide from Yoongi's collarbones to gently wrap around his neck. He's not squeezing or anything, and yet Yoongi feels an intense heat starting to build in his spine.

Jimin smirks as the older of the two's lips fall open in a silent moan, and without giving him any warning he tightens his grip on Yoongi's neck as he finally sinks down on Yoongi's cock. Yoongi's eyes flutter closed and his hands instinctively shoot up to grip around Jimin's wrist, he hisses out something close to a moan. Jimin stills and loosens his grip again.

"You oka-"

"Don't stop, please, please don't stop?" Yoongi wiggles under Jimin in pure desperation. Jimin seems to like this and complies. His hand comes back up to Yoongi's neck and he sets a slow pace as he rolls his hips in the most wonderful of ways.

Yoongi vaguely remembers something about Jimin being connected to football, and he's starting to think Jimin might be a cheerleader or something because it's physically impossible for any football player to be this limber. Maybe that's why he's so damn popular? Yoongi should really catch up with some of the campus gossip.

Jimin's moans come out as puffs of air or short, sweet and high-pitched staccato 'ah'-s, and Yoongi can't get enough of them. He bites down on his bottom lip and hums out low moans as his hands wander all over Jimin's body (he's probably only got one shot at this so he's savouring everything he can, every touch and every sound, however creepy that may sound).

"Never took you- ah, never took you for a- for someone who... likes it rough." Jimin's grinning down at him and he doesn't stop for even a second, fucking himself on Yoongi like his life depends on it. Yoongi thinks about what Jimin's said for a moment, ponders over if Jimin's imagined him like this before. If he even knew Yoongi existed before tonight.

"Never took you for someone who holds conversations during sex." Yoongi snorts, but his breath gets stuck in his throat as Jimin's hand squeezes a little extra around his neck.

"Touché." Jimin grins again and leans forward to position himself differently. Apparently, it works, because he releases a particularly loud moan and Yoongi notices the pace quickening considerably as Jimin's head falls down to rest on Yoongi's chest and his hand goes slack, coming off Yoongi's neck and sliding down to his waist. Jimin uses Yoongi as leverage and pushes himself back up to a sitting position.

Yoongi's doing pretty much nothing other than gently massaging Jimin's (impressive) thighs, but Jimin seems to like it that way, so Yoongi doesn't question it. Jimin throws his head back and he looks unbelievable, downright pornographic.

"Are you- fuck, are you close?" Jimin runs a hand through his hair and for a split second Yoongi thinks that he might - behind that frat boy facade - be insecure. But then he realises that now isn't the time to whip out the psychology part of his brain, he could study Jimin's tendencies later.

"Yeah, you're fucking amazing," Yoongi swears that Jimin starts to physically glow, and a thing or two finally clicks in his thick skull. "You have no idea... how long I've waited for this." Yoongi brings Jimin down to kiss him. "You're so fucking h-" Hot isn't the right word to describe Jimin, and he knows that, but he's not sure if they're on that base yet. Fuck it. "You're beautiful." He mumbles against the youngers lips, and the kiss feels a little bit less messy than it had been just a couple of seconds ago. It's deep, but controlled.

Yoongi removes one of his hands from wherever it was before and reaches down to jerk Jimin through his orgasm. Jimin gasps, seemingly caught by surprise, and he picks up the quick pace again. The short staccato moans from before make a comeback and Yoongi can feel Jimin tensing up the closer he gets to the edge. What tips him over is when Yoongi runs his thumb over the head of Jimin's dick, carefully digging into the slit.

In true Jimin fashion, he cums with a loud, outdrawn moan that could probably be heard even over the music playing outside, and he grips onto Yoongi's shoulders so hard that he's sure they'll bruise.

A long string of swears leaves Jimin as he cums all over Yoongi's chest, and to the older's surprise a bit even makes its way up to his face. Jimin looks right into his eyes as Yoongi licks the small splotch off his own chin. Yoongi could cum from that look alone. But, unfortunately, Jimin lifts off of him just then, and all Yoongi's left with is an unsatisfied groan.

"Don't worry baby, I'll make you cum. Promise." Jimin mumbles as Yoongi watches him crawl back down his body. Jimin immediately licks a stripe from the bottom to the very tip of Yoongi's cock, and he licks over the head as he grabs the base with one hand, simultaneously slacking his jaw to take in the member. Jimin's as messy sucking dick as he is kissing, but he's less teeth (which Yoongi is thankful for). That doesn't mean he's no teeth though, and Yoongi hisses out a moan when he feels them drag ever so lightly against his sensitive skin.

Jimin hums in response and a shiver runs through Yoongi's spine, he won't last long if Jimin keeps this up. He tries to warn Jimin, but everything just comes out in broken moans. Jimin seems to understand anyway. "It's okay, you can cum in my mouth if you want." Yoongi's still in awe at how casually Jimin can say those sorts of things, like he has no shame, and he nods. He would like to cum in Jimin's mouth. Jimin grins and gets back to work, taking Yoongi in just a tiny bit further. And that bit is enough for his cock to gently hit the back of Jimin's throat, and the fucker swallows around him.

Much like Jimin, Yoongi cums with a string of swears, but his swears might be a hint more vulgar and his moans aren't high-pitched or staccato, it's more of a long, low gasp of air that turns into a groan. Jimin hums as he slides off and he has a sly smile on his lips as he doesn't sit up, but he instead leans down to lick up Yoongi's chest, collecting some of his own cum in his mouth.

Yoongi barely has time to register the action before Jimin's kissing him and literally prying his lips open with his tongue. Yoongi's sure he hears Jimin moan somewhere in the kiss, but he could've just imagined it, so he doesn't think much more about it. When they finally break apart Jimin drags his arm over his mouth and a sweet (very mal-placed) smile is on his lips. "Sorry 'bout that, it's not that often you find people who actually like the taste of cum, so I kind of had to take the opportunity when I had it." Again, with the casualty.

"It's okay. Really." Yoongi finds himself laughing, he's not sure why, but it feels like the right thing to do so that's what he does. Then it's silent.

It isn't awkward, so to speak, but it doesn't go without noticing that the air's pretty tense as they do nothing but look at each other for a long while. Yoongi knows this is just a one-time thing, but he doesn't want to let go of Jimin yet. He feels weirdly attached to the younger and he doesn't know what to make of that. They don't even know each other and Yoongi's definitely not one to fall simply for looks, or sex. Even if Jimin's scoring pretty high in both categories.

"I'll go get us some towels," Jimin's suddenly off and gone from Yoongi's thighs and he's walking towards a door that Yoongi supposes is the attached bathroom. "We could take a shower, but there's still a party to attend, right?" Jimin turns his head to shoot a smile at Yoongi and fuck he feels his heart do a full 360 in his chest. You should know better than this, Min, you're a goddamn psych major. Don't go and get your heart broke. 


Cleaning up doesn't take long as Jimin took care off most of the mess, and soon enough they've got all their clothes on, ready to leave, but none of them makes the move for the door. "So-uh, what're you majoring in?" Jimin asks out of the blue and Yoongi looks up at him with a raised brow.

"Psychology. Last year." Jimin nods and Yoongi thinks he can see Jimin's smile faltering at the mention of this being his final year, but he can't say for sure.

"Nice. Good for you, I suppose." Jimin shrugs and keeps the smile etched on his face. "I'm doing my second year. Economy." This is small talk, Yoongi thinks at the same time as he thinks of an answer.

"At least it's not law." This makes Jimin laugh and Yoongi feels his heart swell with some sort of pride, but he can't shake the feeling that this isn't a normal hookup. He's had his fair share of them and none has gone like this.

"Yeah, at least it's not law." Yoongi offers a chuckle of his own. "Jeon does law, right?" Yoongi nods. "Makes sense." It's silent again and still, they make no move to part ways. Yoongi can't pinpoint this feeling, it's somewhere between a mind-fuck and joy, but it's nothing he's experienced before. Usually, people don't surprise him, they're easy to pinpoint, but Jimin constantly makes him question what it is that he's learned throughout all these years of studying human behaviour. Maybe that's why he feels so... attracted to the younger? "So you're not Jeon's brother..."

"Correct." Yoongi watches as Jimin sits down on the bed, a fatalising move in Yoongi's eyes. He ponders if he should join the brightly coloured mop of hair (because to be honest, that's all he is personality-vice to Yoongi), but decides against it for the time being.

"But you're close to him, right? I only know him on the surface but he usually talks about you, sports, games or some disgusting shit I can't even be arsed listening to." Jimin huffs and turns his head to look at Yoongi. That explains a thing or two. Jeongguk, the bastard, is the one who told Jimin about Yoongi.

"Yeah, we go way back. Like, way back." Yoongi actually has a hard time imagining that's he's known the guy for almost twenty years.

"Right, right," Jimin nods and for what seems like the billionth time that minute the room falls silent; spare for the music playing outside. "Would you fancy having a chat sometime? Just you and me, over a cup o' coffee or something?" It comes so out of nowhere that it takes a while for Yoongi to respond. Takes a while for him to even realise that Jimin's talking to him and no one else that happened to pop into the room.

"Uh, yeah. Sure. I do love coffee. And you're nice, to talk to." Like they hadn't spent 80% of their time together fucking each other's brains out. "Do you... want my number... or something?" Smooth. Despite Yoongi's awkward antics Jimin nods with a smile and fishes his phone out of his jean pocket. He gives it to Yoongi and soon he has it back again, with a new contact on it: Genius Guy Min Yoongi. Jimin chuckles.

"I'll call you."