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Project Red

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The Nemesis hovered over the sea below, cloaked and primed for war. A thousand soldiers, ready for battle were stationed and the few figureheads who lead them were currently plotting their next move. It involved intelligence returned by a patrol of Vehicons six earth months previously; they had been attacked. By what, no one was sure. But it was powerful enough that, when pitted against the thing along with a couple of Autobots, the platoon fell. They were all damaged enough to have little to no data available on just what in the Pits of Unicron had attacked. One thing was for certain; the Autobots had a weapon, something that could cause the Decepticons trouble.


A mech was monitoring the planet below. A mech famed for being pitted against Megatron and almost defeated him. His designation was whispered in fear even by his own kind. He had no face, no spark some even speculated, a cold and calculated machine that lived to serve.




He was respected even by Optimus Prime, rumoured to have even known him once personally. But the details were unknown. The mech was a mystery, a hazard who never spoke and only used others voices as his own. The Communications Officer and by default Third in Command was looking for any activity. So far, aside from a few blips impossible to pinpoint, he had frustratingly had no luck in discovering the whereabouts of this weapon. It was safeguarded. That much was for certain. He was determined to find it, and retrieve it at all costs-


There. Finally. Just what he had been waiting for.


Soundwave signalled to his leader, then pointed to the beeping screen, waiting for Megatron to look.


"Yes, what is it, Soundwave?" Megatron asked, raising an optic ridge as he glanced over at the monitor. "Autobot movement? So soon after our last spat-? Hm." His gaze narrowed at the third blip, marked 'unidentified'. It was, different. He knew enough in his millennias leading the Decepticons to differentiate between Autobot and something else entirely. "How interesting." Megatron drawled, deep voice edged with a dark intrigue. "Any word from Starscream?"


Soundwave shook his helm, silent as ever "I will send Knockout and a troop of Vehicons. We shall see just exactly what the Autobots have been hiding from us."




Wildstar loved racing.


She was a sports car, and once a racer on Cybertron so it all came naturally to her. How her comrade ever agreed to go out for one empty highway rush was still a shock, but Wildstar wasn't one to complain anyways. "Better hurry, or I might leave you behind!" She called out to the femme behind her. The purple and gold-detailed Porsche revved her engine and pushed her speedometer to 100 mph, dangerously shooting around a sharp turn. Behind her followed a blue motorcycle with a holographic human in the seat, dressed in biking leather and a helmet concealing the nonexistent features. It was a rare opportunity to get out and drive along without a care in the world. Save for her charge in the backseat.


The blue motorcycle, Arcee chuckled. "Don't let it go to your processor." Her engines revved and she zipped ahead of Wildstar. "I can still hold my own!"


"Hey Red." The car asked, focusing inwards at the girl looking up from her book.




"Wanna do something crazy?"


Her charge had a dangerous grin on her face. "Lemme get ready first." She slipped her book into her backpack, slipped it on, strapped on her helmet and gave a thumbs up.


Wildstar in response turned abruptly and, seeing no one around, squealed happily, transforming and tackling her friend right off the road and into the desert dust. They went tumbling and her charge whooped and hollered as she rolled right along.


"Looks like we're tied!" Wildstar snorted, shaking herself off and Red dropped from her seatbelt and fell onto the ground, panting.


"Whatta rush!"


"Red?! What in the Pits are you doing out here-? Did you transform?!"


"Aw c'mon Arcee. Wildstar 'an I-!" The human tried to protest but already Arcee's gaze landed on the sheepish Wildstar.


"Do you know how dangerous it is to bring her out here?! And let her use her abilities no less!" The femme snapped. "What if the Cons are looking for her signal? What would we do!?"


"Arcee you're getting more wound up than a long-tailed cat in a room full 'a rocking chairs." Red said, blowing a lock of her fiery hair out of her eyes. "Look I only transformed my legs so I could get some blading in without using my actual, ya know, rollerblades. Besides if they send the calvary, I'd just knock them down again."


Arcee squinted her optics down at Red in a way that the girl knew meant she was in for trouble. "You were very, very lucky that time Red Botson. Are we clear on that? You caught the Vehicons off guard. But Megatron, if he catches a glimpse of you, you're not going to have that opportunity. He'll know you're half human and he'll take advantage of that. Do you understand?"


Red sighed and crossed her arms. "Yeah. I gotcha."


"And as for you." Arcee turned to her comrade. "Optimus put you in charge of Red because he trusted you. He trusts you to keep her safe and out of the Decepticons hands! Red is not like Jack, Raf or Miko. She's not collateral if they catch her. It will be worse. You need to do better to be certain that doesn't happen."


Wildstar frowned, but gave a single nod and looked down at her charge. "Change back."


With a sigh, Red cleared her throat. "Rollerblades: Off-"


She was almost cut off by the sound of... was that some kind of high sonic squeal?!


"Cons!" Arcee yelped, looking upwards to find an all-too familiar Mini-Con circling. Her spark sank. Soundwave was watching. "Call for back up now! Wildstar, get Red-!" That was as far as she got before Arcee spied the groundbridge.




A scarlet Decepticon, armed with about ten Vehicons following in formation behind him emerged from the swirling green portal and smirked.


"Hello, ladies!" Knockout drawled, winking at Wild.


She activated her cannons, a snarl in her face. "Red? Sorry kiddo. Looks like you're playing with the big girls now. Think you can handle it?"


"Well I reckon I could but-!" That was as far as Red got before their enemy attacked. Arcee unsheathed her blades and Wildstar used her razor sharp claws to slice through the Vehicons. "WHOA!" The girl yelped, avoiding a falling Vehicon. She ducked behind some rocks, and quickly tried to think of some way to get the drop on them like before.


Wildstar meanwhile had pinned Knockout as Soundwave surveyed the battle zone through Lazerbeak, looking for any sign of the weapon.


"So you do like me, huh?" Knockout purred in her audio receptor, denta close to her cheek.


"I do not like you! Although your finish is nice." She said, deciding to woo him into making foolish choices.


"You mean it?" He asked brightly, going into a whole conversation about it.


"Of course! But it would be a shame to have it ruined in a fight! Especially if I have something to do with it." She raised her servo threateningly and the mech looked panicked.


"Would this be a- a bad time ask if there's a weapon you've acquired recently?"


She snarled and sliced. A roar of pain echoed across the battlefield and Wildstar let go of the wounded medic, letting him stagger up. He was easy to force into a retreat. "Okay, that does it. We're outnumbered!" He yelled.


And with that he and the remaining for Vehicons bid a hasty retreat down the dusty highway in their alt modes. Lazerbeak followed in pursuit.


"Is everyone okay?" Arcee called out, looking around.


Wildstar nodded. "I'm intact."


"Where's Red-?"


"HOOOYAAAAAAH!" The girl catapulted over the rocks, but froze. "Aw, man. I missed the showdown!"


Arcee groaned. "We are leaving now. Turn back, do not go into any alt modes unless at base. You were lucky one more time Red."


The teen just blinked, her green eyes speckled with red flickering. "Geez!" She exclaimed. "I guess Lady Luck must think I'm a special gal if I survived a close encounter with the otherworldly kind yet again." Arcee's look made her lift her arms in surrender. "Sorry. 'Aight." She muttered, drawl making her words barely audible. Wildstar transformed and Red climbed in. "Did I really cause that much trouble?"


Wildstar started her engine and they pulled away. "Don't fuss. You're not as bad as Miko. Besides I only got to fight prissy Knockout. He's too vain to fight, and the Vehicons are easy pickings. Don't worry Red. Nothing bad will happen."




Megatron was furious. His medic had failed and retreated to treat a mere mesh-wound, and they were not any closer with finding the weapon than before! But for now, something else occupied him. He was more interested with when Starscream would return. The mech had gone out in a huff a good day ago and still had not returned.


"That imbecile most likely got captured or killed, which means I must waste valuable time looking for him." he snarled, claws digging into his metal desk. "Seekers do have a knack for returning to their masters, though." he muttered to himself.


Soundwave meanwhile kept his optics locked on the screen. That vain imbecile failed due to a cosmetic flaw. He lost the weapon before they could get any visual. But at least now he knew which Autobots carried it. The energy signature had been attached to the femme known as Wildstar. It was a separate entity but still, now to play the waiting game for when she would utilize it again...




A week had passed since the incident. Red was in her whirlwind aftermath she called a room, sprawled out on her mattress with Theodore, her pet rat. "It gets annoying Theo, I'll share that." The girl sighed, petting the albino animal. "I mean I got power. I have some kind of skill, I guess. So why can't I fight like the others? Please. I coulda knocked those Cons three ways from Sunday but guess who gets benched? Phooey. 'Least the heat has died down enough." She placed Theodore back into his cage and smiled. "Be good 'till I get back."


The girl grabbed and threw on her red tank top and black leggings, opting to tie her blue gingham shirt around her waist. Red teetered her way out, shutting the door behind her and grabbed her hair ties from the coat wrap, deciding to pull her hair into a couple of ponytails for blading. Once done, strapping on her rollerblades (reluctantly so) and sliding on her backpack, she bladed towards KO burgers to meet Wildstar. The tomboyish redhead was in derbies. Jasper sure as heck didn't have much but she'd earned her reputation in the last year as being a capable derbiest and athletic. Blading was comfortable for her, letting her move at a good speed and giving her a sense of freedom.


Pretty soon she was in front of the fast food joint and skidded to a halt. Jack was in the takeout window. She got a sneaky idea and grinned, blading over to it and hid beneath it, waiting for him to come over. And when he did...


She took a deep breath in and then popped her head up, yelling, "HEEEEEY JAAAACK!"


Jack yelped and managed to drop all the drinks he was about to serve to some customers. He sighed and began to clean the mess up. "Sorry, I'll get fresh ones! Uhm, hi Red. How did you know I would be on this shift?" He asked, annoyed but not for long. He liked her too much for getting angry with her.


Red grinned with a scoff. "Call it Botson's intuition!" She chirped, her ponytails swishing. She leaned one arm on the counter, eyebrow raised. "I have been known to be psychic after all. Well what with the rest 'a the package I got."


Jack rolled his eyes but roughed up her hair the way he always did for fun. "You remember that you have a video game battle with me and Miko this afternoon right?"


Red smoothed out her hair. "Oh ya bet. And ready 't pay with a free strawberry milkshake, because y'all are goin' down, son!" She then spotted and waved at a fry-cook with darker red hair and blue eyes, well toned and quite handsome. With a spatula he waved back, turning so he was visible.


"Don't get too cocky sis!" He said with a chuckle. It was her older brother, Mitch Botson. The siblings were close, closer than anybody Jack had seen before. Well almost. Mitch didn't know what Red was up to.


"So you're actually trying the thing out with Wildstar?"


"That's the plan. Look you're not telling right? I wanna see if I can actually do more."


"Uh, no. Look I don't think it's a smart idea really."


"I don't think so either but I got that itch again Jack. I need to exert some energy and the Base isn't cutting it. It's only gonna be a few minutes and I'll be fine."


"Hey Jack! Mind throwing me some soda?" Wildstar asked from the drive through window, rolling up to a stop and stopping their conversation. She was one of the rare Cybertronians that could drink things other than energon and had become quite taken with carbonated drinks.


"It isn't good for you!"


"Jack, just do it. I won't tell Optimus, I promise!" Wildstar laughed softly. Jack sighed, poured a soda and gave it to Red to give to her.


"Hey Star. You taking Red to base?" Mitch asked.


"Yeah, just going for a drive first Mitch!" Red chirped and turned around.


"Well anyways, take good care 'a my sister today, ok?" Mitch called as he poked his head out of the window. He too ruffled his sister's hair, making her giggle and smooth it out again.


"C'mon you guys! Can't ya just leave my hair be? It took forever to brush this morning!"


Wildstar revved her engine and laughed. "I always take care of my friends!" she assured, wishing she could mean what she said. But she was just one femme in a war where only the strongest survived. She was hoping that although it was risky, if Red could pull it off then she could face at least a lot more obstacles.


"I'll be home by supper Mitch!" Red called out, dashing over. "C'mon Star! The road awaits!" She climbed into Wildstar, smiling brightly and buckled up. They pulled out of the drive through and turned the corner, disappearing from sight.


Mitch sighed and turned back to the frier. "Sheesh. It doesnt seem like a few months ago that we were new here and she wasn't happy. The 'Bots have done something special for her, that's for certain. Changed her life!"


Jack grinned. "They tend to do that."




"You ready?" Wildstar asked. She was pushing over 80 an hour, down the straight road with no signs of vehicles. It couldn't have been more perfect. Red had taken off her rollerblades, feet bare and was now angled so she was facing the passenger side door.


"Ready." She tightened her helmet. One wrong move and she'd be hurt, badly. Miko was an adrenaline junky. Red wasn't as bad as she was, but she was still a little reckless. She knew how badly this could turn out but she needed to know if for her this was possible! 


The door swung open, jarring against the wind that whipped into the cab and Red sucked a deep breath. "Rollerblades: On!" She pushed herself out as they activated as she hit the asphalt sliding and grabbed at her door. With a gasp she steadied herself within a moment. "Booster: On!" She let go as the door slammed shut and Red bladed ahead down the highway at ninety miles an hour.


She was breaking the speed limit she once said was impossible. The fastest she could go previously was up to 60. This was an astronomical improvement. Red's speed would make it hard for her to be a target. Add that in with her energy shots, and she'd be able to fend for herself once she had training. The Autobots pulled up and opened her door, decreasing speed along with her charge as the booster faded and a tuckered Red swung herself back in, fist pumping.


"Woo! Okay. Off to base!"




The blip echoed through the room. Seven earth cycles and finally, there it was. Soundwave locked onto the weapon. He turned to signal to the warlord, but Megatron already knew.


"Soundwave, capture it. I have other matters to attend to." He sighed, optics focused on the diagnostics screen. Soundwave only chuffed and turned, striding out. Megatron was still hoping Starscream would return, the old fool.


Soon after Soundwave exited, Megatron heard a familiar sound, the sound of a certain mech's pedes. Said mech was limping, but he was walking. Turning with a worried ferocity, Megatron's gaze landed on the battered form of Starscream.


"Where. Have. You. BEEN?!" Megatron roared, his Seeker lowering is wings with submission.


"Master, please. I'm barely standing! I need assistance!" he mewled, such a fragile thing in the end. "I nearly died out there and you didn't come and find me you brute!"


Megatron glanced around the control room, seeing no one else, and nearly crushed the Seeker's shoulder pauldron as he ferociously kissed him. "When you are well enough," he spoke after pulling away, "I am going to punish to for abandoning myself and my cause. But for now you need rest." he murmured before pulling away.




Wildstar sped off down the empty Nevada road, humming a little to the rock song Red tuned into from the radio. The girl had guzzled down the Gatorade from before, sighing in relief. She was still barefoot, backpack in her lap now as she tucked the empty bottle into it to recycle later. However, as they traveled along, Wildstar began to pick up a weird frequency. "Red. Do you hear that?"


"'An he's watching us all with the eye-!... uh, I don't hear anything." She noted, taking a look around the cab with a shrug. "Probably nothing."  Red sighed and glanced outside, then suddenly gasped, seeing the reflection in the rear-view mirror. "Uh oh." She knew she was in trouble. Big trouble.


"WILDSTAR DRIVE!!!" Red shrieked, seeing a very large plane making a beeline for them!


"Frag it all! Soundwave!" Wildstar yelped as she avoided a blast from his gun. Oh SCRAP were they in trouble! "Red, you need to get out of here, they must have located you, fraggit!" She yelped. This was all her fault. She should have never wanted to try that stunt! She gunned the engine, pushing herself right to the edge of her power.


"Hold on, I'm going to dump you out on the side of the road and tackle him. Get ready to roll!" Wildstar called out and Red had no time to activate her alt mode. She was indeed literally thrown as Soundwave made a nosedive and collided with her!


Red went flying out and rolled into a ditch, dazed. "Next time, gimme a second to make sure I don't die!" She called out after a few moments, struggling to her feet.


Snarling like a feral beast, Wildstar had transformed and was grappling with Soundwave before shoving him off. "Red, call the others for a ground bridge! Quickly!" She then turned her attention to an advancing Soundwave and shifted her claws to guns, and open fired.


Soundwave made a nasty hissing sound as he leaped out of the way, lithe and quick. He quickly struck and knocked her out of the way. Where. Was. The weapon?! His attention focused towards Wildstar. The signal was coming from a detached source, so where was it?!


Red quickly rushed to her backpack, digging into it and pulled out her comlink. Shoot. It was damaged! She clasped it in her hands, hoping that she could fix it if she could make it to base...!


Wildstar, having changed her guns for claws again struck viciously at Soundwave's face mask, her sharp claws nearly slicing through his chest armor as he gracefully dodged. She let loose a pained shriek when Soundwave grabbed her by her neck cables and punched her in the gut. She cried out, smelling the scent of spilled energon which was most likely hers. Wildstar looked down to see Soundwave gazing up at her. Her own optics met her gaze.


"Where- is- the weapon?" He used clips of different voices he had borrowed and stolen to accentuate his demand.


"Weapon, huh? Well I won't ever tell you." Wildstar smirked.


"HEY! SLENDY!" The voice made him turn his helm and Wildstar's optics widened. Red hadn't run! "YA GOT TWO SECONDS TO GET OUTTA DODGE BEFORE THERE'S TROUBLE!" Her Southern drawl echoed and Soundwave kept his rapt attention fixated on her.


What was that human speaking of?


"All righty. Either he's deaf or plain stupid." Red muttered and then her gaze narrowed. "WARNED YA SO GET READY!"


"RED NO!" Wildstar yelled.




Her skin split apart. That's what it looked like to Soundwave at first as pieces of her arms, up to her elbows segmented and slid back. Underneath were normal human veins, remnants of muscle fibres and- mesh. Metal. Wires. Tubing. Cybertronian biology.


She was the weapon.


Soundwave forgot his initial focus on Wildstar and dropped the wounded femme, and began to stalk towards her.


"RED! RUN!" Wildstar, trying to stand but feeling so weak. And she had promised she would protect her charge...!


Soundwave's datacables emerged, faceless mask locked on her as he attempted to grab her with them! Red yelped, dodging his attempt, then quickly shot between his legs, facing the open desert.


"ROLLERBLADES: ON!" Her feet, much like her arms shifted into rollerblades yet more mechanical in nature. "BOOSTER: ON!" She didn't look back as she bladed quickly off into the desert, with Soundwave hot on her tail.


"Give him a run for his money, Red." Wildstar purred, comming Ratchet and the others. -We need backup and I'm down for the count. Soundwave is after Red...- With that said, Wildstar passed out from energon loss and went into stasis while she self-repaired as best she could.




Soundwave deployed Laserbeak, the drone shooting ahead to cut her off. The weapon, this little human-like Cybertronian would be his without much work, he was sure. With two against one, even the best fighter could fall. He transformed and set off, calculating exactly where he could best capture her.


Up ahead, Red zipped along, chest heaving and legs burning. She wasn't used to using her boosters for more than a minute, and it was causing her to slow. That wasn't good. Then up ahead, she saw a gap in the rocks and tried to veer off course. Her booster failed at that moment and her legs shifted back into her usual blades. She couldn't stop! Oh no. Oh no, no, no-!


With a scream she rocketed halfway over, then fell into the gap! She only managed to grab a root to stop her fall, slamming into the rock hard sand and cried out in pain. Her left arm had been crushed in between her body and the wall, and automatically turned back with a pop and fizz. Oh. This wasn't good. Her other arm still worked and she hung there for a moment, trying to see if this crevasse was shallow enough for her to drop down. Nope.


With a grunt, she tried to hoist herself back up, thankfully she hadn't dropped down too far. "Rollerblades: Off!" Red commanded and once they shifted back, she slid her feet against the wall until she could get a good foothold.


Finally letting go of the root she started to pull herself up, her right arm throbbing as her self-repair worked hard to fix the damage. She gritted her teeth from the pain, relieved that her backpack wasn't weighing her down like she initially thought and managed to scale the few feet back up and out. Red groaned, flopping down on the sandy, rocky desert ground for a long moment as she caught her breath. Okay. Now that that was done with- Wait. What was that sound? Red pushed herself up on her knees and against the burning sunlight saw a small bird-like drone coming towards her. It was the same one from a week ago... it was with the Decepticons! Frightened, she staggered to her feet as it closed in.


"Hands: Off! Rollerblades: On!" They shifted at her command but it hurt this time, like muscle cramps. She turned and tried to blade away, pushing herself to keep going. She'd been always lucky. She could evade danger one more time.


Her spark sunk when her legs turned back automatically and she went tumbling again, out in the middle of nowhere with no place to hide. Red was terrified as she sat up, seeing a black dot behind the drone getting bigger by the second. If it was any sort of Vehicon, she prayed it would be dumb enough for her to dodge until help arrived. No such luck. It transformed as it closed in, turning from what looked like some military spy drone jet into a very massive, slim mech. She didn't recognize it at all.


"Whoa Nellie..." She muttered, staring at the Decepticon who had hurt Wildstar. She had to defend herself. Red had to! She staggered fully upright and her eyes narrowed. "S-stay away from me!!!" She yelled, raising her still functioning hand. "HANDS: ON!" She activated it and the cannon in her hand hummed weakly to life. Red repeatedly fired at Soundwave, trying to buy herself some time. But she was weak. She had exerted too much energy earlier using her boosters. And he knew.


Soundwave made a chuffing noise and shrugged off the shots like they were raindrops. He had figured that something as small as her, while powerful, was still able to lose energy at a rapid pace. She was a juvenile with what he guessed to be little training in how to properly handle her mods. As quick as a flash, he grabbed her in one servo. Soundwave had Red by her wrists in the air, watching her intently as she struggled. To think, she had evaded him for so long. But not any longer.


"L-LET ME GO OR YER GONNA BE SORRY!" She yelled at him, twisting around in his grip. "I MEAN IT!"


He let out another rumble, holding her close so he could get a good look at her. Humans could be disgusting, but their initial appearance was he supposed, intriguing. He noted the strange little dots on her faceplate, her unusually short stature in comparison to the other younglings, and the way her vocalizer pronounced and enunciated differently. This one indeed was unlike the other humans he'd seen. An interesting little creature she was. And she was going to be useful. Soundwave then began to walk away, Lazerbeak transforming and reconnecting to his frame, then commed his commander to report his success.




-Soundwave! What news do you have about the little addition to the ranks?- Megatron asked over their com link, at the moment sitting quietly with an exhausted, beaten Seeker beside him.


-Capture- was- completed.-


-Excellent! Bring her back to the Nemesis before the others attempt to retrieve her.- Megatron ordered, subconsciously petting Starscream's wing like an animal.


"What are you planning, Master?" Starscream asked, voice tired and weak.
he flinched when Megatron turned to look at him.


"We will have a new addition to our cause, my pet." Megatron answered, surprisingly gentle now his violence was sated with the half starved creature he called a Second in Command. "But now you need to rest. They will arrive soon enough."




A swirling blue-green circle appeared a few feet near the canyon ridge. A red and blue long-nosed truck cab, a blue motorcycle, and a large, green SUV came rolling out, transforming into Arcee, Bulkhead, and even Optimus Prime. Ratchet had managed to track her signal outside of their base, about fifteen kilometres away. They heard Red's cries and quickly rush over to a ridge and peered down to see Red in Soundwave's grasp as he marched over to a groundbridge himself!


Arcee gasped. "RED!" She cried out then leaped down!


"Arcee!" Bulkhead shouted worriedly, trying to descend but the cliffside was very steep and unstable.


The enraged femme landed between the bridge and Soundwave. "Let. Her. Go." She ordered sternly, cannons ready to fire.


Red squirmed in his grasp, trying to wrench her arm free. "Ar-Arcee!!! Get outta here!! He'll kill ya!"


Arcee growled. "I am not going to let any Deception have you. Ever! " She raised her cannons and fired at Soundwave, making repeated blasts and knocking him back a little.


But when he raised Red threateningly, she hesitated and he saw his opportunity. Holding her up so the others could see, he aimed his blaster at her as he approached the bridge! Red struggled and yelled wordlessly in fear and anger as he approached. "LET GO!!! BULKHEAD, OPTIMUS HELP!!!"


Optimus started to descend but the blaster warming up against her helm made him stop, and tears began to fill Red's eyes. This wasn't supposed to happen. Arcee had warned her, oh why didn't she listen?!?


The femme in questioned attempted, one last time to save the girl and when Soundwave was focused on Optimus lunged! Soundwave however merely swatted Arcee away with one long arm before throwing Red through the end of the groundbridge! Then, with a simple glance back at the femme and her comrades, stepped through and the groundbridge closed behind him!


"RED!!!" Arcee cried out in horror, struggling to her knees.


Soundwave and Red were both gone. "No." She whispered. Optimus and Bulkhead slid down into the ravine fully and Arcee snarled. "I couldn't. I just- couldn't!" She slammed her fist onto the ground, upset that she hadn't been able to save Red.


"It- it'll be okay Arcee. Soundwave's a tough guy to beat!" Bulkhead told her gently, trying to console her as Optimus radioed in the news.


"That's no excuse." Arcee hissed to the mech. "We've lost too many partners and friends to the Decepticons. And Primus knows what they'll do to her if we don't save her."