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Giving Us A Try

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Klaus sat right outside of Mystic Falls in a cafe with a stack of books on the table. His phone in front of him. He sighed loudly and looked at his phone again awaiting the phone call of a witch that can help him bring Damon back . When the door to the cafe opened again for what seemed like the tenth time in three seconds , he looked up to glare at whoever it was. Finding a perky blonde and a whiny brunette staring back at him confused, yet a bit scared. Klaus closed his books and prepared himself for this conversation from hell.

"What are you doing here?" Caroline asked glaring at the hybrid standing in front of her. Klaus simply smirked and looked at Caroline. "It's good to see you as well, love." Klaus said sarcastically. "How are you doing after the recent death of your best friend?" Not giving Caroline time to respond, Klaus continued. "Although from the looks of it, You have found comfort in the hands of the younger Salvatore?" Caroline glared at Klaus and Elena squirmed uncomfortably. "Oh! Am I wrong? That's odd. I usually know what I am talking about. Being a 1000 years old has it's perks." Caroline rolled her eyes. "Well, clearly you aren't right. Elena and Stefan are still together. And as for Stefan and I, we are best friends." Klaus smiled looking between Caroline and Elena noticing the clear tension but ignored it.

"Now back to the question. What. Are. You. Doing?" Caroline repeated the question again. Klaus rolled his eyes and got up from his seat. "I simply got bored of New Orleans!" Klaus glanced towards Elena and than back at Caroline. "Now don't get me wrong, It is a beautiful place! Art, music, culture... annoying brothers, bratty sisters. The reason I like to keep them daggered and locked in a box. " Klaus ended with a small huff. Caroline narrowed her eyes and stepped forward. "Look, just stay out of our way and we will stay out of yours." Caroline said while glaring. Klaus raised his hands in mock surrender. Klaus opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by his phone. He picked it up and smiled slightly.

"Klaus Mikaelson." He said as soon as he picked up.

"We found something." The witch said Klaus smiled as hope started rising in him once again. Klaus quickly put the phone in his pocket and picked up the books from the table, leaving the cafe without sparing a glance at Elena and Caroline.

The other side- 1994

"Whipped cream or cream cheese?" Damon asked Bonnie who was reading a newspaper. She looked up thinking for a second. "Whipped cream." She looked down, and than suddenly looked up at Damon with a bright smile. "Lots of it!" She squealed excited. Damon laughed as she reminded him of Klaus. Damon got lost in thought as the memories hit him.

Flashback- Klaus and Damon sat in New Orleans bored out of their minds. Damon cooked pancakes while humming to a song and Klaus looked at him smiling, sitting on the chair near the kitchen counter. Damon looked up from his pancakes and rubbed his hands together. "Okay... whipped cream or cream cheese?" Klaus ignored the question and kept staring. "Can't we just do something fun! I'm bored!" Klaus complained. Damon rolled his eyes. "Stop whining like a little girl! We will have some fun later." Damon wiggled his eyebrows making Klaus laugh. "Answer my question Klaus!" Damon said. Klaus sighed. "Whipped cream." Damon nodded and picked up the bottle of whipped cream. After a few seconds Klaus's head snapped up, he was smiling widely. "A lot of it!" He said loudly. Damon laughed. "Okay." He brought the bottle closer to Klaus and sprayed it on his face.

"You little!" Klaus grabbed another bottle, spraying it on Damon's clothes as he tried to run away."Hey! That was John Varvatos!" Damon said while he laughed and hid behind the couch. "Get over it, love" Klaus yelled back while laughing. Klaus sprayed Damon again but Damon ducked down and the whipped cream landed on Elijah instead as he was coming into the room. They both froze. "oops." They said at the same time. With that they vamp sped out of the house, laughing loudly.

"The pancakes are burning!" Bonnie said without looking up from her newspaper. When she didn't get a snarky reply she looked up at the blue eyed vampire, who seemed to be staring off into space. "Damon." Bonnie said softly as she reached out to put a hand on his own. Damon snapped out of his thoughts, and blinked a couple times looking around as if trying to remember where he was. He frowned when he realized the reality of the situation. Disappointment was clear on his face. He looked down at the pancakes, and grimaced at the burned pancakes. He threw them out and felt Bonnie's eyes focused on him. He turned around looking anywhere but at Bonnie.

"What happened Damon?" Bonnie asked softly.

"It's nothing Bon." Damon turned to leave, but Bonnie caught his wrist.

"Talk to me Damon, I am your best friend."

Damon sighed, and Bonnie patted the couch next to her, and Damon sat down beside her. After a moment of silence, Damon finally got the guts to speak. "I miss him." Damon looked at Bonnie with a broken expression. Bonnie's eyes softened. "Who?" Bonnie asked, but as she expected, the only reply she got was silence. "Stefan?" She asked again. Damon looked at her. "Of course I miss my brother, but...I am not talking about him." Damon ended with a sigh, looking anywhere but towards Bonnie . "Than who are you talking about Damon? Please tell me. I am getting worried about you." Bonnie pleaded. "Klaus." Damon finally replied turning his head towards Bonnie only to be met by her shocked face.


Present time

Klaus sat at the mansion belonging to the witch who had called him saying she had found out some information about Bonnie and Damon. Klaus tried to be on his best behavior, he didn't want to piss of the witch before he can get the information. Although he was a little disappointed that the witch did not have a lot to tell him except Bonnie is the key to bringing the two back to the land of living, which only added up the information, and facts he had about where they were, but told him nothing about how he could bring them back home. Klaus quickly got into his car and drove back to Whitmore only to find Alaric outside. He turned to look at Klaus, who just smirked at him. "Any urges to kill originals yet?" Klaus asked him as he got out of his car. Alaric stared at him with wide eyes. "Klaus." He finally replied.