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Redux, Arc 1 - Into the Wild

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Some names, designs and roles have been changed to better fit within the universe of the Redux. Cats who have had their names changed will have their old names posted after their description.




LEADER- Bluestar: Tall blue-grey molly with a scar on her back and yellow eyes. 

DEPUTY- Redtail: Dark ginger tom with white feet and green eyes.

SEER- Spottedleaf: Beautiful dappled tortoiseshell molly with white markings and amber eyes.



Lionpelt: Huge golden tabby with thick fur around his neck, white chest markings, and golden eyes. (p: Lionheart)

Tigerclaw: Big dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Whitecloud: Long-bodied white tom with yellow eyes. (p: Whitestorm)

Darkstripe: Sleek black-and-grey tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Lizardtail: Light brown, darkly-striped tabby tom with a long tail and green eyes. (p: Longtail) 

Teaselfoot: Lean brown tabby tom with a pale belly and green eyes. (p: Runningwind)

Mousefur: Small brown molly with a lighter underside and orange eyes.

Goldenflower: Golden-brown molly with a white chest and belly, and golden eyes.

Speckletail: Brown tortoiseshell molly with yellow eyes.

Brindleface: Beautiful dilute tortoiseshell with green eyes.

Frostfur: White molly with deep green eyes.



Firepaw: Small ginger tom with green eyes. Mentor- Bluestar

Greypaw: Grey tabby tom with thick stripes and yellow eyes. Mentor- Lionpelt

Ravenpaw: Wiry black tom with a white spot on his chest, a white tail-tip, and green eyes. Mentor- Whitecloud

Dustpaw: Brown tabby tom with brown eyes. Mentor- Redtail

Sandpaw: Pale ginger molly with green eyes.  Mentor- Tigerclaw



Willowpelt: Pale grey molly with deep green eyes.



Cinderkit: Dark grey molly with a paler underside. 
Swiftkit: Black tom with a white chest and front paws.



Halftail: Big, tattered brown tabby tom with half his tail missing and yellow eyes.

Smallstorm: Small grey tabby tom with a heavily-scarred right ear and orange eyes. (p: Smallear)

Patchpelt: Bulky black tom with large white patches and amber eyes.

One-eye: Lanky light grey tabby molly with one orange eye.







LEADER- Brokenstar: Dark brown tabby tom with a kinked tail and orange eyes.

DEPUTY- Blackfoot: Black tom with white feet and yellow eyes.

SEER- Murkpelt: Ragged dark grey molly with a broad, flattened face and orange eyes. (p: Yellowfang)

Fogcloud: Patchy grey-and-white tom with pale green eyes. (p: Runningnose)



Bouldernose: Large, plain grey tom with green eyes. (p: Boulder)

Cinderfur: A dark grey tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Clawedface: Plain dark brown tom with a viciously scarred face and yellow eyes. (p: Clawface)

Littlethroat: Tiny brown tabby tom with a pale underside and green eyes. (p: Littlecloud) 

Dipperfoot: Black tom with a white throat-stripe and paws and yellow eyes. (p: Whitethroat)

Batwhisker: Dark brown tom with a short tail and green eyes. (p: Stumpytail)

Dusktail: A dark blue-grey tom with yellow eyes. (p: Frogtail) 

Wigeonfur: Dilute tortoiseshell with green eyes. (p: Tangleburr) 

Brightflower: Ginger molly with a short nose and yellow eyes.



Oakpaw: Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes. Mentor- Wigeonfur

Brownpaw: Brown tabby tom with green eyes. Mentor- Batwhisker

Rainpaw: Dark grey tom with spotted tabby markings and yellow eyes. Mentor- Bouldernose (p: Wetpaw)



Dawncloud: Small, pale ginger molly with green eyes.

Darkflower: Black molly with incredibly pale green eyes.

Poppytail: Dark red tabby molly with yellow-green eyes. (p: Tallpoppy)



Goldenkit: Tiny golden tom with green eyes. Mother- Dawncloud

Stoatkit: Dark red-brown mottled tabby tom. Mother- Poppytail (p: Applekit)
Toadkit: Dark brown tabby molly. Mother- Poppytail 



Ashfur: Long-bodied, mottled grey tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Nightpelt: A frail black tom with a long tail and golden eyes.

Palecloud: Light grey molly with white toes and green eyes. (p: Poolcloud)







LEADER- Rookstar: Tall, aging black tom with a white chin, throat, chest and feet and yellow eyes. (p: Tallstar) 

DEPUTY- Deadfoot: Black tom with a badly twisted left front paw and yellow eyes. 

SEER- Buzzardface: Handsome brown tom with faint tabby markings, a somewhat-short tail and green eyes. (p: Barkface)



Mudclaw: Dark brown, mottled tabby tom with yellow eyes. 

Tornear: Plain grey tom with extremely battered ears and green eyes.

Wrenwhisker: Skinny brown tabby tom with a lighter underside and yellow eyes. (p: Onewhisker) 

Nettlefoot: Plain grey molly with yellow eyes. (p: Ashfoot) 

Squirrelfur: Ginger tom with white front feet and brown eyes. (p: Weaselfur) 

Owlwhisker: Light brown tabby tom with brown eyes.

Jaytail: Light grey-brown tom with faint tabby markings and yellow eyes. (p: Rushtail)

Fawnfoot: Light brown tom with yellow eyes. (p: Gorsetail)

Antpelt: Small red-brown tom with unusual tabby markings and yellow eyes.

Cinderfoot: Frail, mottled-grey tom with brown eyes. 



Roachpaw: Blue-grey tom with yellow eyes. (p: Webfoot) Mentor- Wrenwhisker

Lightpaw: Small, very pale golden molly with green eyes. (p: Whitetail) Mentor- Buzzardface

Copperpaw: Tortoiseshell molly with a white marking on her head and yellow eyes. (p: Sunstrike) Mentor- Mudclaw

Oatpaw: Golden-brown tom with a pale underside and brown eyes. Mentor- Fawnfoot



Dapplefur: Grey spotted tabby molly with a white chest and brown eyes. (p: Dewspots)



Cranekit: Light grey, faintly spotted molly. (p: Runningbrook) 
Falconkit: Grey tom with a white belly. (p: Eaglekit)



Crowfur: Black tom with a grey muzzle, whitening feet, and green eyes.







LEADER- Crookedstar: Huge, starkly striped brown tabby tom with a twisted jaw, a white underside, and green eyes. 

DEPUTY- Oakclaw: Starkly-striped brown tom with yellow eyes. (p: Oakheart)

SEER- Shellcloud: Light-brown-and-white tom with yellow eyes. (p: Mudfur)



Leopardfur: Notably spotted golden molly with a white chest and green eyes.

Nightclaw: Smoky black tom with small white markings and orange eyes. (p: Blackclaw)

Stonefur: Grey tom with a white underside and feet, heavily scarred ears, and green eyes. 

Volefang: Small dark brown tabby with white markings and yellow eyes. (p: Voletooth) 

Frostflower: Pale grey-and-white molly with blue eyes.

Sloeclaw: Handsome black-and-white tom with green eyes. (p: Whiteclaw) 

Mallownose: Small brown-and-white tom with yellow eyes.

Swallowtail: Black molly with large white markings on her underside and green eyes.  

Minnowstream: Sleek grey-brown-and-white molly with green eyes. (p: Minnowtail) 

Ivytail: Dark brown molly with stark stripes and yellow eyes.



Silverpaw: Pretty silver molly with white toes and green eyes. Mentor- Leopardfur

Mottlepaw: Calico molly with hetereochromatic eyes. (p: Mosspelt) Mentor- Minnowstream

Pebblepaw: Spotted grey tabby tom with yellow eyes. (p: Stonestream) Mentor- Stonefur

Lampreypaw: Brown-and-white tabby tom with green eyes. (p: Beechfur) Mentor- Mallownose



Duckflower: Brown-and-white molly with green eyes. (p: Greenflower) 

Mistfoot: Grey molly with unusually light marble tabby markings, a white streak from throat-to-tail and toes, and green eyes. (p: Mistyfoot)



Cedarkit: Dark-brown-and-white tom. (p: Loudbelly) Mother- Duckflower
Otterkit: Chubby brown tom with large white markings. (p: Heavystep) Mother- Duckflower

Shadekit: Very dark grey tom with large white markings. (p: Perchkit) Mother- Mistfoot
Sheepkit: Dark grey-and-white molly. (p: Primrosepaw) Mother- Mistfoot
Starlingkit: Almost-black tabby tom with white markings. (p: Pikepaw) Mother- Mistfoot



Greypath: Frail grey molly with large white markings and yellow eyes. (p: Greypool) 

Whitefang: Small white tom with small black markings on his head and tail, and green eyes.







Barley: Big black-and-white tom with yellow eyes; lives on the Farm near WindClan. 

Smudge: Pudgy little black-and-white tom with green eyes; lives in the Houses near ThunderClan.