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Angel in the Darkness

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Your mother told you that there was a purpose for what everyone does. That there is always a reason for someone’s actions; whether it was bad or good. If it was a good action, the individual has learned the most rewarding path to handle situations; regardless if it was easy or not. If it was a bad action, the person could reflect on it, and with guidance, they will learn the right way toward dealing with obstacles. And to this day, that is how you viewed life. If you handled something well, you would be rewarded in the future, if you handled it poorly, you would need to reflect on why you did such a thing, till you find the right path. With these beliefs, you always wanted to find the ‘purpose’ of an individual’s actions, and help them find the right way. So that’s how you ended up working at a rehab centre; helping mentally to find the root cause of someone’s poor actions, and leading them to a better future.

With a smile on your face, you walked into the familiar double-doors of the rehab centre. Your heels clicked against the dusty white tiled floor, as you made your way to the staff room. As soon as you opened the door to the said room, a panicked screech of “Y/n!!” was heard.
Alarmed, you jolt at the sound, and look up to see one of your co-workers, Jessica, dashing towards you with wide eyes. “Y/n!!! I’m so glad you’re finally here!” she screeches.

Being a bit confused, your brow furrows, “You are?”

“Yes!” she says with a trembling voice.

Seeing her tremble on the spot, with eyes looking like she’d seen a ghost, you instantly felt uneasy. “Jessica, is everything ok?” your voice laced with concern as you hold her shoulders.

She lets out a deep sigh, before she looks into your eyes, “Y/n I really need you to handle one of my patients for me!”

You feel your hands sweat, to her request. You were still studying psychology at school; you weren’t a qualified therapist, psychologist, or proper mental health caregiver yet. “Unnie, you know I’m not qualified to handle patients on my own yet….”

With a frantic sigh, she holds onto your arms that were on her shoulders. “Y/n please! My boyfriend just got into a motorcycle accident!”
Your eyes widen, “Oh my god, is he oka-”

“He’s alright,” she sighs with relief while interrupting you. “But I still need to be there for him! Please! All you must do is ask how this patient is feeling! Its easy, just try to have a normal conversation with him.”

She still sees the nervous look on your face, but then smiles at you “Y/n, you know I trust you right?”

You're surprised at her confession.

“You’re the only caregiver I actually trust to deal with one of my patients, and you aren’t even licensed yet!” She then runs her hands down your arms, till she’s enclosed your hand with hers. “And this patient isn’t too much of a pain. Besides, haven’t you realized that most patients rather reveal their stories to you? They won’t talk about their pass to a proper professional, but would gladly explain it to a student like you. Y/n, you have a gift for understanding people, so I know you can handle this for me.”

You stand there quite stunned. You had been helping around at this place since you were a young girl; just doing whatever your mother asked of you. You would watch her deal with patients and help others, causing you to admire her greatly and choose to follow her footsteps. Hearing the praise Jessica was giving you now, made you feel accomplished and pleased that people thought highly of you, like they did to your mother.

“A-Alright, just this one time.” you say with a smile.

Jessica hugs you tightly, and mouths ‘thank you’ before she goes and grabs her purse, then gives you the file of the patient. She then heads towards the door, but pauses before she leaves. “And Y/n……be careful around him okay? He’s only a couple of years older than you, don’t let him be a bad influence.”
Confused, you turn your head to reply, but she’s already gone. Sighing, you glance at the file in your hand;

Name: Kim Seokjin
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Reason of rehabilitation: drug addict, heavy alcoholic.
Tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, you head toward the designated office to which he would be located in.

Cracking your fingers, you open the oak door to the sessional office, where patients came and sat down with their consultants, talking about their problems. The room looks like a regular office; with tiled floors, and the walls painted a dark brown. The room was purposely designed to make a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the patients to dig deep into their emotions.

As you enter the room, you quickly close it behind you, then turn around to see the back of a broad-shouldered man, already sitting at the table. He has dark brown hair, but doesn’t bother to turn around to acknowledge your presence.

Shaking your nerves, you quietly walk over to the desk where he is seated, then sit in the chair opposite of him. You clear your voice, then look up at him, but your words seem stuck in your throat. This man?!? Is he even human?!? You didn’t know how you were expecting your patient to look like, but it certainly wasn’t like what was in front of you.

Seokjin could already tell by your footsteps that you weren’t Jessica. He didn’t bother looking up at you until you cleared your throat when you sat down. He glanced up at you, and let out a tiny smirk when it looked like your words died down your throat when you looked at him. He takes in your appearance, and notices that your hair is much longer now. He puts on his infamous poker face and stares you right in your eyes, “You’re not Jessica.”

You cower under his intimidating gaze. Okay Y/n, get a hold of yourself! Don’t let this very handsome man… know you’re nervous, you mentally encourage yourself before clearing your throat again. “Yes, I’m not. She had a little problem to take care of, but she told me to handle this session for today.”

He knew exactly what the ‘little problem’ was, but still managed to keep a straight face. “Ohh really? That’s unfortunate. It must have been a bigger problem than me, if she had to ditch on my session.”

No no no! You can never let a patient feel uncared for! “Seokjin, she didn’t want to leave you, she just had to deal with a serious personal problem,” you quickly exclaim. “And hey, Jessica trusts me enough with you, and I’ve been told by many that I’m a great listener.” you let out with a smile.

“You can call me Jin, sweetheart.”

You try to act unfazed by him calling you sweetheart, but you can feel your cheeks burn and to your disdain, you start to stutter on your words “O-okay…. uhh Jin, let’s start.”

Why am I getting so nervous around him?!? I haven’t been like this since I first started working here. You had dealt with a range of clients, but for some reason this man in front of you, made your nerves shake. Perhaps it was the fact that you were completely inexperienced in the romantic department, due to the fact that you just focused on school and coming to work here since you were 14, for your mother. But when you turned 15, she got into an accident which took her life. Ever since then, you cut yourself off from people, just focusing on taking care of the patients here, and getting your degree. You were now 20, but the memory of her still pained you greatly. Nonetheless, you were a strong girl, and still managed to smile when everything seemed dark, trying to find the good in everything.
Taking a deep breath, you looked down at his file again, “So Jin, it says here that you are addicted to drugs, and have an alcohol problem…” you manage to say calmly.

The handsome man in front of you snickers, “I’d disagree with the drug part. Yes I smoke weed time to time, but who doesn’t? I admit I tried meth one time, but that shit fucked me up too much, plus it could affect my beauty in the future, which is a big no-no.”

You furrow your brows at his answer. He seems to take his appearance seriously, so why would he even drink or smoke? “Well, many people of society do not smoke marijuana Jin, including myself. But I’m glad you admitted it to me.”

Jin just smirks at your answer, “Well I’m not a ‘person of society’ Y/n, I don’t work or do anything for this economy.”

You’re about to ask him why he doesn’t work and why he would drink and smoke if he knew that would affect his appearance, but then you realize something; he said your name. I never told him my name yet…. How does he know it?!

“How do you know my name?” you ask him curiously. “I never told it to you yet…”

Ohh fucking shit….I forgot…she doesn’t know me. Jin starts to panic, but he still keeps on his poker face coming up with a quick lie. “Jessica has mentioned you a couple of times, and by the way you act and look, I just assumed you were the girl she was talking about.” Nice one Jin.

“Really?” you ask genuinely surprised. “I hope she said good things about me then.”

Jin smiles, “Don’t worry, she said very nice things about you, like you’re very smart, friendly, understanding, helpful and that you’re….” he looks you directly in the eyes and winks, “extremely cute.”

You redden at his gaze and laugh, “Okay, she definitely didn’t say that.”

Jin laughs with you, but then grins “But I’m not lying about the last one, you are really cute.”

Trying not to smile to widely, you then try to get back onto topic with him. “Thank you, Jin, but let’s try to get back onto topic okay?”

Before he could retort and try to change the topic, you quickly ask “So why don’t you work? I think that would be an effective way to get your mind off from constantly drinking or smoking.”

Jin raises his left hand to scratch the back of his head, but then you notice something when his long-sleeves roll down a bit to reveal his hand and arm; it was burnt. It wasn’t just a small burn, but looked like it ran up the majority of his left arm and hand. The skin was still discoloured a bit, with the bumpy marks on them, making you assume it had been burnt badly before.

“Ahh well, my father is a very wealthy man, so there really hasn’t been a need for me to go out and work…….” He was going to continue, but then notices your gaze on his arm. He realizes that its his burnt arm, then consciously brings it down, and pulls his sleeve down to cover it again.

“Jin…. what happened to your arm?” you ask, but see him hesitate. “You don’t have to tell me right now, if you aren’t comfortable with it.”

“Ha, its alright, I don’t mind. It’s nothing serious, I was boiling water in a pot, but accidentally hit the handle to it, causing it to fly and spill all the water onto my arm.” He tells you with a fake smile. You’re still looking at it questionably, so Jin lies again, “Hey, it was a lot worse looking in the beginning, but eventually it will fade away.” Jin wasn’t technically lying to you, as it was extremely burned at first, almost causing him to lose his arm, but he wasn’t telling you the truth about how he got it.

You don’t question him further on it as you don’t want to pry, and continue with the session. “Okay well, be more careful when boiling stuff!” you joke. “Anyways, you said that your father is wealthy, I understand this, but how does he feel about you just living off of his success?”

Jin tries not to let his poker face falter at the mention of his father. He takes a deep breath and replies, “He doesn’t really mind too much I guess,” because he barely has to do all the dirty work. “He is a very busy man, so he doesn’t really care what I do.”

You look at him closely, and can identify a hint of bitterness to his tone, realizing that there is probably more that he isn’t telling you. “Ah well, I understand it can seem as if parents don’t really care about you, I sometimes felt the same with my mother, but I knew she always loved me, even if she didn’t really show it,” you tell him.

He closes his eyes tightly at the mention of your mother. If I just………. she wouldn’t……….NO! don’t think about it, you’ll give yourself away Jin, he mentally scolds himself.

Keeping up his act he coolly replies, “Ahh well, I guess we can talk more about it next time.”

Confused, you ask him “Next time?”

“Yes, next time sweetheart. Our session is already over.”

You whip your head back to the clock located directly behind you on the wall. “Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize….”

Jin sees you look down solemnly, and smiles at you, “Do you mind if i request for you next time? I prefer talking to you rather than bitch-face Jessica.”

You bite your lower lip at his remark, trying to hold in your laughter. Even though you liked Jessica, and she was extremely pretty, everyone knew she did have the best resting bitch face. “Hey, don’t talk about my co-worker like that,” you say light-heartedly. “But I don’t mind, I’m actually looking forward to it,” you smile.
Jin gets up, and smiles “So I’ll see you next session, alright?”

You return the smile as you say, “Definitely” before he leaves with a grin on his handsome face.

Its been a month since you first met Jin, and after each session, he kept on requesting for you. You didn’t mind at all, you even looked forward to your sessions each time. Jin was an interesting man to you; he could be sweet, but yet completely arrogant at times. There was no doubt that he was charming, with his handsomeness and flirtatious nature, which made you completely red in the face. You noticed that he didn’t seem to mind talking about his feelings towards specific issues, but he had a dislike for talking about his personal life. Seeing this, you tend not too ask him too much about personal life and family, as you don’t want him to feel uncomfortable. When a patient gets uncomfortable, they start closing all their walls, becoming defensive and aggressive. Unfortunately, you had to learn that the hard way, as some patients not only insulted you, but tried to physically hurt you. Nonetheless, you would still put a smile on your face, and try not to dwell too much on the negatives.

Today however, was different. As soon as you walked into the office where you have your sessions with Jin, you noticed a different aura around him. He was sitting in his seat straightly, rather than leaning back in a comfortable position. His plump lips were pursed tightly together, giving him a tense and stressed look to his normally relaxed face.

“Jin? Is everything alright?” you ask worryingly. “You look a bit tense today….”

He glances up at you with wide eyes, and then he quickly grabs your right hand. You flinch from the fast action, but then he says with a nervous voice, “Y/n, I really need you to do a favour for me….”

You’re confused by his weird behaviour, but you say calmly, “Umm sure. What do you need?”

He sighs and let’s go of your hand, but looks you at you directly with pleading eyes. “I need you to help someone, as you have done for me.”
“Why? Did something happen?”

“No, its just… I need you to open his mind, break down his walls and open up. Please Y/n, you’re the only person who I think is capable of doing this. If he doesn’t get your help, I’m afraid he’ll hurt himself.”

Your heart beat quickens, as you realize Jin has never looked so worried and nervous ever since you started sessions with him. He must be serious. What if someone really is in danger?! Shaking the thoughts away, you let out a small smile. “O-okay, I can try.”

He lets out a sigh of relief before he digs into the pockets of his jeans, then pulls out a small card. He then puts it into your hand. You look at it, and it’s the size and texture of a regular credit card, but it’s full on red with a big black heart, that has black wings on it. There’s a barcode at the top, that has different combinations of letters, numbers and strange symbols you can’t identify. “Where did you get this card from?” you ask.

“Don’t worry about it,” he murmurs. “But you’re gonna need this to get in.”

“Uhh, okay. Is that all?”

“Pretty much. Once in there, request for a man named ‘Kookie’. But I need you to try and look as mature as possible.”

Now, you were completely confused. Who exactly was he sending you to help? “Huh?” you ask confusingly.

Jin tries not to laugh at your lost expression, and then continues with a serious voice, “Y/n, the man you’re going to meet can be difficult to handle. He’s around your age, and if he realizes this, he may not listen to you. If he thinks you’re a lot older than him, he’ll think you have a lot of authority, and will become completely obedient to you.”

Uhh what? Who exactly is this ‘Kookie’?? “Jin, this is safe, right?” you question with a small laugh.

He isn’t too sure himself of how ‘safe’ it is to send you there, but he knows you’re a tough girl and can handle this. “You’ll be fine, just listen to the advice I’m telling you. You’re off and don’t have any classes tomorrow, right?” He see’s you nod your head in confirmation then continues “Okay that’s perfect! Go tomorrow, the address is on the back of the card I gave you. Try to go when its still light outside, don’t go at night, but make sure you don’t go too early in the morning either.”

“Uhh, alright… anything else?”

“No Y/n, that’s all.” Jin then gets up and walks over to you, leans down to your level on the chair, and gives you a quick peck on the cheek.
You’re flabbergasted at his action, and can already feel the blood rush to your face, but before you can reply, he winks at you saying, “Thank you for doing this, but also, make sure not to mention who sent you to him.” then walks out the room.

You glance down one more time at your outfit after exiting the bus; a pair of tight black skinny jeans, a loose white blouse toped off with a black blazer. You were wearing matching black flats, and a pair of fake glasses to make you seem more ‘mature and serious’. Your hair was in a lose side ponytail, and you wore light makeup to look professional. You then took your phone out of your back pocket, to get the exact to directions to this place.

The directions told you it would be a 15-minute walk, and on any other occasion you probably wouldn’t have minded, but this time you groaned in irritation. This is because when you were still on the bus, you realized that this place Jin was sending you to, was located in the red-light district of the city. No wonder Jin told me to come when it was still light outside. Shaking your head, you started to walk into the direction of the place.

Even though it was still daytime, the streets were still coloured with bright neon lights, advertising bars, strip clubs, restaurants, and of course ‘massage parlours’. You’ve been walking already for about 13 minutes, before the directions point you to walk down a dark corridor. You look down the isolated path and instantly want to bolt back to the bus stop. Maybe the directions are wrong. You refresh the webpage from your location, and to your horror, it still points down that corridor. Having no other choice, you take a deep encouraging breath, and sprint down the pathway like your life depended on it. You slow down once you come near the end, seeing a red door with a black heart with wings on the brick wall. You realize this is the same heart that was on the card Jin gave you.

Here goes nothing, and then you knock nervously on the door. You hear a buzzing noise, and then a man’s voice, “Scan your card on the scanner outside, if you don’t have a card, you cannot enter.”

You then pull out the card Jin gave you from your little purse, and see that there is a scanner where the doorknob should be. You insert the card in the slot, before it flashes green, then you take the card out. The door then unlocks, and opens, revealing a dark set of stairs to walk down. Oh my goodness, this is like the perfect place to commit murder, you think to yourself uncomfortably, as you walk in and the door shuts behind you. You try to fan yourself down quickly, before you start to descend down the stairs. The more closer to the bottom you got, the more brighter it becomes and you can hear music playing loudly. Almost there….

You finally take the last step till you’ve reached the bottom. You look around and there are men and women walking around half-naked and serving drinks to professional looking people. You also see a long hallway with rooms, and then you want to bolt back up the stairs as you realized what this place was; a brothel.
You nervously look around, until you see a front desk, that says ‘reserve’ in bold letters. You walk to it, and the lady who was probably in her early thirties, looks up with a smile asking you, “What do you need sweetie?”
“Umm, I’m looking for Kookie..”

She lets her smile get even wider, “Hmm good taste.” She then types up some things on her computer screen before mentioning, “It’ll be $1000 for one hour with him.”

Your eyes almost jump out of your sockets. $1000 just to spend one hour with him?!?! You could already tell that this ‘Kookie’ was probably the most popular prostitute here, but you didn’t even come here to have sex in the first place! “$1000?!? H-how……that’s so expensive…” you stutter out loud to her.
She laughs at your reaction, “Well of course sweetheart, he is the best at what he does,” she says with dreamy eyes.

You on the other hand, want to gag at the thought. There was no way you could afford to spend that much on some random prostitute you just wanted to talk too. “Is there any discount of some sort?”

“Well what kind of card do you have?”

You then give the card you had to her, and she smiles, “You should have shown this first, you’re a VIP. You don’t need to pay.”

You let out a sigh of relief, thanking Jin for giving you the card. The women then scans it, and returns it to you.

“He’s in room number 10. His break is about to finish, so you can just go in. Enjoy!” she says winking at you.

You take the card, and then start walking down the bright fluorescent halls of the brothel, till you find room 10. You glance at the door, and start to sweat nervously. How could Jin send me here?!?! You were extremely pissed off at the fact that he left out that he was sending you to a brothel. How the hell were you even supposed to start conversion about his personal life, if all this man was expecting was sex from you? Its too late to back out of this, I already came all this way…. Then you raise your hand to knock on his door.

Jungkook was furiously pumping his dick as fast as he could, before he heard someone knocking on his door. Fuck no! I’m so close! He wanted to go out the door and scream at who ever was knocking to fuck off. His last two sessions prior, left him with blue balls, desperately needing a release. The first was a woman in her 40’s and then the second was a man in his late 30’s who both cruelly restrained him and put a cock ring on him, allowing them to selfishly reach their highs, and him not to.

Almost there… Jungkook continues his pumping, but then hears the knockings increase in volume on his door. He lets out a quiet cry, as he angrily pulls his ripped jeans back up his thick thighs with his still hard dick, and throws on his white shirt. He then stomps to his door, and aggressively opens his door.

You look up, and are instantly silenced at his presence. This man…was possibly the most attractive specimen you’ve ever laid your eyes on, giving Jin a run for his money. You stand there gawking, and everything you prepared to say to him is forgotten.

Jungkook takes in your appearance, and lets out the biggest smirk. He definitely liked how you looked, and judging by your reaction, he could tell it was your first time here. “Come on in baby,” he says with a seductive voice, then grabs you by the waist, leading you into his room. He feels you flinch under his touch, but he loves your reaction, so he grips you a bit harder, then locks the door.

He walks you over to his bed, and pushes you down by your shoulders to sit down. He then pulls out a chair from the desk that was in the corner, and places it a metre in front of you. He plops down on it, then bites his lip while asking you, “First time here?”

Your nerves are literally on fire right now, as you’re so unbelievably attracted to this man in front of you. “U-uhh, yes” you squeak.

Jungkook can see how nervous you are, and he enjoys it greatly. Almost every single client he’s with, is not shy at all, and just chains him to the bedpost. Nonetheless, he hated having to be submissive.

He slides the chair more closer to you, until his knees are touching yours. He leans his arms forward, till they are resting on his knees and then asks, “Are you a virgin?”

OMG why is he so forward?!?!!? Oh right…. he’s a prostitute. But still!!! If I tell him the truth that I’m still a virgin, he probably would try to take that to his advantage. I don’t wanna lie though… ughhh!

“I don’t see why that is important to know…” you manage to say with a stern voice.

He smiles, then says, “Well I could care less if you are one or aren’t, but I just wanna know how rough I can be with you.”

ROUGH!?!?!? OMG OMG OMG!! How do I get out of this!?!?! But then you remember Jin specifically told you that he would be difficult to deal with, unless if he believes you’re a lot older than him.

Taking a big gulp, you ignore his question and say, “If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

Jungkook is surprised that you asked him so suddenly. He’s also irritated that you ignored his question, so he decides to not answer it by saying “I can be whatever age you wish of me,” he says with a wink.

Your eye itches at the fact that he is avoiding to directly answer your question, like you did with his. You let out a sigh while blushing, “Alright, fine. I am a virgin…” you can’t even look him into the eyes, as his gaze is too intimidating for you to handle. “Since I told you the truth, can you tell me your real age please?”
He never reveals his true age to his clients, but then when he see’s you shy away from his gaze, he admits “Since you asked so cutely, I’ll tell you. I’m 21yrs old.”
You try not to choke on your spit, or show that you’re surprised but holy… He’s only a year older than you!?! Remember Y/n, if you convince him you’re a lot older, then he’ll be obe-

“How old are you, dollface?” he interrupts your thoughts.

OH SHIT HE’S ONTO ME!!!!! How old should I say I am?!? Oh my god why didn’t I think of this before!?!!?

“I’M 31!!!” you screech out loudly before you can even stop yourself.

Why in the heavens did I say I’m 31?!?!? Can I even pass for 31!?!?! Oh great, I’m totally screwed…

Jungkook on the other hand, glares at you, examining your appearance. There was absolutely no way you were 31. The oldest you could pass for was maybe 25, but even then, he thought that was pushing it. He doesn’t question you though, since there is no proof that you are lying. And he knew, he had to be obedient to someone of that age difference, or else he could be punished, and he hated punishment.

“Ohh wow noona! I would’ve never guessed! You look so young and beautiful!” he says changing his tone from seductive, to innocent.

You notice his behaviour change immediately, and see why Jin told you to lie about your age. Yes! It worked! He would probably do whatever you asked of him now, without trying to come onto you. But you could feel guilt crawl up your spine, as you felt bad for lying to him and taking advantage of him like this.

“Thank you Kookie, I get that a lot.”

“Of course you do, you’re gorgeous! Is there anything you want me to do for you noona?” he tries to say without gritting his teeth. He absolutely hated acting like an ‘innocent’ boy for people older than him. But what was really pissing him off, was that he was almost positive you were lying about your age, he just couldn’t prove it.

“I actually just wanted to talk for a bit right now,” you say while digging into your purse for your notebook and pen. However, you didn’t realize when your health card accidently fell out.

Jungkook see’s it fall to the ground, and picks it up. His eyes then widen in rage.

You’re still busy with your purse, until you hear him speak, “Y/n L/n, you’re a liar.”

You’re shocked when you hear him use his deep seductive voice again, but this time there was a bit of venom laced to it. “H-how do you know my name,” you start stuttering.

He lets out a sinister smirk, and holds up your health card, “You’re only 20yrs old…you lied to me.”

OH SHIT, ABORT MISSION!! I gotta get out of here! So much for him being obedient now. You quickly jump up from the bed, trying to dash out the door, but he’s way faster than you. He wraps his strong arms around your waist before you can even reach the exit, and slowly backs you up into the corner of his room. Your back hits the wall, and you just look down, having no idea what to do or say. He puts both of his arms up on the wall by your head, trapping you in his lusty gaze.
“Such a sweet looking angel like you comes down into the darkness, where she thinks she can deceive a demon like me….” he whispers beside your ear. “How cute, but I hate liars Y/n.” he then grabs the hair band that was securing your ponytail, and slowly pulls it down, letting your long hair cascade down around you. He then removes your fake glasses, so he can directly look into your eyes.

He raises your chin to look up at him, then asks;

“Do you wanna see what happens when you try to trick a demon?”