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Dripping in Chocolate Review

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This opening looks like a noir movie

Continuing my eternal appreciation of hands in general and Louise’s hands in particular... her nails look so nice OMG!

I wonder how much Louise had to learn about the process of chocolate making for this movie. Like not necessarily the whys but the hows (in order to look natural doing it on screen) (edit after the fact: according to her twitter, she had a few lessons)

Bad strangulation scene is bad. That’s not effective strangulation. (see my reviews of Dangerous Lessons for in-depth ranting about strangulation scenes)

I’m really digging this more feminine look Louise has going so far in this movie, with the flowery A-line dress. Much more girly than anything else I’ve seen her in so far

I don’t think it’s sanitary to have sex in a chocolate shop…

Okay while I very much like the visual of one woman running her hand down the ass of another woman, when one of the women is dead and the other is checking if she’s wearing underwear, it’s just creepy, plz don’t

“You here by yourself?” / “Yes.” / “I read in a magazine art galleries are the best places to meet people when you’re over a certain age.” Did he just imply that she’s too old to pick up guys in a bar, or that he’s too old to pick up girls in a bar? I’m gonna go with the latter so I don’t get mad.

HAH! “And if you don’t hit it off, easy to move on to the next prospect.” / “Exactly. Excuse me.”

This dude playing the security guard is actually visibly holding her arm tightly, and in one shot she has a finger-sized bruise on her arm, and I’m wondering if dude actually did hurt her *narrows eyes*

Woman, you have a boyfriend, stop flirting with the cop

Also I really hope they explain at some point why only this one person has a British accent while everyone else is Aussie (edit after watching the whole movie: they don’t. The closest they come is mentioning that she and her ex-husband “moved here” but they don’t say from where)

“So if he was attractive, you would let him handcuff you?” brb I need to be alone with those mental images :D

Ohgoddamn (the boyfriend just pinned her hands behind her back and said “Miss Lovece, we can do this the easy way or the hard way” and she freaking purrs “definitely the hard way” and daaaaaamn)

Scene of O’Mara, who’s on a detox, watching fast food commercials and being disgusted with his bland soup is priceless

This entire montage of Juliana making chocolate in her kitchen in the middle of the night is so… just, casually sexy. I love it

I have an uncomfortable suspicion that the sweet, adorable wife of the politician is the murderer and that would make me sad

I think Riley likes O’Mara. Juliana showed up to talk to him, and now she’s lurking around, watching

So O’Mara is getting “totally legit, it’s herbal” stuff from a dude that looks like he’s on steroids, and someone is taking pictures

The politician is dead. The wife is definitely the murderer (which is better than being a victim, but still)

This Tovey cop dude is a fucking SLEAZE

The wife is now yelling “what have you done” to Juliana in front of the cops, she’s definitely the killer. Like, woman told Juliana to come to the house and when to do so (also I stopped liking her when she framed Juliana, so she no longer has my sympathies)

Okay so the wife killed her husband, but not the first victim (semi-sympathies)

IDK if they’re actually implying that Juliana’s boyfriend is having an affair with her employee, or just that Juliana is seeing things because the case involves a married man having an affair (and Juliana herself had been in that position before) but I really like the boyfriend and the employee, so I hope it’s just her seeing things

Wow dude, you are getting your fingerprints ALL OVER the evidence

Oh my god plz tell me O’Mara isn’t taking Juliana (a suspect/expert on his murder case) to his ex-wife’s birthday just because she happens to be in the car with him and he’s late

Jesus fucking… okay, I didn’t see the “birthday” being at a cemetery, so apparently his “ex” wife is actually his dead wife and that doesn’t make this any less awkward

Oh man, O’Mara does NOT know how to person, damn LOL


I did NOT see that coming. And right after Juliana told O’Mara about catching her (now ex) husband cheating, man

Still don’t know who the murderer is, but man are the bodies piling up

Also Juliana is totally about to be attacked in her beach house, like woman cannot catch a fucking break

Oh shit is it the boyfriend after all? Is he gonna attack Juliana?

Boyfriend is developing a case of crazy eyes

Their shirts are the same color, bad call, wardrobe department

JESUS Riley, don’t just fucking APPEAR like that, damn


Boyfriend being casually useless in the shower while Riley force-feeds Juliana strychnine-laced chocolate

Nooo! Boyfriend just got stabbed in the heart! (okay yeah, he cheated, but Juliana was giving him another chance cuz I guess he didn’t technically cheat since Juliana insisted it was just “fun” and “casual” so…)

So this is the second movie that involves Louise staggering around and groaning cuz her character was drugged. Is it bad that I’m enjoying this?

Oh I am SUCH shipper trash *sigh*