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Eloth Night Cityscape

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A light knocking on the door pulled Saha back out of his drowsy state of work. He felt like he had been buried under a mountain of paperwork lately. Well, he was always buried in paperwork. But today was especially bad.
Setting his glasses aside, he looked up. To his surprise it wasn't Tilda who had opened the door - right, he had sent her home already - but a lean man with short hair and purple eyes clad in his telltale suit.
"Lutz? What are you doing here?", he greeted his long-time friend.
"I could ask you the same, Saha.", Lutz answered with a raised eyebrow, coming to a stop right in front of the desk covered in stamped documents.
Letting out a sigh, Saha rubbed his eyes. "Working. What else. Urgh. These jobs are killing me."
"Heh. That was a rhetorical question." With a smirk, the other man set the suitcase he carried on the desk, disregarding the papers he flattened by doing so.
"What are you-", startled Saha, but was interrupted by a stern voice.
"No more work. I've got something for you." Unlocking the case, Lutz proceeded to take a fist-sized pink cube out of it, holding it up for him to take.
Hesitating, Saha received the item. "...Uhm."
He looked up at Lutz's knowing smirk and couldn't help but feel like this cube would spell trouble for him.
"Lutz... what... is... that...."
The smirk intensified. As did Saha's bad premonition.
But his friend just raised his hands in faked innocence. "Oh, I think I forgot... Why don't you try it out? There is a button on the left side..."
Saha sat there, cube in one hand, staring straight into the other man's eyes. "..... It's something weird, isn't it? Lutz... I know that expression of yours. Last time you had that, you let me wear a suit that made me look like a bodybuilder if a button was pushed. Dude. I am very reluctant to push any buttons on presents you give me."
Lutz turned his head with a "Tche." before striking lighting fast, leaning forward and pressing the button himself.
"NO!", cried out Saha by reflex, dropping the cube on the table and jumping out of his chair, raising his arms defensively.
He stood there a few seconds, but nothing happened. Carefully, he peered out beteen his hands. The cube hadn't changed.
But... "Bro." Lutz stood there with a deadpan expression. "This lack of trust hurts more than that one time you hit me with bhavati surya on accident."
"...." Saha stared at him in disbelieve, his right eyelid twitching. "You... pranked me? Lutz, you interrupted my work for something stu--"
The sudden noise startling him, Saha found himself sitting on the floor, Lutz' laugh in his ears.
"Hahaha. You should see your face!", his friend said while wiping his laughing tears.
Eyelid twitching, Saha quickly got up on his feet again, staring at where the cube had sat.
Only, it wasn't a cube anymore, but something much bigger. What lay there, shining with a rubber texture, and with surprising recognizeable features, was...
He didn't know when his friend had moved, but he now pat his shoulder encouragingly.
"Lutz, by the gods, this is..."
"Amazing, right? Since you can't get the real one, I thought you'd appreciate this substitute."
Lutz poked his ear with a hurt expression. "Ow. I'm not deaf. And didn't I just say--"
"You're UNBELIEVABLE!! How can you think I'd like this.. this kind of thing!!"
"Eh, but you are blush--"
"I hate it!", Saha growled.
Finally, Lutz let out a disappointed sigh. "Aw man. Plan B it is then."
Saha couldn't believe his ears. "Plan B? You've got more of this bullsh--"
He couldn't finish his sentence, as his friend had already pulled a mask and a wig out from behind his back. Before Saha could even react, Lutz had donned a crude Lorraine cosplay.
"Take me now, Saha!", the man cooed with a voice that would let anyone's hair stand on end.
In horror, Saha could do nothing but watch as he began to strip.

Saha woke up screaming, one of the documents sticking to his cheek. "NOOOO!"
Only a few seconds later did he realize that his nightmare was over.
Heaving, he brushed away the paper and buried his face in his hands. "Gods, what was that?? Even for a nightmare, this was horrible.", he groaned.
When he raised his head, he noticed that it was still dark outside. The tiredness he felt indicated that he hadn't fallen asleep for too long.
"Well. No use working in this state. Guess I will go home."
As he stood up, something suddenly caught his eye.
At the corner of his desk, a pink cube was sitting enticingly.


...He didn't wake up this time.