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The last post was put down because somebody complained or something but I had talks with Aruna and other people in Ao3 and I proved them that I had permission to post this in ao3 and that Seth was OK with this so I posted it right back and all is fine now.

Is important for you to know that SETH loves feedback, I put a link to his blog if you want to read it from there and leave a comment on his blog.

Seth loves suggestions so if you email him, leave a comment on his blog or here he will take notice; now he doesn't actively take requests but he bears them in mind so that is that.

The fics go from 2013 and goes up to this year so, you can actually see some actors in roles that are not playing right now and somethings that are different now know keep that in mind.

If you leave a comment here I'll pass it on.

And please be nice to other people.

(IF you want to find a specific paring just ask me in the comments and I will find the story you are looking for, ok?)