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you can justify it in the end

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it’s called umbaran syndrome, and most of torrent company doesn’t really know how to feel, when they hear that the phrase they muttered, gallows-humor style ( firing-squad-humor style ) over their sixth drinks at 79′s, has caught on. ‘ isn’t it just another word for friendly fire? ‘ topper, the new shiny of the 501st, asks, looking puzzled. 

rex sighs and turns to explain the difference. 

friendly fire’s when your brother behind you can’t aim for karking sithspit, like jesse, here, and it hits you in the shoulder by mistake. or when the general tosses something to the side using the force and it hits one of us by mistake. it’s an accident, and it happens. umbaran syndrome is - you’re tricked or manipulated into hurting your allies. like with those brain worms commander tano came across, or when that sith hut’uun harpy convinced two of the generals that we were working against them, and general skywalker came this close to snapping dogma’s neck. )

and … it’s rare, but not as much as it should be. the 53rd and the 62nd, trapped on an island shrouded in fog and nearly driving each other to extinction, only seeing the blaster bolts and firing back out of instinct alone. nahdar, thinking the clones were intentionally trying to slow him down. rex jokes that skywalker throwing him off that wall should, by all measures, count. 

and then the unthinkable happens. 

hundreds of times. execute order 66. 

umbaran syndrome, some isolated part of cody thinks, as he waves for the order to shoot general kenobi down, and he wants to laugh hysterically. but are we betraying them, or did they betray us?