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Vast Poni Canyon Ditto Science and Breeding Facility

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Paige woke in a new kind of situation. She was positioned on the floor, on her knees. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and realized there was a tentacle like a collar around her throat, keeping her low to the ground. Her wrists and ankles were similarly bound, and her skin seemed to already be drenched with Annette's compounds. There was a soft laugh from somewhere, a hidden speaker of some kind, and Annette's voice was soft over the speakers.

“Wish granted, little slut,” was the only thing she said, before Paige heard the hiss of a door. It didn't feel like she'd been prepared at all, and her heart skipped a beat. A soft, small brown face met her eyes when she looked back as best she can.

Eevee? The Pokémon was almost disappointingly small, but she reached out and stroked the fur of his belly anyway. More soft chirps echoed through the room, and she realized there were actually five different male Eevee in here with her. All of them were getting aroused. She reached down, encouraging the Eevee to roll onto his back, petting his furry little sheath until his little cock pushed out. She felt one of the others begin to hump her leg, and a second trotted over. She devoted her other hand to him, bowing down and taking the first Eevee's cock into her mouth. He was so small she can fit all of it comfortably.

Soon Paige was covered in Eevee- one fucking her mouth, and two her hands. There was another still humping her leg, while the fifth, adventurous little thing, climbed up onto her back, trying to fuck her. His hot little cock poked and prodded, until finally sliding into her wet pussy. There wasn't much there, but he was warm.

It didn't take long for the little Pokémon to come, and she clenched her pussy for the one fucking her, his knot feeling a bit nicer than just his cock. The knot in her mouth was similarly small, but she suckled on it obediently anyway.

That appeared to be it for this batch, as they all ran off after they recovered, chirping and purring. Leaving Paige behind, covered in sticky cum. She hoped her next visitors would, at least, be larger.

They were. A Jolteon trotted in, followed by a Flareon and a Vaporeon. The Vaporeon was the largest of the bunch, but the other two were definitely bigger than average. Paige thought she saw where this session was headed. The three seemed to have a conversation of soft noises, before trotting over to her, already aroused. Paige sloped her back a little more, wiggling her ass. The Vaporeon was the one to mount her, pushing his satisfyingly big cock in her cunt after a couple of pokes. She moaned, and that was when the Flareon decided to mount her face, shoving his own cock into her mouth.

Paige made a sound of surprise, but she complied eagerly, reaching out a hand for the Jolteon, so he wouldn't feel neglected. They fucked her hard- none of them seemed to see her as anything more than an outlet for their pleasure, and that thrilled her. The Flareon cummed first, knot swelling fast behind her teeth, the tip of his cock pushed down her throat. His load was burning hot, and she swallowed it down eagerly, even as the Vaporeon knotted her pussy, swelling just right and stretching her good. His load was copious, cooler than she thought it would be. Nice, though. The Jolteon cummed when she squeezed his knot in her hand, faintly sparking jizz shooting up to land on her breast and arm. It felt good.

Once their knots went down, they all shuffle positions. The Flareon wiggled under her, while the Jolteon circled behind her, and she got the picture, holding the Flareon's cock steady as she sank down on it, the fire type nipping sharply at her breasts. The Jolteon mounted her, trying to get his cock into her slick, barely prepared asshole. Paige spread her asscheeks for him, moaning loudly when he slid in, stretching her wide. She opened her eyes, finding the Vaporeon quietly waiting in front of her. She opened her mouth wide for him, and he mounted her face.

This was how Paige belonged, a pokémon using each of her holes, breeding her. Making her their obedient little bitch. Covering her in their cum. The three of them fucked her hard, all uncoordinated and raw, and she would scream her own intense pleasure except for the cock fucking her throat. Jolteon's fucking is especially intense as he stretched out her ass beautifully, giving her little shocks.

Jolteon electrocuted her into cumming when he did, knot swelling, stretching her ass out like another cunt, pouring rope after rope of sparking jizz into her intestines. There was nowhere for it to go but further in, after all. Flareon knotted her cunt as it spasmed around him in orgasm, and Vaporeon followed quickly after, spraying his load straight down her throat. She was barely still awake as they cummed in her, shuddering and only managing to swallow Vaporeon's huge load with the help of the tentacle still wrapped around her throat.

When they pulled their knots free she coughed softly, shivering as she felt Vaporeon and Flareon's combined cum flooding out of her pussy, hot fluid flowing over her clit and making her twitch and shudder. Paige reached down, rubbing her clit frantically, smearing it with all that hot cum, until she came too. The three pokémon left her, and she waited, only just barely conscious, for her next visitors.

Espeon and Umbreon trotted in next, cocks already out of their sheaths, swaying between their legs. Paige heard herself whine, and holds her buttcheeks apart with trembling hands, spreading her cream-filled pussy and ass in eager anticipation. Her cheek was pressed into a sticky puddle of cum, but she didn't care. The two chirped, happy with her submission, and moved in, Espeon beneath her, spearing her pussy, and Umbreon on top of her, fucking her ass.

A second pair of Umbreon and Espeon were let in after that, and the Umbreon, a particularly large specimen, urged her back up a little and mounted her face, fucking deep into her throat. She reached an eager hand for the second Espeon's cock, stroking and fondling.

Each Pokémon took their time with her, every single one of them fucking her ass, her pussy, her mouth and her hands. The larger Umbreon was particularly brutal, fucking her with his knot before it fully went down.

Finally, all she could do was lie there and take it, the tentacles sliding under her shoulders, keeping her head in a position to be fucked, keeping her upright. Paige passed out.

When she came to, there was something slapping her asscheeks as her pussy was brutally fucked. Vines- a Leafeon was fine whipping her as he bred her. She squealed softly, and as soon as she opened her mouth, something was shoved in- cold and hard, as blue fur covered her face. A Glaceon. He fucked her face eagerly, making her jaw ache. The Leafeon seemed to realize she was awake, because he stopped whipping her tender, inflamed ass, and shoved two thick vines straight into her.

Paige's eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head as she felt them press relentlessly through her intestines, pushing forward without stopping. They pressed up, into her stomach, and up, though her throat until she could feel them on her tongue, wrapping tight around the Glaceon's cock and stroking rapidly.

Paige rocked between them, vision beginning to gray out as she fought for air around the invasion of her body. Three more thin vines wrapped around her clit and nipples, pulling and tugging, teasing the tips of her breasts until they sprayed out thin milk from her last breastfeeding. Her breasts were bigger now, since her multiple pregnancies. She wondered if she always produced milk now.

Paige came with a powerful orgasm, blacking out, even as she felt Glaceon spray freezing, almost slushy cum down her throat, as Leafeon filled her pussy with a thick load of strangely sticky jizz.

She regained consciousness as the vines retracted through her body, Glaceon's cock falling from her mouth and letting her cough and choke and gasp for air. The Glaceon mounted her ass next, the sheer cold of him making her clench around him, gasping and whining. The Leafeon wiggled under her, and she reached down a shaky hand to take his cock, stroking in time with Glaceon's brutal thrusts. His mouth latched over her nipple, paws kneading at her breast until milk flowed, and she moaned loudly. That's right. Her whole body was made for Pokémon.

More vines filled her mouth, and she choked again as Leafeon repeated his performance, pushing brutally through her entire body until he can wrap Glaceon's cock in his vines. She felt something else, up against her ass, but nothing else pushed into her. The Leafeon was doing something to the Glaceon, not her. The Leafeon switched breasts, milking the other one, even as milk dripped from her tortured nipple, skin bright red.

When the Glaceon came, Paige realized what the Leafeon had been doing, as he came and just kept cumming, combining what had to be three separate loads into one that made her belly swell even as all her muscles locked up from the freezing jizz. The Leafeon pulled his vines back out, and came all over her stomach and his.

When they left, Paige was a shaking mess, but she knew she had one more left.

Two lovely Sylveon trotted in, immediately stroking her soothingly with their feelers, making her go limp and boneless. They chirped at her happily, and one attended her sopping pussy, while the other pushed into her ass. Their feelers were still stroking her even as they began to gently fuck her, and she dimly realized they were smearing her whole body with the spilled jizz, painting it onto her skin. Marking her as property. She moaned eagerly, and one feeler wrapped lightly around her throat, squeezing warningly.

Paige moaned again, and it squeezed a little tighter, the two Sylveon picking up their pace. Again, two feelers found her breasts and squeezed them, sprays of milk painting the floor.

The Sylveon kept squeezing her throat as she made noise, but she couldn't keep it in, the high of suffocation making everything more intense, making her body squeeze tighter around them.

Finally they both came, and she blacked out to an intense, trembling orgasm of her own.

By the time the two Sylveon were satisfied with her, Paige was a drooling, slumped mess, absolutely coated in cum. The tentacles pumped an appropriate amount into her womb, abd sealed her up, but otherwise she was left, mindlessly licking up the cum staining herself and the floor, fingers working her clit until she couldn't cum any more and just lay there, drifting in and out of delirious consciousness.