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Hi Vati? (2p Germany x adoptive daughter reader)

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The Day started of like any other day everybody had somewhere specific to be except for a certain someone she had run away sure she had good grades and income, however, there was one thing missing Social Life her parents  would make her keep so many secrets about her mental health and they made her think they supported her when really they were prejudice 
even if she did nothing wrong or just lightly disagreed with their opinion they would force her into certain clubs just to expand her social life even though she didn't have much of a social life to begin with also they barely trusted her at all
She was now 17 she planned to be a Comic Artist, however, there weren't many comic companies that specialized in manga like art in her country sure she had some part time jobs but since she didn't have her own house yet it didn't really do much for her she had just completed her exams and just wanted to get away from it all she thought for a while and decided to “run away” she packed her bags and every suitcase she owned she got dressed and snuck outside however she couldn't drive yet so she took the train to the airport because she was too young to get her own house   she decided she was going to start a new leaf either living in a home or getting adopted again she went through all the security places checked her passport and went off on the plane where was she going to go well she decided to think outside the box she was going to go somewhere different not outside of her continent but outside her region most of the other places were really expensive though she had just enough money to go to Germany
She made it through the flight well and as soon as she had landed she took the nearest taxi to the closest children’s home luckily in this town some of the Germans could speak English and she knew a good amount of German words not fluent per se but enough to have a proper conversation
She walked up to reception filled out the form and chilled for a while in her room until morning
Most of the other kids who were primary to middle school age were getting ready for school while she was getting ready to look for some jobs luckily she found a good part-time job at a local restaurant she was good at carrying heavy trays, handing out menu’s and interacting with customers it was perfect
Now all she needed was someone to adopt her and support her until she has a home of her own
During a regular workday, a regular customer came in who she had never met before she did notice some things about him like the small scar on his right cheek, his dark beanie and the smirk he almost always had on his face
Hallo welcome I’ll take you to your table
Here you go and here’s the menu for today
You're welcome
So have you decided what you’d like to order
Der Frühstück Bratwurst, Eier und Toast
Coming right up sir~
*gives him the food*
a few minutes later
und here’s your bill sir have a gut day *waves*
(a bunch of customers later)
*sigh* well that was fun it wasn’t frustrating or annoying sure it has nothing to do with my future but at least it gives me a good salary and I actually enjoy it hehe~ (watches tv, surfs the internet for a while before sleeping)
Months past things went well she had a good job, good income, good health and a good lifestyle
She even got to enjoy October later in the year and it was the most fun festival ever even if she didn’t like much beer besides the root kind she even got to have fun with that one customer again except he was slightly more cheerful and they got to get to know each other better even if he was slightly 40% drunk at the time
„So how was your day?“
Was it gut yours?
Same do you um attend this festival often?
Oh?  Every year I attend it’s the best
Okay then what else do you enjoy?
I enjoy just chilling, relaxing, listening to music, reading and video games
Interesting I like those too except I also enjoy writing and drawing I wanted to get a job as a comic artist specializing in the manga art style, however, there wasn’t any companies back in the home country that wanted me
Mmm? I know a gut place where you can edit and illustrate manga comic books (gives address)
Thanks for the information do you have a job?
Ja but it’s a secret
Alright anything else you can tell me about yourself
Well I like Katze more than hounds, I have an older Bruder, when I’m depressed I smoke sometimes und drink though not as much as I eat I’m a bit of a glutton I tend to brag a lot though I can also be the voice of reason
I also enjoy playing the drums, I occasionally like drawing manga art, I’m terrible with electronic navigation devices und my best friends are very quiet, violent and manipulative at times
Good to know what are your plans for the future?
Maybe get another job, adopt a pet or kinder or try to improve my relationship with mien friends
You could maybe do all those things they sound like great idea’s

It was great talking to you
You too though why do you want to adopt a kinder along with a kat?
Because let’s just say the ways that mien Bruder raised me were not the best so I’d like to show that I can properly raise a kinder better than him
Hehe right I’m going to head back to the home now
Hmmm? Don’t you mean your own home
0///0 Dammit sorry I don’t have my own place yet Auf  Wiedersehen
Uh, Auf  Wiedersehen?
During December at the home, there was a visitor  someone had told her that the visitor was for her surprisingly it was the same person she met at Oktoberfest
This is Lutz, Lutz Beilschmidt he has come to adopt you
W-What? Why, how?
Ich understands what you said last time they told me everything about your past life and about your plans for the future so I’ve decided I’d like to help you and raise you to be an adult etc.
Really? T-thanks thanks a lot
(Later on)
“Und this will be your room it’s a little dark though and a little dull
It’s fine Lutz I love dark things this room will be perfect once I add some atmosphere to it with some posters, comics and sketchbooks  
Right if you need me I’ll be in the kitchen making dinner

mmm these potatoes are delicious I used to eat lots of potato products like bread  

mmmm sounds interesting do you have the recipe?

Yes I'll make it tomorrow maybe I can teach you how to make it 

that would be interesting sure why not 

Oh looks like it's almost bedtime 

she had fallen asleep on the couch 
Lutz picked her up and took her to her room 
tucked her in bed and calmly said "Gute Nacht" before  it was time for lights out 

As Morning came when Lutz awoke from the brightness of the sunlight coming from outside he noticed something she was there near his door cheerfully said Guten Morgen  Lutz smiled cheerfully and went downstairs to start off the day