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Pillow Talk

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Another harsh day of rehearsals, rehearsals, and more rehearsals. If Seokjin's legs won't kill him, his exhaustion will. He takes a quick shower and puts on his heart patterned pyjamas which are definitely too cute for a 25 year old.

He was really amazed by the fact that his roomate, Yoongi, has decided to spend another night in his studio. The younger looked even more exhausted than Seokjin himself, yet he still decides to continue working?

Surprisingly, after dragging himself to his lovely bed after waiting for this moment the entire day, he couldn't fall asleep, finding himself rolling side to side. After about an hour of unsuccessful attempts, he gave up, picking up his phone and scrolling through twitter.

A few minutes had passed and Seokjin could hear the door slowly open. Thinking it's Yoongi who, after coming to his senses, decided to catch some Z's, he hasn't paid it much attention and continued scrolling through some pretty impressive fanarts.

“hyung" a deep voice was heared from the darkness, and Jin would be freaked out had he not known it belonged to none other than Kim Taehyung, who was standing in the hallway in his pyjamas which were not less cuter than Jin's, holding a teddy bear. Seokjin turned his gaze to look at the younger, or at least at his shadow.

“hey, Taehyungie. Is something wrong?" He asked, his voice sounding calmer than ever, probably from tiredness. The younger slowly waddled his way to stand near Jin's bed.
"I can't sleep, hyung. I'm so tired but I can't sleep"
"ditto" the older chuckled, making some room next to him and singaling Taehyung to join him.

He's already pretty used to it. Ever since debut Taehyung liked to join Jin's bed. Seokjin didn't know why, but he never resisted it. He brushed it off as Taehyung just feeling safer next to him, and only joining his bed when he can't sleep.
While it is true, it's not all. Taehyung had many more reasons to join his eldest hyung in bed.

Seokjin's warmth. His presence. Sometimes he even sings in his sleep, as if he's practicing even in his dreams. Tae loves to listen. He loves his hyung's emoting, soft voice so much. He loves getting Jin's attention, he loves it when the older pats his head, when he calls him cute nicknames, his kindness, how caring he is..

Seokjin could see Taehyung's box-shaped smile forming as he climbed into his bed, right next to him, as if he belongs there.

Maybe he does.

"hyung couldn't fall asleep as well?" Tae asked, covering himself with the blanket and turning to face him.
"nope.. even though I almost fainted on my way here.. thank god we got tomorrow off" he let out a relieved sigh, staring at the ceiling as if he could see the stars from there.

Taehyung remembered another reason why he likes joining him.
Seokjin looks unbelievably beautiful, even at night. the moonlight shining from the window brings out his angelic face features, and no camera in the world could capture such beauty, no matter how much taehyung would try.
“hyungie” seokjin was always amazed at how cute Taehyung manages to sound, despite his deep baritone voice.
“hmm?” he hummed in response. “hyungie, you did so well today. Your dancing has gotten so much better” the younger praised, his gaze kept studying the older's features as if he's planning to draw him.
“you really think so? Thank you, taehyungie. Hyung is trying his best” the elder turned around to face the younger boy, his hand reaching out to stroke Tae's brown locks as if he was a puppy, as a thanks.

So close…
Taehyung was already used to this closeness, yet it still made his heart skip a beat. Having his lovable eldest hyung pay all of his attention to him was his favorite feeling in the world. Sadly, they were so busy the whole day that he barely gets to talk to Seokjin, so this time at night is the closest he ever gets to him.

“you’re amazing too, Taehyungie. You could definently be a part of the dance line if you wanted”
He's grateful his blush his hidden by the moonlight. He dosen't know why it happens. He's known Seokjin for about 8 years, yet he still feels like a fanboy everytime it happens. Every time Seokjin praises him, looks at him with his shining, glittery eyes, or touches him. He just can't help it, he hates how much he loves him and how his hyung will never realise it.

“thank you, Seokjin hyung” he says as he loves using Jin's full name.
Silence. Seokjin is sure Taehyung has fallen asleep before he speaks up again.
“today.. during the end of DNA, you hugged me again” the younger recalls how tight the hug felt, how much he loves being in his hyung's arms, how he wishes they could stay like this forever…

“i did”
“why not?”

Tae looked into the black-haired elder’s eyes again, the older looking back, the same sweet smile on his face.
Sometimes, but very rarely, Taehyung feels like Seokjin might like him back. That could only be in his deepest fantasies, something so surrealistic. Even if Seokjin did love men, because after all, Seokjin loves everyone, why would he see Taehyung as a lover? He probably only sees him as a cute dongsaeng, someone he practically raised, and nothing else. He probably still sees him as the shy, teenaged Taehyung who would follow him around in admiration.
But Taehyung is an adult. He understands feelings now. He has learned that loving a man is okay, and he should never be ashamed by those feelings. After all, how can someone not fall for Kim Seokjin? The beautiful, ever so kind Seokjin?

Seokjin confuses him. He sends him so many mixed signals, he could go crazy. One day he would get so clingy with him, letting Tae wrap his arms around his shoulders as the younger loves doing so much, joining his bed to “wake him up” but never actually doing so, or messing around with him on stage or during rehearsals, but other days he would act so neutral around him, clinging to the other members, causing Taehyung's jealous side to awake.

So the quiet nights, when only the sounds of their breathing mixed with the ticking of a wall clock could be heard, are the best.

“you confuse me so much, hyung” Taehyung dosen't know where did that confession come from, it just did.
“why is that so, my v?”
Here he goes again. Calling him ‘his’. As if he ever could be.
“y-you can't just do that, Jin hyung” Taehyung slightly stutters as he hides his face against Seokjin's broad chest, his favorite place.
“what did hyung do, Taehyungie?”
Taehyung feels a gentle hand brushing his soft hair, and he hates how safe he feels.

Seokjin is always surprised. On stage, Taehyung could be called a “beast” with his raging confidence, amazing stage presence and overall aura. But the Taehyung he knows, the Taehyung he sleeps next to, the Taehyung he wakes up with is so different.. it amazes him. He still has his shy smile every time someone compliments him. How his curious eyes shine as he talks about his favorite artists. How he plays with Yeontan, rivaling his adorableness when he hugs the pup so close..
And at night, how he cuddles the older, his love for how his hyung takes care of him, hugging him so close.. Taehyung would always be a softie, but Seokjin loves it.

“nothing, you didn't do anything, but my heart is beating so fast.. why is that, hyung?” he asks, lifting his head a bit to look into the older's soft eyes. A silly question, he already knows the answer himself.
“sorry, Taehyungie. Hyung didn't mean to do that”
“yet you did” he takes the elder’s hand and places it on his own chest to emphasize.
“what can I do to make it stop beating so fast?” he asks. As if it's that easy.
“nothing. No matter what you do, it just keeps happening”
Without thinking, the elder presses his lips against the younger's forehead.
“t..that just made it worst” Taehyung could feel how soft Seokjin's plump lips are, and his forehead felt like burning.
“oops” the older giggled, as if he's enjoying it. Is it really a game for him?
Taehyung's breath hitches when he feels the same softness, this time on his right cheek.
Taehyung held onto his teddy bear tighter, feeling like his heart could explode at any second. He decided that it's enough when he felt the elder’s lips against his left cheek, letting go of the teddy to cup his face. “if you wanna kiss me just kiss me hyung, enough playing around” came his serious voice.

The elder smirked, he was waiting for this.
He quickly leaned forward, closing the gap between their lips. This felt too real to be a dream, but he wouldn't mind staying if it is, in fact, one.
Just as he imagined, Seokjin's lips were as soft as they looked, as perfect as he is, but he could never imagine this actually happening. He never wanted it to end, so a small whine left his mouth when the black-haired man pulled away to catch his breath.
He was so focused on the kiss, he didn't even feel Seokjin's hand resting on his cheek during it.
“I didn't excpect that” he admitted.
“when has hyung ever been expectable?”

good point.

“besides, you asked me to” he added.
“oh, so would you kiss anyone if they asked you to, hyung?” Seokjin smiled at the adorable face Tae was making, which was beaming with jealousy.
“of course not. Only Taehyungie”
“b.. but why?”
“because i only love you”
It was amusing, how both of their faces were flushed at the same level. Seokjin's from confessing, and Taehyung's from being confessed to by his crush.

“you don't mean it, hyung” Taehyung turned his gaze to stare at the ceiling, trying to grasp what was happening.
“why not? You think i’d lie to you?” Seokjin reached his hand out to hold Tae's chin, bringing the younger to look at him.
“no, I don't.. but just.. why?”
“how can i not love you? I love your personality, i love your clinginess, i love just being next to you, your cute expressions that make my heart stop, your everything” the older listed. Is Tae hearing this right?
“should i prove it to you again?” the elder asked.
“go ahead” the younger closed his eyes before feeling his hyung's lips against his again, and he could get addicted to that feeling.

A few minutes passed, and the elder yawned, causing Taehyung to do so as well. Before he let sleep take over him, since it was already 4 AM, he pressed his lips against Tae's cheek again, letting the younger lay his head on his chest once again. “goodnight, baby” was the most wonderful thing Taehyung has ever heared.
“g-good night, hyung”
And as he felt a warm pair of hands engulfing him in a hug, he let himself drift off to sleep, just waiting for the morning to arrive so he could wake up in his now-boyfriend’s arms.

After all, Seokjin does love everyone.
But he loves Taehyung, just as much as Taehyung loves him.