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home is where my feet take me

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“Thirty,” Midnight said raising her glass sadly. To her left, Shota stared at the empty stage of the bar they were at in boredom. To her right, Hizashi swallowed his drink to the last drop without missing a beat. “I’m turning thirty. This is so depressing.”

“How so?” Shota asked, though she didn’t think he actually wanted an answer. She gave him one anyway.

I’m old!

“Nemuri, you’re not old,” Mic said resting his glass down at the same time Shota said “Time is nothing but an illusion.”

Midnight stared at Aizawa and Yamada rolled his eyes at his best friend’s words. If he knew Nemuri well, Eraser wasn’t helping.

“Thirty is not that old,” Shota continued, turning to look at her. “Humans live for a long time nowadays, Nemuri, if anything, you’re not even halfway there in your lifespan.”

“Humans,” she said with a scoff. “What about heroes, Shota, what about them? Us? How’s our lifespan looking, huh?”

He didn’t answer, of course, and just shrugged. Overall, a heroes’ life was much shorter than an average citizen - for obvious reasons - and Nemuri Kayama didn’t like those odds. As a matter of fact, she’d been anxious about her age for a couple of years now.

“Honestly, Nemuri,” Mic said shaking her shoulder lightly before he slid another drink in her direction. “If you’re old, what does that make us? We’re all practically the same age, you know? Besides, you don’t need to worry about age! You still look superhot, and you’re at the peak of your career, what else could you want?”

She pouted and stared at the blue drink in front of her, absently running her finger on the rim of the cup.

“I don’t know, I thought that by now I would have more, I guess.”

“Meaning?” asked Shota, his elbow resting on the table and his head on his hand to look at her.

“Meaning that I thought a lot of things would be different,” she confessed. “I thought… it’s silly, but I thought maybe I’d have a significant other, a family, or something. A real house with a fucking white fence and shit. But instead I have a crappy apartment and only two friends.”

“Aww, don’t be sad!” Hizashi said smiling. “I only have two friends too!”

I know,” Midnight said raising her eyebrow at him. “It’s us,” she pointed at herself and at Eraserhead. “We’re the depressing trouple.”

Mic opened his mouth to protest, but Eraser spoke over him.

“Are you serious?” Shota said with a surprise that was only there because he was drunk. “You’re a teacher! Do you still want to have kids?”

Out of all the things he could focus on, that was what he chose, and Nemuri and Hizashi exchanged a look before glaring at Shota.

“You mean to tell us you don’t?” Mic asked with a raised eyebrow, one of his arms on the back of Midnight’s chair, and she was kind of leaning against him, both of them judging their friend.

“I don’t know,” Shota mumbled picking up his glass and sipping at his drink. “Don’t think so.”

“Never have?” Nemuri poked, curious to know more. She realized they hardly ever talked about trivial things like family and pets, even in drunk outings like this night. Shota drank his whole drink before answering.

“I had a girlfriend once, you know?” he started and Mic sat a little straighter.

“Oh, this is gonna be good,” he whispered to Nemuri, who quickly glanced at him with raised eyebrows and he nodded. Eraser continued talking.

“In junior high, there was this girl in my class that I dated all the way through 8th grade and part of 9th. Her name was Arisa, and she had this awesome purple hair. Her quirk was pretty neat too.”

“What was it?” asked Midnight genuinely wanting to know.

“Manipulation. It was awesome, but she didn’t want to be a hero, she wanted to be an engineer,” he said, his eyes looking at them, but actually far away. “She knew I wanted to come to U.A. and be a hero, and she never tried to stop me.”

“What happened to her?” Mic asked and finished his drink in one gulp. Nemuri’s glass was still warming in her hand.

“I don’t know,” Shota said with a hint of sadness in his voice. “She left. After winter break, I never saw her again, not a goodbye or call, not anything. Her family simply moved out somewhere and we lost contact.”

Midnight pouted, moved by his sad story, and Shota gestured at the barman to send three more drinks, so she hurried to finish the one she was still holding.

“So what you’re trying to tell us,” she said resting her empty cup down. “Is that you could see a future with her back in the day.”

Eraser shrugged again, another thing his sober self would not do that much in normal circumstances.

“I guess, maybe,” he replied. “I mean, I could definitely go for a normal life with her back then, if we were normal, I suppose. But we never were, I would become a hero anyway, and she’d rock the science world.”

“Did you ever try to find her?” Mic asked as their drinks were placed in front of them on the overcrowded table (they’d been drinking a lot that night and they started early too) and Shota grunted something they could interpret as they pleased.

“Anyway,” Shota said raising his glass. “To Nemuri turning thirty.”

“To Nemuri turning thirty!” Hizashi echoed excitedly raising his glass too, and Midnight grunted, but toasted with them.

They tipped their head back in sync finishing their shots in one go, and the craziest idea crossed Nemuri’s mind. It was so insane that she had to put it in words.

“Guys!” she said leaving her glass on the table and grabbing their arms. “What if – and I know that this will sound crazy, but hear me out here -, what if we make a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” Mic asked and she shushed him.

“I said hear me out!” she practically shouted, and then quickly closed her mouth, because she was actually starting to feel a bit nauseous. Nemuri gestured to the barman. “Water, please.”

“Make it two,” Aizawa said, and Mic gestured three. “What the fuck it that shot?” They had no idea, and no one gave them an answer. After the barman nodded, Midnight continued.

“You want kids, right, Zashi?” she asked and he nodded. “And we both know Shota would make a great dad.”

“How so?” Eraser asked making a face.

“You’re great with the kids, they adore you,” Nemuri said as if it was obvious.

“That’s not true.”

“Whatever buddy, think what you want,” Mic interrupted. “Continue.”

“Thank you,” she said with a solemn nod. “I was thinking that maybe, if we end up not finding someone we, like, want to spend the rest of our lives with, maybe we could have babies, us three.”

There was a silence on their table as they processed her words and drank their water, and then-

“What did you say?” Hizashi asked frowning at Nemuri.

“I said I could have you guys’ babies. I know it sounds crazy!” she added quickly. “But think about it, we’d be awesome parents, make some kick ass babies! They’d look hella hot. And besides, if I don’t find someone I’d want to spend my life with in, say, five years… you guys are my best friends. Who else would I want to choose?”

Again there was silence. Shota and Hizashi exchanged a look and then they turned to Nemuri, and she smiled at them, blue eyes going from one to the other.

“That’s fucking bonkers,” Aizawa said evenly, and Midnight’s smile grew. “Five years from now?”

“Yeah,” she said. “We seal the deal at my 35th birthday.”

Shota shrugged, Yamada mumbled something that sounding approving.

“Well, what the hell, right?” Eraser said, and they all hummed agreeing. He gestured to the bartender again. It was time for their nightcap. “Three beers.”