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Remind Me, Again?

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Finally Friday. All homework and projects completed. That meant time with friends. And that meant they were going to a party.

Leon was a couple years older than the rest of the group, so he knew the best places to go. Kairi was very active in the Student Activities planning, so she knew where the best people would be. And Axel was very into the music scene, so he knew where the best music would be played.

They planned out their evening with the additions of Tidus and Selphie. As a group, they decided to go to the frat house party that one of Leon's friends helped plan. It ticked all of their "party boxes." Good people, nice place, awesome music. It was a no-brainer.

Sora spent a little more time than usual getting ready for this party. Kairi liked to tell him "You never know who you're going to meet at these things!" He laughed a bit. Like he would ever meet someone at a party. He threw on a v-neck t-shirt and a short sleeve button-down, unbuttoned of course. He couldn't try too hard. End of spring in Traverse Town meant the hot weather blew in overnight, so he chose some shorts over his usual jeans.

The group met up in the campus center and decided to walk together. Axel opted to drive because his apartment was on the other side of town, but he had promised to meet up with them at the party. It was not very far, just across the sprawling campus in the residential section. They arrived in almost ten minutes, joking around as they walked together. Once they entered, Leon went to speak to some of his other friends. Kairi and Selphie ran off towards the drinks, and Tidus saw some of the other members of his Blitz team. Sora  blinked and realized he was left alone at the entrance of the frat house. He glanced around; the foyer was full of people milling about, talking, drinking, all still very tame in the early hours of the party. 

To his left, Sora saw a room that had been changed into a makeshift dance floor, and the room to the right had a couple of couches stuffed too full of people who probably pre-gamed to the party too hard. There was an impressive staircase at the end of the large foyer, as these club houses often had. This party was hosted by one of the older clubs, meaning they had the funds for nicer housing. There was another room directly ahead that Sora assumed lead the the kitchen, but he couldn't really tell due to the amount of people blocking the hallway.

He didn't have to wonder for too long, as the girls came rushing back from the assumed kitchen crowd. Suddenly, Kairi thrust a cup into his hand, "Take a shot, buddy, we're dancing tonight!" Just before she brought her own cup to her lips and downed it in one gulp. Selphie giggled along with her and took a sip of her own drink. 

Sora shrugged, "Okay, but if this turns out like the time you made Axel go dancing with you, we're gonna have to talk." Carefully, he sniffed the contents of his cup before he drank it. He couldn't identify the liquid, but he trusted Kairi. She wouldn't pick something he disliked.

Kairi rolled her eyes, "Puh-leease, we had fun, that's all that matters. Plus, Axel met someone that night." She playfully shoved his shoulder. "Take a hint, you're not gonna be young and pretty forever," she laughed.

Kairi had been the first and last girlfriend Sora dated. They mutually determined that they were better off best friends when Sora began to realize he wasn't really attracted to girls. The realization was hard to come to, but when he came out to her junior year of high school, she was very supportive. She hadn't been offended, either, but Kairi then made it a personal mission to help Sora meet his person. He loved the enthusiasm but hoped she would bore of the task quickly. 

She did not.

Before Sora could make any kind of remark, Selphie grabbed Kairi's hand and shouted, "I love this song! C'mon!" As Selphie pulled her away, Kairi reached out for Sora's hand as well, so they could keep track of each other in the crowd. 

They made it to the dance floor, found a space, and settled in for a few songs. The three quickly got caught up in the bass. Sora lost count of the songs, and eventually, the number of drinks his friends brought him. Somewhere after the fifth shot, he told himself he should really get some water or stop drinking. But, distraction came in the form of Selphie pushing another cup in his hand. Before she downed her own cup, Selphie tried to shout "Doubles!" over the crowd. Sora laughed and drank his own.

Sometime between finishing the next two dances and Sora deciding he really did need water, the last few drinks kicked in. He was dizzy, but happy. Holding on to the wall for support, someone who sounded vaguely like Axel held onto his other arm, leading him to a much brighter room. Amazingly, the crowds were parting easily for them. Before Sora had time to ponder that, he was sitting down and a new cup was put into his hand. Sora told maybe-Axel, "I don'need anymore, kay," and dropped the cup on (or close to) the table.

Table? When did he get here? The bright blur  of color in front of him made sounds again and-

That was it.


Sora woke to a bright light. Groaning, he threw his arm over his eyes. Hearing his own voice hurt his head; the light hurt his head. 'Gods, how much did I drink?'

Knowing Kairi wouldn't have left him alone if he was smashed, he called out to her, "Kai, help, everything hurts." When he received no response, he chanced opening his eyes. And what he saw alarmed him.

The clean room around him definitely looked like it belonged to a college student, mismatched furniture, a couple of gaming systems on the TV stand, beige walls. This in and of itself was not what alarmed Sora. What alarmed him was that he recognized none of it. The room did not belong to anyone he knew. The couch he woke up on did not belong to Kairi, Selphie, Axel, Leon, Tidus- no one.

Not yet trusting himself to get up and walk, he called out again much louder, "Hello?" This time in response, he heard a thump and the sound of quick footsteps. A door opened, revealing a flustered looking young man. Long silver hair hastily pulled back in a half up, half down sort of bun and stood in the doorway wide-eyed and mildly out of breath.

"H-hi." He huffed, his voice sounding like he just woken up. Sora tried to give a once-over, but his head was hurting so much that the only description he could muster was cute. "Uh, are you okay? How are you feeling? Do you need some water?" Cute guy asked in a rush as he crossed the room to the couch. He crouched so that he was on Sora's level. Then he asked more questions, "Advil? Do you need me to call someone?"

Sora waved his hand at him in what was supposed to be a placating gesture but came out as if he was waving him off. "I just wanna know what I did last night, and where I am." He paused a second before softly saying, "Water and Advil would be nice." 

Next to the couch, there was a small end table that already had a water bottle and a bottle of Advil on it. As Sora had been studying him, the stranger leaned over to grab them. He very gently set them in Sora's hand saying, "Drink slowly, you don't want to get sick." Sora nodded slightly, so as not to jostle himself around too much. 

After taking the pills, Sora pressed again, "Hey do you know what happened to me last night? I remember being at the party... and not much after?" 

The young man flushed and turned his head away from Sora. Slowly he started, "Oh, uh, you were very drunk. And mostly alone, then these creepy guys were trying to convince you to leave with them, but I, uh, I've never done this before, but I kind of claimed to be your boyfriend? So I told them you weren't going anywhere. They got pissed, but left you alone. I tried to ask if you were there with anyone, but you wouldn't stop staring at me saying 'wow my boyfriend is HOT!'" Towards the end, his words came out in a rush, and his face flushed deeper in what appeared to be embarrassment. He picked at lint on the couch as if trying to distract himself from looking directly at Sora. Sora just chuckled, which caused the young man to look up at him.

"Yeah, that sounds like me," Sora smiled good naturedly at him, "but where are we now..? Just curious."

"Oh, well, you wouldn't tell me who you were with or if there was a safe place I could take you. So I, and again I swear I've never done this before, I brought you back to my place just outside of campus. I didn't really think. I tried to get you to drink some water to sober up, but you were saying you were part mermaid and poured it all over yourself. I got you a dry shirt to change into." He gestured to Sora's chest with a nod of his head. Sora looked down, and sure enough he was wearing a white shirt a size too big to be his own. "And uh, yeah, then you fell asleep on my couch. Also, hi, I'm Riku, your boyfriend apparently."