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Earp Fiction Addiction Podcast - Season 1

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This Show is Totally Clutch Click link to listen on show page!


It's our very first episode! [insert kermitflail.gif]

We are pulling out all of the stops by starting out with the MOST popular WEARP Alt. Universe fic series the 80's Mixtape AU by Piratekane and TheGaySmurf!

It's gonna be ACES!

Read the Series!: You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Song

This Week's "Reverse-Sponsor": The Fandras Fanbus!

Pirate's "Desert Island" Fic: "You're Going to Find Your Way Back Home" by TheGaySmurf

Smurf's "Desert Island" Fic: "small town gun" by isawet



Transcript for the Deaf and HOH by Jordan R Thieleman and Flying Fanatic



MUSIC :  Write My Story by Olly Anna

ANNOUNCER GUY : You've tuned in to the Earp Fiction Addiction, a fan podcast all about Wynonna Earp fanfiction. Join our intrepid host DarkWiccan and Delayne as they dive deep into the sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, and always varied world of fanfiction for the Wynonna Earp fandom.

MUSIC : A Proper Story by Darren Korb

DARKWICCAN : Thanks, Announcer Guy and welcome everybody to the Earp Fiction Addiction, the podcast dedicated entirely to Wynonna Earp fiction, I am DarkWiccan and this is my co-host -

DELAYNE : Delayne!

DARKWICCAN : So, Delayne. This is so exciting! We have been talking about this podcast for at least a week.

DELAYNE : It feels like two. I don't know. I mean, time means nothing.

DARKWICCAN : Time means nothing anymore. So, I think before we dive into the main focus of the episode, which I’m sure everybody can tell what it is based on the nifty title, we should do a little bit of housekeeping first. Maybe we should tell them a little bit about ourselves, and how we sort of landed on this idea. Or, rather, how I landed on this idea and roped you into it.

DELAYNE : I totally willing - willingly was roped. So, it’s okay.

DARKWICCAN : Excellent. Well, both Delayne and I are fanfic authors, from way back in the day. This is not the first fandom experience for either of us. Wee both wrote for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Willow/Tara sort of centric fanfiction group back in the day. This is so eloquent. I’m coming off so eloquent.

DELAYNE : You’re making it all sound like “Back in my day”...

DARKWICCAN : Back in the ‘00s before the kids used to have the Tinder and the Tweeters. No, but seriously we’re older. We’re mature fans. But –

DELAYNE : Sorry, the use of the word “mature” just kind of threw me there for a moment. But, high five!

DARKWICCAN : Well, how about this; we’re immature fans of a certain age.

DELAYNE : Better.

DARKWICCAN : Better? Okay. I like that. But this is - the Wynonna Earp fandom is not our first fandom. For me, I started writing Xena fic, very briefly, before diving headlong into Willow/Tara fanfic. Specifically at the Kittenboard, which is sort of, like the main place to be if you are a Willow/Tara shipper. And also, gay. In the early thousands. Not that there – y’know, I mean, there are allies, there are lots of allies on that board, but really it’s –


DARKWICCAN : It’s geared toward the Queer Lady types.

DELAYNE : And I found the board in 2005? I was a little late to the ship.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, considering the show was over by three years by then.

DELAYNE : Well, I also had missed a significant part of the show, because I am exactly the same age as the Buffy cast. So, when they started their freshman year in college, so did I. And, I was unwilling to go to the common TV room to watch shows with people around. So, I sort of missed entirely Willow and Tara. Until, I came back around to it later.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, but you caught up with it eventually. So –


DARKWICCAN : So yeah. And then you started writing.

DELAYNE : I did. I found the board. Gosh, I wish I remember how. Probably just consuming as much fic as I could. And -

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, if you were - if you were actively…

DELAYNE : I think it was the challenges that brought me round.

DARKWICCAN : Oh yeah! Yeah. And, eventually, you actually started writing the challenges. And then we started writing the challenges. But then, we both just stumbled happily into this world of WEarpdom.

DELAYNE : Oh so happily.

DARKWICCAN : Oh so happily. How did you fall into Wynonna Earp? Was it me? Was it my fault? I can’t remember anymore

DELAYNE : I think it was. It was that post on the Kittenboard, that says “Hey, guys! You really need to watch this show.” And, so I finally - and, of course, it was finally shown up on Netflix, and I consumed it so quickly. And then, that was just before season two came out, so I didn’t have much wait time between the seasons.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, our timeline for discovering the show is very, very similar. Because I remember when there was ads for this show on SyFy, because I actively - my wife and I actively watch SyFy. It’s like one of the only cable channels that we watch. And, really, the only reason why we have cable. That and BBC America, but like, the, literally…

So, we saw the ads for it, but it was on a Friday night. And at the time, I was producing quite a lot of theater, and as a result, I was busy every Friday night, because theater tends to happen on the weekends, usually. So I was, legitimately, like, unavailable to watch this show, but I was curious about it, and kind of filed it in the back of my head. And then, it popped up on Netflix, and my wife and I looked at each other, and went, “That’s that show that we were going to watch, but I couldn’t”. We couldn’t watch, because, stupid me was busy with theater stuff. So, we watched. We binged it in less than a week.

And then, I went on –

DELAYNE : I’m fairly certain mine was a span of three days.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah. And then, I went on the Kittenboard, and was like, “Hey Kittens. Yo. You need to be watching this show.” And, a few kittens answered that call. That rallying cry. Not a lot, though. You being one of them. We have other friends.

DELAYNE : Well, there’s not as many on the board as there used to be, either.

DARKWICCAN : That’s true. It’s weird that once you get, like, more than a decade out from the end of a series, how, you know, people tend to trickle off.

DELAYNE : Just a little. It happens.

DARKWICCAN : But, anyway. So, we discover Wynonna Earp and immediately it was, like - then there was this empty void to fill between the, y’know, after bingeing the show in less than a week, and then, I had, like, months to go before the premiere for season two. And, I was like, “I need to fill this void with something.” And, that’s when I started reading fic. I wasn’t writing fic for Wayhaught yet, I was just consuming it. Consuming mass quantities, like the coneheads from Saturday Night Live.

DELAYNE : Whereas I was actively avoiding fanfic for a little while. And, I think it was once Laragh finally published her first one, where I was, okay, I got to start reading that.

DARKWICCAN : Oh yeah! So, our buddy, Laragh, she’s a fic author, also from the Kittenboard, who has transitioned over to AO3. She still is on the Kittenboard, though, as a moderator. She’s fantastic. She wouldn’t believe how young she is. And, we’re not going to go too deep into Laragh today, because, we have other fics to talk about. But, yeah, I have to admit that I was reading fic, but then Laragh wrote her fic, and I was like, “Alright, then.”

DELAYNE : Yeah. Yes. Need to consume more of her now.

DARKWICCAN : If Laragh’s invested, this is a huge moment. She’s gonna be so embarrassed when she hears this. Maybe we should cut this part out.

DELAYNE : That is totally fine.

DARKWICCAN : But, we’re probably going to have to cut back a lot of this. Otherwise, we’re going to use our entire half hour talking about how we got into Wynonna Earp.

DELAYNE : Yeah. I’m not sure how best to cut this, but…

DARKWICCAN : I’ll find a way. Yeah.

DELAYNE : You’ll find a way. You’ll make it work. If not, we still have time. We can re-record some.

DARKWICCAN : So, anyway. So, I started writing some Wayhaught fic, just little things, to sort of dip my toe into it. And then Delayne, you wrote a piece.

DELAYNE : I did! I started out with something - I started one idea. And then, suddenly, I had a second idea. And then, I had a third idea. And it’s the third one that finally made it. Published.

DARKWICCAN : Every fic author right now, that is listening to this podcast, knows exactly what you’re talking about. Exactly what you’re talking about. But really, more than writing fic, we’ve just been reading. Reading, reading, reading, and just falling in love with these authors of this fandom. I mean, just some of the most well-written works.

And, the thing is, they’re all different. Every author comes into it with their own voice. And, that’s not news, right? That’s normal. But, the fact is, when you have all these different people, writing essentially about the same thing, but in so many different varying and exciting ways, in evocative ways, it’s just - it’s mind-blowing.

I don’t remember, I mean, even at the height of  the Kittenboard, I think there was, maybe, a top 20 authors list, that you can go, “these are my top 20 that I’ll definitely go to.”

DELAYNE : I can still list them.

DARKWICCAN : I can list them too. But here in the WEarp fandom, there’s so many amazing authors, and some of them are just - they’ll just toss out one piece, and then they’ll go back into the void. And, you’re like, “But, no! Come back! That was brilliant!” You know? But there are so many authors that it’s like, they deserve their - you know, it’s like, “Oh man! They deserve a moment in the sun!” And, that’s sort of, like, beyond just, the forum postings, right? Like, beyond the AO3 and They deserve to, like, you know…

DELAYNE : Yes!! Before kudos and comments.

DARKWICCAN : Exactly!!

DELAYNE : They need to be recognized.

DARKWICCAN : Yes! Yes! And there’s so many of them, that the only thing we can do is create a podcast. Because, we’re literally - I’ve no concern about our ability to keep this podcast going for a fairly long while.

DELAYNE : It’s as much as we fangirl over the show, we are as much fangirling over these fics and these authors

DARKWICCAN : Oh, yeah! A thousand times! So, which brings us to this episode. Episode number one. The premiere. Come on, listeners, you know that we were going to come out swinging with a heavy hitter for our first episode. And, boy, are we going to deliver. Today’s topic is the 80s Mixtape Alternative Universe. The 80s Mixtape AU.

DELAYNE : Uh, which is massive at this point, and it’s only growing. I am super excited!

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, it’s absolutely - it’s amazing what Piratekane, who on AO3 is known as gilligankane, but we’re going call her Pirate, per her request. It’s amazing what Pirate has created with her Beta, TheGaySmurf, who we’re also going to call Smurf, per her request.

It is truly… when I try to describe this fic to people who don’t understand, who don’t understand Wayhaught, and who don’t understand queer culture and the void that exists, y’know, like, there are a million and one “boy meets girl” romcoms out there in the world, right? You know what I mean? So, there’s a sort of cognitive dissonance. “Well, what do you mean those kinds of 80s romances don’t exist? They - of course, they exist!” Well, y’know, no, you don’t understand! This is like, the John Hughes/Cameron Crowe mashup, queer lady 80s movie, the LGBTQ community never got and totally deserves.

DELAYNE : Totally, totally needs.

DARKWICCAN : Absolutely needs, is desperate for! My gosh! The thing about these fics is especially the - especially, especially the first one in the series, which is called it’s like I wrote every note with my own fingers. I - tell me if you had the same experience, Delayne. When I was reading it, I felt like I was watching a movie. Like, it was so perfectly described and clear, and the characters were so crystallized, that I felt like I was watching the movie. And, not reading the story.

DELAYNE : Well, it helps that, that first scene is so 80s movie iconic.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah. I mean, yeah.

DELAYNE : And I think that mindset is what helped it produce that image automatically, and, therefore, the imagery was able to sustain so easily.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, absolutely. Essentially ripping that moment directly out of Say Anything. But, still making it completely, completely unique.

DELAYNE : Oh, yeah!

DARKWICCAN : And completely owning it, you know? And then, just the fact - the detail. The attention to detail in these stories is ridiculous. And, here’s the really crazy part to me, Delayne. The crazy part to me is that Pirate is younger than all of us. Like, she - she did not experience the 80s. You and I, giving up how old we are, you and I lived through the 80s.

DELAYNE : I was on the young side, but I have older brothers, so, that helped me, sort of. And, lots of cousins, with their big bangs and the hair. I definitely was witness to it, if memory is a little bit fuzzier, perhaps, than yours.

DARKWICCAN : Well, you know me. I’ve got garbage can brain that just collects everything. That doesn’t let go. But –

DELAYNE : I am as oblivious as Wynonna.

DARKWICCAN : So, we balance each other out, which is why we make great co-hosts, and also great friends.


DARKWICCAN : But, no, I was also a kid in the 80s too. I wasn’t a teenager, you know, like the Waverly and Nicole in the series. I was, y’know, I was 6 years old in 1986. So, you know, it’s not like I’m sitting there going, yeah man, I remember, you know, going on dates to the roller rink. Yeah, not at all. It was more like, I remember going to the roller rink with my daycare group. But I mean, I still remember it.

DELAYNE : I went to the roller rink because my family grew up at the roller rink, so all of my cousins were always there, we always did the New Year’s Eve, stay up all night, playing  videogames and skating.

DARKWICCAN : But jumping back to the fic, if anyone out there who is listening to this podcast hasn’t read this series yet, I’m going to tell you right now, go ahead and pause this, go ahead and pause this, and at least go and read the first story, which is it’s like I wrote everything with my own fingers. At least read the first story. We’ll put links, you know, on the episode page, so that you can easily access the series page, for the series.

DELAYNE : Go read it now. I mean –

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, just go hit pause, go read it, and then come back. We’ll wait.


DARKWICCAN : Okay, you back? Okay, excellent. It’s not just the attention to detail of the time period, it’s also the characterizations. Because, this entire series is told from Nicole’s point of view. And, it’s Nicole, but, it’s not Nicole. This is an original Nicole that was basically built off of a skeletal framework of the idea of Nicole from the series, Wynonna Earp. So, Pirate has basically come in and created these completely original characters just kind of based on sketches of ideas of the characters from the television series.

So, you could really take this series, change the names, and publish it. Or even - or change the names, make it a movie script and film it, cause my god… But, I love  - I love her Nicole. Like, what do you think?

DELAYNE : The connection to the canon is awesome, and it’s all in the little details. Yes, this is Nicole as its own Nicole, but, just the little things, even, you know, they live on Homestead Avenue, and I had some other great ones too. But, I didn’t write anything down.

DARKWICCAN : Well, here are the things that I love. Okay, I love that we do have the touch-stones from the show. You know, we’ve got Homestead Avenue, to start. We’ve got Nicole wants to be a cop, when she graduates from High School. We’ve got Gus is there. Obviously Wynonna and Waverly are there, but, we’ve got, you know, you’ve even sort of tertiary characters, like Chrissy Nedley, you know, is there, so - and of course, Randy. Her dad. And, so all of the characters… Go ahead.

DELAYNE : And I actually love Chrissy in - I mean, Chrissy is such a great character.

DARKWICCAN : Oh! Right?! Well Chrissy is sort of the original Wayhaught shipper. Like, she ships Wayhaught so hard. You know? It’s adorable. It’s absolutely adorable, and I love how she’s continuously smacking Nicole upside the head for being an idiot. Because, my god, with Nicole. Boy…


DARKWICCAN : Howdy! She gets stuck in her head, like so hard.

DELAYNE : But, remember when you were a teenager?

DARKWICCAN : Exactly, exactly, and that’s what I love about how Pirate has captured this world and these characters is that, not only has she captured the essence of them, but she’s also cap-- she’s also been able to distill that certain unique quality, that teenagers have. And you get some teenagers that are super cocky, and they never, like, with Wynonna here. You get some teenagers who are very kind oif anxious, and very, and they second guess everything, and that is - and they get stuck in their head! And, that is totally Nicole. And then thing I love about the fact that it’s all from Nicole’s point of view is that, that Waverly is sort of is this enigmatic character, you know. And, I also love that when you go back on second and third readings, you start to really see what - Waverly's side of it. But, you know what I mean?

DELAYNE : Yes. It’s like oh, I should’ve picked up on that.

DARKWICCAN : But, like, oh my gosh, Waverly has been sitting here, you know, waiting for Nicole to make a move for years! And, Nicole is so stuck in her head, you know, and she’s - it’s completely just like vvvmmmp. Just going right, flying right past her.

DELAYNE : Even just the first fic, how many times Nicole just [smacks twice] stop it! You just want to reach through and just shake her.

DARKWICCAN : Oh yeah, right. What is wrong with you? You’re blowing it! You’re blowing it! Yeah, absolutely. And again, it’s just the descriptions of not only the locations and the clothes, and the music -  

DELAYNE : Oh, the clothes.  

DARKWICCAN : Oh, the clothes.  

DELAYNE : I did the - there’s very few notes that I wrote. But I did write “Rosita as Madonna”.  Cause, that is just an image that I just –

DARKWICCAN : But, it fits, it fits so perfectly, right? I can totally picture Rosita dressed up as, y’know, the early 90s Madonna. Y’know, the borderline Madonna, like, starlight, starbright, Madonna. Well, you can totally with the lace and the bangles and what not, and y’know, you can see it, and the teased curl. What was it? What was it? The thing that they - crimped. Crimped hair with the… Yeah.

DELAYNE : The crimped. Oh! Sorry, my wife had mentioned a side ponytail the other day.  And, I might have actually worn a side ponytail the rest of the day.

DARKWICCAN : Are you serious? I didn't think you had enough hair for that.

DELAYNE : Yeah I’m serious. No, it’s been a year since I cut it, so - I’ll send you the picture.

DARKWICCAN : Well, maybe we can put that up on the site as –

DELAYNE : Yeah, so side ponytails. I mean…

DARKWICCAN : I love side ponytails.

DELAYNE : I never-never could pull it off when I was younger, but - we’re bringing it back. We’re bringing it back around.

DARKWICCAN : But yeah, the - another thing I really love about this series is that it’s not linear. Like, each tape in the series is a captured moment in time, but not necessarily picking up where the last one left off.

DELAYNE : Yeah, it’s not one scene right to the next, right to the next. You actually have to be paying attention. Follow along. Oh, okay, yeah, we’re a little while down the road.

DARKWICCAN : But, each time that Pirate does, y’know, leap in time, she’s so - again, she’s so detail oriented and Smurf, who is, I think, closer to our age, has also done a really good job of keeping her - first of all, Smurf is like the World’s Greatest Beta.

DELAYNE : I have read her praise, and yes.

DARKWICCAN : She’s the World’s Greatest Beta. And, she’s done a really great job of keeping Pirate, sort of on schedule, but also putting out really, really high quality stuff. And, you and I both know as writers, that it’s one of the hardest things to do is to set a schedule and if you don’t have work finished, ready to go, it is really hard to keep to that schedule. So, kudos to both of them, for maintaining this blistering pace that they have set for themselves. Which is every Friday. Every Friday they post a new single. And that just - it’s totally amazing to me. It’s absolutely - can you imagine? I can - the only way I – yeah.

DELAYNE : It’s crazy. Flabbergasted.

DARKWICCAN : The only way I’ve ever been able to meet a schedule like that is if I have a fic that is completed and already broken up, ready to post. And I, y’know, so it’s not… yeah. But I know that…

DELAYNE : Exactly. That’s why I never post anything anymore.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah! So, that’s one thing I want to ask them, is how far out are they planning. Y’know, how far out have they written these. Or are they really going a week at a time, cause woah, that’s incredible, especially - yeah. That’s just absolutely insane.  But, ever single single is so… every single single, did I really just say that?

DELAYNE :I like it. Every single, single.

DARKWICCAN : But, they’re their own captured moment in time, and whatever time it is, whether it is the early 80s, mid 80s, late 80s, 90s, it’s very, very clear where, y’know, where they are in time. And a lot of that is done with, you know, kind of background information. And, would you call this a song fic series?  Would you call it a song fic?

DELAYNE : Y’know… It’s connected to the songs, but I would not call it a song fic.

DARKWICCAN :I wouldn’t either.

DELAYNE : Because, it’s mmm. I don’t care much for song fics.

DARKWICCAN : You know what, generally, yeah. I find, you know, sorry song fic writers out there. I typically find the average song fic to be rather - not a great time. Not a great time to read. Because, it’s just, like, lyrics. It’s all lyrics, and like some - a couple of, like, descriptive lines in between each chorus. So, it’s like, well…

DELAYNE : Yes. Yeah, that’s the thing, it’s like, it’s mostly just a song with a little bit of - a little bit of drama or something in between.

DARKWICCAN : Which is exactly why I cannot classify the 80s Mixtape AU as a song fic series. I just… I can’t. It’s way too…

DELAYNE : It’s inspired.

DARKWICCAN : It’s inspired! Yeah! Yes! Good word! Yeah! It’s inspired by the music. But, it’s not married to the music in a way that, y’know, they can reference the music, the music is referenced, but it’s not like, they don’t have to quote lyrics. Y’know, Pirate does throw lyrics in. Kind of to just to point to - it seems like more, like, when she’s pointing out lyrics, it’s more like because Nicole has tuned into the lyric at that moment in time.

DELAYNE : Exactly. That lyric itself is speaking to her and she is understanding something about the situation happening. Hopefully. Or…

DARKWICCAN : Or just being being inspired in that moment by whatever she’s listening to. Yeah. So, what have been some of your favourite moments throughout the entire series?

DELAYNE : When Waverly calls Nicole to come pick her up from the bad date with Champ. And, that spoke to me because, because I remember back when I was oblivious to my own gayness, coming home from college, my mom would go through the list of all my friends, calling to see, hey, I was home from vacation and wanted to talk to me. And, there was one name, I’m like uh-huh, uh-huh, and she’d say that one name, that girl’s name, and I’d just drop everything and go pick up the phone.

DARKWICCAN : You had no idea why you were like…?

DELAYNE : So that right there, that is like, big gay clue. “What? Oh! The girl called!” Drop. I’m dropping everything. I need to go answer the call. I need to do this now.

DARKWICCAN : For me, in that first fic, the one that started it all. Yeah. For me, that was a big moment. But also, the date. The actual date. Not the end of the date, which was great. But, that’s not what I’m referring to - I’m referring to everything building up to that moment. Because, when -  there were a lot, there were a lot of things going on for me there. One was, gosh, this was basically how I would take a girl on a date, back when I was single, and dating, y’know?

And, secondly, when they go into Shorty’s, which in this series, in this universe is an arcade, which is just brilliant, oh my god, the brilliance! May they never run out of their shine. It’s just incredible. But seriously, when they walked into Shorty’s, I was like, immediately there with them. It was like, I was right there. Yeah, and –

DELAYNE : Oh yeah. I-I pictured my, my rink, pictured my rink and arcade. I knew exactly the bright colours, and the black lights, and the cheesy music. Oh yeah. I remember it well.

DARKWICCAN : Oh yeah, and me too. I was picturing my, my roller rink, you know? Uh, and, it was like, a mixture of the roller rink in the arcade that I used to go to the most when I was younger. And I was just like, oh man, I’m right there.

DELAYNE : Right? And I, and I wonder about those who didn’t quite experience that, y’know, the younger generation of - I can’t even speak to some of them.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, right? You need to tweet at us to let us know what they were thinking.

DELAYNE : They need to tweet at us.

DARKWICCAN : But, so yeah, that, I think that for me, the biggest moment in the first fic was definitely the date. Well that, and, of course, Stephanie’s party.

DELAYNE : Oh! And see, that part didn’t speak to me. So, I didn’t do the party thing. I never did spin the bottle, so I was a little lost on that one. I certainly enjoyed the scene in the closet.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, because it’s a great scene. But like, for me, at this point, at that age,  was in the mid-90s. So, mid to late 90s, so, not the same areas as the 80s, but - one thing is, when you’re a theater kid, there’s okay, there’s a great sketch from Saturday Night Live when  Lin-Manuel Miranda was hosting that was like, theater after party, high school theater after party. And, I’m like, oh my gosh, that is exactly, that’s exactly right. That’s - boy did they capture that perfectly, that is exactly what it’s like.

And you do kind of get into the whole Spin the Bottle thing, and, and you do all of these cliché things. You know, maybe that actually happens at other people’s parties too, but I only went to the theater kids’ parties, so I can only speak for that. But yeah, I remember getting stuck in a closet for Seven Minutes in Heaven, with a girl that I was crushing really hard on.

And, the great thing about when you’re in theater –

DELAYNE : Oh my gosh!

DARKWICCAN : Yeah! The great thing about when you’re in theater is that, you know, sexuality is kind of a loose and free thing, ‘cause everyone is trying to “be cool”.  

DELAYNE : Do you have any idea how jealous I am of you right now?

DARKWICCAN : But, I remember – but here’s the thing. Nothing happened in that closet. Nothing happened in that closet because I was terrified that it would. And that I wouldn’t, like, be good enough. And, I had a pretty healthy ego. But you know, back then. But, even because this was a girl that I - that I was really crushing on, I just remember just freezing. And we just kind of ended up standing on opposite sides of the closet and, just, sort of counting the minutes down, and just, kind of, not even talking to each other. It was super-duper awkward.

And, so, when that - when they get into the closet in the story, I was like “hoooo, what’s gonna happen?” ‘Cause like – ‘cause, like, Nicole is totally…

DELAYNE : And it does sort of started out like, “wait a minute…”  

DARKWICCAN : Yeah! I was like, “oh my gosh, what’s going happen…” And so – ‘cause, Nicole was like, I totally knew, I totally understood every thought that was racing through her head, ‘cause it was the same stuff racing through my head. And I was like, right back in that - right back in that closet with that gal, back in high school. So -  

DELAYNE : That is awesome. That is, I mean - I’m sorry for your story and how it ended up, but that is, like. That’s the great - that’s why we love these fics because, there’s something in it for everyone that’s going to speak to them in a really, just take them right there. And, oh my gosh, that’s amazing.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, yeah. And it seems that every single single - I did it again. It seems like everyone has a moment or two like that, and it’s a different moment for every reader, right? It’s different for every reader.


DARKWICCAN : But, like, the whole thing in I can promise you tomorrow, which is the second fic, which actually takes place several years into the future, when, you know, when Waverly is away at college and she’s about to turn twenty one. I don’t wanna give away too much because I don’t know what our re- what our listeners have read so far, but basically, Nicole is planning this, this sort of surprise. And, I’m like “oh my gosh, that is exactly what I would have done.” That’s exactly what I would have done.

DELAYNE : Yeah, I never had a girl to surprise, but, I did surprise my parents once, on Valentine’s Day. They totally thought I was at school. They called me, and I’m like, “Oh yeah, I’m at school!” and I showed up. Yeah, it would have been better to show up for a girlfriend. But actually, no, cause that means it would be a long distance relationship. And I don’t think I could have handled that.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah. I tried that once. Once. But - but yeah.

DELAYNE : So, but - that’s an episode that might speak to those who have them. Well, actually, I’ll be doing that very, very shortly, won’t I?

DARKWICCAN : Yes, that’s true! Yes! Because in real life, you have a thing that’s taking you to a place.


DARKWICCAN : So, let me ask you something. So you say you’re pretty, pretty oblivious person. Like, you didn’t twig into the fact that you’re queer until late college?

DELAYNE : Uh, yeah. Late college.

DARKWICCAN : So, how was it reading love comes walking in, which is one of the youngest points that we see them, where Waverly, for the first time, is trying out for cheerleading and Nicole’s helping her out. And that sort of that – they have that moment at Shorty’s diner where Waverly walks in, and the jukebox is playing, and a particular song, and, all of a sudden, it was just like, sparkles. Like, the - Nicole had that moment of, “Ohhh crap, I’m totally in love with this girl!” Did you have, like, how was that reading that, cause you didn’t have that experience at a young age?

DELAYNE : No, I - the part that actually spoke to me more than that particular one was when she is trying out, or when she’s practicing, and she had brought up Nicole’s dad, and she’s super upset, so she thinks that’s why she’s having these weird feelings.

DARKWICCAN : Oh! The fact that she keeps trying to explain away feelings.

DELAYNE : Yes! Yes. That, that I definitely identified the most with, ‘cause I, you know, you think back and go, “Oh, yeah, that’s why…Why did I keep explaining those things away?”

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, but - why did you – no, that’s not why we are here. That’s not why we are here. Yeah, for me - go ahead?

DELAYNE : Ah, it was just, it was so well written that, you know, ‘cause, you know, that headspace certainly, I had it when I was much, much older, but, I recognized that headspace. Why am I feeling funny? Oh, it’s this completely other thing that has nothing to do with totally being in love with this girl. So, that’s all. This is so well written, I just, I can’t even. I am –

DARKWICCAN : I know, it’s really kind of ridiculous actually. The level of writing is the series is insanely good. And, the fact that Pirate has written these characters, so that you fall in love with them for who they are in this universe.  

DELAYNE : Absolutely. Oh my gosh!

DARKWICCAN : Like, Curtis. Curtis is a character that we never met on the show, right, so she really had, Pirate had free reign to go in and really create this sort of perfect fatherly figure. And, boy, howdy, did she! I love Curtis. It makes me love her so hard.

DELAYNE : Yeah, and there was, there was lots of crying.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah. But we won’t go into why. We’re not going to say why there was crying. Just that there was crying.

DELAYNE : There, there was lots of feels.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah. But, another thing I really love, is speaking of tertiary characters, is I love that Pirate doesn’t - she’s not afraid to pick up these characters and make them the focus. Like, in we’ll get wild, wild, wild, the focus was on Doc and, you know, racing this other gang. Very Grease Lightning style, right?  And then, yeah! And then, the final countdown, which was focused on Dolls and boxing and being the best boxer of the country club. The best boxer at the country club just still kind of blows my mind a little bit. Like, the country club has boxing?

DELAYNE : Best epic 80s montage, I mean…

DARKWICCAN : Oh yeah!  The Eye of the Tiger and everything.

DELAYNE : Best visual. But, you’re right, every single single has related to us. I mean, it’s this whole entire story, and it isn’t always necessarily about Waverly and Nicole. But it really just shows the universe so well, so that, you can picture it when you are focused on Waverly and Nicole. You can see really what they live in and how they are.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah. Yeah! And, everything is absolutely vivid. Everything is absolutely clear. And, let me just say that this series is the best representation of the Wynaught brotp of - I mean, there’s great Wynaught brotp fics out there, and we’ll explore that in a future episode, but, this series is like the gold standard.

DELAYNE : Top shelf, man, it’s top shelf.

DARKWICCAN : Yes, it is so top shelf! Yes! Oh, nice callback, dude. That was really awesome. Okay, well…So, is there anything else that you want to touch on before we move into the next segment of our show?

DELAYNE : I did write about how oblivious Nicole is to Waverly’s jealousy. I mean, that I identify with. Anything with obliviousness, I really identified with.

DARKWICCAN : You’re like, “that’s my jam.”

DELAYNE : Yes, that is my jam.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah! It really, well even in like, Waverly’s - Nicole is really, painfully oblivious. You almost wonder if she’s been taking lessons from Wynonna, ‘cause like…

DELAYNE : Well, that’s why they’re bros.

DARKWICCAN : That’s totally why they’re bros. Right? They’re just together in obliviousness.

DELAYNE : That line. Because I, you know, I did the re-read fairly recently, when Wynonna goes, “I thought you were supposed to be the smart one,” and Nicole responds with, “Well, you set the bar really low.”

DARKWICCAN : Oh my god, yes to the humor. The humor in these fics is just awesome. It’s just so, so funny. And they’re able to really walk that line, you know, of like going from humor to kind of a deep emotional moment, just, immediately, and you don’t feel like you have whiplash. It just feels like this natural, sort of, turn. Or, it goes the other way, you know? It could be this really deep, kind of sad or angsty moment, and then turn the corner and it’s - and somebody says something really funny and you’re like, “Oh man, I really needed that. Thank you for that right there.”  

DELAYNE : It is a roller coaster. Definitely. But, like you said, there’s no whiplash.

DARKWICCAN : There’s no whiplash, no. You don’t -

DELAYNE : It’s just fun. It’s just a fun ride.

DARKWICCAN : It is. Yes. It is the greatest ride. We - if you can’t tell folks - we this series and, we think that, if you haven’t read it yet, you should, and, you will love it too. Yeah, anything else you can think of before we – ‘cause, we can seriously just sit here and fangirl. Just, kind of off into tangents, about this series, probably for hours. But we, we would like to keep this to a tight, fairly tight show.

DELAYNE : I’m excited for the interview portions, but –

DARKWICCAN : Yes. So, that’s right folks. We do have author interviews lined up as part of this podcast as well. Not just this podcast, this episode day, but our podcast overall. We’ve actually set up a number of interviews already, we’re really excited to talk to these authors.

But today, of course to go with the 80s Mixtape AU fangirling discussion that we just had, we are going to have both Pirate and Smurf on the show with us in the second half of our show for a fantastic, and enlightening, and funny interview. We may even cry a little bit, who knows? So we hope you’ll stick around for that, but before we get into segment two, we do have something unique to our show, which - Delayne, you know what a sponsor is right?

DELAYNE : Yes I do.

DARKWICCAN : Okay, so a sponsor is…

DELAYNE : Oh, you want me to say what it is?

DARKWICCAN : Yeah. What’s the sponsor?

DELAYNE : I’m paying you to talk about my stuff.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah. Essentially. It’s a paid sponsorship is, yeah, exactly. Someone’s going pay you, or pay us to promote their stuff, and as a result, we get a little money that helps to, you know, support the podcast. Well, we don’t have any sponsors. So, instead of sponsors, we have reverse sponsors. And a reverse sponsor is where we, out of the kindness and love of our hearts provide a –

DELAYNE : And the Earper fandom.

DARKWICCAN : We provide a promotional spot for something, right? So - and we’ve decided our reverse sponsors are always going to be related to the Earper fandom in some way. So, for our very first episode, our very first reverse sponsor is the Fandras Fanbus. We’ve got a spot all lined up, so here we go. This week’s reverse sponsor is the Fandras Fanbus.

MUSIC : Twisted Streets by Darren Korb

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MUSIC : 80s Instrumental

DARKWICCAN: Hey everyone, welcome back to the Earp Fiction Addiction, the Podcast all about Wynonna Earp fanfiction, I am your host, DarkWiccan. Unfortunately, Delayne was not able to join me for the second segment of this program. So, we’re going to move ahead without her, but with her in our thoughts. As we mentioned before the break, our second and final segment is the author interview and we are incredibly excited because we have managed to get both the author and the beta for the 80s Mixtape AU Series. Pirate and Smurf. Welcome to you both. Hello Pirate!

PIRATE : Hey there.

DARKWICCAN : And hello Smurf!

SMURF : Hello!

DARKWICCAN : Welcome to the podcast. I’m so excited to have both of you on!

SMURF : Excited to be here.

PIRATE : Yes, we’re happy to be here.

DARKWICCAN : So, before we dive into the sort of main nitty-gritty questions, can I do a little, hey, how are you, how are you doing, who are you, what do you want kind of Q&A with you?  

PIRATE : Sure.

DARKWICCAN : Fantastic.

SMURF : Sure.

DARKWICCAN : So, Pirate, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into this whole fanfiction sort of thing?

PIRATE : Oh… Well, as Smurf can tell you, I have been in the fanfiction game for a long time. That was probably, what? 11, 12 years?

SMURF : Yeah, I think it’s at least twelve. We have known each other for a long time.

PIRATE : A long time. And, I kind of dropped off when shows I was interested in stopped being cool. And now there’s Wynonna Earp, so here I am again.

DARKWICCAN : Awesome. And so, what other fandoms did you write for before you got into Wynonna Earp?

PIRATE : Criminal Minds was, I think my first.


PIRATE : And then there was [inaudible].

SMURF : That’s actually where we met.

PIRATE : Yes, it is. Yes it is.

DARKWICCAN : Oh, nice!

PIRATE : And then, there was the dark years, and now. And now we’re back in the light.

DARKWICCAN : Back in the light with Wynonna Earp.

PIRATE : Yes. Yes.

DARKWICCAN : And Mama Andras and Papa Bo.

PIRATE : Yes. So, much better than that dark hole of despair.

DARKWICCAN : Yes, so much better. Oh man! Uh, Smurf, how about you? How long have you, have you been in this thing we call fic?

SMURF : Well, as we’ve just mentioned, I’ve known Pirate for about twelve years through fic. Back in those days, though, I didn’t really do much writing. I was strictly a beta at that point. The Wynonna Earp fandom is the first time that I actually I’ve ever started doing any of my own writing.

DARKWICCAN : And incredibly awesome writing, it is.

PIRATE : Yeah it is!

SMURF : Yeah.. Okay?

DARKWICCAN : No, it is! It is. Terrific writing! It is amazing, spectacular, wonderful writing. And, I can’t wait to gush about it! But let’s go and dive into some of the kind of main questions. What inspired you to write this kind of AU, Pirate? Was there a specific piece of 80s, or current media that kind of sparked the idea?

PIRATE : Yeah. So, I came up with the idea when I heard, Caught Up In You by 38 Special, which is a fave song. And, then, I don’t know, it just kind of spiraled out from there. And, because Smurf is the world’s biggest enabler, she helped me craft it into a grown up song fic. And, here we are, two hundred thousand words later.  

DARKWICCAN : And, wow, what a - I cannot tell you how impressed I am by the pace that you two have set on this series. It is truly amazing, and impressive, and mind boggling, how you’re able to turn out a new single every week. And, sort of speaking to that, do you schedule time to write, and has this changed how you, now that you have a regularly scheduled fic, y’know, from maybe where you used to, kind of, find the time to write to now when you’re on a set schedule you have to meet?

PIRATE : No. No, nothing has changed at all. I try to schedule time to write. Smurf can attest to that. But, I don’t really have a lot of room in my life to schedule out chunks of writing time. So, I make an effort to do that, but it’s usually, like a all day Friday push to get the final pieces into place so that we can post.

DARKWICCAN : Gotcha. And, how far out are you writing these in advance, if at all?

PIRATE : Oh, no. Not at all.

DARKWICCAN : Not at all! I’m even more impressed now.

SMURF : Yeah each one is every week.

PIRATE : Yeah, poor you! Poor Smurf.

SMURF : Why poor me?

PIRATE : You’ve got to read all of it.

DARKWICCAN : Oh yeah, that’s got to suck!

SMURF : What?

PIRATE : It’s terrible!

SMURF: The worst part of my week. I can’t - I can’t even. No, I try to stay up with her too, instead of saving up all of the Beta for the end, usually, like, each time she completes a section, or scene, or something like that, I’ll jump right in and start working on that, so that we can stay on top of it. That way there’s not like a mad rush right before posting to try and fix things, and…

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, that makes, that makes sense.

SMURF : Try to get it all done right before she has to post.

DARKWICCAN : So, Smurf, as a true child of the 80s, what has been the most important to you about how Pirate captures this era?

SMURF : Well, you guys know how I feel about details and accuracy. So, that’s kind of the - that’s the most important thing to me, I think. But, I’m really lucky because Pirate feels the same way I do. So, she always runs all the choices by me for authenticity check. Like, clothing, or the things that the kids would be doing for fun, y’know, what kind of things they would do with their hanging out, or, the general feel of things. And let me be clear about this; she is just as diligent with her research as I am about things. So, you know, if it means spending an hour researching when Ziplock bags became a thing, or, when small town grocery stores got paper or plastic, or, you know, when the two of us both fall down a research spiral about when pre-packaged frozen cookie dough became a thing and what brands were the first things found on the shelves, y’know, we both - we spend our time doing that, because, making sure that it’s, you know, authentic, and accurate to the 80s. It’s really important. But, she’s a fantastic writing partner, because she cares about getting it right just as much as I do. So, we love her.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah. Absolutely, Pirate, you do get it right. You get it right to the point my mind is frequently just blown because, y’know, I grew up in the 80s, Delayne grew up in the 80s, and both of us are just are weekly transported back to that time so vividly that we frequently talk about how it just - it feels like we are watching a movie instead of reading a fic. So, it is really, really incredible work.

PIRATE : Well, it could not be done without the both of us.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah! And, and as we know, Smurf is the world’s greatest beta.

PIRATE : Yes. [to flustered Smurf] Sit down, shut up, and don’t say anything now.

DARKWICCAN : So, let me ask both of you. When you first started working on the original story, did either of you have any inkling, when you were writing this initially that you were - how large it would become? How big of a deal within the fandom it would be?

PIRATE : absolutely not. This - no! Like, no. Just - and I still to this day, I will post on Friday and be like, nobody’s going to read this nonsense.

DARKWICCAN : Oh, but they will.

PIRATE : But, like… Yeah!

DARKWICCAN : You don’t understand, like - I plan my day around when you guys post. Like, Fridays are like; it is Flashback Fic Friday, and I am literally sitting at my computer at work, just waiting to get the notification from Smurf that you guys have posted, so that I can immediately retweet about it on the EFA Podcast twitter. And then, go and read it. I’ll just drop whatever I’m doing at work, and just immediately read whatever you’ve posted.  

PIRATE : Oh boy…

SMURF : See, I tend to disagree with her here on this one, because she always thought it was going to be this thing that nobody ever read, and I said from the beginning that it was going to be big.


SMURF : No! Okay, now! I didn’t mean big as in I had no idea it was going to become this massive project it’s become. But I knew it was going to be big from the second you told me that you wanted to write it. That people were going to love it.

PIRATE : I mean, you did say that. I can’t argue that. But, like…

SMURF : Yeah! Exactly! Okay.

DARKWICCAN : And Smurf being right about so many things all the time, of course, was right about this.

SMURF : W-what? [bashful giggling ensues]

PIRATE : Need a minute?

DARKWICCAN : That was a compliment.

PIRATE : She doesn’t take those well… No.

DARKWICCAN : Okay, so next time I’ll insult her. Okay.

PIRATE : No. No I’m not very good at that.

SMURF : Okay, see that’s how I know you love me.

DARKWICCAN : Ah, so, like you’ve said, you didn’t picture this giant massive project, that it’s become, that it now is. So now that you’re sort of both in it, how many singles do you plan on writing? Is there an end point? Or is this universe perpetual, are we going to follow Wayhaught into the thousands?

PIRATE : Well, the intention now, which was not always the intention to start, but I badgered Smurf into letting me do this, is to have an update every Friday until season 3 starts.

SMURF : You did not - you did not badger me into this.

PIRATE : I want to use the word badger, okay? Hufflepuff pride. Leave me alone.

SMURF : Okay. Alright, I’ll allow it.  

PIRATE : So yeah. We plan on posting every Friday until season 3.

SMURF : An entire year. There’s supposed to be an entire year of updates on Fridays until Season 3 starts.


DARKWICCAN : And then, and then, that’s it, or?

PIRATE : And then, and then, Yeah. I think…

SMURF : I don’t know.  We might never let this go. Who knows?

PIRATE : I think the original, the original idea was to leave it be after the main fic, and then, obviously, we didn’t let that go. So, we can say that now, but…

SMURF : There was just, there was so much more left to tell.

PIRATE : Yes. That’s true.

SMURF : And, that couldn’t be the end. We had so much more to tell.

PIRATE : So many songs.

SMURF : Yes.

DARKWICCAN : There are a lot of 80s songs.

PIRATE : Good ones too.

SMURF : Good 80s songs.

PIRATE : Yeah, that distinction.

SMURF : Nicole is very particular about the songs she listens to.

PIRATE : I swear to God, if you come at me with some Wham! Right now… That’s a personal thing. That’s just me personally dissing on Wham!

DARKWICCAN : Not a fan of Wham! huh?

PIRATE : Yeah… Ahh!

DARKWICCAN : So, okay. So, Smurf, you mentioned that Nicole is very particular about her music and that is so true. She is incredibly particular about her music, she’s incredibly particular about her clothing, and I’m just curious, where did this, almost OCD obsession of hers with her clothes and her music, where is this coming from?

SMURF : Well… Pirate, you want to take that one?

PIRATE : Um… Sure.

SMURF : It’s… It’s kind of an amalgamation of the two of us really. Honestly.

PIRATE : Yeah. Yeah.

SMURF : Yeah.

DARKWICCAN : So who’s the music obsessive and who’s the clothes obsessive? I’m going to guess that Pirate is the clothes.

PIRATE : Am more than you, Smurf? Do you think?

SMURF : No, yeah. We both are. That’s pretty - yeah. But we’re both obsessed about the music too. That’s just it. She kind of is - yeah.

PIRATE : It’s really hard to separate, I think us individually from this fic and like, hash out what parts are more inspired by me, versus what parts are more inspired by Smurf. ‘Cause I think that her and I are just so similar, that –

SMURF : We’re really in sync with it and it shows in the fic, because everything that happens in the fic is basically born from both of us. There’s not really a - there’s not really a dividing line I don’t think honestly.

PIRATE : Yeah. I agree with that.

DARKWICCAN : So, would you kind of say that Nicole is sort of the proxy for both of you? A Pirate!Smurf?


SMURF : Yes.

PIRATE : Now I’m picturing Pirate!Smurf. We have a picture of it.

SMURF : We have a - yes. We have a Pirate!Smurf we like to use as our logo.

DARKWICCAN : That’s adorable. Why haven’t I seen this on Tumblr?

SMURF : Really?

PIRATE : You can’t give everything away, Smurf.

SMURF : Okay, well maybe I’ll post it for you. Pirate!Smurf productions.

DARKWICCAN : Yeah, I know Pirate!Smurf hashtag, for sure. Pirate!Smurf productions. But I don’t think I’ve seen the logo, so I’m excited to see the logo.

PIRATE : Maybe sometime.  

DARKWICCAN : Someday. So, question for you both. So you’ve got this really large universe now. Have there been any sort of continuity or consistency issues as you’ve been shaping each of the singles going forward? That you’ve caught, obviously, ‘cause I couldn’t find any.

PIRATE : You want me to start, Smurf?

SMURF : Yeah, go ahead.

PIRATE : Writing it, I will say I’ve tried to keep it as consistent as possible. It’s super-duper tricky moving back and forth through the timeline. I think my biggest problem is actually giving things away. And Smurf has to kind of reel me back in and be like “We haven’t written that yet. Other people don’t know that.” But, if I have a continuity issue, Smurf always catches it.

SMURF : I feel like, with a universe this big, I mean it does. There’s potential to have continuity problems with something like this.  But, like, you guys have to understand that before we even started the first edition of the singles collection, I mean, we already had a large portion of the timeline laid out. I mean, we’re obviously still adding to it, you know, ‘cause we have to fill in the gaps, or, we’ll hear a song and be like, “oh my god, we have to do one for this!” You know? Or, things like that. But there’s some parts that we’ve always known. Even before the main original fic was published. There were just things we knew about their lives from when they were kids, and when they were adults, and things like that.  So, when you have a world and characters that are fleshed out to this extent, you know, it’s a lot easier, I think, to keep all of our details lined up and consistent. Because, you know, we already had so much of it in our heads before we started trying to write it out.

DARKWICCAN : Do you have some sort of a master outline, that document, or?


PIRATE : Yes, she says.

SMURF : Yes. It’s over 20 pages long already, so… and it’s still growing because that’s only with mostly - yeah, that’s not even touching the biggest it’s going be.

PIRATE : That doesn’t include like some of the recent stuff even.

SMURF : Yeah, cause those were things we added without them being on the outline yet, so… Yeah!

DARKWICCAN : Oh, so you’ve already written elements that you didn’t outline initially?

PIRATE: Oh my gosh, where do you think Nate!Cedes came from?


DARKWICCAN : Are you serious?

SMURF :Yeah, that was the spur - that was a late night, you know, in the middle of the night Smurf time brainstorm that we just started playing off of each other and then, suddenly, Nate!Cedes was born.  

PIRATE : Yeah, and then we wrote down their whole single by themselves.

SMURF : Yep, then they got a wedding out of the deal, so - just wait until you find out how they got together in the first place.

DARKWICCAN : Oh, I’m in - there is so much I’m looking forward to and finding out in this series. So much. I mean, of course, the Wayhaught wedding is a big one. We know it’s coming at some point. We don’t know when.  We don’t know –

PIRATE : Yeah, I was just going say, some people, they don’t - they don’t think so.

DARKWICCAN : Some people don’t think so?

SMURF : There’s been a lot of comments on this last one. People are thinking maybe it’s not going happen.

DARKWICCAN : You know, of course, I don’t have your master outline and your master plan to look at. But, I think Nicole’s got this big plan for the proposal, and she’s waiting for something. She’s waiting for something. We just don’t know what that something is. But I think there’s going to be a Wayhaught wedding, and you can neither confirm or deny that, but I think that’s coming. And I’m looking forward to finding out about Nate!Cedes, how that happened. I’m looking forward to finding out about other characters that are sort of on the periphery, like Dolls has sort of become a - well he was always a background character. He had his moment in the limelight for Final Countdown, but I’m curious what’s going on with that guy, you know?

PIRATE : Aren’t we all?

DARKWICCAN : Yeah! But yeah, there’s just so much to look forward to with each, with each released single, y’know. And so often, you guys both put out a single on a subject that I hadn’t even considered. And, it’s so much more awesome, ‘cause it’s like, I was like, that completely caught me by surprise and it was amazing and wonderful and warm. And, you both are so brilliant when it comes to handing out the feels, in your writing.

SMURF : Oh man.

PIRATE : Oh yes.

SMURF : Well, what’s the point of writing if we can’t serve it up with a nice side of feels?

PIRATE : Yes. Right? I mean, come on…

DARKWICCAN : The way that you capture - Pirate - the way that you are able to kind of grab us by the emotional center, every single time, and put us right in Nicole’s shoes is just devastatingly brilliant. We feel everything that Nicole is feeling. And, that wouldn’t be the case if you weren’t writing her so, so well.

PIRATE : Well, thanks.

DARKWICCAN : Well, you’re welcome.

PIRATE : Cool… alright.

DARKWICCAN : Okay. Alrighty, well, you know, I want to thank you both for coming on. I have one final question for you ladies. And, this is a question that we’ve decided we are going to ask all of our authors. Our question is; you’re stranded on a desert island, and you can only have one fanfic to read. What is it?

PIRATE : Smurf, you go.

SMURF : Nah, oh. Okay well, assuming that both of our libraries are precluded from this question -   

PIRATE : No, we’re not assuming that.

DARKWICCAN : No, you don’t have to assume that.

SMURF : I’m going to say, well, yeah, because – yes.

PIRATE : That’s not…

SMURF : I think - see, I have a problem because I have two. I have two that I want to say for this.

PIRATE : Yeah, but the rule says one. Only one.

SMURF : Can I say two?

DARKWICCAN : Flip a coin.

SMURF : Well, alright, so, I think my first instinct, since I’m not going to allow myself to say one of mine or one of Pirates, because that’s not nice…

PIRATE : Okay.

SMURF Okay. Okay, well –

PIRATE : No, no no no. Pick one of those. Go.

SMURF : I’m going to say... Alright - here’s the thing. The very fir - I’m going to go with the very first Wayhaught fanfic I’ve ever read, and that actually got me into reading and writing Wayhaught fanfic. Is that okay, is that acceptable?

DARKWICCAN : Of course! It’s you – there are no wrong answers to this question.

SMURF : Okay.  So, the first Wayhaught fic I’ve ever read was Small Town Gun by -


SMURF : Well, it’s by isawet on AO3, or SunSpill on Tumblr. She’s actually a good friend of mine now because of that fic. But, that is the first fic that I ever read for Wayhaught, and it was about Nicole, and it was about how she became the cop that she is right now. So, of course, it was something that really grabbed my attention. But anyway, it’s because of that fic that I’m in this fandom. Well, I mean I was already watching the show, but, it’s because of that fic that I got into fic for this show. So, that’s going to be my choice. It has a special place in my heart.

DARKWICCAN : Heh, alright, so, Small Town Gun by SunSpill?

SMURF : Yeah. It’s SunSpill on Tumblr. It’s isawet on AO3.

DARKWICCAN : Awesome! I will provide a link to that in the episode notes, so that our listeners can look that one up already as well if they haven’t read it already. Okay, Pirate. You’re on the hot seat now.

PIRATE : Okay, well, I don’t have like a really cool, long explanation like everyone else. That’s fine. Whatever.

SMURF : Sorry…  

PIRATE : Well, so, like you changed the rules. But, mine was going to be Spooky Road Trip.

DARKWICCAN : Oh, yeah. Go with that!

PIRATE : I can pick that, right?

DARKWICCAN : Yes you can.

PIRATE : Oh, okay.

DARKWICCAN : Smurf made her own rules.

PIRATE : Okay, so ha! Smurf. Yeah! So I picked Spooky Road Trip.

SMURF : Sorry!

DARKWICCAN : Spooky Road Trip by theGaySmurf.

PIRATE : Yeah, okay. It’s called You’re Going to Find Your Way Back Home.


PIRATE : But, it’s really called Spooky Road Trip.

SMURF : No! I think pretty much everybody mostly knows it as Spooky Road Trip.

PIRATE : I pick Spooky Road Trip. Only - not only - but one of the reasons why is because I would love to see - hint, hint, nudge, nudge - the story of John Hicks Adams and Marisol. Any, any day now.

DARKWICCAN : Ooh. So do I.

PIRATE : I mean, I know all the notes, but, come on!

SMURF : Look at you. Look at you making more work for me.

DARKWICCAN : That’s what good co-writers do, right?

PIRATE : I don’t care.

SMURF : Yeah… yeah… Alright, maybe. Okay. I’ll put it on the list.

DARKWICCAN : Excellent. Excellent. Good work, Pirate.

PIRATE : Thank you. Rubbing the fan.

DARKWICCAN : Okay. Well, Pirate and Smurf, thank you so much for coming on and being our very first guests for our very first episode. It has been amazing speaking with you both. You are both such, such talented writers, and it is thrilling, uh, following the 80s Mixtape AU as you post singles every Friday.

PIRATE : Thanks for reading them.

SMURF : But really, literally, that’s -  

PIRATE : We’re just glad you like them.

DARKWICCAN : Oh, we like them. We really like them.

PIRATE : Yeah. That’s our first Sally Fields moment there.

DARKWICCAN : We love them. Very much - yes, very much Sally Fields moments, speaking of the 80s. Alright.

SMURF : Yes.

DARKWICCAN : Well, thank you ladies so much. You have a wonderful rest of your day.

PIRATE : Thank you.

SMURF : Thanks for having us.

MUSIC : Don’t Deal With The Devil by Kristofer Maddigan.

DARKWICCAN : And that wraps it up for the inaugural episode of the Earp Fiction Addiction. Thank you so much for joining us. Huge thanks to our guests, PirateKane and TheGaySmurf for being willing guinea pigs for our first interview segment. Thanks also to our announcer, Byron Tidwell, for our intro and our Fandras Fanbus promotional spot.

Background music for the episode was A Proper Story and A Spike In The Rail by Darren Korb. Instrumental 80s music from livebettermedia and the outro music is Don’t Deal With The Devil by Kristofer Maddigan.

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