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One boi. Another boi. And the last Cadburys' Eclair in the Heroes box.

Fighting ensued.

The Bois fought with juicy vigour, punching, kicking and screaming as the eclair sat enticingly in front of them, seducing them into madness with its incredible golden allure.

But alas, neither of them could possibly win this fight, for the eclair was too beautiful for either boi to consume so foolishly.

A shining light engulfed the eclair, sending its purple and gold wrapper to the floor. It sparkled brilliantly before growing a mouth.

Immediately the eclair ate itself, consuming its delicious flesh easily. It pierced itself, sucking the chocolate life-force out of it, gorging on its toffee flesh and loving every second of it.

In a moment which was agony and orgasmic all in one confusing blend of oxymorons, the eclair took the finishing bite and it was gone.

The Bois looked at each for a few seconds.

And then they engaged in a lively smut scene for kudos.