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A Tale of Two Hearts

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"Hurry up Princess, don't get left behind," Yang called out over her shoulder as she walked through the crowds of Vale.

Weiss trudged along a few feet behind the taller girl, grumbling under her breath as she walked. It was several days after Weiss had decided to do something special for Ruby and to accomplish that goal she needed to make a trip to Vale. Weiss had been slightly hurt when Ruby hadn't even shown the slightest interest in where her girlfriend was heading, opting to stay in the dorm and clean Crescent Rose. Weiss had been set to leave when Yang not only informed her that she also needed to go to Vale, but jumped off of her bed and told Weiss she'd be coming with her.

Weiss was more than a little confused at why the blonde had suddenly decided to come with her, but she had quickly come to the conclusion that it was to get more time to make jokes at her expense. The odd pair had made the trip to Vale on Yang's baby, Bumblebee, or the two wheeled death trap as Weiss referred to it. Fourth year students were allowed vehicles if they had them, and Yang had been overjoyed at being reunited with her gleaming yellow bike. Weiss had to be cajoled to get on the motorcycle by Yang. The knowledge that it would significantly shorten the trip to Vale and that it would give them more time in town to look around helped to persuade her. Now that they were in town Weiss was not entirely sure what she was going to do for Ruby, but she figured she would appeal to the younger girl's love of sugar.

"Weiss, you walk so slow!" Yang whined as she stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to wait for the other girl to catch up.

"Maybe you shouldn't walk so fast if you want me to keep up," Weiss huffed, coming to a stop next to the taller blonde.

"Sorry, my legs are longer than yours. Maybe if you weren't so short…" Weiss began walking away. "Wait Weiss, I'm sorry! Come back!" Yang started saying before Weiss had pouted and kept walking ahead, leaving Yang to catch up with her. Yang decided to keep quiet at that point as they walked along and Weiss was grateful for the silence.

"Now to the matter at hand, what should I get for Ruby?" Weiss pondered the question as she and Yang walked by different shop windows, peering into them as they passed." As they passed the many cafés, flower shops, and dust stores a thought occurred to Weiss. Looking over at Yang, the shorter girl cleared her throat to get her attention.

"Yang, why did you need to come into Vale? You never said why," Weiss asked.

Yang looked at the heiress puzzled. "I didn't?" she asked in genuine confusion.

"No, you never did. You just said you were coming and then forced me onto that disaster waiting to happen," Weiss replied in annoyance. This was something that happened more than Weiss liked between the two sisters. They both had the tendency to leave out pieces of information and then when questioned about it they think they provided it. Weiss wasn't sure if they were forgetful, or if their minds worked at a different speed and they thought about saying it before thinking of something else.

"Oh, well I needed to get more ammo for Ember Celica. I'm running low, and because of classes this is my first opportunity to go and pick up more," Yang replied cheerfully, quickly bouncing back from her earlier confusion. Weiss nodded in understanding. While the school provided ammo for the students, it was basic ammo, so any extra ammunition had to be purchased by the students themselves. Yang preferred her special explosive rounds for her prized gauntlets.

"Why did you need to come into Vale, Weiss?" Yang asked as she stopped to look into a store selling modifications for motorcycles.

"Well… I wanted to get something for Ruby since she's been so distant lately," Weiss replied, not making eye contact with Yang.

"Awww, that's so adorable!" Yang squealed, making Weiss turn a bright red. "What did you have in mind?" Yang asked turning serious.

Weiss looked to the ground her face still tinged red. "I actually wasn't sure. I was thinking something with sugar," Weiss answered after a moment of silence. Looking up, she saw Yang nodding her head as she thought.

"Of course, it is Ruby after all. Though you should get her something more romantic. How about flowers?"

"Flowers would be good," Weiss said, her voice trailing off as she thought about what kind of flowers she should get.

"As for sugary treats, I recommend chocolate chip cookies. They have been Ruby's favorite since she was a little girl," Yang informed Weiss, who just nodded her head in understanding.

"Thank you for your help, Yang" Weiss said politely with a nod of her head.

"No problem, Weiss, more than happy to help you and Ruby," Yang jovially said. It may have been Weiss thinking too much into it, as she has been doing lately, but she thought Yang had put more emphasis on the word you.

"I'm going to go and buy my gifts for Ruby."

"Alright, I'm going to go and pick up my ammo. I'll meet you back…" Yang looked around the area they were in for somewhere they could regroup. "Over there," she said, pointing over at a small chain coffee shop that was popular among students.

"Alright, how about we meet there in 40 minutes?" Weiss asked, wanting to give each of them enough time to run their errands.

"Sounds good. See you then, Princess!" Yang said with a small bow before she dodged out of the way of Weiss' hand.

"Yang!" Weiss yelled at the retreating girl who was running towards her usual ammo shop. Weiss considered going after her before deciding against it and turning in the other direction to continue looking at stores.

As Weiss looked around at the shops she saw a few that caught her eye, but she wanted to look around first before making a purchase. "I hope Ruby is okay," Weiss thought for not the first time. Despite the reassuring talk Yang had given her the other day Weiss was still worrying about the way Ruby had been acting lately. The red haired girl seemed to only be acting even more detached as time went on. Weiss had walked in on Ruby yesterday and Weiss thought her girlfriend had been crying, but as soon as Weiss had entered the room Ruby had stopped crying and addressed Weiss coolly, much to Weiss' displeasure. "Why can't you talk to me?" Weiss thought depressed.

"Excuse me?" a young woman asked Weiss, snapping her out of her thoughts.


"Are you planning on buying that?" the woman asked.

Weiss looked confused before she realized that while in thought she had been staring at a bouquet of bright red roses and Matsumoto asters, which were contrasting nicely with sunny yellow daisies and white Monte Casino. "Uh… yes I am. How much are they?" Weiss inquired after a moment of thought, coming to the conclusion that the pretty arrangement of flowers would be perfect.

"They are 20 lien," the woman answered with a polite smile. Weiss pulled out the appropriate amount of money for the flowers and handed it to the shopkeeper.

"There you go."

"Thank you," the woman said as she took the money and went back into the shop.

Weiss looked at the flowers for a moment longer before carefully picking up the vase they were in and walking away from the store. Weiss pulled out her scroll to check the time and nearly dropped the vase when she saw that it had already been thirty-five minutes since she had split up from Yang. "Damn, I didn't get the treat!" Weiss thought in frustration. She would have to come back to the city another time to get something for Ruby since she had to go meet up with Yang soon. Weiss walked back to the coffee shop right as forty minutes passed and was not surprised at all that Yang had not arrived. Weiss made the decision to order a drink while she waited and it was when her drink came that she heard the blonde

"Hey Weiss, I'm here!" she shouted over the din of the crowded shop, Weiss sighed as heads swiveled to look from the smiling blonde on one side of the store to Weiss who was trying not to yell at Yang as she walked over to her.

"You don't need to shout," Weiss said calmly as she flicked Yang's forehead.

"Ow! That was uncalled for," Yang pouted as she rubbed the red mark on her head, "and I even got you a present to give to Ruby," she whined.

"What did you get?" Weiss asked ignoring the other girl's pout as they took seats outside of the coffee shop. Yang started looking through her bags before she pulled out a covered circular tray.

"I got… this," she said as she flashily pulled off the top of the tray to reveal a cookie pie. "Ta-da!" she announced.

"Yang, this is… Thank you, this is perfect," Weiss said with a smile as she looked at the pie. It was a giant chocolate chip cookie with white icing around the edge and red frosting to show where to cut the pieces.

"This and those flowers should do the trick," Yang said as she examined the bouquet.

"We should start going back to your bike, Yang."

"Her name is Bumblebee," Yang answered in indignation, upset that Weiss refused to address the motorcycle by its appropriate name.

"Fine, let's go back to Bumblebee," Weiss sighed at Yang's insistence on her motorcycle's name.

"Alright, let's go" Yang smiled as they started walking to where Yang had parked her motorcycle.

Weiss and Yang walked down the streets, the sun was beginning its slow descent through the sky back to the horizon as they reached the motorcycle. Yang grabbed a helmet and tossed it to Weiss, who deftly caught it in her left hand while holding the vase in her right hand.

"Try not to drive at your normal speed, Yang. I don't want the flowers to get ruined," Weiss chided the other girl who was grabbing her own helmet, putting her bags in the attached motorcycle storage compartment

"Yeah, yeah, Princess. Don't worry, I'll follow the speed limit," Yang said as she was about to put on her helmet though she heard a small whimpering sound coming from a nearby alley. Without saying anything to Weiss, she put her helmet down and walked over to the alley to investigate the noise

"Yang, where are you going?" Weiss asked as she watched the blonde silently go over to the alley.

"OH MY GOD!" Yang squealed loudly as she saw the source of the noise.

"What is it?" Weiss asked curiously, taking a few steps toward the alley. Yang came striding out of the alley with a small puppy in her arms.

"Look at this cute little guy!" Yang said excitedly as she pet the dog. It was a small animal with sandy brown fur, its short tail tipped white, and Yang was quick to point out other things. "Look he has an under bite! Awww, he's so cute."

"Yang, where did you find that beast?" Weiss asked, taking a step away.

"He was all alone in that alley whining pitifully. Let's take him home," Yang said brightly as she kept fawning over the puppy.

"Absolutely not. We are not taking a filthy animal home," Weiss answered resolutely, her arms crossed and her head upturned.

"Aww, come on Weiss. He won't be the only animal in our room between you and Ruby," Yang replied with a wink, flushing Weiss' face.

"You aren't helping your case, Blondie."

"Pleeeeeeeassssse, Weiss! How can you say no to this face?" Yang said as she put on a pouting face and held the puppy's face closer to Weiss. Weiss looked at the duo in front of her for a moment before letting out a sigh.

"Fine, we can bring the puppy home with us, but you are giving it a bath before it is allowed in our dorm room."

"Yay Weiss!" the taller girl shouted and the puppy seemed to understand what had been said as it let out a bark as well.

"Now let's get going."

"Alright Weiss, you are going to have to hold him on the way back since I have to drive."

"That doesn't seem safe, Yang" Weiss pointed out.

"It will be fine. We go to combat school, you should have a strong enough grip and it's a short ride. I'll even drive under the speed limit," Yang offered.

"Fine, let's get going."

"Alright Yang. Now go give this animal a bath," Weiss answered as they walked up to the dorm building. Weiss was holding the cookie pie and flowers and Yang was holding the puppy, having left the ammo she bought in her motorcycle to grab later.

"Alright, a deal is a deal," Yang agreed as she walked to get a large metal tub to wash the newest member of Team RWBY in. Weiss watched the other girl walk away before turning back towards the entrance of the school. She walked in, and as she made her way to their dorm she thought about Ruby and she wondered what her reaction would be at the sight of the gifts, especially the giant cookie pie. Weiss neared their dorm and as she got closer she started hearing muffled noises coming from their room.

"…Blake…" Weiss heard the name of her Faunus teammate as she stood in front of the door, though she couldn't make out the speaker or what else was said. Pulling out her scroll Weiss unlocked the door and walked in

"Ruby, I'm…home," Weiss finished in a small voice as she took in the sight before her. Her brain locked up as she couldn't fully comprehend the sight of the two other people in the room and their unclothed bodies. "What…" she continued in an unsure voice as the vase slid out of her hand and crashed to the floor. The two occupants of the room stopping their activities as they fully noticed the intruder in the room. Weiss felt tears welling in her ice blue eyes.

"How could this happen?"