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What We Know and What We do With What We Know

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Tony had finally done it. His months of work, meetings, and sleepless nights had finally paid off.

Oh, there was still work to be done, but now he could relax and take everyday slower. After all, he had finally had Ross kicked out and he was being held for suspicions of inhumane projects. The accords, “which he still supported, thank you very much Christine.” Were amended as much as possible and Tony was confident he could get even better agreements between the 117 countries and the Avengers.

His personal life had even gotten better! Without “distractions” ,as FRIDAY said, he was able to focus on the people that truly mattered. Rhodey and Pepper.

Rhodey was determined to get Tony to say that his fall and subsequent injuries was not his fault. It only took 5 and half months and many bribes and threats for Tony to even speak the words and Rhodey’s new mission was to get Tony to believe them. Tony finally got some peace of mind after he tirelessly worked on braces that would allow Rhodey to walk.

Pepper was... well Pepper. She went about forcing Tony out of his lab and making him eat. Helped him through panic attacks that got even worse after Siberia was added into the mix and generally keeped Tony from self-destruction. God, Tony loved her.

He even had a protégée of sorts. Tony still felt bad about the danger Peter had been in without his suit, the suit he took away. After the Vulture debacle Tony made sure to communicate with Peter so nothing like what occurred with the Vulture would happen again. Although the communication eventually became talking and then working on projects together and finally, amazingly, became hanging out.

Everything was going great. Tony had even had Steve and his group pardoned to the point that if they stepped a foot on U.S. soil that they would be treated well and have fair trials; not thrown straight into the RAFT.

All in all Tony felt pretty good and adjusted.

Of course he should have known something would go horribly wrong. Of course his life would be like a Disney movie cliche.

No, Tony instead started to relax. Everything went wrong, again! When he went to the final assembly of the U.N. He expected some last minute arguments that would boil down to nothing. He expected signing of the Accords and congratulations.

What was not expected was Tony not being able to even make it into the building.


“Of course” was the thought Tony had as he connected with the ground. His head made a sickening crack when it met the concrete of the sidewalk.
He watched in sick fascination as dark red liquid crept towards his sunglasses fallen on the sidewalk.
He could hears Happy’s shouts and he could hear the screams but his mind for the first time in his life was to slow to process it.
His sight started flickering and he realized in an odd fog of calm that “I’m dying.”
Tony Stark died with many regrets and many things undone. He would never get the chance to see his hard work finished.
Of course that is if Tony Stark had ever followed Fate’s plan.