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Matter of the Heart

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Disclaimer: The characters from Akuma No Riddle are the property of Funimation, Seven Seas, and Diomedia I only using them for simply for entrainment.


Tokaku was standing there holding a gun aiming at Haru held her arms out spreading them. Tokaku gave her assassin notice to Haru if she genuinely fell in love with the scarlet-haired girl due her own free will or it was Haru’s primer power complied Tokaku to protect her against other assassins in Class Black.

Haru trusted the azure-haired heiress of the Azuma clan as Tokaku pulled the trigger and shot her and barely missing any vital organs and merely few centimeters away ending her life. Haru convinced Tokaku not killing herself and forgiven her as she does with the others. Now Tokaku was back in the dorm they share after a week, Tokaku stilled can’t forgive herself what she did.

Tokaku lifelessly left her bed and walked in the bathroom and saw her reflection stared back. Her eyes were bloodshot from not eating or sleeping for a week. “Haru.” The virgin assassin devoted her time watching the girl pulling through as Haru was fighting her life nearly have her first kill. “Why.” Tokaku had constantly questioning herself why she tried to kill Haru. Tokaku almost lost her stinger, a fail worker bee whom couldn’t protect her own queen.

“Haru is my queen,” Yuri had told Tokaku the real purpose for Class Black to ensure someone replacing her with the queen bee power after Haru was took to the hospital. Since she entered Class Black, Azuma Tokaku wondered she’ll enjoy a happy, normal life. Her aunt Mako wanted Tokaku not tie down to their clan or her young hands strained by blood. “Mother,” As a child Tokaku visited a shrine by her aunt and curse was put on her if Tokaku thought of killing someone, the person in the shrine with hunt her.

Later, Tokaku realized that her mother, Sorami’s wish wanting her daughter a peaceful life. “I’m the worst.” Tokaku thinking of committing suicide but the will to live was strong and wouldn’t make Haru happy if Tokaku died. Tokaku went back to the room, pick her clothes off the floor and listlessly dressing her school uniform before leaving out.

The late summer evening’s air was crisp, Tokaku barely paid attention to her surrounding or wasn’t focusing since her guard was down. After walking a few blocks, a large hospital came to view. The automatic doors opened with Tokaku dragging her feet entering the place. One of the nurses saw the azure-haired tomboy and knew that she came to visit Haru. “Azuma-san I sorry that visiting hours are over I glad you’re seeing your friend, but her condition still isn’t good at this moment.”

The older nurse saw Tokaku’s state and was concern for her well-bring. “Azuma-san you need some rest and something to eat. You’re worried for her and that fine but take care of yourself first. The patient is a fighter the only thing you can do now is wait, Azuma-san.” Tokaku looked at the woman before starting crying. “I-I did something both horrible and unforgivable to her. I can’t protect the one I love from myself, I’m worthless, I’m scum.”

The nurse was understandingly known Tokaku needing someone to shoulder the burden for her as torrent of emotions flooding from her. “It okay, Azuma-san I don’t know the circumstance of Inchinose-san’s hospitalization but don’t be hard on yourself I’m only a nurse, but I can be providing some advice.” The nurse motion Tokaku to the Waiting Area and brought some drinks from vending machine. “You like some ice tea?” Tokaku held her head down without looking. “I got a daughter about your age even she be a handful sometimes, but she asked me any advice on everything even I don’t have the answers.”

Tokaku raised her head up and saw the nurse smiling. “Uh…” Tokaku saw the nurse’s name on a nametag. “Okogi-san if the person willing forgive someone they don’t deserved it and that person can forgive themselves after commit an unforgivable sin?” Tokaku watched nurse Okogi struggled with the question.

“Azuma-san there no easy answers since the nature of forgiveness it depended on the person. You’re quite hard on yourself, Azuma-san means that Inchinose-san had forgive you at some point. The hardest thing in the world is someone forgiving themselves even they think won’t deserved or not.” Tokaku was relieved that she able forgiven herself.

” Azuma-san something had baffled the surgeons the extend of Inchinose-san’s injuries and the hospital asked Mjoyo Academy of her files they won’t released per request.” Tokaku knew Yuri won’t release any files of Haru since it would be revealing the previous assassination attempts on Haru’s life. “The chairperson wasn’t stupid to reveal that information,” Slowly Tokaku was getting back to her old self.

“Thank you, Okogi-san for the advice and oh sorry for my depressive state.” Tokaku waved the nurse goodbye and left. Tokaku was in high spirits knowing that Haru had forgive her. “Thank you, mom, auntie.” Tokaku had her first peaceful rest in a week.

Few days later, Tokaku continued her vigil seeing her queen fighting for her life and asking Okogi-san some advice. “Azuma-san I’m amazed that you look very healthy and energetic as the light within you came back.” Okogi felt some maternal pride for Tokaku.

The azure-haired assassin smiled uncharacteristically. “Ichinose-san is my friend and I felt I let her down because I thought my feelings for her wasn’t genuine, we went through together and survived.” Tokaku realized her love for Haru run deep and caring for the red-hair. “I knew I was in love with Haru but I’m afraid that she’s subconsciously manipulating me but that not the case,” Tokaku put her hand on her left breast and hearing the pounding her heartbeat.

“Azuma-san you’re a good person for visiting Ichinose-san since she doesn’t have any know living relatives and her family are dead. That she led a lonely life without anybody help her.” Okogi clamped her hands to Tokaku’s. “You the only person for Ichinose-san, Azuma. The way you always being here and watching her I excepted that you’re more than friends am I correct?” Okogi stunned Tokaku and she’s tongue-tied. “Don’t worry Azuma-san there are gay people visited their love ones in the hospital even they had pretended be their friends or family members to order see them.” The nurse gently grinned.

“I’m that oblivious?” Tokaku asked. Okogi had a hint of mischief in her eyes. “Azuma-san you are very devoted and isn’t unusual for people attract to their own gender or have some schoolboy or schoolgirl crushes on them.” Okogi like a mother patting Tokaku’s head. “Azuma-san be there for Ichinose-san,” With newfound resolve, Tokaku headed for the ICU wing of the hospital.

Tokaku quietly slipped in the room even her determination, the sight still unbearable for Tokaku. Haru was hooked up on a machine with tubes anywhere, the beeping of the monitor the only sound in the room. Tokaku pulled a chair next to the bed and took her hand and hold it. “Haru, I finally accepted that I love my queen and your powers didn’t influence me, my own free will decided to protect you.” Tokaku barely hold back the tears. I’m sorry for shooting you, I’m sorry being a coward you’re the stronger person between us, I’m sorry for not forgiving myself, I’m sorry Haru leaving you in this state.” Tokaku was crying.

“Tokaku-san, Haru forgive you I worried that you will hate me due my powers.” Her eyes were fluttering and Haru heard Tokaku. “Tokaku-san you did what you do, you help Haru graduate from Class Black as Haru forgive the others. With the scars that Haru suffered, Haru don’t hate the world, Tokaku.” Tokaku surprised that Haru woke from her coma.

“Haru why you stay positive you have every reason to hate every fiber in my body? You stopped me from killing myself, why?” Haru reached up and touched her face. “Haru finally live a normal life even for a short time, Haru able feel like a school girl. Tokaku please forgive yourself for Haru’s sake, Haru don’t like be sad.” Tokaku felt the weight of the world left her shoulders and simply be a sixteen-old girl for once.

Author’s Note: Hello readers this is my new story a remade of my older one, Yosha I try filling the gaps between the last chapter and the final scene of the epilogue. Tokaku and Haru are an underrated couple in Akuma No Riddle fandom even I like Pink Pocky since there not many stories about them and I felt the manga story need be a little better since the pacing are terrible and certain chapters needing combine. I don’t like how active I update the chapters I got multiple stories to write so be patience. I will see you guys in the next chapter, bye.