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If you can’t have the real thing…

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Every year for every holiday, Bucky and his roommate, a.k.a. best friend, Natasha, would spend every celebration day together, watching stupid romcoms with junk food. Christmas, birthdays and even Valentine’s Day. Not because they couldn’t find a date- on the contrary. But simply because they couldn’t be bothered with romance. Well, that was when Nat wasn’t called in for work, being the Black Widow and all, they never knew if she’d be at home for their traditions or not.

They met six years ago, when Bucky happened to work at the coffee shop she frequented. Not that he knew who she was when they met. She’d always come in with her civilian clothes, and Bucky would always serve her like every other costumer. They’d do small chat, joking here and there but that was about it. Maybe he would’ve shrieked, -okay, most likely- if he knew who she was but he was more into Marlon Brando, classic rock bands and Harry Potter than superheroes. He knew little about them. Well, he only knew that they were living in a certain tower, but he never tried to know more like most freaks in New York. Bucky always changed the channel when reporters talked about them, because ugh, shut up! Boring.

It was on a sunny day, when he had been at work, that he heard a group of teenage girls squealing together as they waited for their coffee.

“Captain America? Are you sure? He just came out of the ice…” One of them said in a suspicious tone.

“I touched his hand, I swear!” Another exclaimed making all the others gasp. “And believe me, his pecs are even bigger in real-” they all giggled. Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Here’s your coffee, girls.” He forced a smile on his face, wanting them gone as quickly as possible. He was tired. He wanted to go home and take a shower and masturbate to Marlon Brando. Yeah, that was a plan.

Hours later, he had been about to close the shop when a redhead walked in wearing what seemed like a- was it leather? Black suit. Very tight, showing off all the beautiful curves of her body.

“Girl, you look soooo mean.” The gay in you is showing, James. “Where did you get that suit? I want one!”

That made the woman laugh and only then did he realize who she was. A regular.

“Nat? Oh my god! What the hell are you doing dressed like that?”

“Huh… I’m wearing my work’s suit.” She raised both eyebrows, staring at Bucky as if he had been the one that just walked in wearing a BDSM suit. “I didn’t have the time to get changed yet.”

“Work, she says!” He barked a laugh making the woman frown now. “What kind of work would request you dressing like a dominatrix?”

“I’m not- Wait, do I look like- Jesus… Never mind. I’m the Black Widow, dumbass.”

Black what- what?

That’s how Bucky learned about Natasha and the whole Black Widow thing. Over the weeks they became close friends. Bucky never once asking about her job because he really didn’t care about superheroes. Unless it was really necessary, because for all he didn’t care about superheroes, he cared very much about Natasha. So, the few times he’d notice a bruise on her or when she’d be too tired but too polite to refuse a selfie or an autograph, Bucky would simply ask the crowd to get off of her, bring her the biggest coffee and something sweet to eat. Natasha, from her point of view, was enjoying the fact that she could make a friend, a real friend that didn’t use her for her fame.

Months later, they moved in together.

“You’re the only normal thing in my life. I need to move out of the Tower, I’ll go crazy in there everything is too much-”

Bucky shut her up with a hug. The same night, they looked for an apartment to share in New-York.

Two weeks later they were moving in together.

4 years later, they had their small traditions.


“How come you never told me you worked with this Greek God???” Bucky shoved his iPad against her chest. A mask of utter disbelief on his face.

They were lazying on their sofa. Both enjoying a day off work. Natasha was laying back, her legs on Bucky’s thighs, as she read a book. Bucky was going through his Facebook, scrolling with no real aim until he found an article with Natasha’s picture on it. Curious, because it was about his best friend, Bucky opened said article to read it.

He snorted when he read the title ‘Is Black Widow Dating America’s Darling?’ And now, he was curious to know who that guy is.

He shouldn’t have been curious. The guy Natasha was rumored to date is a beauty. Like really a walking wet-dream of his.

Captain America. He could’ve sworn he’d heard it somewhere before.

Nat wasn’t dating him, she would have told him otherwise, right? That’s what best friends do. They tell each other these sorta things.

Natasha didn’t even blink at the harsh (accidental) way Bucky had shoved the iPad to her. She simply finished reading the page she was on, let out a sigh, marked her page and put her book down before she decided to take the iPad and read what it said.

“Are you dating him?” Bucky asked with a frown. He’d be hurt if she had been hiding it from him.

“Oh please, this is bullshit. I had to kiss him because we were undercover. Some girl probably recognized us and snapped the picture.”

What picture???

Bucky should’ve read the whole article.

Snitching the iPad from her, his eyes widened at said picture.

“Jesus Christ. This is-”

“Babe, I’d tell you if I was dating someone. Steve is like a brother to me. He saved my life once and, that’s it. I owe him.”

Bucky decided to drop the subject, nodding at his friend.

It was the start of his huge crush on Captain America.


“Please! I want to meet him! He’s like the man of my dreams, Nat.” Bucky begged, with mastered puppy eyes.

“Oh honey, Steve- he’s not…” Natasha sighed, trying to find her words. “He’s dating a girl. A SHIELD agent, her name is Sharon.”

“I’m not jealous.” He was jealous. That bitch! “I could-”

“I don’t think he buys what you’re selling, babe. He’s from the World War two, remember?”

“Did he tell you that? And are you assuming there were no gay people back then, Nat? Homosexuals walk on Earth ever since the very beginning.”

“Bucky, I’m a spy, I can read people.”

That was enough to make him drop the subject.


“Can I just meet him? I won’t do anything stupid. Promise.”

“Alright, I’ll get you to meet him.”



He did meet him. And the rest of the team but he did meet Captain America!

Bucky was literally trembling like a sheet when he stood next to Natasha at the Avengers tower, his eyes round and unblinking as he stared up at Captain America in all his mother effin’ glory. Fuck but, he’s even prettier without the suit. He’s just… Steve Rogers. And God that smile! And- … and his eyes! So blue. So fucking blue.

“I’m gonna pass out, Nat.” he muttered to his friend when Steve briefly looked behind him, loosing his smile for a second, before forcing another one on his face. A fake one, Bucky could tell.

A blonde woman showed up next to Steve, reaching up to cup his cheeks and pulling him down to kiss his lips hard.


That’s the girlfriend.



“What do you want for your birthday this year?” Nat asked two weeks before Bucky turned 31.

“Steve Rogers’s dick with a pretty red ribbon wrapped around said dick’s head.” He said before he could think better on it and stop himself from blurting out the words.

That made Natasha laugh so loud and Bucky smiled. Natasha was always so serious, he was glad to be probably the only person that could make her be herself and laugh so freely.



It was March 10th.

Bucky was laying on the sofa, eyes on ‘Love Actually’, hand shoved in a huge tub of Häagen-Dazs ice cream, occasionally bringing the spoon to his mouth.

“I thought Love Actually was strictly for Christmas.” Nat said from somewhere behind him.

“Yeah, but… I felt like watching it.” Bucky sniffed, always a sensitive asshole for romcoms. “You know… the purest love in this move is-”


“Sam and his stepdad, I know… You say it every year.” Nat appeared in front of him, she was smiling carefully and reaching out to wipe away his tears with her fingers.

She was stunning. Wearing a black Chi Chi London dress that she had bought earlier that week with Bucky’s help. Her red hair fell in loose curls over her chest. Her makeup was simple, sophisticated. A line of black eyeliner above the lashes of her top lids and a matte red lipstick on her lips. She smelled wonderfully good too. It was the perfume he had bought her for Christmas: Black Opium. A fine choice, and he was glad he had the stylish genes along with the gay ones.

“You’re sure you’ll be okay?” She asked softly, worry in her eyes.

“I’ll be fine, Nat. You go and have fun. I promise I’ll be okay.” She didn’t seem convinced, so Bucky forced himself in a sitting position and smiled at her. “Hey,” he cupped her cheeks in his hands. “You’re stunning. Look at you.” That made her smile, but he continued anyway. “How long have you had a crush on him? And don’t look at me like that, I know what you’re going to say. No Bucky, it’s not a crush, love is for children blablabla look at me, I’m Natasha, I don’t do love.”

“I don’t speak like that.” She glared at him before they both burst out laughing.

“Go, and tell Clint if he dares break your heart, superhero or not, I’ll find him and shove my knife up his ass so deep, he would be dead before he knows how good it is to have something shoved up-”

“Okay- that’s my cue to leave. Here’s your gift.” She handed him a box and he didn’t even wait a second longer before he was ripping the wrapping paper off.

“What is it??” Stupid question since he was about to find out and Natasha’s pointed look clearly said so. “Sorry.” He chuckled, throwing the destroyed wrapping carelessly on the floor.

When Bucky’s grey eyes stared unblinkingly at the box in his hands, they slowly grew comically wide and his lips parted. Looking from the box to Natasha and back again, he finally reacted by laughing. So loud, tears were forming in the corner of his eyes.

“Oh my god!” he whizzed, still unable to stop laughing. “I can’t- I can’t believe you!”

Natasha was grinning like the little shit she is. “I figured since you can’t have the real thing…”

“It’s a fucking- Oh my god! A fucking Captain America vibrator!” Wiping the tears away, he put the box down and stood up to hug her, his laugh turning to small chuckles. “You’re the best!”

“I know.” She smacked his ass and winked. “I have to go before I’m late, you’re sure-”

“Yes, Nat.” Bucky nodded, smiling down at her. “I’ll be okay. Go!”

She kissed his cheek and left, promising she wouldn’t come back late to which he responded, ‘Shut up and get some dick in you.’



He said he would be fine, but he was a little bit hurt to be alone on his birthday. When Nat had told him the week before that Clint had asked her on a date, Bucky had been so happy and instantly suggested they go shopping. That was before Nat smiled stiffly, clearly nervous about saying more because Bucky could see there was more to be said.

“Babe… it’s on Saturday. That’s the only day we both are free of work.”

“So?” Bucky quickly asked but just as quickly realized what she was saying.


It was on his birthday.

The happiness he had felt for her instantly vanished and made the smile on his face disappear. Fuck Clint Barton for taking Natasha away on his birthday! And fuck Nat for accepting that Clint Barton takes her away on his birthday! Still, he forced back a smile and nodded.

“That’s- yeah, that’s fine… Really. I’ll make other plans.” The only plans he could possibly make now was a shit ton of romcoms, ice cream and tissues for the many tears that were to come.

And here he is, following his plans. Alone on his birthday and yelling at Rose (he was now watching Titanic) for being a little whiny rich bitch. Jack deserved better. Jack should have dated his friend, Fabrizio.

He had to turn the tv off before the end of the movie because he couldn’t stand watching this movie when he was already in so much pain.

Bucky blew out his nose, wiped away more tears and sighed as he leaned back on the sofa.

“Happy Birthday, to meeee.” He sang sarcastically.

He reached for his cigarettes and as he smoked, he wondered how Nat’s date was going. He might be hurt as hell, but he still hoped she was having a good time. Natasha never showed much interest in anyone before and it’d do her good to have someone in her life, aside from him. Bucky was sure they could have loved each other and have a good relationship if he wasn’t, you know, into dicks as much as he was. Natasha would have been good for him and vise versa, he honestly believed they were soulmates anyway. Friendship soulmates did exist, and they were the proof of that fact.

On the other side of the couch, his birthday present was there, still in the box.

Well, might as well try it out. As Nat said… ‘If you can’t have the real thing’

Bucky crushed the cigarette bud in the ashtray before he reached out for his present.

At least it will take his mind off his lonely birthday.

He stood up and made his way to his bedroom because he wasn’t going to masturbate on the sofa that he shared with his best friend.

Once inside, he quickly stripped off his clothes and grabbed his laptop before he lay on his bed, propping the pillows under his head until he was comfortable.

Ever since he started this little crush on Steve Rogers, his porn research turned out very specific. Always beefy blondes fucking slender men with dark hair so this time it was no different. He bent his knees and put his laptop on his thighs as he opened pornhub and for once, he could watch without his headphones on. Not that it was a problem, Natasha caught him watching porn more times than he’d like to admit, and she even told him once that gay sex turned her on but still, it was always a little bit awkward to have your best friend walking in on you when you’re watching porn and about to take care of your boner.

He found a video that he thought would help him in his fantasy and started it after closing the undesired tabs that popped up.

In the video, beefy blond walked in on slender dark-haired man as he was in the shower, already supporting a huge boner. Beefy blond watched, hand reaching inside his sweatpants and starting to stroke himself to hardness.

“Ugh!” Bucky rolled his eyes and stopped the video. Why was porn always so predicable?

With a frustrated sigh, he clicked the search bar. He wanted something different, something-

His lips parted, and the tip of his tongue rolled over his bottom lip as he searched instead for some light bondage. It took him some time, but he was able to find one with a kind of muscly blond dominating a dark-haired guy. The video instantly started with the both of them already doing some foreplay. Dark-haired guy was on his knees, wrists restrained on his back while beefy blond was fucking his mouth slowly, one big hand tugging on the other’s hair.

Bucky had to take in a deep breath when his lungs begged for it because he hadn’t realized that he had been holding in his breath as he watched the video unblinkingly. Already blood was rushing south and making his dick grow bigger and thicker. Beefy blond groaned, and Bucky shuddered, briefly closing his eyes as he imagined Steve doing the same to him. He imagined being on his knees, taking all of Steve’s cock down his throat and he’d gag but still force himself still, tears would build in the corner of his eyes and he’d be turning red from the lack of oxygen until Steve finally, slowly pulled out and Bucky would gasp for air and cough but he’d be so happy because he’d see how proud Steve would be on top of him.

He pushed his laptop aside, not needing the video any longer but left it on anyway because their noises were doing things to him. Bucky closed his eyes again and slowly moved his fingers down his stomach. He could picture Steve- he’d be on top of him, kissing and nibbling at his skin, leaving light marks and wet trails behind.

He finally reached his cock and wrapped his fingers around it. It was hot to the touch, heavy and already leaking. He tugged at it once and whimpered. He moved his free hand to his lips and sucked on two fingers, coating them with saliva as he stroked his cock more firmly.

He didn’t want to waste much time in this. He had all night to enjoy himself but right now he really just needed to come. So, he moved his now wet fingers between his opened legs right under his balls and stroked at his hole before pushing a finger slowly inside. Unconsciously, he stopped stroking his dick as he concentrated more on the feeling of his finger entering inside him inch by inch till the second knuckle.

“Fuck,” he curled his finger inside, but he needed more. He slowly pulled back and added his second finger, his other hand remembering that it had to keep touching his cock. Being stimulated from both his cock and asshole was his own kind of heaven. Bucky let his head fall back on his pillows and let out a moan when both his fingers got deep inside him.

‘Look at your little greedy ass, babe. So desperate for my cock.’ Beefy blond said in the video and Bucky’s heart slammed in his chest when he imagined Steve saying it instead. Saying it to him.

“Oh my god, yes!” Bucky all but whimpered, eyes closed tight as he fucked up into his fist and back down on his fingers. He was panting loudly, and he needed that vibrator inside him asap because he was already so close.

He blinked his eyes open and slowly pulled his fingers out, wiping them on his bedsheets before he reached for his wonderful present and the lube on his bedside table. He quickly coated it and pressed the button to turn it on. He bit his lip excitedly when it came to life and sent like shocks all the way up his right arm.

Oh, I’m so gonna enjoy this. Thanks Nat!

Bucky lay down once more and spread his legs wider. Left hand holding up his balls as the other one moved the vibrator down his perineum. His eyes rolled back, and a loud moan escaped his lips at the feeling.

This was good. This was so good!

He slowly moved it lower and when he reached his hole he didn’t push it inside at first. Instead, he let the tip of the vibrator dance along his fluttering muscle and already his legs were shaking. He let go of his balls and brought his index finger to his mouth, biting on it as he finally pushed the vibrator inside and his whole body turned to jelly.

“Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck-”

A door slammed open.


Bucky’s eyes snapped opened and-

“Shit. Sorry! Oh God… I- I thought…”

Bucky pulled the vibrator out of him so fast he gasped at the pain he felt from it.


Steve motherfucking Rogers is in his bedroom.

Bucky pulled the covers quickly over himself to hide his naked body and leaking erection.

He was mortified. Steve stood there, wearing a dark suit that honestly made him look so fucking hot, how is life fair. He was as red as a tomato and he seemed like he was glued to the floor.

Bucky wanted to die.

“Oh my god, is that-” Bucky followed Steve’s eyes and- yep. He wanted to die right now because Steve was looking at his precious Captain America vibrator and never in his life had he been more embarrassed before-

‘Yes, fuck me harder! Please.’

‘Yeah babe, I’ll give it to you so good.’

Tears built up in his eyes and he couldn’t even control them. This was the most horrible birthday ever! He just wanted to cry in a corner and get fat on ice cream and never leave his apartment ever again.

He quickly reached for his laptop and slammed it shut. His whole body was trembling, and he had to sniff and blink hard to stop his tears from falling.

“Please… get out…” he muttered not looking at Steve.

When Steve looked at him though and saw the state Bucky was in, he made a step towards the bed and Bucky flinched back making the blond freeze.

“Okay… I’ll wait outside. I, I’m so sorry Bucky… I didn’t mean to barge in but, I thought you were getting hurt or something I- fuck I’m so sorry. I’ll be waiting. Out there. I’m sorry.” The blond sighed and after only three seconds of pure silence between them, he finally decided to turn and leave the room, slowly closing the door behind him.

Bucky sat there mortified, thinking that maybe he had probably killed someone or something just as bad in his previous life to deserve something like this in his current one. He didn’t want to move, he didn’t want to get dressed- but Steve fucking Rogers said he’d be waiting. Of course, he’d be waiting. He’d want to talk about this. And what was Steve fucking Rogers doing his apartment anyway? Well, now that made no sense and crush or not, superhero or not, Steve just barged in like he owned the place when Hello! No one does that.

Frustrated Bucky pushed the covers off his body and stood up to put on his Harry Potter dressing grown because well I already made a fool of myself so what the fuck- and walked out of his bedroom barefoot. Sure enough, Steve stood right in the hallway, body stiff. He tried to smile carefully at Bucky, but it wasn’t reciprocated.

“You could’ve made yourself at home. Get yourself a drink, all that jazz. You had no problem barging in anyway so-”

“I’m really sorry.” Steve muttered, and oh my god he was blushing. “I heard- I mean… I really thought you were getting hurt. In my defense, I did knock on the front door but you- um… didn’t hear.”

No shit.

“What are you doing here anyway?”

“Uh, yeah… Nat told us it was your birthday- happy birthday by the way. And um, since she’s out on a date she told us you’d be alone… so Tony uh, said we needed to take you out. He’s waiting… downstairs.”

“Nope, he’s here. What’s taking so long?” another voice said from the living room and not even two seconds later, Tony Stark, wearing a red suit appeared in the hallway. “Hey sweetheart.” He winked at Bucky. “Nice dressing grown but, get your ass changed please. We need to get this party started. Need help getting dressed?”

Don’t ask how it happened but ever since Nat introduced him to the Avengers, Tony had instantly liked Bucky and vice versa. They became buddies, flirting here and there and Bucky was fascinated by Tony’s genius. The guy really was the smartest man in probably the whole country.

“Why didn’t Nat tell me anything?” Bucky was frowning. Because it could’ve saved him from getting embarrassed just minutes ago in front of his crush.

“Oh my god, why are we still standing here?” Tony huffed like an impatient child. “We wanted it to be a surprise. Now please go get dressed. Something, hot and sophisticated.” And okay, they were both wearing suits… Bucky wanted to ask where exactly they were going but he was afraid if he asked more right now and didn’t get a move on to get dressed, Tony would force him into his room and actually dress him himself.

“Alright, I’ll-” He gestured to his door.

“Yeah, you do that. I’ll look around and see if there’s anything worth to drink- Cap, stop standing there blushing like a twelve-year-old girl and help me.”

Bucky didn’t even look at Steve, he didn’t want to make this even more embarrassing for them both, so he simply walked back to his bedroom and slammed the door closed behind him. He needed to get dressed quickly before Tony made a mess of his apartment. Unfortunately, he didn’t own a suit so a simple pair of black slacks (that hugged his thighs and ass perfectly) and a navy blue button-down shirt will have to do.

When Bucky walked out of his bedroom dressed in the best clothes he owned, he joined the two superheroes in his living room. Tony was standing by the tv, a glass of what looked like whisky- he didn’t even know they owned whiskey, in his hand and scrunching his nose at every sip he took. Steve stood by the door, body straight and stiff, both hands in the pockets of his expensive pants.

“Ready.” He announced upon entering the room.

Both looked at him instantly.

“Well, I was about to tell you to put on a suit,” Tony started, tilting his head as he let his eyes roam appreciatively over Bucky’s body “but you do look hot dressed like that, doesn’t he Cap?”

A deep blush spread all over Steve’s face.

“I don’t own a suit, so this’ll have to do. We going or what?”

“Yep, by the way, I’m buying you better whisky, this shit is disgusting.” Making another face at his glass, the brunet put it down on the table as Bucky made his way to the front door. “WAIT!” The sudden outburst made Bucky lose his footing, but Steve was quick enough to catch him before he could fall. When he looked up into Steve’s oh fuck they’re so blue eyes, he stepped back quickly. “Hold on,” Tony reached inside his pocket and with a grin on his face, pulled out something dark from it. “Arms up.”

Bucky looked from his hand to his face suspiciously. “Why?”

“Jesus Christ, trust me.”

Rolling his eyes, Bucky did as he was asked and watched as Tony put a what the fuck is this shit-

When he looked down at his chest- yup it’s a fucking sash! A black sash with something written on it in pink. He had to tilt his head and concentrate on the words before he was able to read it.

‘Birthday Bitch’

Bucky barked a laugh, head tilted back. “Fuck, this is awesome!”

“You look perfect now.” Tony nodded. “Alright, let’s go!”



The limousine- yes, limousine because Tony fucking Stark, okay- dropped them in front of probably one of the coolest, most select clubs in the city and Bucky’s jaw dropped at the sight. He had never been to a place like this before, he bet you were only allowed in a place like this if you had a famous name. And yet, here he was. With Tony Stark and Steve Rogers and Pepper Potts and ugh, Steve’s girlfriend- what was her name again? Shannon?  Whatever.

They were all easily allowed inside, Tony walking at the front and he wasn’t even asked for his name because well- everybody knows Tony Stark.

Once inside though, the music stopped playing and-

“Everybody, cheer for the birthday boy!” the DJ said, and Bucky blinked when everyone around him started singing a very loud ‘Happy Birthday’.

What. The. Fuck.

Bucky didn’t know these people. And they were all singing for him. Was it for him? Was it someone else’s birthday?

He made a step back trying to hide behind Steve’s back, but a flash of red caught his eye and-

Natasha was standing there, a huge smile on her face as she sang along.

Bucky was confused, wasn’t she supposed to be- oh.


When he realized what was happening, what she did, what they all did, he teared up and ran to his best friend, picking her up in his arms and hiding his face in the crook of her neck. He could feel her chuckle and wrap her arms around his neck, her hands massaging softly at his scalp.

“You liar.” He whimpered against her neck.

Her only answer was to cup his face and kiss his forehead.



They had the private V.I.P. room.

All the Avengers and friends seemed to be here, to enjoy and celebrate his birthday.

Bucky was sitting at a booth, with Natasha and Pepper all three of them enjoying their cocktails. “I have to say, Natasha told me how much you love shopping.” Pepper beamed at him. “We should definitely go shopping together sometime.”

“I would really love that!” He quickly agreed because he really was indeed a sucker for shopping.

“Maybe we could book a spa day too- no, we need a weekend. A full weekend. Just you, me and Natasha.”

Unfortunately, Bucky never answered to that because then, he noticed a few feet from them was Steve. Making out with Shannon. He frowned at the sight but call him a masochist, he simply couldn’t look away. He hated Shannon, he-


Startled, he looked away from them and up to the person that called out his name. Clint. The blond was standing next to a man that looked a lot like him but slightly musclier.

“I’d like to introduce you to my brother,” Clint was grinning as he patted his brother’s muscly shoulder. “Barney, this is our birthday boy and Nat’s best friend, Bucky. Bucky, Charles, my brother who goes by Barney.”

Fuck if Barney wasn’t hot.

Bucky took the extended hand and shook it with a smile.

“Well, Happy Birthday, mind if I offer you a birthday drink?” Barney asked and oh- his voice is so deep.

“He’d love that!” Natasha said for him and when he looked at her, both she and Clint were winking at him.

Oh, I see!

Biting on his bottom lip, Bucky quickly glanced Steve’s way who was still making out with Shannon- then back at Barney and nodded, smiling brightly at the man.

“What she said.” He stood up and followed Barney. “Mind if I call you Charles?” Charles is a hot name!

“I- no one calls me Charles…” The man hesitated as they reached the bar.

“Make an exception for me?” Bucky muttered when he stepped close enough to be heard and Barney chuckled.

“That look should be illegal.”

“What look?” Bucky asked innocently.

“Argh- fine… You can call me Charles. No one ever tells you ‘no’ am I right?”

“Natasha is strong enough, she’s the only one though.” Bucky winked at him and Barney laughed again before he turned to the waitress and order their drinks.




After a few drinks, Bucky found himself in the dancefloor body flush against Barney’s. They were moving together with no space between their bodies, the alcohol and the bass of the music played by the DJ was enough to make Bucky high but the muscles under his palms were making things a thousand times better. They swayed together, hands traveling on each other and all the bad memories from hours ago had disappeared from Bucky’s mind. Until- His eyes locked on clear blue. Steve stood against a wall, drink in one hand, the other one shove inside his pocket. The muscles of his jaw seemed tight and he wasn’t looking away not even when he saw that Bucky had noticed him watching. Bucky glared, trying to make him look away but of course, that didn’t work.


The brunet rolled the tip of his tongue slowly on his bottom lip, his hands gripping at the shoulders he had been holding onto. Just as slowly, and never breaking the eye contact with Steve, he leaned over Barney’s ear and licked his lobe before catching it between his teeth and giving it a little suck.

Steve didn’t look away.

Very well.

He nuzzled softly Barney’s cheek and the man in his arms looked at him, pupils dilated. Bucky inched closer and this time licked at the man’s lips.

“Still on?” the man asked to make sure.

Before they had started dancing they had agreed that they weren’t in for anything serious, they were here to just have some fun. They had a lot in common, and will probably- most likely be friends, but friends who fuck each other is a thing.

“Yep,” Bucky muttered against his lips. “Kiss me.”

Barney obliged and captured Bucky’s lips in a deep kiss, their tongues teased, learning the other’s taste. When Bucky glanced over, Steve was glaring at him and the drink in his hand had disappeared. Happy with the reaction, Bucky allowed his hands to grab Barney’s ass, the feeling of such beautiful ass in his grip was enough to make him moan openly in the other’s mouth.

“Fuck- I want you.”

Bucky answered by rocking his hips up and making their crotches rub together. Both groaned in each other's mouth.



Barney broke their kiss and glanced over at the blonde that was looking at Bucky and only Bucky.

“Natasha is looking for you.” The blond said, tone flat.


“Well, tell her I’ll go in a minute-” he grabbed Barney’s face and plunged in for another kiss.

“I… She’s-” Bucky waved him off, never breaking the kiss. “I’m serious, she’s looking for you, Bucky.”

Barney broke the kiss once more and smiled apologetically at him. “Maybe you should go see what she wants babe. Then,” he nuzzled at Bucky’s earlobe and whispered, “I’ll take you home and I swear you won’t be able to sit for a week.”

That made Bucky’s knees go weak. “Fuck, is that a promise?” He asked with a smirk and Barney nodded, nibbling at the skin under his ear before he took a step back. “Go, I’ll go get our stuff.”

With that, the man turned and left Bucky and Steve behind. The brunet scowled up at the blond that still hadn’t moved and was now glaring at Barney’s back. Without saying a word, Bucky walked past him to go and find his best friend, but Steve was quick to join his side.

“I thought you two just met.” Steve says, tone flat again.

Bucky glanced his way, arching an eyebrow. “So, what?”

“Are you seriously going back with him?”

He scoffed at that, quickening his pace. “How is that your problem?”

“I don’t trust him that’s all. I worry for-”

“He’s Clint’s brother. Clint wouldn’t have introduced him to me if he was a psycho and I still don’t see how that’s your business.”

Thankfully, Bucky found Natasha (who was sitting on Clint’s lap and smiling at whatever he was saying in her ear), so Steve never answered that.

“I’m here, what is it?” he asked his best friend who turned to him and frowned in confusion. That only made Bucky send an accusative stare Steve's way. This was all bullshit.

“Where’s Barney?” Clint asked with a knowing smile.

“He went to get our stuff, we are… leaving.” Bucky said with a smile of his own.

“Oh, apartment’s all yours, babe. I will leave you two to it.” Natasha winked at him and reached over to smack his ass. “Go get it, tiger.”

“I intend to.” He said pointedly looking at Steve then looked back at Natasha and hugged her. “Thanks again for all this, you’re honestly the best and I love you big like my ass.”

“I love you big like mine.” She said back, and they hugged before Bucky left them (and a scowling Steve) behind.

When he met Barney outside the club, he took his hand and grinned at him. “So, about that promise… The apartment’s all mine tonight.”

“Oh.” Barney smirked and raised a hand for a taxi.



Barney kept his promise and they fucked for hours until Bucky’s back and ass and legs hurt. But at least, he was able to get Steve out of his head if only for a few hours.