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I Will Always Find You

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Yuuri has been recieving tiny random objects. As a small child, before he started kindergarten, before he knew the reason he magically found things he's never seen before in his pockets or in his bed, he'd hide it. Yuuri thought this wasn't normal, that he has magic powers that could summon small nick knacks into his possession.

That was up until he was six. His mother allowed him to move into a bigger bedroom, she moved his clothes and toys while he was at school, setting up his new room for him. That's when she found the cardboard box under his bed with a few strange toys, random crayons, pens, hair clips, socks, everything you could lose.

Yuuri finally learnt what it all meant when he got home that day.

"Yuuri, I want to talk to you about something before you go to the rink." She was sitting on the edge of Yuuri's new bed. Yuuri joined her, feeling dread in his stomach. 'Oh no, she knows I was the one who spilled all of the orange juice this morning,' Yuuri thought. He prepared for the lecture. "Do you know what a soulmate is?"

He wasn't expecting that. "Yuuko was talking about it at school. She said she thinks Nishigori-san is her soulmate. Why?"

Hiroko smiled kindly. "Maybe he is, Yuuri. They'll figure it out. Not everyone has a soulmate, the majority of the population doesn't. But if you have a soulmate, it means they're very very special to you Yuuri, no matter what, for your whole life today. You'll love them and they'll love you unconditionally."


"That means no matter what. It means no matter what they do or how they act, you'll still love them. They'll be the most important person to you in the world."

Yuuri gasped quietly, intrigued. "Mama, how do you know if you have a soulmate? What if you wanna find them?"

"Whenever they lose something, it ends up with you. Even if you're across the world from eachother. This is why I wanted to talk to you about this. Because I don't remember anyone ever buying you those toys over there." She jolted her head in the direction of the box near the wall.

Yuuri's eyes widen at the realisation. Normally, he'd be mad if someone went through his box of magic things but after finding out the reason he has them, it didn't even matter anymore.

"MAMA! I have a soulmate?!"

"Unless you stole all of that from somewhere, yes." Yuuri and his mother were both wearing massive grins. Hiroko was so happy that her son had a soulmate. Nobody else in her family did.

"Does my soulmate have all of my lost toys? Mama! What if they have my poodle plushie? That was my favourite..."

Hiroko sighed. She remembered that plushie. Yuuri wanted to take it with him everywhere, even swimming. He's only recently gotten used to sleeping without it. He used to decorate the poodle with ribbons and bows. "Maybe they'll give it back to you when you finally meet." She said.

"I can give them back their toys too! I bet they miss their toys." Yuuri pouted and kicked his legs back and forth. "My soulmate's bigger than me. I found they're t-shirt and they're like, a hundred sizes bigger than my shirts!" Yuuri held out his arms to emphasise his point and giggled. "I think my soulmate's a boy. Their clothes are boys' clothes. But they also have hairclips and some of them have butterlies on them so I don't know!"

Hiroko laughed and patted Yuuri on the back, he was starting to get himself worked up. "You'll figure it out, Yuuri. You're only six. You have all the time in the world! Now, are you going to the ice rink with Yuuko?"

Yuuri seemed to suddenly realise that he had plans for the afternoon. He jumped up. "I have to tell Yuuko all about this!"
"I'll walk you there, let's go,"




Viktor Nikiforov has always known what a soulmate was, even before he knew he had one. So the day he first found a random foam block in his pocket was probably the happiest day of his life that he can remember.

Only his babysitter, Yulia was home with him that day and when he told her she first asked him to make sure that it isn't just from one of his building sets. But he was positively certain that it wasn't. He doesn't own soft building blocks, only connecting ones.

"Are you going to be a good soulmate, Vitenka?" The babysitter asked.

Viktor stood with his back straight and his chest puffed out. "Yes! I'll be the bestest soulmate! So much that I'll be famous!" Yulia laughed at that and finished putting away Vitkor's toys. Viktor held the block close to his chest.

"I want a special secret place to put my soulmate's things. So nobody can ever steal them." Viktor announced after a few moments of silence.

"People normally have a box, either just a plain cardboard one or a pretty one, it's up to you."

"I want to make it a very important box that's really beautiful," Viktor decided.

"I don't doubt that at all."

And Viktor did make a beautiful box. He used a large wooden box, with a lid and a padlock. He decorated it with hearts and every colour of the rainbow and he never let anyone see what's inside- not even his parents. Everyone who knew him knew not to mess with his soulmate box.

Not that they could mess with it anyway, he hid it in his most secret hiding place; the back of his closet. With all his board games and lego boxes stacked around and on top of it. That made it impossible for anyone to find, because he wasn't gonna let anyone near his board games unless he was there. He even tied a skipping rope around the handles of the closet and in his four-and-a-half year old mind, that meant it was basically impenetrable.

Viktor was proud of this achievement and excited to find his soulmate in the future.