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I'm So Screwed

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Mick Rory never really thought twice about being an alpha. Alpha’s were portrayed as possessive, demanding and aggressive types of people, were protective of their mates and their pups. Mick could remember seeing pictures during sex education in school on the rare days he went. Pictures of a kind, nurturing omega mother with a stern, protective alpha father taking care of pups together. Alpha’s were supposed to take care of their pups and love their mates.

 But Mick learned early that those were just fairy tales. Mick’s father had been an alpha but all that Dick Rory could offer his son were cruel words and harsh blows. Mick had learned to replace the sense of safety a father should bring, with the fear the scent an angry alpha brought out in a young pup. Mick hated his father for hurting him, his shaking omega mother for letting her alpha hurt her children. No self-respecting omega should let even her mate harm her children.  The beatings left him numb, a blank mask with anger simmering beneath. He held no love for his family.

 The only thing Mick really loved was the fire.  

 Ever since Mick could remember, he was mesmerized by the dancing flames his mother would light in the fireplace during cold winters. He would watch carefully as his father opened his lighter, turning the striker and flame shooting up to light the cigarettes hanging from the alpha’s scowling mouth. It didn’t take Mick long to figure out that he could create his own flames with stolen matchboxes he collected from his father on nights the man passed out from drinking so much.

 Mick would sneak out to the rooftop outside his window, a glass jar, paper, and matches in hand. He could still remember the rush he felt when he struck the match against the side of the box, lighting with a scrape and a hiss as the flames lit up the end of the match. The paper was next, the flames easily engulfing it as Mick timed it just right to toss into the jar. Mick would watch the flames rise over the top of the jar, waving and cracking in a beautiful dance of light. He could sit there for hours just watching the flames.

 After the fire that killed his parents, Mick found solace in the flames. He found comfort in watching his lighter glow and he felt better after letting it singe his skin. Mick hated himself for what he had done, a weak alpha that had run when he lost control of the flames he loved so dearly.

 He grew up mean, hardened by the streets after his grandparents died. He did his best to hide his status in juvie, preferring that the other punks and wannabe criminals ignored him. After meeting Leonard Snart, saving the kid during a fight and Len paying him back by stealing his grandfather’s lighter back from the guards, the slip of a teen managed to convince Mick that he should use his status.

 Len, an omega with more intelligence than anyone should have in their line of work, helped Mick learn to play up the part of an alpha. Len’s cold, dark demeanor was his shield. Len was smart enough to use his omega status, to manipulate people into underestimating him until they realized too late that Len had tricked them.

 Mick found he liked when people would quake under the intensity of his gaze. The alpha gaze was only as good as the intensity of the alpha using it and Mick learned how to make even the strongest alpha fear him. Mick let them believe that Len held his leash and that made them respect Len all the more. As long as Mick got to burn things and fight, he let Len use his status to improve their notorious reputation. They were partners and had each other's back but contrary to many beliefs, Mick was not fucking Len.

 But that didn’t stop the bastard from making Mick go to the pharmacy to pick up his cocktail of scent blockers, birth control, and heat blockers.

 Not that Mick could really be forced to do anything but with their latest heist just days away from execution, Len was getting particularly demanding about having his heat blockers. Mick picked them up with relative ease and decided to look around the store for a few food items they needed to stock up on for the safe house before heading to the checkout. Mick was glad it was still early, fewer people in the store. Too many people made him feel suffocated. He hated crowds.

 As Mick passed the pharmacy again to get to the checkout, his nose picked up the familiar scent of a very stressed out omega. The sweet scent was sharp with anxiety and irritation in equal amounts, making Mick look down the aisle he was passing. He stopped when he spotted a thin, lanky omega male. His left hand was clenched into a fist at his side, the other holding a prescription bag as he glared up at an alpha that had cornered him in the aisle.

 The alpha’s scent dripping with hormones and musk. Another whiff of the air told Mick that the omega was close to his heat and Mick would bet his life that he was holding birth control and scent blockers in his clenched fist.The omega looked like it was taking all of his willpower to keep himself from looking down under the alpha’s harsh gaze, just bad luck he ran into this runt of an alpha.

 “I said let me past, Tony. I just want to go home without any trouble.” The omega said to the alpha, apparently his name was Tony and the omega knew him. The alpha sneered, taking a step towards the omega and reaching out a hand to grab the omega’s arm. The omega winced in pain, dropping his prescription bag and pawing at the hand in an attempt to make this Tony guy loosen his grip. Fear starting to seep into Mick’s nose and sparking memories of Mick’s mother cowering on the floor.

 “Or I could take you back to my place and give you a proper knotting...come on, that’s all you omega’s are good for anyway,” Tony said as the omega tried to pull away without causing too much of a scene. “Just say yes Barry, don’t make this harder on yourself than it has to be…” Mick narrowed his eyes, parking his cart and stalking over. He grabbed the other alpha’s wrist, digging his gloved finger into a pressure point to make him loosen the grip. Mick’s scent poured over the area, making the omega, who was apparently named Barry, backup and cover his nose with his hand.

 “The doll said no,” Mick growled, the other alpha trying to back up as Mick gripped his wrist in a painful way. “Now you’re gonna apologize to him and scram before I decide to tear your arm off.” The alpha met Mick’s eyes, mouth open to growl out a retort only to suddenly look terrified. Mick’s eyes and scent were intense, the mark of an alpha who didn’t make empty threats.

 “S-sorry…” Tony managed to squeak out, still staring up at Mick with pure fear in his eyes. Mick’s eyes narrowed, jerking the alpha to the side so he could properly look at the omega he had been threatening.

 “Not to me,” Mick said, voice low and deadly. The omega looked from Mick to Tony as the lesser alpha squeaked out an apology and Mick released him, watching Tony scamper off with his tail between his legs. Mick grunted and looked towards the omega he had just helped, reaching down to pick up the fallen paper bag. “Sorry ‘bout that, you looked like you needed a hand.” Barry shook his head, smiling happily when Mick handed him the bag.

 “No, I appreciate it. I really didn’t know how to handle that and I’m glad you helped.” The kid said, eyes meeting Mick’s with a look of admiration. “I’m Barry, Barry Allen.” Mick stared at Barry’s face, observing his bright smile and how his scent had calmed, the fear clinging a little still but fading into a wonderful scent that almost made Mick’s mouth water.

 “Mick.” Mick introduced himself simply, shaking Barry’s offered hand and not taking his eyes off Barry’s, the kid met the gaze steadily as he released Mick’s hand. “It’s fine, alphas like that piss me off anyway. All talk until they meet a stronger one.” Barry nodded, sighing ever so slightly.

 “Yeah, Tony’s been picking on me since we were kids and it got worse when I presented.” Barry revealed, shrugging when Mick raised a brow. “I’m a bit of a science geek...guess that’s not a very omega thing to do but I’ll be graduating college soon so it won’t matter.” Mick nodded, ticking off “of age” in his head. Age never really bothered him when it came to anyone but this kid looked like he was still in high school.

 “Shouldn’t matter.” Mick replied, voice gruff and low but no longer threatening. This kid’s scent was oddly calming and Mick went back towards his cart. “I was just heading out. I’ll walk you to your car or whatever, in case that idiot comes back.” Barry smiled, walking alongside Mick and blushing fiercely again.

 “You don’t have to do that. I have to take the bus back to my apartment anyway and I don’t want to make you wait…” Mick looked over at Barry, raising a brow and feeling his shoulders tense. An omega this close to heat on the public transit was just asking for trouble. Mick thought for a moment and gestured for Barry to follow him.

 “I’ll drive you.” Mick said, voice leaving no room for argument as Barry blinked in surprise and smiled sheepishly. Mick felt his chest give a strange flutter, a feeling he figured had something to do with the omega’s scent and the fact Mick hadn’t gotten laid in quite a while.

 “I…” Barry tried to say as they walked towards the self-checkout and Mick spotted how heavily it was raining outside now. He looked back at Barry as he rang up the groceries and the kid sighed in defeat. “Fine, but at least let me pay for your groceries.” Mick smirked, nodding at the deal and giving Barry a small smirk of approval.

 “That works for me.”


 Barry’s apartment was closer to Mick and Len’s safehouse than he would have liked.

 Apparently, the kid decided that living on his own was important enough that he moved to one of the seediest neighborhoods just because the rent was cheap and it was closer to his school. Mick knew this neighborhood, knew that it was part of the family territory and didn’t know why the thought of the kid living here bothered him so much.

 It was raining pretty hard when they pulled up and despite his protests, Mick led the kid up to his door. He watched Barry fumble with his keys after he pulled them out of his back pocket. Mick pretended his eyes hadn’t lingered on the small omega’s perky little ass.

 “I would ask you to come in but you should probably get your groceries back home.” Barry stated, shifting his feet. “And your omega probably wants their birth control.” Mick raised a brow, impressed that Barry had noticed the prescription bag. He shrugged and looked Barry over again. The kid wasn’t heading inside, looking like he was contemplating something to ask but didn’t know how to breach it.

 “Not my omega. Just a friend of mine that needs ‘em.” Mick said, hoping to throw out that he was not claimed if the Omega couldn’t smell it already. Maybe he was reading the signs wrong since the omega was so close to his heat. “Go deal with your little problem.” Mick went to turn away when Barry suddenly spoke.

 “Do you...maybe want to get coffee sometime?” Barry asked, making Mick turn and gaze down at the little omega. His green eyes looked up at Mick hopefully, nervous but still confident. Mick thought for a moment, trying to wrap his head around why the omega would ask him of all alphas on a date.

 It wasn’t odd for omegas and alphas to date before bonding or anything. Hell, there were even phone apps for it now. Mick considered it and noted how old the kid was. Of age but still much younger than Mick himself…

 “Sure, though I’m more of a beer drinker than a coffee drinker.” Mick said, watching Barry’s face light up like Mick had just made his life with his answer. Barry dug around in his pocket, pulling out his cell phone. He opened it up and handed it to Mick so the large man could put his number in. Mick saved the number under his name, hesitating as he made sure it was his only personal phone number. Barry grinned and sent Mick a text so he would have his number.

 “Text me and we can arrange a date between whatever you have off and my school schedule.” Barry said, his smile making Mick’s heart do that strange flutter again. Mick nodded and turned away to head down the stairs. Maybe his strange need to save a helpless omega hadn’t been such a bad idea after all.



 “Thank god!” Len groaned from his desk, head perking up when Mick entered their safe house. “You took forever! I almost thought I would go into heat just waiting for you.” Mick rolled his eyes, used to Len’s melodrama when the omega was close to a heat. Mick tossed the prescription bag to Len before moving to the kitchen to put the groceries away. His phone vibrated in his back pocket and Mick set the bags on the counter.

 Taking the phone out, he opened it up to check his messages. Barry’s number came up, a little message of “It’s Barry” followed by another one. The newest message read: “I have next Tuesday off and my “little problem” should be done by then. We can go get coffee or if you want, I don’t mind bars since I am twenty-one.” Mick put another tally into the positive category in his brain for Barry.

 At least he wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to drink around the kid. Mick saved the number under the name “Doll” and responded with his answer. He asked if Barry knew about Saints and Sinners, the bar he frequented and where Mick felt most comfortable. Hopefully, the rougher crowd that gathered there wouldn’t scare the kid.

 “You never use your personal phone.” Len’s voice said from the doorway of the kitchen, leaning on it with a glass of water in his hand and his pills in the other. “What did you get up to? Does it have anything to do with the omega scent clinging to you?” Mick grunted in response, putting their food away and pretending not to feel Len’s eyes on him.

 “Just some omega I helped at the store. Some runt decided to threaten him.” Mick explained, hoping that would be enough but knowing it wouldn’t be. Len didn’t like to be kept out of any loop, in particular ones pertaining to Mick’s near non-existent love life.

 Well, maybe formerly non-existent if this bar date went well.

 “You never could resist a helpless omega but it doesn’t seem like you got laid…” Len drawled, speaking more to himself than to Mick. Mick could hear the gears turning in Len’s head as the omega tried to piece together Mick’s day. “Did this pretty little thing catch your attention?” Mick grunted again, another text drawing his attention to his phone.

 “I know that bar!” The message read “Never really been there since it’s kind of known for being a bit rough but since I’ll have a big strong alpha there, guess I won’t have to worry.” Mick chuckled with a small smile on his lips at the obvious, if not awkward flirtation. “Not that I can’t take care of myself…” came the next text that actually made Mick laugh.

 “Oh my, you have it bad.” Len stated, drawing Mick’s attention to his partner once more. Mick growled softly in irritation at Len’s smirk. He didn’t need Len trying to scare Barry when there was nothing actually there. Just a small date, maybe some fun but Mick didn’t do strings.

 “It’s one date just to get into some college kids pants.” Mick stated, hoping to cut off Len’s ideas on whatever he thought this was. “He probably wants to just fuck an older alpha then move onto something else.” Len nodded slowly, his grin showing that he didn’t completely believe Mick but knowing that he shouldn’t pry any further.

 “Whatever you say, partner.” Len stated, taking his leave to go back to his plans. Mick huffed in annoyance and turned back to his task. And if it took him a little longer than normal because he was replying to Barry…

 well, that was his business.



 The next week flew by faster than Mick would have liked. The heist went off without much of a hitch, Len pleased by the amount they got for the loot from the fence and leaving Mick with enough money for his date. He had been texting Barry for the better part of the week, the kid seemed to not want to seem too clingy but still taking time to ask Mick about himself. Mick found he didn’t mind it too much.

 He found out a few things. Barry was smart for one, taking courses on chemistry as well as criminal justice and Mick tried not to be somewhat worried about the kid wanting to be a CSI. That wasn’t the same as being a pig but it was cop adjacent enough for Mick to worry. He kept the conversation light, hoping they would have more to talk about on the date if he did. He had no idea as to why Barry would be remotely interested in him. Mick figured that this date would be simple and Barry would never want to see him again after a quick fuck.

 That didn’t stop him from being nervous when Tuesday finally rolled around.

 Mick sat at the bar, waiting patiently for Barry while nursing his beer. Barry was late by about ten minutes and Mick was feeling anxious. Maybe the kid had changed his mind? He was trying not to feel stupid for feeling the disappointment gathering in his chest. It wasn’t like it was that big of a deal.

 Mick felt even more stupid for looking at least somewhat nicer than normal. Len had convinced him to let the omega pick out Mick’s clothes for the date. He didn't look too bad, to say the least. A pair of worn jeans, his normal boots, and a clean shirt. Mick’s normal green jacket covered the gnarled and raised scars from his burns on his arms. Mick was still sensitive about anyone seeing those and didn’t want to scare Barry off with them.

 Mick smelled Barry before he saw him. His nose picking up the sweet scent and making Mick turn. Barry was looking around the bar, hands fidgeting with the sleeves of his red cardigan. Mick let his eyes scan over Barry’s lithe form, taking in the tight black skinny jeans and white collared shirt with the top two buttons undone. The omega looked good and the bright grin he gave Mick when his green eyes landed on the alpha made Mick’s heart tug. Barry walked over, unaware of the looks a few other alpha’s were giving him. Unaware or uncaring.

 “Hi, sorry I’m late...I couldn’t figure out what to wear...” Barry apologized, a slight blush dusting his cheeks and Mick smiled at him. The bigger man gestured over to the booth, grabbing the beer he’d gotten for himself and the rum and coke he had gotten for Barry. He was glad he’d had the sense to ask Barry what drink he preferred before the date.

 “Guess I can forgive it since you look so good.” Mick said, the flirt rolling off his tongue. He smirked when it earned him another, deeper blush on Barry’s face. “You’re cute when you blush, doll.” Barry smiled shyly, clearing his throat and casting Mick a half-hearted glare with no heat behind it.

 “Flattery will get you everywhere, Mister Rory.” Barry teased as the waitress brought them a plate of fries. He looked at Mick, asking for permission before the larger man nodded, watching Barry take one before reaching for his own. “So, I’m a bit rusty on first dates. Is this where we make the awkward small talk that leads nowhere?” Mick chuckled, reaching for the ketchup and putting a line of it on his fry.

 “I don’t know, I’m a bit rusty myself.” Mick replied, eating his fry and making sure to swallow before speaking again. “I suppose I could ask you how your day went?” Barry nodded, leaning his elbow on the table and shrugging. He took another fry, eating it slowly and his eyes looking over Mick.

 “Normal I guess. Spent most of it working on homework and trying not to get nervous about meeting you here.” Barry admitted, giving Mick another soft smile. “I don’t really get out much and I honestly was really nervous because I mean I don’t meet a lot of alphas who don’t just want to get in my pants...not that you probably don’t…” Barry blushed at his own rambling and Mick found it cute. He could smell the spike in Barry’s scent, nervousness heavy in it.

 “I mean not that I wouldn’t want to...I mean I’ve never…” Barry continued and Mick couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him. Barry was cute all flustered and Mick reached over to place his hand over Barry’s free one resting on the table. “Just ignore me...I ramble when I’m nervous and I know it’s annoying….”

 “It’s cute, Doll. just like the rest of you.” Mick reassured the omega. his reward for that comment an even deeper shade of red traveling down Barry’s neck. He briefly began to wonder how far down his body that blush could travel. “And I’m not going to do anything unless you want...although I will admit that your fresh off heat smell is rather tempting.” It was Barry’s turn to chuckle, his green eyes sparkling with mischief.

 “Flattery again? Wow, I feel special.” Barry teased, his shoulders relaxing as Mick’s did. “Well, how about you tell me about your day to make me feel less awkward?” Mick nodded, taking a sip of his beer. He pulled his hand away reluctantly, letting Barry have his hand back so he could sip his own drink.

 “Normal for me. Running errands for Len and trying not to kill him for being so damn needy.” Mick said, earning another laugh from Barry that warmed his heart. “I’m not kidding. If he wasn’t my friend, I would have killed him by now. God help whatever poor alpha finally marks his drama queen ass. He’s a living example that not all omegas are submissive little things.” Barry perked up at that, nodding as if Mick had just given him another reason to like him.

 “I sense you aren’t a fan of the whole Alpha, Beta and Omega social dynamics?” Barry asked, his eyes suddenly fixated on Mick. “To be honest, neither am I. My foster dad tried to teach me how to be a proper omega but it’s annoying having people think you’re helpless all the time or secretly wish for an alpha to come steal you away to be a baby-making machine.” Mick perked up, cocking his head as Barry rambled on.

 “I mean...maybe one day but it shouldn’t matter my status. People should judge people based on who they are, not by some archaic secondary sex status.” Barry grumbled and Mick nodded, lifting his glass with a smile.

 “I hear that. I may be an alpha but the last thing I want is to be in charge unless it’s in the bedroom.” Mick stated, taking another sip of his beer and leaning back in his seat. “Len’s partner. He tells me what to do and I do it for the most part. Makes things simple. Sure, the whole alpha thing has perks but for the most part, I’m good to just do my own thing.” Barry smiled and Mick caught the small sparkle in his eyes.

 “My friend Ray is kind of like that. He’s an alpha but you wouldn’t know it unless you scented him. He’s really friendly and nice, kind of submissive really.” Barry said with a smile, taking another fry. “I mean the alpha thing holds true for some people. My friend Oliver has the whole scary alpha thing down and Iris, my foster sister, she’s a classic female alpha but she prefers to date betas over omegas. I’ve met plenty of omega’s that get shunned because they don’t act submissive enough.”

 Mick nodded, listening as the kid rambled on about the dynamics and the unfair nature of society. He found he liked hearing the doll talk about things he liked. The way Barry’s eyes lit up was something beautiful and it made Mick smile.

 “Yeah, my grandad was a beta. Tough ol’ bastard and my gran was an alpha. They were married for fifty years and never once let the whole dynamic thing stop them.” Mick said, feeling comfortable enough to talk about at least that part of his past. “I figured if they did it even given the time they grew up in, I could manage to be my own man outside my presentation.” Barry cocked his head to the side and reached over to gently touch Mick’s hand, sparks of attraction going between the two.

 “My mom...she was an omega and Dad was a beta. They were both really surprised when my mom got pregnant with me given how difficult it can be for an omega to get pregnant without an alpha but it worked.” He said softly, Mick picking up on the words he used. Barry talked about his mother in a past tense…

 He wrinkled a brow and Barry bit his lower lip. “ mom was murdered and my dad’s in Iron Heights for it...he didn’t do it but no one would believe me when I said someone else did it...all they saw was a dead omega and the beta holding the knife…I was twelve.” Mick felt his heart tug, brow wrinkling further as he squeezed Barry’s hand.

 “Tough break, doll…” Mick said slowly, thinking on way the kid could be related to…

 “Wait...Doc Allen? Henry Allen?” Mick said suddenly without thinking, earning a confused look from Barry. “I know him. I shared a cell with him the last time I got locked up. He stitched me up after some runt alpha decided to make a show of trying to take me out. He’s good people.” Barry’s eyes widened and Mick suddenly realized the kid didn’t know about his record. Barry’s brow wrinkled and Mick pulled his hand away. He looked away, out towards the rest of the bar.

 “Well, I’m glad he helped you so that I could meet you.” Barry’s voice said after a moment of silence, the tone warm and gentle. Mick looked up and tried to figure out the emotion in Barry’s voice. “I already know about your record...well, some of it. I think my foster father worked one of your cases…Joe’s a police officer…” Mick’s eyes narrowed in distrust. Fuck, leave it to him to be swayed by a pair of green eyes that happened to know a cop. This was too much to deal with. Mick stood up, throwing some bills on the table.

 “This was a bad idea.” Mick said, putting his wallet back in his pocket and turning towards the door. He ignored Barry calling his name as he took out his lighter to flick it open and shut. He shouldn’t have come here. It was stupid getting his hopes up for some college student that would end up being more trouble than he was worth.

 Some of the other alphas moved out of his way, scenting his irritation and moving for their own safety. Most of the patrons at Saints knew not to mess with Mick or Len by now. Mick was known for his violent tendencies and his persona as a crazy arsonist didn’t help things.

 Mick walked out of the bar, the cool night air doing little for the sick feeling in his stomach. He moved to keep walking when a hand grabbed onto his sleeve and Barry’s voice shouted for him to wait. Mick reacted, just barely managing to stop his reflexes from hitting Barry when the kid clung to him. He looked up at Mick with no fear in his eyes and determination inside those green depths.

 “I don’t care about your record...or anything you’ve done recently.” Barry managed to say, making Mick blink in surprise. “I...I don’t think you’re as bad as that…” Mick raised a brow, confused and getting more than a little irritated by that confusion. Barry still clung to his jacket as if he was scared Mick would run again before he could explain.

 “Y-you helped me...with Tony and you’ve been nothing but gentlemanly tonight…Most alpha’s don’t listen when I start going off on social reform.” Barry stated as if that would help clear up what had made Mick run. “ like you and I don’t want to chase you off because of something as silly as you being a criminal or me wanting to be a CSI or my foster dad being a cop…” Mick blinked at Barry, surprised by the omega’s words.

 “I didn’t look at anything past the most recent stuff...Joe mentioned something about a recent heist and I happened to notice your mugshot…” Barry tried to find his next words carefully. “I don’t think you’re all that bad…” Mick jerked his arm, trying to pull it from Barry’s grasp. If the kid was looking to fix him or get him to set his life straight, he had another thing coming.

 “I don’t need some whiny college kid sticking to my side and trying to change me.” Mick growled, his alpha side rearing its ugly head. “Best go get your “daddy” alpha urges worked out with someone else.” Barry glared up at Mick, defiance, and irritation in his eyes. The hand gripping Mick’s sleeve didn’t loosen.

 “First off, that isn’t why I asked you out. I asked you out because I thought you were hot and the past week with all your texts made me want to know you more.” Barry stated, his voice firm just like Len would get when he was sick of Mick’s alpha attitude. “I don’t want to change you unless that’s what you want and I sure as hell don’t want you to walk away over something as stupid as thinking I’m only in this for sex. I haven’t ever even had sex!” Barry paused after that last outburst, releasing Mick’s sleeve to cover his mouth.

Mick blinked...the kid was a virgin...completely untouched by any alpha...Mick’s alpha side preened at that but he knew that could make things worse. Mick watched Barry’s face go red and the man looked towards his feet before he released Mick’s sleeve.

 “I didn’t mean to say that…” Barry said, embarrassed now and Mick couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped him when the kid hid his face in his hands. “Yeah I know, laugh at the pitiful little virgin omega…” Mick shook his head and looked down at Barry with a softer expression.

 “Nothing wrong with holding out until you’re ready, doll.” Mick said with a shrug, watching Barry with careful eyes. “But I ain’t exactly the type settling down if that’s what you’re looking for. I’m more of a ‘hit it and quit it’ type of alpha” Barry peeked out from behind his hands and sighed. His shoulders sunk in defeat, the omega suddenly looking smaller.  

 “I...kind of guessed that but I wasn’t lying when I said I like you. I do want to see where this goes...” Barry said quietly, his hand going to one of his arms and rubbing it. “I guess if you really don’t want to see me again because of that...that’s fine.” Mick watched insecurity fill those pretty green eyes and he suddenly felt like the biggest asshole in the world. Barry looked so disappointed but not with Mick. It was like Barry was used to that kind of treatment and it made Mick irritated just thinking about it.

 Mick took a step forward, hand lifting up to cup Barry’s cheek slowly. Green eyes locked with Mick’s brown and the omega relaxed. Mick wasn’t sure what to say or why he had made such a comforting gesture but he didn’t like seeing Barry so...defeated. They stared at each other for just a few seconds, Mick’s heart hammering hard in his chest when Barry’s heavy scent filled his nose.

 Barry kissed him first, closing the short distance between their heights and pressing his soft lips to Mick’s. Mick blinked in surprise at first but soon closed his eyes to enjoy this. Barry was warm, his skinny body fitting against Mick’s large, muscular form easily. Mick wrapped his arm around Barry’s waist and pulled him closer. That earned him a squeak of surprise from the omega and Mick took his opportunity to slip his tongue into the omega’s mouth. Barry tasted good, the salt of the fries mixing with the alcohol and coke to barely mask Barry’s own sweeter taste. Barry’s arms wrapped around Mick’s neck and he moaned softly into the kiss.

 Barry was panting when Mick finally ended the kiss, his lips tingling from the contact. Mick’s hand moved up Barry’s back and he smirked at the blush on the omega’s cheeks. The moments passed in silence, save for the sounds of the street and Mick’s racing heartbeat.

 “Wow.” Barry whispered after a moment, looking into Mick’s eyes with the light of the street lamps reflecting in them. “That was intense.” Mick chuckled, squeezing Barry a bit closer. Maybe he shouldn’t give up on this just yet. The way Barry looked at him was making Mick’s heart melt without his permission and he let out a deep sigh.

 “Okay, ground rules.” Mick said, conceding against his better judgment. “No labels or anything like that. We go out, have a few dates and whatever. Maybe see where this goes.” Barry nodded slowly, taking in what Mick was saying. The college student’s hands moved over Mick’s chest and sent sparks through Mick.

 “As long as I get more kisses like that in the future, I’m ready to agree with those.” Barry said, chuckling softly as his long fingers played with Mick’s shirt collar. “And we should let each other know about heats and ruts. Make sure that just in case it gets to that point, we know what the other is okay with when we have clear heads.” Mick nodded, his chest feeling tight. He was nowhere near ready for Barry to see him at all during a rut. Not with how aggressive he could be and with Barry being a virgin.

 “Also, I’m assuming that I shouldn't tell Joe who I’m sneaking away to go on dates with.” Barry said, half-jokingly. “At least not until we decide if this is something he needs to know about.” Mick nodded, hand traveling to Barry’s ass and resting his hand in his back pocket. Barry blushed, clearing his throat.

 “How about, we go to the movies and make-out like horny teenagers in the back row?” Barry asked and Mick let out a bark of laughter. He wasn't quite ready for the date to end either and kissing Barry again sounded amazing. Honestly, Mick felt more excited about that than he should.  

 “I like that idea, doll.” Mick replied, voice low as he dipped his head down to nip at Barry's neck, right over the younger man’s scent gland. “Best idea you've had all night.” Barry gasped softly, pulling away with a smirk and grabbing Mick’s hand from out of his back pocket to lead him down the street.   

 Mick should have realized then he was screwed the second he said yes.



 Four months into whatever Barry and Mick were considering the thing they had, Mick realized how deep he had let himself get.

 It was a normal Saturday, or at least what had become normal for the pair. Mick had woken up first with the sun. It was a habit he hadn't quite shaken from prison that he always managed to wake up just as the sun peeked through the window of Barry’s apartment. So, in the span of the two hours he knew he had until Barry woke up naturally, Mick took his time watching Barry sleep.

 Barry was cuddled into Mick’s chest, sleeping soundly in his bed that was almost too small for them both to fit in but they made it work. Mick watched Barry’s chest rise and fall as he breathed, looking over the freckles and moles that decorated the omega’s skin like inverted stars. Barry liked to wear only his boxers to bed and Mick didn’t complain. It gave the alpha full access to Barry’s soft, pale skin, contrasting with Mick’s raised pink burn scars as he held the omega close.

 The younger man was a notoriously late sleeper, his long arms curled around Mick and face pressed into the alpha’s chest. Barry smelled amazing first thing in the morning. His scent was still sweet and strong but somehow smelled softer, mixing with Mick’s scent that he would carry until he had to shower. Barry loved having Mick’s scent on him but couldn't risk Joe or anyone but Iris picking up on the heavy alpha smell Mick carried.

 Iris was the only person who knew about them and Mick didn't mind. Barry couldn't keep anything from his foster sister and after meeting her, Mick decided he liked the alpha female. She had been wary after finding Mick sleeping beside Barry in his bed but after confirming that all they had been doing was sleeping, she took the time to talk to Mick while he made breakfast for the three of them. Mick assumed she approved since she hadn’t told Joe or threatened to do so.

 Although, even Mick had to admit he was being more than a gentleman with Barry. They hadn't done more than share a bed and make out in the three months since that first date. There had been plenty more dates but Mick liked this. Hand holding and late nights in with movies. No expectations just...affection and romance. Normally that made Mick want to gag but Barry was just...different.

 Mick would have stayed longer to let Barry cuddle him, admiring the omega’s soft face in sleep but he had a more pressing problem. Namely, morning wood and a full bladder. Mick leaned down, casually nipping at Barry’s scent gland before tracing his tongue over it. Barry shuddered and woke up just a little to grumble his protest. Mick smirked into Barry’s neck at the sound of the omega’s whimpers.

 “Sorry doll, gotta drain the snake and you're wrapped around me like a python.” He whispered, slowly trying to wiggle from Barry’s grasp and the younger man grumbled again. The omega's grip loosened and Mick reluctantly got out of bed. Barry rolled over onto Mick’s pillow, inhaling the scent before falling back asleep.

 Mick let out a chuckle before heading to the bathroom. When he finished his business and washed his hands, Mick headed to the kitchen to make Barry his much-needed cup of coffee and start on breakfast.

 Opening the fridge, Mick grabbed the carton of eggs, milk, and butter. He had taken it upon himself some time ago to make sure Barry’s fridge was full after the first morning waking up here to find it near empty. It wasn’t that Barry couldn’t cook but he just lacked the time and the patience to prepare things for himself. So Mick took it upon himself when he was at Barry’s to cook for his little omega.

 After getting the coffee maker started, Mick started frying up eggs and bacon. He hummed softly as he prepared breakfast. He let the sound of the frying bacon and the smell of eggs be the thing to awaken Barry from sleep. It didn’t take long before Mick felt long arms wrapping around his waist and Barry’s mumbled greeting into his back.

 “Morning, doll. Food will be ready soon and coffee should be done.” Mick said with a chuckle. Barry peeked out from behind Mick’s back, kissing him on the cheek before moving to the coffee pot. His hair was a mess, a still half asleep smile on his face but Mick couldn’t help but stare. Barry had thrown on one of Mick’s shirts and it hung off Barry’s lean form like a tent. Mick admired the omega possessively, eyes scanning how the shirt slipped off his shoulder as he poured his coffee, mixing in his creamer and leaned against the counter to sip the hot drink.

 Mick lowered the heat on the stove, letting the eggs cook with a lid after finishing the bacon. He turned to Barry and watched the man steal some bacon as he started to finally wake up. Mick smirked, putting his hands on the counter on either side of Barry. The omega looked up, green eyes catching Mick’s gaze and smiling up at him.

 “Can I help you?” Barry said, voice light and teasing. Mick leaned down and chuckled, kissing Barry lightly on the lips. Mick moved to rest his forehead on Barry’s, enjoying the smell of Barry filling his senses. He lifted his hand and let his calloused thumb rub against the omega's cheek. The omega hummed softly, eyes closing halfway.

 “I just like seeing you in my shirt. You look good in everything but damn if you aren’t a sight in that.” Mick practically purred, leaning down to nip at Barry’s neck. “My pretty little omega.” Barry’s scent starting to tinge with arousal as the omega let out a whimper at those words. Quick as lightning, Barry returned the possessive nip with one of his own on Mick’s neck. The alpha rumbled in pleasure as the omega continued to kiss down Mick’s chest.

 “Doll, the eggs are going to burn.” Mick managed to pant out and the omega stopped, blushing furiously. Mick chuckled and went to get their breakfast put on plates. Barry went into the living room and sat on the couch. They normally had their meals here, seeing as Barry didn’t own a dining room table and the coffee table was just fine.

 Barry was blushing and staring at his lap, looking nervous and fidgeting with his now empty coffee mug. Mick raised a brow, setting the omega’s breakfast in front of him before taking his seat. They ate in silence and Mick could hear that Barry was thinking about something. The way Barry hummed softly to himself, eating slowly and not at his usual first morning hungry speed. Mick tried to wait patiently for Barry to spit out what he wanted to say but when the alpha finally finished his food, he turned to Barry.

 “Doll, what’s wrong?”

“I really want to give you a blowjob!”

 They spoke at the same time but Mick still caught Barry’s outburst. The omega squeaked, flushing the deepest shade of red Mick had ever seen him blush and covered his mouth with his hands. Mick blinked in surprise and it took a moment for Mick’s brain to wrap around the weight of what Barry had just said. Barry wanted…Mick felt his heart skip when the weight of the realization hit him with full force.

 “Well, why didn’t you say so before?” Mick asked, grinning like he had when Barry had given him a blowtorch earlier that month as a birthday gift. Mick had forgotten to tell Barry that his birthday had been the month before and the omega made it his goal to remedy that problem. Barry peeked out from behind his hands, smiling sheepishly.

 “I’ve never...done it before.” Barry admitted and Mick nodded. “I don’t mess it up or do something wrong. I just really want to make you feel good.” Mick blinked at that last statement, his heart fluttering with affection as Barry stared at him. Mick leaned forward, pulling Barry into his lap and kissing him.

 Barry melted under Mick’s kiss, humming into it and letting Mick slide his tongue inside Barry’s hot mouth. The omega straddled Mick’s lap and wrapping his arms around Mick’s neck. The older man let his hands slide under the shirt Barry was wearing, rough fingers exploring sensitive skin. It wasn’t until Barry unintentionally pressed his ass against Mick’s hardening cock that the little omega pulled away from the kiss.

 Barry moved slowly, nipping at Mick’s neck before making his way down the alpha’s body. The omega’s eyes seemed to cloud as he slid onto the floor and came face to face with Mick’s clothed cock pressing against his boxers. Mick watched intently as Barry licked his lips, those green eyes wide and Mick moaned softly when he caught a whiff of Barry’s arousal. He could smell Barry starting to get slick and it only made Mick’s hardness twitch with anticipation.

 Barry leaned forward, nuzzling at Mick’s length with his nose and smiling when it earned him a soft gasp from his alpha. Mick watched with heated eyes as Barry slowly moved towards Mick’s boxers, guiding the hard cock from its confines with gentle hands. Mick could help the bark of laughter that escaped him when Barry’s eyes widened at the size of Mick.

 “You don’t have to do this, Doll. I know it can be a bit much.” Mick reassured as Barry shook his head, coming out of his trance long enough to look up at Mick with a determined look.

 “No, I really want to just…” Barry paused for a minute, letting his soft palm stroke up the shaft and earning a grunt of pleasure from Mick. “Talk me through how?” Mick nodded, his fingers moving up to comb through Barry’s soft brown hair. Barry’s breath hitched and he turned his attention to Mick’s hardness.

 Barry leaned forward, pink tongue flicking out and giving the head a gentle lick. Mick shuddered and grunted his approval.

 “Give the whole thing a good wet down so you can stroke with your hand.” Mick instructed, watching Barry obey and groaning when the omega’s tongue washed over his cock. After every inch of the length was coated in saliva, Barry slowly stroked up the shaft again. Mick’s breath hitched and he groaned in pleasure from the touches.

 “Good little omega,” Mick rumbled, earning a whimper from Barry. “Now, slowly lick and suck the head while you stroke it. Don’t try to take in too much all at once since it’s your first time.” Barry nodded, leaning down to do as instructed.

 “Yes...alpha.” Barry whispered tentatively and Mick’s heart skipped a beat. Fuck, hearing Barry call him that sent shivers down his spine and more blood flowing downward. Mick watched the young omega intently, taking in the sight of Barry between his legs to commit it to memory. He would be lying if he said he hadn’t pictured this before countless times during some of the ruts he’d had since meeting Barry.

 Barry licked the head of Mick’s cock with a quick flick of his tongue, his eyes flicking up to Mick’s briefly before capping his mouth over the sensitive head. Mick let out a small gasp and his fingers involuntarily tightened in Barry’s hair. Taking this as a good thing, the omega traced along the slit with the tip of his tongue while giving the head a gentle suck. Barry swirled his tongue around the head before widening it to lick along the underside. Mick gasped and moaned when Barry began to bob his head in time with his hand pumping along the rest of the large length.

 “Fuck, just like that…” Mick growled softly, smelling the scent of Barry’s slick getting heavier as he closed his eyes. “You’re doing a good job, doll.” Barry hummed in response, the vibration sending pleasure up Mick’s spine. Barry smirked despite the cock in his mouth, the mischievous glint in his eyes. Barry let his eyes go half-lidded and he let his tongue slide up the underside of Mick’s shaft, free hand moving from Mick’s thighs to slide behind him.

 “Damn it, doll! That feels good.” Mick managed to say, panting harder now. The combination of Barry’s mouth and the growing scent of arousal in the air made Mick open his eyes. Mick’s eyes widened as he took in Barry’s flushed cheeks, the omega’s hand still moving over the shaft as his other had pushed his boxers away. The sight of Barry touching himself while giving Mick head was beautiful. He was the first alpha to ever see Barry this way, the only one who had gotten to experience what Barry looked like on his knees. Pride filled Mick’s chest and he growled possessively.

 Mick swore when Barry pressed the tip of his tongue where the head of his cock met the shaft and dragging it to the slit. The heat was gathering quickly at the base of Mick’s spine and he was surprised at how fast his end was building. It had been awhile since he’d had anyone do this for him and watching Barry enjoy it so much certainly wasn’t helping. Mick growled, staring down at Barry and meeting the omega’s green eyes, clouded with pleasure as they stared up at him.

 “Barry...I’m gonna cum soon…” Mick tried to warn, moving his hand to help guide Barry’s mouth away when the omega wrinkled his, defiance in his eyes. Barry moved faster, giving the head another suck and Mick groaned, head falling back as his omega threw everything he had into making Mick cum.

 “Barry!” Mick managed to cry out just before he came. Barry sucked a little longer and swallowed as much of the cum as he could but found he couldn’t. He coughed slightly, still managing to whimper in pleasure at the taste of it but unused to the amount. Barry pulled away before Mick could finish completely, some of the cum still splashed over his face as he swallowed what he had in his mouth and letting some dribble from his mouth. Mick looked down, his heart skipping a beat at the sight of Barry still on his knees with his cum covering his face.

 “Damn, Doll…” Mick managed to breathe out as he noticed Barry still fingering himself, licking the cum off his lips. Barry whined softly and Mick could see some of the omega’s slick dripping onto the floor behind him. He was surprised he had this much of an effect on the younger man.

 “Mick...Alpha…” Barry whimpered and Mick smiled, shushing him and beckoning the omega onto his lap. He wasn't about to let Barry go unsatisfied after that amazing blowjob. Barry straddled Mick’s lap. Barry was blushing fiercely, his slick coating Mick’s leg. “I’m don’t have to…” Mick wiped some of his cum that was still on Barry’s face, pulling the omega into a kiss.

 Another growl escaped his throat when he tasted the salty bitterness of himself in Barry’s mouth. His hand traveled down Barry’s back, stopping to squeeze the omega’s ass and Mick smirked when Barry pushed into the hand. Mick roughly cupped one of the cheeks and earned himself a deep moan from Barry into the kiss. Barry pulled away from the kiss, panting and whimpering in need. He buried his face into Mick’s neck and mumbled something that Mick didn’t quite understand.

 “Can’t hear you, doll.” Mick stated, nipping at the shell of Barry’s ear. Barry gasped, pressing back into the hand. He pulled his head up slightly, the deep red blush covering up to his ears and down his neck. He didn’t meet Mick’s eyes as he spoke again.

 “I...could you maybe…” Barry started to say, pausing to take a deep breath before continuing. “Spank me?” Mick’s eyes widened and he took a moment to let those words sink in. Barry’s shoulders shook for a moment at the anticipation and in more than a little embarrassment.

 “Y-you don’t have too...I understand if it’s a bit weird...I” Barry started to ramble before Mick silenced him by lifting his hand and smacking the omega’s ass right where Barry’s thigh met his perky ass. Barry let out a sharp cry, a mix of pain and pleasure that left Mick smirking.

 “Like that, doll?” Mick teased, leaning down to suck a small mark on Barry’s neck. The omega whimpered and nodded, his face flushed for a different reason now. Mick grinned and spanked Barry again, earning another cry of pleasure.

 “Yes…” Barry whimpered as Mick rubbed the spot he’d struck. “Please...Mick…” Mick gave into Barry’s soft begging, spanking a few more times and pausing to gently massage between the strikes. Barry’s sweet smelling slick was dripping even more now. The scent filling Mick’s nose and even though this wasn’t the first time Mick had been with an omega, somehow Barry’s scent was the most amazing thing he had ever smelled.

 “Do you want me to touch you?” Mick growled, nipping at Barry’s ear. “Want me to fill you up with my fingers?” Barry nodded, gasping when one of Mick’s fingers brushed over his leaking hole. Mick’s eyes softened as Barry met his eyes. Need, lust and anxiety pooled in those green depths.

 “Be...gentle, please...I’ve only ever used my fingers.” Barry mumbled, pressing his forehead against Mick’s. “Well, that and a small plug but your fingers are much bigger.” Mick chuckled, slowly circling his index around Barry’s entrance. The motion earned him another pleasure filled gasp from Barry and Mick slowly pressed inside the omega.

 Barry was tight, almost unbelievably tight. Mick moved slowly to make sure he wouldn’t hurt the young omega. He held onto Barry’s lower back to keep his lover from moving back too quickly and hurting himself, slowly letting his fingers move into the tight hole. He pressed soft kisses to Barry’s lips to distract the omega.

 “So tight around my fingers. You really are a virgin aren’t you, doll?” Mick teased between kisses and nipped at Barry’s lower lip. “Your mouth did such a number on my cock, I was starting to wonder...Guess I really am just this lucky.” Barry gasped when Mick pushed in a little further before slowly pulling out his finger out. He dragged his finger along the inner walls as he pumped in and out, picking up speed when he felt Barry’s muscles loosening.

 “Mick...yes...please don’t stop.” Barry panted out breathlessly, tucking his head into the crook of Mick’s neck. His hot breath moved over Mick’s skin and the older alpha growled possessively. He liked the sound of his name being spoken by Barry in such an intimate moment. Mick slowly pressed in two fingers, taking his time so Barry could adjust to them. Barry whimpering slightly at the burn before gasping in pleasure again.

 Mick wouldn’t do more than two for now, not when Mick knew this was likely Barry’s first time having anyone else touch him so intimately. The older alpha captured Barry’s mouth in another searing kiss, hoping to distract his omega from the burn of the stretch as he slowly started to work Barry open for two fingers. Mick took his time, slowly spreading and moving his fingers inside of Barry. He explored gently and slowly, stretching Barry open, moving along his inner walls, curling his fingers a certain way.

 Mick took the time to listen carefully. He would look for every hitch in Barry’s breathing, where the omega would moan the deepest. Mick liked picking apart people he slept with and Barry would be no different. Although, Mick admitted that the sense of pride and satisfaction he got from hearing Barry’s moans of pleasure, listening to the omega whine his name or beg and knowing that Mick was the first alpha to see Barry come undone was nothing he had ever felt for anyone before.

 When Barry finally came, his whimpers and moans sounded like music to Mick’s ears. Barry’s hips rocked into the alpha’s fingers, tightening around them and the omega ground against Mick’s lap. The sharp cry of his name from those pretty lips made Mick groan into Barry’s shoulder and neck, now covered in hickeys Mick hadn’t even realized he had left. Mick pulled Barry’s head up and kissed the omega harshly. The kiss swallowed Barry’s cries of Mick’s name, his eyes closing as Mick stilled his fingers inside Barry. He massaged inside the omega, coaxing the last final quakes of his omega’s orgasm from him.

 It took a few more minutes for Barry to catch his breath, the rocking of his hips slowing enough for Mick to pull his fingers away. Mick smiled softly when Barry tucked his head back into Mick’s neck. Mick inhaled Barry’s sweet, freshly spent scent into his nose. They sat in silence for a few moments, just breathing and taking in each other’s mingling scents.

 Until Mick felt wetness on his shoulder and smelled the salt scent of Barry’s tears.

 “ okay?” Mick asked, hating how worried his own voice sounded as he pulled Barry’s face up. “Crap, did I hurt you?” Barry shook his head, letting Mick cup his face. Barry closed his eyes and took a shaky breath. Mick’s brow wrinkled as he waited for Barry to speak, wiping the tears from his omega’s eyes.

 “I’m...not hurt...just…” Barry sniffed, chuckling at the concerned look on Mick’s face. “I’m happy…” Mick blinked in confusion, wiping another wave of tears from Barry’s face. He relaxed a little now that he knew they were happy tears but still wasn’t sure what had warranted them. What could he have possibly done to warrant happy tears from his little omega? Mick’s brow wrinkled suddenly. When had he started referring to Barry as “his” Omega?

 “I know that...we don’t really have a label on this but I’m glad to have you in my life.” Barry said softly after gathering himself a bit more. “You’re so gentle with me and I know that all this slow stuff wasn’t what you wanted but...It makes me happy that you’re so patient with me.” Mick’s heart fluttered in his chest, the moments passing as he stared into Barry’s eyes.

 Barry looked at him with so much emotion. Admiration, affection, and happiness overflowing from him in waves. The small, soft smile on the omega’s lips made Mick’s heart warm and ache in his chest. The feelings Barry was stirring up inside of Mick were new to him, making him feel uncomfortable as they sat in his chest like a weight. He shouldn’t...He was getting way over his head with whatever this was with Barry…

 But when Barry pressed his forehead to Mick’s, smiling down at him so brightly. Smiling at him like he was the most amazing alpha in the world...Mick felt his anxiety quiet for a moment. He sighed and wrapped his arms around Barry, trying to be content with just having the omega in his arms. He stayed quiet, worried he would say something stupid if he opened his mouth.

 Mick was so screwed.