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Dripping in Chocolate Review

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Considering this is a TV movie, it is absolutely awesome. The acting was great, no over-acting even by supporting cast (despite what other reviews I’ve read have said). Everything felt very real (aside from a few small goofs). I read one review that said that Louise Lombard smiled too much in the movie (which is the weirdest complaint I’ve ever seen) but having watched it a few times now, it’s never stood out to me. There never seems to be inappropriate or over-the-top reactions from anyone on the cast.

I would definitely advise having some good quality chocolate on hand if you’re going to watch this movie, lest you end up with cravings you can’t indulge. (Trust me, you’re gonna want some chocolate when you watch this, and the cheap crap isn’t gonna cut it.)

This has twists and turns I wasn’t expecting when I watched it the first time, to the point where I actually yelled when the final twist was revealed. It keeps you on your toes and keeps you guessing as characters drop like flies, and I found that very satisfying.

All in all, an extremely enjoyable movie that I will definitely be recommending to friends.

(Also seriously Grade A Exceptional Quality handporn. Good lord.)