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damaged goods: bloodline

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How, exactly, had he managed to get roped into this ridiculous situation? He couldn't really remember, it had been so long since the reasons had been buzzing around in his head. All Kyle really knew, right at that moment, was the fact that Dan had his mouth clamped around his wrist and was slowly, painfully, sucking the blood out of his system.

He tried, hard, not show his pained expression whenever those piercingly blue eyes managed to glance up at him, but it was difficult to keep a neutral expression when your lover was desperately clinging to your wrist with his teeth. He also tried not to show his disgust at the way his own blood dribbled down the side of Dan's mouth whenever he briefly pulled away to take a breath. It was such a dirty, messy process and the faint twinge of rusted iron in the air was enough to make Kyle want to vomit, let alone anything else. However, if Dan wasn't able to feed on Kyle, then… Then there was the possibility that he would either get sick or, worse, that he could let the monster within take hold of his mind and force him to kill some unsuspecting fan one night after a gig and end up getting himself locked up for six to twelve months while the government ‘rewired his brain’. Whatever the fuck that really meant.

Kyle had seen the way Dan’s hunger had taken hold of him several times before. It would put him under some kind of odd trance before Kyle would shove his wrist into his face and demand that he bit into it. The blood’s affect on Dan would change every now and then, depending on how much he had taken from Kyle; sometimes he would act as if he were drunk, if not high, giggling and babbling nonsensically as he staggered about the place - other times, he would go quiet and pull himself away from everyone and everything, as if human interaction would kill him.

“Fucking Hell!” Hissed Kyle, sensing an intense pain shoot up his arm as Dan adjusted his head slightly. He could feel the incisors cut and scrape against the inside of his arm, making his entire nervous system shake. “Take it easy, knobhead!” He commanded, sternly, locking eyes with the vampire that was currently stuck to his arm. He got a glare and a low sort of growl in response, immediately followed by the uncomfortable sensation of blood leaving his body. “I mean it.” He warned, just like all the times before. “Or else you're going to have to go to a Feeding Station from now on.”

London had become ridden with vampires in the last thirty, maybe forty, years and the government's response (after it was proved that the creatures were, in fact, real) was to set up NHS-run Feeding Stations up and down the country and a Vampire Training Centre somewhere in Buckinghamshire to make sure that vampires obeyed the new laws put in place for the safety of the human population. They also demanded that vampires be registered and chipped at the back of the neck, just in case any of them went rogue and killed a human and they needed to be captured. Newly made vampires, rare now after an epidemic of vampire attacks back in 2012 had finally been quashed, were forced to endure six to eight months of ‘training’. What that meant was that they were forced to endure getting chipped, living on bagged blood, so that they could get used to the taste, be taught where was safe and ‘acceptable’ to feed on the human body (as well as where in public it had been deemed acceptable to feed) and how to do so, where each of the UK’s 1,500 Feeding Stations were placed, how to find and declare a Personal Feeder, what to do if their Personal Feeder fell ill, or died and, most importantly, what happened to vampires that continuously disobeyed the laws laid out before them. From what Kyle had heard, they weren't retrained after four offences, they were executed within the VTC’s walls and never heard from again. Kyle remembered that Dan had spent the full eight months at the VTC because he was having issues with feeding from the Volunteer Feeders.

He clearly wasn't having any issues with feeding now, though. Jesus ever-loving Christ.

“Enough.” Kyle told him, just about managing to pry his arm away from Dan, who growled and angrily stared him down in response. “Don’t you fucking growl at me, you twat! You know the rules.”
“Would you at least let me lick your arm clean like I usually do?” Dan asked, licking at his lower lip.
“No.” Kyle said firmly, shaking his head.
“Why?” Dan’s eyes seemed sad in that moment, like a child that had been denied sweets.
“Because you’ve had enough for tonight.” Kyle replied, moving away from the vampire so that he could dig around the bathroom cabinets for a small First Aid Kit and a pack of wipes. “Besides that, if you weren't such a messy eater, you wouldn't have half your meal down your front and you wouldn't have to take so much from me to get any kind of nourishment in the first place.”
“‘M not a messy eater.” Frowned Dan, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
“Of course you’re not.” Kyle snipped sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he set about cleaning up and tending to his newest wound. This bite would scar, he could feel it. “And I'm the Queen of England.”
“Don't be like that.” Dan mumbled, just about managing to catch the pack of wipes Kyle had thrown at him.
“Stop being such an arse when you feed from me, then.” Argued the keyboardist, fiddling with some gauze. “When I tell you to take it easy, that means it hurts and that you need to slow down a bit. When I tell you that you’ve had enough, that means you’ve had your fill and not to growl at me when I take my arm away.”
“Sorry I growled at you.” Dan said quietly, after successfully wiping his face clean. “I can't help it, sometimes… You know that.”
“There's only so many times that excuse can work on me before I end up kicking you to the curb and making you go to a Feeding Station instead.” Kyle replied, pausing his task for a moment just so that he could glare at Dan, who gave him a sheepish expression in return.
“Please don't do that.” It came out of the vampire in a worried little whimper that honestly tugged a little at Kyle's heartstrings. Dan could be such a manipulative little shit when he wanted to be.
“Don't growl at me again, then.” Kyle let out a harsh, tired sigh as he finished up his dressing. “Or, and I mean it, I'm walking out that door and you'll only ever see me for Bastille stuff.”
“I'm sorry.” Dan whined, giving his feeder, his lover, a pleading look when they locked eyes. “I really can't help it.”

Kyle looked away from Dan, closed his eyes for a few seconds, took a deep breath and bit at his lower lip. On the one hand, he was fed up of hearing the same excuse being played like a broken record, but, on the other, he couldn't leave Dan. He loved Dan. He wanted to make sure that he was feeding properly. He wanted to make sure that he got enough sleep. He wanted to make sure that he was alright; keep him safe and stop the monster within from taking a complete hold over his mind.

“I'm going to bed.” He said eventually, throwing the First Aid Kit into the sink and leaving the bathroom, pulling away as Dan tried to kiss his cheek on his way out of the door. “Don't stay up too late.”

× × × ×

When Dan had eventually come to bed, Kyle was still wide awake, lying on his side, staring at the side of his bedside table. He was still angry about the way Dan had growled at him and the painful way he had fed earlier, and that anger was consuming his thoughts. In his anger, he didn't want Dan to climb into bed and snuggle up next to him. In his anger, he didn't want Dan anywhere near him, but as soon as he felt the vampire's rather cold arm snake around him and the sweet little kisses against the back of his neck, Kyle's anger seemed to slowly disintegrate.

Jesus that boy knew how to get to him, how to get his own way, and if he hadn't been distracted by those kisses, Kyle would have been annoyed by it.

“I'm really sorry about earlier.” Dan whispered in between kisses, nudging gently against Kyle's skin with his nose. “I promise I'll do my best not to growl at you again, okay?”
“... Okay.” Kyle sighed, allowing himself to be entranced by the vampire's actions.
“And I'll be more careful about how I feed from you from now on.” Dan added for good measure, smiling as he trailed some kisses down to Kyle's shoulder.
“You better.” Kyle sniped quietly.
“I love you.” Dan mumbled into his feeder’s shoulder, adding a few more kisses as he squeezed him closer.
“I know.” Kyle smirked. “I love you, too. Even if you are an arse.”
“Hey, I'm trying to apologise.” Dan sniggered.
“Even if you apologised for everything you've ever done wrong, I’d still call you an arse.” Kyle laughed, turning over onto his back so that he could get a good look at Dan.
“I'm your arse, though.” Dan smirked, searching into Kyle's eyes before leaning in place a tender kiss on his lips.
“No, you're not.” Kyle argued as they parted. “You’re much better looking than my arse.”
“Funny!” Dan mockingly retorted, grinning.
“You just handed to me.” Kyle told him, pushing himself up slightly so that he could kiss the idiot above him a few times. “What was I supposed to do?”