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A Tale of Two Hearts

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The walk back to Team JNPR’s dorm was uneventful for Weiss. The sun had set and the lights that were interspaced along the paths were lit. The air was chillier than when she had last been outside, but it was a welcome change as she was still slightly flushed from her match with Yang, a thin film of sweat on her forehead matting her hair down. The walk was boring and gave her plenty of time to think and let her thoughts wander wherever they may. They kept coming back to the subject of Yang and the sparring match the two girls had just had. Weiss couldn’t tell what it was, but when they had reached their stalemate she had felt something being so close to the blonde. In the short time they had been less than a foot apart Weiss had studied the brawler’s face with an intense scrutiny she didn’t understand. She had seen something in Yang’s purple eyes, something in the way the taller girl looked at Weiss, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. Weiss’ thoughts were interrupted as she reached Team JNPR’s dorm. She hadn’t realized how quickly she had gotten there while she was lost in her thoughts. Opening the door she found that Jaune and Pyrrha had resumed their positions studying on Jaune’s bed, their focus on the textbook.

“Hello Weiss, did you find Yang?” Pyrrha asked, her head tilting up to look at the heiress.

“Yes, I did.”

“How is she?” Pyrrha continued, setting the textbook aside so Jaune could continue studying.

“She is fine, just thinking about something,” Weiss explained as she took Myrtenaster out of the loop at her waist and set it by the door.  

“Uhhh, Weiss? Why are you all sweaty?” Jaune asked, looking up at Weiss from the textbook in confusion .

“I sparred with Yang a little bit. Sparring helps her think and I wanted to help. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a shower,” Weiss replied as she reached into the bag of her stuff Yang had brought earlier with a change of clothes. Her hand scraped against a piece of paper she hadn’t noticed in the few days she had been there. Gingerly pulling it out and uncrumpling it she read the words on it.

Stay positive! -Yang

Weiss smiled at the little note her teammate had left her, folding it carefully and putting it back in the bag as she grabbed the clothes and headed over to the bathroom that connected to the dorm.


The bathroom was a basic thing with a shower, sink, and toilet. Everything that was there was for a utilitarian purpose and not an aesthetic one.  She set her clothes on the sink as she turned the shower on, her hand in the stream of water as she waited for it heat up to the appropriate temperature. When it reached the heat that was soothing without being scalding Weiss took of her dirtied dress and set it next to the clean clothes on the sink. The water felt relaxing as she stepped into the shower, the hot water hitting her back and running down her figure. The tension started to leave her body as she let the water soothe her, her shoulders slumped as she let her thoughts wander again.

Winter break would end in two weeks and she would have to go back to her own dorm, regardless of how things stood between her Ruby and Blake. Weiss decided that she would need to talk things over with Ruby and sort things to the point that Team RWBY could function properly, but that conversation could wait for a few days so she could compose herself and think over what she was going to say. Weiss had been in the shower for quite a while now, quickly washing herself she turned the shower off and grabbed a towel. She dried herself off and put on her nightgown, gathering her dirty clothes she left the bathroom. Putting her dirty clothes away to be washed later, she collapsed onto Pyrrha’s bed, the redhead letting her use it since she slept in Jaune’s bed anyways. Weiss was suddenly overcome with exhaustion, her eyes closed and her consciousness slowly started drifting off. I hope Yang is alright, was the last thing she thought before she fell asleep.

Yang walked into the locker room. She had her stuff with her already, but she needed a few moments to sit down and calm down. She put her head in her hands as she replayed the last twenty minutes, from Weiss’ unexpected arrival to their sparring match. She still had a perfect image in her mind of Weiss’ face less than a foot away from her, close enough for her to see each individual eyelash. She had felt the strongest urge to just lean down and kiss the white haired girl, only a last minute force of will had kept her from doing that and she had rushed out as soon as she could.

“Goddamnit, why does everything have to be so confusing?” Yang spoke aloud, hoping that she would receive an answer. She needed to move, movement would help her think, so she stood up and started pacing around trying to work through what she should do. She wanted Weiss, she had wanted Weiss for a long time now. The girl was beautiful, strong, smart, and Yang loved the banter they had. But she was Ruby’s ex-girlfriend and not an ex for very long, only a few weeks now, and Yang didn’t want to rush the heiress into another relationship so soon.

“Goddamn it!” Yang shouted as she punched a locker, denting it and opening the skin on her knuckles, letting a flow of blood flow from the open wound. She was nowhere closer to an answer but it was late and she needed to sleep. Picking her stuff up, she walked out of the locker room heading for the dorm. Her and Ruby had worked things out enough that they could be in the same room together and talk amicably, but there was an undercurrent of tension as both of them knew that Ruby and Blake had yet to apologize to Weiss. When Yang stepped outside and felt the cool night air caress her skin she exhaled, her breath misting in front of her as she started walking. Why does it have to be so complicated?

That night was a week and a half ago and still Weiss had not worked up the nerve to talk to Ruby and Blake. At the same time Ruby and Blake had not reached out to Weiss and winter break was coming to an end with only five days before classes started up again. Weiss needed to get out of JNPR’s dorm, the concerned looks from Pyrrha and Jaune were driving her crazy. She was walking through the halls to the library, seeking the quiet refuge that a book would provide her with. Weiss was almost to the library and she could see the large double doors that opened into the library. The air was quiet and still. Very few students had stayed in Beacon, most opting to go home and of those who stayed spending most of their time in Vale.  She walked into the library, a massive space with marble columns against the walls for support, large bookshelves creating spaces in between that you could lose yourself in.  A nod to the librarian, the only other person in there aside from Weiss, was the only interaction with people Weiss wanted today. Walking to the history section, she started browsing, trying to find an interesting topic to research.


Eventually Weiss settled on a book about the founding of Vale and Beacon, taking the rather large tome over to a desk and sitting down. Opening the book she was greeted with the smell of old paper. The crinkle of the pages as she turned them was soothing. She lost herself in the pages, immersing herself in the history of the school she was in and its long and storied history. The smell of old paper became mixed with a familiar scent that slowly worked its way into the library. A bead of sweat formed on her forehead as she slowly tilted her head up to look at the door. Her heart sunk as she saw a familiar mop of red hair walking in. Ruby strolled  in and gave a friendly wave to the librarian before looking at the rest of the library and noticed Weiss. She stopped dead in her tracks. Looking left and right, she eventually took a deep breath and walked over to Weiss who had buried her head back in the book hoping to go unnoticed.

“May I sit, Weiss?” Ruby asked.

Weiss wanted to say no but a voice in the back of her mind told her that this was her chance to talk things over with Ruby. “Yes, you may,” her voice was clipped as she looked up from her book to watch Ruby sit down.

“How are you?” the redhead across from her asked.

The pointed stare from Weiss was the only answer she needed. You don’t need to be friends. Just work together, talk to her, Weiss told herself, but as she tried speaking her mouth felt dry and unusable.

“Weiss, I’m sorry. What Blake and I did was wrong, I know that, and I apologize,” Ruby started, speaking slowly and sincerely.

Weiss wanted to believe her, but her heart was beating faster. It felt like her heart was trying to break through her ribcage. Her breath was shallow and felt like she couldn’t get enough air with each inhale. Ruby continued to speak, trying to master her own discomfort and thus not noticing Weiss’.

“I just, I don’t know how it happened, it just did, and I wanted to stop it, but I loved Blake too, and I’m sorry, Weiss. I never—” Ruby stopped when Weiss abruptly stood up, knocking her chair back with a loud clatter in the silent atmosphere of the library.

“I need to go,” she said curtly, trying to hide the anxious panic she felt. Weiss rushed out of the library, her feet going from a brisk walk to run the minute she stepped out of the double doors. She needed to go somewhere, she didn’t know where, but she just needed to move. She burst out of the school building, out into the courtyard, and she kept running, her shoes clicking loudly against the tiles as she followed the path to where it would take her. Weiss stopped running to catch her breath in gasping pants. Her heart was still beating frantically and she couldn’t figure out how to slow it. Looking up, she found herself standing in front of the school gym, the second time she had been there in the last few days. She took a few deep breaths. They filled her lungs with air, but did nothing to stop her fluttering heart or the anxious knot in her stomach.

The door slid quietly as she pushed it open and started walking around, hoping that Yang would be there. Weiss needed someone to talk to. She couldn’t talk to Ruby or Blake and Pyrrha and Jaune would only worry over her. Yang would listen to her and help, but she wouldn’t treat Weiss like she was useless. She felt comfortable around Yang. She walked slowly over to where she had found Yang last time in the training room, but she found it empty with no one there. Weiss walked down to the weight room and as she drew closer she heard the sound of grunting, a sound that gave her hope that Yang would be there. She pushed the door open, a slight squeal as it moved on a hinge that was a little rusty. Weiss walked in and closed the door behind her with another squeal. Yang was there, and she didn’t notice that Weiss had entered.

The blonde was wearing headphones and her eyes were closed, essentially cutting her off from the world around her. She was working out again and that’s what stopped Weiss in her tracks as she watched Yang. The blonde was hanging upside down from a pull up bar, her wild mane of hair hanging far below her, lightly brushing the floor. She was doing crunches, her arms behind her head as she worked, forcing herself up to touch her knees before going back down. Yang’s abs glistened with sweat as she worked, the muscles well defined underneath the skin flexing with each rep that she did. Weiss was mesmerized by the sight just like she had been when she had watched Yang practice her hand to hand combat on the punching bag. The blonde’s body when she worked was something that Weiss found fascinating. The hard muscle accentuated her large frame, but it did not detract from the soft curves on her body and made her more beautiful. That word again, Weiss said to herself, realizing that she had come to commonly describe Yang as beautiful in recent days.


Shaking her head to break herself from her staring Weiss walked over to Yang, rapping her knuckles against the pull up bar to get the blonde’s attention. Her eyes snapped open as she felt the pull up bar vibrate, looking to her left she saw an upside down Weiss watching her.

“Hey Weiss!” she shouted louder than she needed to, still not able to hear past her music. She did one more rep, this time grabbing the bar with both hands so she could let her legs dangle before dropping to the ground. She pulled off her headphones and smiled at Weiss, grabbing her nearby towel and putting it on her shoulders.  “Heya Weiss, what brings you here? Come to watch me workout?” Yang teased. Weiss could only flush as she realized she had indeed watched Yang workout even if it wasn’t why she had come here.

“I-I-I saw Ruby today,” Weiss muttered, just thinking about it causing her eyes to mist with tears. Yang immediately got serious at the mention of her sister, putting one arm around Weiss’ shoulder she led her over to a bench and sat them down.

“What happened?”

“I was in the library…and then she came in, I don’t know why. She saw me and came over to talk. I know I need to talk things over with her and I tried, but she started talking and I just couldn’t. My heart started pounding and I couldn’t breathe. I rushed out and just started running, when I stopped I was out front of the gym and decided to come in to talk to you,” Weiss explained, her voice hitching as she talked about what happened all the while tears slid down her face.

Yang listened quietly and patiently to Weiss talking. When the girl started crying Yang put a hand on the girl’s back and started gently rubbing up and down. She came to me! She came to talk to me! Yang thought excitedly, ecstatic that Weiss had come to her when she had been upset.

“It’s alright, Weiss. You’re alright,” Yang repeated calmly, her hand still tracing patterns up and down Weiss’ back in a soothing manner. Weiss felt the tears still sliding down her face, but the hammering of her heart started to slow down. Sighing, she leaned against Yang with her head resting on the taller girl’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Yang,” Weiss murmured, a sudden exhaustion overcoming her. The hand rubbing her back was relaxing her and Yang’s voice was calming her. Being near the blonde seemed to lift a weight from Weiss’ shoulders. Her heart beat was steadying and the anxiety she felt was dissipating. “Do you—do you mind if I sleep here?” she asked quietly.

Yang was taken aback by this strange request, but was more than happy to accept. Always happy to have you near me.

“Sure, make yourself comfortable,” Yang replied. Weiss smiled slightly as she laid her head on Yang’s lap.

“Thank you.”

“You’re going to have to talk to Ruby and Blake soon. Winter break is almost over,” Yang said solemnly, her hand still rubbing circles on Weiss’ back.

“I know. Just give me one more day to compose myself and do it on my own terms,” Weiss replied sleepily, the heat emitted from Yang’s aura lulling her to sleep.

“Alright Weiss, just sleep now,” Yang whispered. Weiss’ breathing leveled out as she fell asleep. Yang moved her hand from Weiss back to the girl’s long white hair that was still in a ponytail, running her fingers through it to help the girl sleep and because of her own desire to play with Weiss’ hair. The heiress’ hair was silky smooth without a single knot. Yang marvelled at the difference between the heiress’ orderly and neat hair and Yang’s wild and unruly mane.

Goddamnit Weiss, why do you have to make it more complicated?  Yang thought, her feelings for Weiss hadn’t changed and the way that the girl came to Yang for help or felt so comfortable around her only served to make Yang want to confess more. Not to mention the way that Weiss had blushed at Yang’s teasing remark. She really was watching you workout! Yang thought with a little smugness, knowing that Weiss wouldn’t have been disappointed at the show. Yang sighed. Her feelings weren’t the problem, but the complicated situation they were wasn’t going anywhere and the last week and a half hadn’t done anything to improve things. She listened to Weiss’ breathing, a slow and rhythmic thing, which told Yang that the other girl was asleep.

“Sleep tight, Weiss. Hopefully things sort out and I can tell you how I feel without fear,” Yang murmured knowing that the other girl couldn’t hear her, leaning down she pressed her lips to Weiss’ temple in a soft kiss. I just wish you were awake for that, but then again I would have been too much of a coward to do that if you were awake, Yang thought bitterly as she pulled back and rested her head against the wall, putting her headphones back in her ears, turning on her music, and hoping that the music would give some answer to her problems or at the least let her escape the problems for a few moments.