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A Tale of Two Hearts

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The roar of the motorcycle's engine filled Weiss' ears as she sat on the back of the two wheeled disaster, one arm wrapped around the small puppy her and Yang had found, the other arm wrapped around the aforementioned girl with her hand clutching the vase of flowers. True to her words, Yang was driving much slower than normal. The speed limit for the road they were on was 50 miles per hour, which meant normally Yang would be driving 70, but as her promise in return for Weiss allowing the puppy to stay in the dorm Yang had to drive under the speed limit while Weiss was her passenger. That meant that Yang was driving around 35 mph, a speed she was unfamiliar driving at for any extended period of time.

"This is boooorrrring!" Yang called over the drone if the engine, her natural inclination for speed making this drive almost unbearably slow for her. Weiss didn't really care if the other girl was bored.

"Too bad, this was the deal in exchange for me accepting this animal into our room, "Weiss called back.

"Please, just a little faster?" The blonde girl pleaded, revving the engine slightly in anticipation, hoping beyond hope that Weiss would say yes.

"Absolutely not," Weiss responded quickly, wasting no time in shutting down that wishful thinking on the blonde girl's part.

"Awwwww, you're no fun, Princess," Yang grumbled as her head drooped slightly at the denial she had received.

"If you keep whining you can't have the puppy either," she scolded like a parent. It was an empty threat, though. No matter how cold and unemotional she appeared, Weiss wouldn't abandon a helpless animal, but she didn't have to fawn over the animal like Yang did either. The girls finished the ride home in silence. Yang parked her precious motorcycle and Weiss couldn't hop off the bike fast enough, pulling her helmet off with one hand and tossing it to Yang who got off the vehicle at a much more leisurely pace.

"Here Yang, take this animal" Weiss said as she handed the puppy to Yang who took the puppy and started fawning over it.

"He's so cute!"

"Yes, yes, you've said that several times now," Weiss answered to no one in particular as she opened up the storage compartment on the bike and pulled out the cookie pie.

"Let's go, Princess."

"What about your purchases?" Weiss asked, nodding her head over at the shining yellow vehicle.

"Eh, don't worry about it. I'll come back and get it later," Yang answered as she walked ahead before stopping to look at Weiss. "Come on, let's hurry up," she said with a small smile, Weiss just sighed before walking over to the blonde. The two girls walked through the school grounds, Weiss quietly and Yang talking to the puppy in her arms in the voice reserved for babies and animals. The pair eventually walked up to the entrance to the dormitory and Weiss looked over at her taller companion.

"Alright, Yang. Now go give this animal a bath."

"Alright, a deal is a deal," Yang agreed as she turned to the right, walking to get a large metal tub to wash the newest member of Team RWBY. Weiss watched the other girl walk away before turning back towards the entrance of the school. She walked in, opening the door with her shoulder since her hands were filled and as she made her way to their dorm she thought about Ruby and she wondered what her reaction would be at the sight of the gifts, especially the giant cookie pie. Weiss neared their dorm and as she got closer she started hearing muffled noises coming from their room.

"…Blake…" Weiss heard the name of her Faunus teammate as she stood in front of the door, though she couldn't make out the speaker or what else was said, but something about the way the speaker said the Faunus teammate's name seemed off to Weiss. Pulling out her scroll while juggling the other items she was holding Weiss unlocked the door and walked into the room.

"Ruby, I'm… home," she finished in a small voice as she took in the sight before her. Her brain locked up as she couldn't fully comprehend the sight of the two other people in the room and their unclothed bodies. "What…" she continued in an unsure voice as the vase slid out of her hand and crashed to the floor. The two occupants of the room stopping their activities as they fully noticed the intruder in the room. Weiss felt tears welling in her ice blue eyes.

"How could this happen?"

"WEISS!" Ruby cried as she jumped up off of the other person in the bed and into the middle of the room, not thinking to cover her naked body. Weiss looked past her girlfriend to the other person in the room and the sight that met her eyes made bile rise in her throat. "How could you?" Weiss thought numbly as the other girl flushed red and covered herself, Blake having more modesty than Ruby who was still standing in the middle of the room her bare body on display for everyone to see and she was making no effort to cover herself.

"Weiss... I can... This isn't what it looks like… I can explain," Ruby stammered, trying to elucidate this situation. Weiss felt her temper flash in rare display of genuine anger at the red haired girl as Ruby kept talking.

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" The white haired girl screamed, the lie Ruby was trying to tell her seemed to only rub salt into the open wound that her infidelity had caused.

"Weiss, please let me explain," Ruby continued quieter now, hoping Weiss wouldn't shout anymore.

"Explain what? Explain how my girlfriend is cheating on me? Or maybe explain that not only is she cheating, but she is cheating with my friend and our teammate!" Weiss asked, her voice rising as she kept speaking. At the mention of herself Blake sunk into the bed and covered her face with a pillow her cat ears lying flat against her skull, hoping to disappear from this horrible situation.

"I knew this was wrong, so why didn't I stop it? Why did I keep seeing Ruby like this?" Blake wondered as Weiss and Ruby stood opposite each other, Weiss still in the doorway with the shards of the case laying at her feet intermixed with the flowers and water it had contained. Ruby took a step closer to her upset girlfriend, her hands upheld in an effort to placate Weiss.

"Weiss, I know that what I did was wrong, but let's just calm down..." Ruby started speaking, guilt evident in her voice before she was cut off once more by the shorter girl standing off against her.

"If you know that it is wrong why the fuck did you do it?" Weiss swore, her sophistication crumbling with each beat of her wounded heart.

"I don't know... It just happened... I wanted to stop and it tore me apart when I couldn't. I'm sorry, Weiss."

"Do you love me?" Weiss asked suddenly, the vulnerability she felt clear in her voice.

Ruby took a sharp inhalation at this question as she thought about it. "Weiss…" Ruby started, but in that moment the streetlamps on the paths outside turned on and shed more light into the dorm and Weiss clearly saw a mark on Ruby's collar, a mark in the perfect size and shape of a mouth.

"I can't… how could… they…" Weiss thought disjointedly. This last physical reminder of Ruby and Blake's betrayal was too much for Weiss as tears streamed down her face leaving tracks on her cheeks to mark their descent.

"I HATE YOU BOTH!" She screamed, her voice raw with emotion as her shoulders shook with sobs while she went to turn and leave the room.

"Weiss, wait a minute!" Ruby called, stepping forward to stop the shorter girl

"Don't touch me," Weiss spat, her voice dripping with venom as she smashed the cookie pie against Ruby, covering the red-haired girl from the chest up with frosting and pieces of cookie. "Cover yourself up, at least show some modesty like the other adulterer" Weiss said with contempt as she threw an angry glare at Blake, trying to fight the tears that rolled down her face.

"Weiss…" Blake called from her position on her bed.

"I don't care what you have to say. I was right to distrust you, you filthy animal," Weiss cut her off, barely keeping her composure as she turned on her heel and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Weiss started walking, but she didn't know where to. She just had to get away from the dorm, away from... "Ruby," Weiss thought painfully, her vision blurred by tears as she pushed open the dormitory door and walked out into the brisk winter air that she had not so long ago exited. Weiss' pace picked up as she turned to the right, starting from a slow walk and slowly escalating until she was running along the paths that criss crossed Beacon. Every beat of her heart seemed to only bring fresh pain to the Schnee heiress as she kept running, her tears still flowing unabated. Eventually Weiss felt her legs start to burn from her mad dash from the dormitory building and she just wanted to stop. Looking through the tears in her eyes Weiss saw a gap between two buildings that formed an alley, the perfect place to hide. "I just want to be alone"

"The perfect place for an abandoned thing like me," Weiss said to no one but herself as she walked into the alley on shaky leg. The weight of Ruby's betrayal weighed heavily on Weiss as she dropped to the ground. "What did I do wrong?" Weiss asked herself as she wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling them close while laying her head against her them.

No matter how hard she tried Weiss could not get the image of Ruby and Blake together out of her mind. Just the thought if it brought fresh tears to her ice blue eyes, every pulse of her wounded heart reminded the white haired girl why she had constructed the wall of ice around it at a young age. "'Had', was the key word," she thought. She had constructed a wall around her heart and then that red cloaked girl had slowly melted it. "Now that it has been melted I don't think I can rebuild the wall," Weiss thought sadly. Now that she had experienced the happiness and joy that letting another person into her heart could bring she wasn't sure if she could ever live without it again. Weiss started crying loudly, finally letting the release that she had been holding back out until she was alone.

"How dare… she…. how dare she make me… love her," Weiss cried out between loud sobs, "only to do that… I hate her." Even with say those words aloud Weiss knew that they were not true. Despite what Ruby had done Weiss could not shake the feeling of love she had for the other girl, though the feeling was now mixed with one of anger and betrayal as well. Weiss kept crying loudly, letting her emotions out, hoping that if she just emptied herself of emotions that this painful situation was causing her it wouldn't be as bad.

The depressed girl was broken from her thoughts when she felt a small nudge on her arm. Lifting her head up, Weiss saw the puppy that she and Yang had found earlier in the day. "Before I had my heart broken," Weiss thought bitterly as the puppy looked up at her with big brown eyes and nudged her arm again.

"I suppose you want attention," Weiss murmured to herself as she reached out and stroked the puppy's soft fur. The puppy seemed content by this as it curled up next to Weiss while she kept petting it. Weiss sniffled as she looked down at this small animal. "Looks like me and you are the same," she mused sadly. The puppy lifted its head up to look at her almost as if it could understand what she was saying. "Both of us have been abandoned by the people we love," Weiss said with a sad smile on her tear streaked face, the puppy tilted its head to the side. "Of course you can't understand me, here I am just talking to myself," Weiss sniffled as she kept petting the puppy, it felt good to talk to this small dog even if it couldn't answer. "Do I even want to know why Ruby cheated on me? Do I want to sit down with her and listen to the reason she'll give me?" Weiss wondered aloud just thinking of her girlfriend made her feel a maelstrom of emotions inside her. "I guess she's my ex now, and I wouldn't be surprised if Blake didn't want to talk to me after what I said." Weiss said to herself.

The distance that Ruby had been putting between the two of them recently had been hard enough on Weiss. Seeing that though, witnessing her girlfriend cheating on her with their friend had been like a knife directly to Weiss' heart. She had been injured many a time in her four years at Beacon training to be a Huntress. Whether it was a Grimm or training too hard, Weiss had endured her fair share of pain. That sight though and the emotions she had felt was easily the worst pain she had felt in her entire life.

"What do I do now?" Weiss whispered quietly before she let her head fall back, not so gently hitting the wall behind her, but she didn't really care. More tears leaked out from the corners of her eyes as she looked up into the bleak winter sky. "Maybe this is why Ruby left me? I'm weak. I don't know why I'm here at Beacon," Weiss said to herself before she let the tears flow freely once more, not caring about anything anymore. The puppy was still curled next to her, offering whatever meager comfort it could.

"How could she?"