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Dark 'Friend'

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Amane Yuichirou has never had a pleasant life; he's bullied constantly without any notice from his friends, he never sees his parents and he's too afraid to speak up. The bullying started in about 6th grade for a reason he cannot explain. Now in 11th grade, the bullying has shown no sign of stopping. If you think the bullying is bad, that's not the only factor effecting his current life; his parents are never around. Not only have they shown no sign of caring for him, Yuichirou never sees them.

Today, as he walks through the door he slumps on it. He drops his bag onto the floor, feeling as though his legs are made of jelly. He looks up and hoarsely call for his parents, of course he doesn't receive an answer. Sighing, he wishes for his life to just end. Yuichirou pulls himself from the door, slowly walking up the stairs to his bedroom. He wants to sleep, he wants to sleep and never wake up.

I want to die.

As he enters his room, he shuts the door behind him. Yuichirou slips out of his school clothes and in to something more comfortable; a black shirt a size bigger and pajama pants. He pulls a blanket on top of him and curls up on his bed, resting his head on his pillow and allows the familiar feeling of sleep take him in.

Instead of a normal nightmare he usually has, he opens his eyes to see him standing in an area full of pitch black nothingness. He's wearing the clothes he put on before sleep, barefoot and all. He looks around, of course not being able to see anything, the feeling of uneasy slips in.

"Hello?" Yuichirou's voice echos through the black. "Where am I?"

No response.

'Of course, this is just a dream,' he tries to reassure himself. It's cold here, too, so he rubs his hands on his bare arms to create some sort of friction, to no avail. Yuichirou is shivering, puffs of cold air escaping his lips. Said puffs were actually the only thing he could see in this black whatever of nightmares.

He doesn't like it here.

"Poor child," A voice pipes up, startling the onyx haired boy. "what is with the look on your face? You seem startled, perhaps I scared you?"
Who the hell...
"Who are you?" Yuichirou demands.
"Why ask for my name and not ask what I am?" The voice replies.
"That... that doesn't make any sense... But fine. What are you!" Yuichirou raises his voice.
"My my, I never thought an abused boy such as yourself could raise your voice as such." The voice makes a laugh.

"However, I'm not here to insult you."
"Then why are you here?" Yuichirou glares at nothing. "What the hell, where is 'here?!' I don't understand,"
He gains a chuckle as a response.

From out of the shadows, a man appears. The man has blonde hair and fiery red eyes, about 5'9" in height, skinny. He wears a white button up stained with marks and blood and a red scarf that comes down as a cape, his pants are black and he wears thigh high boots. To top it all off, this guy has horns popping out of his head. Horns!

"What... what the hell are you...?" Yuichirou whispers.
"I'm a demon." He says, Yuichirou's eyes widened in fear. "Not just any demon; I'm the Prince of hell."
"What do you want from me?" Yuichiro is scared.
"Hm, let's see. 'Amane Yuichirou' is your name, yes?" Before Yuichirou could ask how he knows, he was interrupted, "I've noticed how others treat you; you're abused so much at school, your parents don't give a shit and you're too scared to speak up. And for what? All because you can talk and see spirits, why should that be a bad thing?"
It was scary that this man knew all of this. But how? "How do you know that?"
"You see, I'm trapped." He admits. "I have been imprisoned in a tower in the woods by the demon hunters about a year ago. I cannot leave, I can only close my eyes and focus on the world outside this god forsaken tower. That is how I found you."
"What do you want from me?"

There was a pause. The demon looked as though he was giving Yuichirou pity. What the hell?

"My freedom." He says.
"But... I'm not a demon hunter. I can't free you," Yuichirou said, confused. Maybe he found the wrong person? Maybe this demon mistook him for someone else.
"A contract between a demon and a human is stronger than any demon hunter's exorcism. All you need to do is find me and I'll tell you the rest." Says the demon. "Remember; I am in an abandoned tower in the woods."
"And what if I want something in return for your freedom?" Yuichirou asks.

The demon's eyes widened. It sounded like he was agreeing to this, but he wanted a price. This boy is smart, unlike all the other humans he's tried to form contracts with.

The demon had to force this out, "What... what is it you want in return?"
Yuichirou thought for a moment.
The demon scoffed. "You do not know what you want, do you?" He sounded almost angry. "Fine. I will take my leave and find someone el-"
The boy walked up to him rather quickly, clasping the demon's hands in his own, smiling at him.
"I'll be your friend!" Yuichirou says triumphantly. "Being a demon such as yourself, you've probably never had a friend. I can also tell you of my hardships and maybe you can help me!" He says.
The demon is shocked. "Be my friend?" He repeats.

Then, he laughs.

"You'll be my friend, friends with a demon! Oh, how priceless! No human would be stupid enough to say that!" He laughs.
However, Yuichirou's smile did not fade. "Call me stupid all you want, but I'm serious. You'll be my first real friend and I'll be yours!"
The demon stopped laughing at him. His face returned to shock. Then, he couldn't help but crack a smile. "You are one strange human, Yuichirou."

"Then we have a deal." The demon says.

Yuichirou backs up from the demon to look at him. Curse this man for being so tall. The demon holds out his hand so they can form their contract, the human almost gives off a look of greed as he places his hand in the demon's. A thick, blood-red yarn wraps around their arms.

"The contract his sealed." The demon says as the thread fades, taking a step back.

When Yuichirou was about to open his mouth, the sound of crumbling and thunder began.

"Ah. It seems as though your waking up." The demon says. "That means it is time for me to go."

The demon spins on his heal and begins to walk.

"Wai-!" Yuichirou tries to follow, but falls through the floor. Before he can fall straight through, his hand latches on the edge. "What's your name, demon!?" He asks.

Yuichirou falls. Before he wakes up entirely, he sees the demon leaning over the edge where he just fell from.


Yuichioru sits up with a start. He's panting, looking around his room as his eyes adjust to the darkness. Did he really sleep that long?

"Mika?!" He shouts.

Of course he doesn't get a response, Mika is not here. Not yet, at least.

Yuichirou throws off the covers and stands, walking up to his closet and opening it. He throws on a My Chemical Romance shirt and a jacket, black jeans and shoes. He flies out his door and runs to the woods. Yuichirou ignores the freezing cold he feels, due to the Autumn nights they have are very cold. Yuichirou stops at the edge of the woods.

He hears singing.

'It must be Mika...' He thinks.

Yuichirou walks in to the woods in front of him. He's walking for maybe thirty minutes, starting to believe this was a lost cause until he sees it; a white tower, stained and vines growing on it. He runs to it, the singing stops. He opens the door with ease and begins walking up the stairs.

'I'm coming, Mika...'

At the top of the stairs, he sees another door. Like the first one, he opens it. As he walks in, he lets his eyes adjust to the darkness before his eyes landed on a boy chained to the wall by some sort of green chain, arms suspended above his head by said chains with his feet propped by either side of him.

"Mika...?" The human asks.

The blonde demon looks up, those red eyes of his seem to light up the room. The demon let's a grin form on his face.

"My my, you're early. Hello again, Yuu-chan."

~To be continued~


First chapter of my new MikaYuu fanfic! My Yandere one was kind of a bust, so to make it up I'm doing this one! Hopefully I don't abandon this one too, haha.

By the way, before ANYONE comments about my writing style and how it's in the middle, I'm NOT changing it! This is how I write! If you don't like it than please don't read. I'm really tired of everyone commenting about this.

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"My my, you're early. Hello again, Yuu-chan."

Yuichirou stared at the blonde demon in front of him. He just met this guy like, an hour or less ago. How in the world was he suppose to help this demon? Yuichirou walked up to the demon, standing in front of him.

"How am I supposed to help you when I don't even know how?" Yuichirou asks.
"Ah, I did say I would tell you how, didn't I?" Says Mika, earning a nod from the human boy. Mika glances at a book on a pedestal to the right, "You see that book, Yuu-chan? It's a book of demonic spells. Flip through it and find an anti-exorcism spell to free me. Being a demon, I cannot read that particular spell, or it shall hurt me."

Eyeing the book, Yuichirou nods slowly and walks to it. The book looks rather old and dusty, but scooped the book up in his arms and walked back to Mika. The human boy looked through the book, showing a spell to Mika that he thought it might be.

The blonde demon nods, "Yes, that is it. Utter that prayer unto me and it shall free me."
Turning the book around to read it, Yuichirou's eyes widened. "The fuck, I can't read this! It's in a different language!" He yells.
"It's in Latin," Mika reveals. "it does not matter if you stumble on your words. The dark magic of Hell will understand."

Yuichirou couldn't believe this. However, he wishes to keep his promise in freeing Mika. He wants him to feel freedom and friendship, something this demon probably never felt ever since becoming what he is.

Yuichirou cleared his throat and began to read, "Tuum iubes me exorcismus recitari potest ab eo super daemonium est confringetur. Hercle orationis, hoc est peto." Yuichirou stumbled on the words but was still able to get it out.

The clanking sound of breaking chains filled the quiet room. Yuichirou looked up from the book to see the chains that held Mika break off his wrists and onto the floor, burning in to a black flame. Mika stood up, groaning as he stretches and moves his wrists around.

"Ahhh... I've been stuck their for so long, it feels rather pleasant to move around and stretch again!" Mika states happily.

As Mika finished stretching, he snaps his fingers and the blood and gashes in his white shirt vanishes, as if he changed shirts. Knowing that he is the prince of Hell, Yuichirou figures that he has tons of demonic abilities that peasant demons may not have.

"I intend to keep my end of the bargain," Mika says, walking to his human contractor. "so, shall we get going? I also intend to stay by your side until you tell me otherwise."
"Okay... but wont others see you? What about when I'm at school?" Yuichirou asks. It would be suspicious for some demon to hang around him, wouldn't it?
"Ah, I can stay invisible to others except for you. Others will not see me, you however will, since we are in a contract." Then, Mika looks up at his horns. "Ah, then there's this," With another snap of his fingers, his blackened horns disappear in thin air and his blood red eyes turn in to ocean blue ones. "Do not want to cause panic to the humans, you know?"

Yuichirou could only nod. As he walks out of the tower, the blonde demon follows him. When they exist the tower, Mika stops and looks at the tower. Before Yuichirou could ask, Mika mutters a spell in Latin and the tower collapses. Puzzled, Yuichirou looks at the blonde demon, wondering as to why he would do that.

Knowing the human will be confused, Mika turns to him. "I am the prince of Hell, as stated. Common demons can be exorcised in small areas like a closet or basement. Guard demons can only be exorcised in larger areas, such as a home. I am, however, different; royal demons can only be exorcised in an area that is ancient to you humans, like that tower I just destroyed. If they wanted to seal me again, they can't do it here now." Mika explains.
"So the higher up in rank you are in the demon world, the stronger place is needed to be exorcised?" Yuichirou asks.
"Precisely." Mika says.

Turning back around, Yuichirou starts to walk back to his home. Mika walks next to him, nuzzling his nose in to his scarf-cape. His mother gave this to him, so it was rather important to him. Mika has been sealed for so long, this was the only thing to remember her by. Sure, he could go see her, but he's now in a contract, so he can't do willingly unless his human allows for it.

"You mentioned a they a while ago... who are they?" Asks Yuichirou.
Mika looks at him. "All in good time, Yuu-chan." The demon says to him, an unknown emotion in his eyes. Perhaps rage?


Sanguu Aoi's boots clapped down the hallway as she ran. She is on an urgent mission, one that must be told to Hiiragi Kureto. It's imperative that he know what has happened just now.

"Kureto sir!" Yells Aoi, barging in to his office.
"Why are you bothering me at this time, Aoi? Do you not know that-"

"The Demon Prince of Hell, Mikaela, has been freed!"


"I know your parents do not care for you, but where must they go, Yuu-chan?" The blonde demon asks, crossing his leg over the other has he seated himself on the blue sofa.
When did he start calling me that? "They're always busy. I rarely see them, I don't really know what they do work wise." Admits Yuichirou. "Being a demon, I thought you knew this?"
"Yes, that is true. But I do not know anything. While I was in that tower, I had a limit on what I could do. It was difficult just to enter the dream realm and talk with you." Mika explains. "Exorcists are the bane of my existence, after all." Mika snarls that word.
"Is that who you meant by they?" Yuichirou asks, earning a nod from the demon. "You said earlier that demons in royalty are tougher to trap, right? How did they do it?"
"Do you wish to know the tale?" Mika asks, Yuichirou nodding as he sits next to him.

"Well, about a year ago I attached myself to a weak-minded human girl named Hanayori Sayuri. Before she became an exorcist, her ex-boyfriend broke up with her, and around the same time her mother died. In her weakened state, I took the opportunity to pounce and feed off her grief, her hatred, her sorrow. She didn't seem to stop me, nor did she seem to care. Sure, she was scared of me, she had the every right to be, being a demon and all. Eventually, her friend--whom I do not know his name-- stepped in with his squad. They got me away from Sayuri, I fought with those people and I was cornered in that tower, where they all sealed me there. They hoped that I would be trapped their forever until their leaders decided what was best for me, but that has changed now." Mika finishes his story.

That was a lot to take in. Yuichirou knew that Mika is a Demon, but he never expected to hear all of that.

"You see, being royalty, it's harder to be sealed. It takes a group of people to seal a Demon of royal blood, plus an ancient place." Mika explains that bit.
"You said this girl is now an exorcist, right?" Yuichirou asks.
"Have you ever thought about revenge?"
"Seeking revenge sounds rather pleasant." Mika smirks. "However, I'm far too weak. I lost a ton of my demonic energy, it might take me some time to regain it."
"Demons feed off negativity. Maybe you can feed on this nightmare I've been having?" Yuichirou asks.
"Ohhh~ Nightmares sound rather tasty as of now." Mika purrs.
"You do that," Yuichirou stands up and stretches. "I'm going to bed. If I have that nightmare or any other nightmare, please eat it. I hate them. Night, Mika." Yuichirou yawns as if on cue, walking upstairs to his warm bed.

"Good night, Yuu-chan."


"Thanks to my subordinate, the Demon Prince of Hell, Mikaela, has been set free." Kureto says, standing up during the meeting. Kureto is the leader of the Exorcists, due to his father's death.
"What?!" Hiiragi Saishiro's voice roars. Then, he looks to Guren. "I thought you and your damned squad sealed him last year?!"
"We did." Guren fights back.
"A human must have set him free." Shinya sighs over all the yelling.

As well as the Hiiragi's, Ichinose Guren's squad is all present. Since they were all involved with the sealing of Mikaela, they must be here. The squad consists of these individuals; Hanayori Sayuri, Mito Juujou, Norito Goshi, Shigure Yukimi, Hiiragi Shinya, Hiiragi Shinoa and Sanguu Mitsuba.
(A/N: I added Shinoa and Mitsuba to Guren's squad for my own personal reasons. Just throwing that out there.)

"We should have known this would happen," Mitsuba speaks up.
"Indeed. That Mikaela is smart and very cunning. We should have known he would find a way to form a contract with a human to free him." Shinoa explains further.
"Yeah, you should have!" Saishiro yells again. "You dumbasses should have kn-"

"Enough." Kureto speaks, silencing all the others in the room.

"Our top priority should be to find out just who this human is. If we must, we eliminate them. If they are easily captureable, then do so. However, if they are resilient than you must either take them by force or even kill them."
"We can't kill members of society!" Goshi yells.
"Yes we can. And if we must, than we will. Lie and say they were turned Demon, it doesn't matter what you tell the police. We must not allow panic to wage through the streets if news were to spread about a Demonic Prince on the lose." Kureto says in a stern, strong voice.

"Ah, Kureto-nii, may I speak?" Shinoa raises her hand.
Kureto nods.
Shinoa stands up. "Me and Mitsuba are school girls, as you may know. We can sweep the school in search for this Demon Prince during study hall and or even lunch. With your permission, of course." Says Shinoa, resting a hand on the blonde girl's shoulder, whom was sitting next to her.
"Very well. You two do that." Then, Kureto looks at the rest of Guren's squad. "You make a sweep of the tower Mikaela was sealed in, make sure it's in good condition to exorcise him there again. If not, we must find somewhere else."
Guren makes a 'tch' sound.
"Finally, me and my subordinates will be going to the archives to learn more of the Prince's past and how strong he is. We will also ask the civilians if they've seen anything... strange."

"Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir!"

"This meeting is dismissed."

~To be continued~


Damn it, Hayden, quit making action start so damn early in your fanfics.

I'm sorry, I guess it must be a guilty pleasure of some sort. My bad~

Chapter Text

For the past three weeks Mika entered Yuichirou's life, things had been rather nice. The nightmares Yuichirou had would fade away, due to Mika eating them. Yuichirou could tell that Mika was getting stronger by all the nightmares he has been eating lately, which is a lot due to how much trauma he's had. Yuichirou found himself attached to the blonde demon, his demon. Normal humans would be scared shitless if a demon were to hang around you, but Yuichirou is a weird one, as Mika calls him.

Being in a contract with a demon had it's perks. Whenever Yuichirou is at school and feels lonely, he can talk to Mika telepathically. The telepathic connection they have is just for talking, not for listening in on your thoughts. Well, it technically is, it's just that Yuichirou banned Mika from ever doing that. Of course, Mika would listen to him, due to not being in control here.

The one thing Yuichirou found weird was that whenever he looked in the school's bathroom mirror, he would see Mika's reflection staring back at him. Usually when he sees this, his reflection of Mika would just smile and wave at him. When asked about this, Mika stated that no one else will see this, besides Yuu of course. Everyone else would see the black haired boy, but Yuu would not.



Smiling down at his human contractor, who was asleep, Mika couldn't resist the urge to stroke a strand of raven hair behind Yuichirou's ear. Tonight, Yuu fell asleep in Mika's arms as he sung to the human. Yuu didn't understand the song, due to it being in Latin, but regardless of what langue it was in it was still beautiful. The song made him feel calm and safe as he laid in the demon's arms, drifting off in to his slumber.

However tonight, Mika would not be staying with him.

Unraveling Yuichirou's arms from him, Mika sat up and stood. He walked out of Yuichirou's room, whispering a 'good night' and closing the door behind him, quietly. Mika walked down the stairs and in to the living room. He stood in the middle of said living room, where no furniture was and held his hand out, pointing at nothing.

"Igneus est inferni portas virentibus invocabo. Sicut principi, sic iubeo." Mika commands in Latin.

As soon as he was done with this spell, the Gates to Hell opened. Hell's green fire raged violently and brightly, although not loud and did not burn anything in this room. Mika smiled, knowing he can finally go home for the time being.

Why was he doing this? He needed to speak to his dear mommy and daddy. He hasn't done so in years, after all, they might be worried for him or maybe even think he's dead.

Mika entered the Gates. They closed after he was in, leaving without a trace.


In Hell, the guard demons banged on the bells on the towers. "The prince is back! Prince Mikaela has returned!" One yelled at the top of his lungs.

Krul, Mika's mother, heard this. Her eyes widened in disbelief, running down the hallway of the black castle to meet with her son. Where was he this entire time? Was he hurt?

"My lord!" A female guard stood in front of him, saluting to him. "It is of the most joyous of days to see you back!"

Mika smiled at her.

"Ah! Mika-kun~"

Mika knew that voice. Turning around, he is met with none other than Ferid Bathory, the head of the demon guard. He had that same sickening smile that could give anyone nightmares, demon or human.

"Ferid." Mika spoke to him. Before Ferid could open his mouth again, Mika cut him off, "Where is my dear mother?"
"MIKAELA!" Krul's voice boomed, making everyone halt and stand up straight.
Ferid chuckled. "Right there." He says and he walks away, speaking Latin to the other guards.

Krul ran to her son, surprised to see him actually alive. Everyone thought Mika had died during the time he was gone, hell, they even threw a party in his honor. Stopping in front of him, she looked him up and down to make sure it was really him, and for any injuries.

Grasping his hand in her own, "Where have you been all this time?! All demons here thought you had died!" Krul exclaims.
"Mother, it is good to see you after all this time." Mika smiles at his mother, squeezing her hand. "You're not going to believe me when I tell you this,"
"We will hold a meeting with the Royal Demonic Guard about this. Your father will be present. Let us go," She says, spinning on her heel and walking inside.

Mika followed suit.


With all Demon Guard present, Krul and her son stand up in front. Mika's father, lord Satan himself, sat on his throne of bones and blood behind them, quite frankly bored. Sure, it's a great thing that his son has returned, but why all this? Nonetheless, all where curious as to where their Prince had gone for a year.

"My fellow Demons," Krul begins to speak, "it is with great pleasure to tell you that your Prince, my son Mikaela, has returned from his year absence."

The ring of questions began, questions asking where he was and if he was alright, things like this.

Krul stepped back as her son began talking, "Being of royal blood, it's quite difficult for those... exorcists to seal us." Mika spits the name of them. "I, however, made a slip up; for a year, I was exorcised and sealed in an ancient tower."

The demons in the room began to roar in rage as to what happened to their prince. They held hatred with them, they held the lust for killing these exorcists in their minds and hearts.

"Silence! My son has not finished speaking!" Krul's loud, assertive voice shut them up.

"You may be wondering as to how in the world I was able to get out of it. Well, I am now in a contract with a human who was able to get me out." Mika explains.

The demons began to chat with themselves. Some of them spoke and laughed wickedly with one another on who this human is, wondering if their prince was going to share his human with them, allow them to feed of this human.

One demon in the back, "What must we do about these exorcist, my lords?"
"Simple, we-" Krul was cut off by a stronger feeling behind her.

Krul and Mika both turned, seeing that their lord Satan has stood up and now behind him. Being the prince and queen, they both fell on one knee in respect and bowed to him. The royal guards did this too.

Lord Satan's long, black cape of nightmares and human souls dragged on the floor. His long, black hair was messy and not neat at all, his horns the longest and biggest of any demon out there.

"Manifestum est quod ad arbitrium est bellum miserabili cum his exorcistis invocare.(The obvious choice is that we must go to war with these exorcists.) He speaks in Latin. "Quod est dare et de semine regio et dolet, quod autem nunc ergo omnes nos nunc have ut! Exterminentur haec exorcists- nos hoc bello!(They dare to hurt that of royal blood, then they will now have to deal with all of us! We will exterminate these exorcists- this is war!) He finishes.

The demons all cheer.


Yuichirou had a weird feeling while going to school today. He didn't quite know what it was, but whatever it was, it gave him an ominous and uneasy feeling. Why did he feel this way? Was something bad going to happen today?

It was currently third period, Yuu left his classroom to use the bathroom. As he entered, he heard two voice going down the hallway-- wait, was that Shinoa and Mitsuba?

He pressed himself against the bathroom wall and listened in on their conversation.

"He might not even be here, Shinoa." Mitsuba sighs.
"He has to be. We always get readings here at school." Shinoa explains.
"I know, but..." Mitsuba trails off.
"He's the Prince of Hell, Mitsuba. He's cunning and smart--he could be hiding anywhere and we don't know it."

'They're talking about Mika!!' Yuichirou's mind screamed. 'How do they know him?'

Yuichirou peeked his head around the corner and looked at them as they walked down the hallway, their backs to him.

Holy shit, their exorcists. That's why they haven't been at school recently!

Yuichirou went in to a bathroom stall and locked it. He began to contact Mika telepathically.

'Mika!' He says in his mind.
'Is something wrong?' Was Mika's reply.
'Yes, something is wrong! Very, very, very wrong!'
'Calm down. What-'


~To be continued~




oh, and I can confirm me and Mika are now brothers in this fanfic; hail daddy Satan :3 la~

Chapter Text

It was after school today. Yuichirou didn't feel safe walking home today, considering all that's been happening. He did, however, pick up the pace at the thought of Mika. That blonde demon had only been here for a short time and yet... he felt so attached to him. True, Mika's a demon and he can take care of himself, but Yuichirou rushed to get home. He wanted to make sure his demon is okay, despite their difference in both strength and species. Yuichirou couldn't suppress the blush that creeped along his face at the thought of his demon smiling at him.

Why must I be so attached to him?

As Yuichirou walked through the door, he was bombarded by Mika.

"Yuu-chan! Are you okay?! Did they touch you?! Oh my god, did they hurt you?!" The blonde demon yells frantically, considered for his human contractor.
"Physically, they didn't. Emotionally? Yes they did." Yuichirou sighs, taking off his shoes. "I'm not so much considered for myself as I am you."
"Me?" Mika repeats. "You, a human, are worried about a demon with high status like me?"
"Well you got exorcised last time!" Yuichirou defends.
"True, but-"
"I don't want to see that happen to you again, Mika," Yuichirou states, holding Mika's face in his hands. "I don't want to see you get hurt again by them."

Much like Yuichirou earlier, Mika couldn't help but blush. Recently, the demon recalls, Yuichirou has been doing this quite a lot. Not exactly holding his face, for this was new, but holding his hand or leaning his head on his shoulder. Of course he didn't mind, he just didn't know what triggered the human to do this. These two had a height difference, too. If Mika recalls, he was about 5'9" in height as the shorter male was maybe about 5'4" in height. Mika is literally five inches taller than him, and Yuichirou is quite embarrassed about this fact.

"I'm sure I can beat them this time," Mika reassures the concerned Yuichirou. "I am in a contract with a human, after all. Last time, I just attached myself to a human; contracts and attachment are two different things, after all. And I've been feeding off your nightmares. That's a demon's strongest source of energy on a human."
Yuichirou decided to change the subject, "What are we going to do, Mika?"
"They're demon hunters. We need to be stronger than them." Mika tells him.
"What you mean by 'we', you really mean you, right? I'm not the demon here." Yuichirou states coldly.
"No, the both of us need to work together here." Mika shakes his head. "I'm sure Shinoa and Mitsuba would come to you, yes? You're their friend, they'd be concerned for you."
"They would, yeah. But what does that have to do with this?"
"I could put up a barrier. But, if they come, Hell's green fire will appear around your house, shielding it. Then, they'd call for back up and would be able to destroy the barrier with the whole squad present. " Mika explains.
He really has this thought out...
"I think our best bet is for me to go invisible if they get here and watch. Just, don't slip up. If you do, it's all over."

"I'll try."


Yuichirou didn't like it when Mika was right. Of course, they're here to check on him and probably ask a few questions. Due to him acting, Yuichirou acted confused when he opened the door to see them in their exorcist outfits.

"I know it may come as a shock, Yuu-san." Shinoa says, pulling up a chair in front of Yuichirou, who was sitting on the sofa.
"We're sorry this was revealed as it was. But, we have a job to do." Mitsuba crosses her arms.
Yuichirou just nodded. "I wish you had just told me personally and not knock on my door at nine o'clock at night." God, what if a fight breaks out in the front yard? What'll the neighbors think of all this?

"Well, we're here to inform you that the demon Prince of Hell has been freed by a human." Mitsuba states.
"We want to know if you saw anything." Shinoa says.
I really can't mess this up...
"Look, guys, I don't know anything about demons!" He lies. "Fuck, I just heard about this today!"
"We know, baka!" Mitsuba yells. Then, she looks at Shinoa. "He doesn't know anything. Let's just tell him."

"Mikaela is the demon's name." Shinoa's face became stern, a serious look on her face. "He's very, very dangerous. As stated, he's a prince. He can get in to your mind and make you do things you don't want to do. He attached himself to a girl in our squad a long time ago, her mental scars probably aren't even close to healing."
Mika would never do this on purpose... he just needed to survive, dammit.
"He's too powerful. If you see him in your dreams, please contact us. He may be trying to form a contract with you for his own, selfish personal gain. We don't want to see that happen to you, Yuu-san." Shinoa says.
I want to prove her wrong... so badly...
"He could kill you-"
"That's not true!" Yuichirou roars, startling the two girls. "Mika would never hurt m-"

Realizing what he just said, he slapped a hand over his mouth as his eyes widen as wide as they could go. Yuichirou's face dropped entirely after what he just told them. It was such a critical piece of information he just revealed to them, now he feels stupid.

"Mika?" Shinoa's eyes widen as well as Mitsuba's. "Yuu, don't tell m-"

"This is quite pathetic, really." Mika's voice came from no where.
The two girls jumped out of their seats.
"Mikaela!" Mitsuba roars at nothing. "You have no place here, nor with Yuu! Leave at once or we kill you!"
Screw sealing him. We'll kill him this time!
"Kill me?" 
He repeats. "Being in a contract with a human has it's perks, you know? I am stronger than I was a year ago." Mika laughs.
"Yuu-san would never be in a contract with you!" It's Shinoa's turn to yell. "He's smarter than that, demon!"

Yuichirou dug his nails in his pants as he looked down at nothing. He knew exactly where Mika was, though he kept his mouth shut, obviously. Yuichirou didn't know what his demon was planing, so he stayed silent throughout their bickering.

The two girls looked to Yuu, who wanted to ask where he was. But, about a few seconds after their eyes landed on Yuu, the sight before them horrified them. Out of what seemed like thin air, Mika appeared behind Yuu (whom was sitting between his legs). Mika's arms were wrapped protectively around his human, looking up at the two girls with a glare on his face, red eyes glowing with anger.

The two girls jumped back a bit and had their demon weapon's keys in their hands.

"Let go of Yuu!" Mitsuba orders. Mitsuba focused her attention on Mika as Shinoa focused on Yuichirou.
"Yuu-san, listen to me! He's using you!" Shinoa begs him to listen to 'reason.' "He doesn't care for you at all! Please, order him away and break your contract!"

Yuichirou doesn't listen to them. Instead, he leans in to Mika's embrace and snuggles his head in Mika's arm. Yuichirou really wanted to believe they would except his demon, but now it seems that they wont. He really thought he could trust them, now he can't. He doesn't wish to listen to him, and he tells Mika that telepathically.

"My human tells me he wishes not to speak with you." Mika tells them.
"We're gonna get you away from him, demon." Mitsuba growls.
Mika looks down at his human, "Permission to fight, Yuu-chan?" He asks.
It's so funny. I should be the one to order Yuu-chan around, not him to me.
"I want you to get rid of them. Please get them out of our house." Yuichirou almost sounds like he's begging.

Mika stuck his hand out to the front door and it opened with such force. He was able hold his hand out to the girls and flung them outside. He gets up from his spot, ordering Yuu to stay put as he walks out.

Mika's red cape swayed in the cold wind. The two girls, who were on the ground, stood with their demon weapons in their hands. These two were determined to kill Mika this time.

In the front yard, they fought. The neighbors hid in fear of what was happening outside. Mika was stronger than them, sure, but there were two of them, which meant more to watch. If he had Lacus with him, this would go more smoothly. However, his brother is no where to be found; perhaps missing like he was, who knows?

"Fuck capturing and exorcising you again!" Mitsuba yells. "We're going to carve you up!"

Just then, Mitsuba's weapon flung out of her hand. Mika did not do that, he knew that. She stood there in shock, her weapon sinking in to the ground behind them, Shinoa stood there staring in shock too. Hell, even Mika was shocked at this! He didn't do this at all.

Just then, Mika smiled. He knew who did this.

"Nii-san, it's good to see you again. It's been too long." Mika says.
"I know it has!" Says the voice.

Out from the shadows, a man who is apparently Mika's older brother appears. From the window, Yuichirou was confused as to who this is. Sure, he heard that this is Mika's apparent older brother, but what was his name? His horns looked identical to Mika's, understandable due to them being brothers. They were even the same height.

"I needed some action. So what better way to help my baby brother?" Lacus says.


Lacus to the rescue!
Hope you guys don't mind me making Mika and Lacus brothers~

Chapter Text

"Nii-san," A blonde haired demon asked his brother as he stepped in their shared room.
"What do you want, Mikaela?" His older brother looks at him.

What was going on?


As the eldest son of Krul and Satan himself, Lacus was obviously next in line as king for the north section of Hell. You see, Hell was divided in five sections; north, south, east, west, and mainland. The south is used for housing areas, led by an elected general. The west was for the Royal Demon Guards, led by their major general. The east was used for ceremonies; such as their festivals, mating ceremonies, even debates.

The mainland is led by Satan and his wife, they are the ones to make all the decisions. The north was used for Satan's eldest son or daughter, while they are still called king of queen of the north, they are like prime ministers of Hell. The north ruler is the one to think of a decision, then the real rulers make the finale.

It's like modern day society, but surprisingly enough, Demons are more civil than humans.

"Why are you calling me that?" Mikaela sighs at his older brother.
"Because I know why you're here! You're wanting to run your mouth about my decision." Lacus argues, throwing a book at his brother.
Mikaela was able to easily dodge it. "I want you to explain, nii-san."
"Why the fuck should I? It's as simple as this; I don't want to rule the north section, I want you to!"
"Why me? I'm not mother and father's eldest!" Now Mikaela was shouting.
"You're better fit to rule the north section then me. Besides, I cannot even find a mate! She-demons fall head over heels for you everyday. Hell, you could even get multiple partners in bed! It's your charms alone that make people horny around you."

That made zero sense. Why did the conversation go from not wanting to rule the north side to Mikaela arousing tons of she-demons? It was the truth that a lot of girls wanted his dick, but that was beside the point!




"Nii-san... are you perhaps jealous of me?" Mikaela asks.

He receives no answer from his brother.

Folding his arms over his chest and leaning in to his hip, Mikaela raises an eyebrow at Lacus. Oh, why did he have to act like this? Mikaela continued to stare at his brother. He wanted an answer, and he wanted one now.

"Whatever, fine! Sure, maybe I am a little jealous of the fact you can find multiple mates. But, that's not why I'm giving up ruling." Lacus tells him.

Lacus gets up from his spot on his bed and walks over to his brother. Lacus was now in front of Mikaela, standing at the same height at his twin of 5'9". Lacus rests a hand on his twin's shoulder and speaks to him,

"You're better fit than I can ever be. I mean, look at me; I'm an arrogant fool, childish, and an idiot. You're both stronger and smarter than I am. You are also more mature and you are not one to hold a grudge." Lacus tells him. Mikaela can tell he is speaking from the bottom of his black heart. "So please, rule for me. The Demons deserve a better leader than myself."

Mikaela was quite frankly... confused by his brother's words. Why did he say such nice things to him?

"Whatever," Mikaela waved him off. "If everything goes to shit, than it'd be all on you, okay?"

Mikaela turned on his heel and walked towards the door. Turning the knob, he begins to walk out. But before he does, he looks in to his brother's ruby red eyes,

"You should apologize to mother and father for spreading blood all over the pearl white walls."

That conversation was in 1945.

Lacus was right next to his brother. He placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned close to his ear,

"What's the issue with these two human ladies?" Lacus whispers to his twin.
"Well, they are demon hunters, as you can tell. They are out to kill me due to me making a contract with a human boy they supposedly know." Mika whispers back to his brother.
"Want me to take the blonde? I already knocked her weapon out of her hands," Lacus recalls.
"Yes, but don't kill her. Yuu-chan doesn't want them to die. He only wants them out of here." Mika states, looking at Lacus dead in the eyes.
"Gotcha." Lacus smiles. He assumed that this 'Yuu-chan' Mika speaks of is the boy in question.

Mika notices that Lacus is carrying a sword and not his halberd. What happened to it, he asks himself. Mika remembers that his brother used it in the last battle they were together in. Perhaps his broke or even lost it. The sword he carried was his old one from the mid-1900s, that is until he obtained that stronger weapon.

Lacus walks away from his brother and looks towards Mitsuba. She looks rather panicked now that she pieced together he was going after her, but being the demon hunter that she is, she is trained to believe he was going to kill her. It was bad because her weapon was knocked away, and that seemed to be like her safe haven.

Lacus points the weapon at her, "How about you and I dance? I shall give you ten seconds to obtain your weapon. After that, we shall do things my way." Lacus smirks.

"One..." He begun to count.

Yelling, Mitsuba flung herself around and began to sprint towards her weapon as fast as her legs could carry her. She could hear that god awful counting. As she grabbed her weapon, as soon as she turned around she was met with Lacus's sword. She was almost knocked down by the force, almost screaming because he scared the living hell out of her.

"Just me and you, Shinoa." Mika states coldly, raising his sword.
Shinoa glares at him, raising her scythe almost in sync with Mika's sword raising, "Don't call me that, demon. You're hurting Yuu-san, there wont be any mercy for you."
"Yuu-chan is safe with me. I provide him more safety than a short, greedy bitch like you." Mika insults her.

That did it.

She ran towards him, rather slow to be honest. But, she strikes down on his sword with tons of strength, more strength than any other human he's fought. Ah, this scenario seems rather familiar...

The battle halted when Mitsuba uttered a scream.

Looking back, Shinoa and Mika noticed that Mitsuba's weapon was now broken. It lay in the yard in pieces, she herself was on her knees.

"Ah, now you've let your guard down." Mika says.

Before she could react, Mika's sword came crashing down on her weapon with such force it was knocked out of her hand, it breaking as well as soon as it hit the ground. There was a particular stone in a demon hunter's weapon that made them repairable, and as soon as Mika located Shinoa's he crushed it with his sword.

Now it was no longer repairable.

Shinoa was horrified. Instead of using slips, she ran to Mitsuba and collected the shaking girl. She hoisted her friend up and they were able to run away. Much to their surprise, the demons didn't give chase, considering they were not going to kill those girls. Shrugging, Lacus walks to his brother.

"Dear brother, I wish to catch up with you. I also wish to meet this human boy of yours." Lacus gives a genuine smile. Had it really been that long?
"Of course. Let's go, Nii-san."

Back inside, Mika located his human contractor. Yuichirou was still sitting on the sofa, however he was not looking out the window anymore. Perhaps he stopped watching when he was for certain they were to die? Well, he'll be thankful his friends aren't actually dead.

"Yuu-chan," Mika walks over to Yuichirou. "the situation has been dealt with."
"Did you kill them?" Yuichirou asks, his voice laced with dread and anxiety.
Mika shook his head. "No, we just broke their weapons. They left, perhaps to go back to their main base of operations."
"... I don't understand. Mika, all my life I've known them, I trusted them. Why didn't I know they were demon hunters? Why didn't they tell me?" Yuichirou sounded rather hurt. It made Mika feel bad for him.
"I could answer that for you." Lacus waves at him. "Demon hunters are strictly forbidden to tell their friends or even their family about what they do. That's why you didn't know of this."

Yuichirou didn't even notice that this guy with purple hair walked in. He knew that this guy is another demon, apparently Mika's brother, that is if he heard him right. Yuu wasn't at all scared, he knew that if he trusted Mika he could trust his brother as well.

"Who are you? I know you're Mika's brother, but I want to know your name." Yuu asks.
"Ah, my name is Lacus. Yes, you heard right; me and Mika are brothers. I'm the eldest." At the last part, Lacus boasts.
"We're twins," Mika informs.
"What?! But... you two look nothing alike." Yuu shot Mika a questioning look, his raven eyebrow raised.
"Our horns are exactly the same," Says Lacus.
"Our jawlines are also similar... sorta. And we're the same height. That's something, right?" Mika smiles.
"I guess..." Yuu trails on.

Yuu noticed that Lacus was looking around. The house was neither big nor small, just right for three people. Lacus figured this boy had no siblings and both his parents, so the house was perfect for these three.

"They know this place. I assume we should leave, Mika." Lacus looks at his twin, his face serious.

Yuu blinked.

"Yeah. They'll come back, I'm sure of it."

Yuu blinks again. What-

"There's that old abandon house in the woods. We can tidy it up with our demonic powers, and we can even give it electricity. You know, millennials and their phones-"
"Wait!" Yuu interrupted. This was all so sudden, all so fast. "Leave?"
"They'll be back, Yuu-chan." Mika looks at Yuu. "They'll kill me and Laucs. They'll even take you in custody and question all that you know. I know you don't want to see me dead. Besides, your parents hate you... they would not care, no offense." Says Mika.
"Exactly why we need to go. Human, pack your things, okay? I'm not asking you to trust me, but trust your demon on this. I promise we'll protect you. Since you're human, we can't take you to Hell." Lacus adds the ending part to his statement.

Yuu knows how drastic the situation is. So he nods and goes upstairs. Mika doesn't follow him, considering he still wants to catch up with his brother.

"Where have you been all these years, Nii-san?" Mika asks his older brother.
Lacus sits down next to his brother, crossing his legs and leaning back on the sofa. "Well for one, I've been looking for you all these years. I was also studying human kind and how to blend in, you know?"
Mika nods at him. "I understand."
"So what happened to you?" Lacus asks.
"I attached myself to a human girl. Her friends were demon hunters, they got me away from her. The sealed me in a tower for a long time, but Yuu-chan was able to free me. You see, I went to his dreams and talked to him. So, in summary." Mika says to him.

Lacus just nods.

Eventually, Yuu comes back downstairs. He has his school backpack on him, most likely filled with some of his personal belongings.

"Let's go."

~~To be continued

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Chapter Text

After the intense, yet rather short battle of those demon hunting girls and the two brothers, the three successfully carried out their plans to run away. They sought to the woods, exploring it until they stumbled across an abandoned mansion that hasn't looked like it was touched since the mid-Meiji era. Speaking of said Meiji era, demon hunting was created at this time. This mansion was used at the time to house injured hunters or hunters that succumbed a demon's curse. Even though it hasn't been touched in so long, the mansion looked so beautiful, it was very saddening that it just lay there in ruin as it did. It had been two months ever since running away, and in those two months, the two demons and human repaired the place, returning it to it's former glory.

Yuichirou has been deemed missing on the news and newspapers. Even though his parents are abusive pricks, they were surprisingly the ones to report his disappearance first. They played acting roles to the police and television; roles in which they pretended to be saddened by their son's sudden disappearance. They claimed to be 'good parents', which is totally false. It was a disgusting sight. The police only had one lead; two girls with giant weapons and two boys with horns and ruby eyes were fighting in the yard. Later, the same two boys entered the house and left with Yuichirou. They never returned.

It was like the ravenette disappeared off the face of the earth. However, Yuichirou didn't frankly give a shit.

The teen had a more important issue on his shoulders. Well, maybe it wouldn't be considered an issue to anyone else... that was, if his demon wasn't, well, a demon.

As anyone could theorize by that statement, Yuichirou has recently developed feelings for the blonde demon.

It wasn't that he couldn't help it. Mika is very smart, handsome, alluring and so very funny. The whole 'developing feelings' thing is kind of Mika's fault though; the demon had been crawling in to Yuichirou's bed at night and cuddling with his human. And no, it was not just a light, friendly cuddle. The blonde demon would tightly and protectively wrap his arms around the teenager, pulling their bodies close to one another. As well as this, both boy's legs would tangle with each other's.

As though Yuichirou saw this as more of an intimate gesture, Mika does not. In fact, he sees it as protecting his human from the world's nonsense. Ever since the day with those girls, Mika has been more and more protective. Since Yuichirou has been labeled missing, Mika absolutely refuses to let the poor kid go outside, unless he is with him or they wear disguises.

Now back to crushing on the demon; Yuichirou didn't know what to do. He was for certain that his demon noticed it when the ravenette would blush around him and stutter, but he never once commented on it. Perhaps he hadn't? Oh, but the teenager was for certain that he had caught on. Damn, the bastard was acting just as a demon would; playing at his emotions like this, as if this were some sort of sick game...


No, no, Yuichirou was yet again being stupid; his demon would never do that. Although demons were described as manipulative and cruel, his demon was far from this. Surprisingly, Mika was very kind for a demon, so kind that even Lacus had commented on it.

"He's been like that ever since were were little," Yuichirou remembers Lacus telling him this during a discussion they had on demon origins, somehow they began to talk about Mika after describing a demon's personality. "although we may act on our own selfish wants, my brother has been unusually kind and generous. It's as though he was an angel at one point, but strayed off heaven's path, had his wings cut off and fell down to hell. Like his angelic personality still hangs around..." Those words echo.

An angel that fell to hell...

On this morning, Yuichirou woke up to the sound of birds singing. It wasn't that he minded the birds, in fact he loved him, he just felt extremely tired. The ravenette wanted to sit up, but realized a pair of arms wrapped tightly around him. Yuichirou stared at Mika's handsome, sleeping face. His horns were not there, but that wasn't his main concern. Yuichirou could feel his face heating up, and fast. His green eyes blinked and tried to focus on something other than the demon next to him, but that turned out to be an utter failure. Every time the teen tried to focus his attention on something else or just think about something to keep his mind off the demon, both his mind and curious eyes always found themselves back at the blonde. The boy was mad in love with the demon, but was too shy to show admit to him his feelings.

Yuu panicked when his demon started to stir. He didn't want to be caught staring at Mika since he knows that the demon would never stop teasing him about it, much to his embarrassment. Speaking of all the embarrassing Yuu has done, Mika actually has a notebook filled with all those memories. Usually when the demon brings it up, Yuu has to mentally prepare himself when the blonde starts with, "remember that time you..."

The ravenette looked away and focused on something else in his bedroom; perhaps the wall. As stated before, he'd rather not be seen staring then the incident is made in to a cheap mockery. Mika's eyes fluttered open and he blinked a few times to remove the last remains of his sleep.

The demon prince looked down to the human, who was awake and is safe in his arms. He smiled. "Good morning, Yuu-chan. How are you on this fine morning?" Mika says, seeming as though he was sweet-talking the young human.
'That bastard...' Yuu thought as he feels his cheeks warm up. They are more than likely red now due to the blonde's antics. "I-I'm fine.." Yuu stuttered.
'Cute...' Mika thought to himself. "It's good that you are doing well. I am happy to know that you slept well." Mika says as he flashes another one of his smiles.

'Oh Mika, if only you knew what your smile does to me...'

"Maybe I shouldn't go."
"It's fine, Mika. Lacus and I will be fine."

It was indeed a very light argument, however it was in no way shape or form a heated one. The matter at hand was that Mika had to leave, for his mother wished to see him at a meeting. He was worried of something bad happening whilst he was away. What if those girls came back? Lacus alone wouldn't be enough to stop them. Mika and Lacus's strength, agility, endurance and speed were exactly the same, due to them being twins, but they worked better together. If they were together fighting, they were practically unstoppable. Most importantly, if they did come back Mika wouldn't be there to protect Yuu. And what if they bring more than just themselves? Lacus would lose if multiple hunters showed up.

"Come on, Mika! Me and Yuu will be fine. Besides, if hunters come by, I'll just kill 'em!" Lacus says as if he were boasting, his voice thick with confidence and determination.
"Nii-san, you pointed out exactly what I am worried about. You'll need me there. What if more than two show up? You'd lose." Mika argues.
"What about your guy's crazy twin telepathy? If something would happen, Lacus could tell you regardless of how far away the two of you are." Yuu reasoned, wishing not to be the damsel in distress.
"... You have a point." Mika sighed. "As soon as something happens-"
"If something happens, my dear brother," Lacus pats his brother on the shoulder. "Stop worrying! If something were to happen or even if I was suspicious about something, I'll tell you. Don't worry."
Mika took in a deep breath as though this was going to be his last. "Okay... be good." Mika says as though he was talking to children, as well as turning on his heel and opening hell's gates.

After the two were alone, Lacus just smiles and spins in front of Yuu, almost knocking the ravenette over. Lacus had a certain look on his face; a look that practically screams, 'I'm up to no good.'

"Now that we're alone, I wish to speak with you. For the longest time I've wanted to talk with you about your little feelings for my brother." Lacus says.

Lacus grabs Yuu's hand and drags him to the sofa with his inhuman strength. Yuu shrieks. How in the world was he able to find out? Or was this one of his pranks? The human boy was worried. Had he been to obvious with his feelings?

After being seated, Lacus turns to Yuu. "So?"
"I-I... um-"
"You don't have to be scared ya know. I actually want to help you."
Yuu leaned his head down in defeat. "I'm sorry. I sorta, kinda... um, I developed feelings for Mika. I tried so hard to stop those feelings, but I just couldn't. The way he smiled at me, the way he made me feel... I just couldn't ignore my feelings for him any longer. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." Yuu's face was red as he kept apologizing something that was not in his control.
"Why are you saying sorry?" Lacus asked, his voice laced with confusion. His eyebrow raised and his head cocked to the side, staring at the human with curiosity.
"You... you don't think it's weird? Or at the least bit, disgusting?"
"Why would I? It's not my place to judge you for who you like. Besides, I will not judge true love." Lacus says as he crosses his leg over the other, something Mika usually did.

So there Yuu sat, completely caught off guard, without words and dumbfounded. He was for sure this entire time that this purple haired demon wouldn't like the idea of his brother, a demon, and he, a human, as partners. He was for sure that he wouldn't like it, especially since this is his brother.

"He likes you too, you know."

This made the human finally look up. Yuu stared at Lacus in awe, his confusion even more so than previously. Did he hear this demon right? Mika likes him too... and not just in a friend way? Like, romantically? Are we even talking about the same demon?

Lacus laughed at the funny look on Yuu's face. "I'm serious! I mean, come on; you two have been head over heels for each other since last month. The only thing Mika really loves to talk about is you, and vice versa."
Yuu twiddled with his thumbs as a response.
Lacus just pats the boy on the back. "Just give these things time. Or, you can tell him tonight. I don't think Mika would be the type to reject someone like you."

Yuu tried to take in Lacus's words and believe them.

Little did he know what was about to happen tonight...

Yuu retreated to his bed and slumped down on it. Like any other night, his mind wondered to his blonde demon. Mika was still out at that stupid meeting, and he was kind of bummed out about it. He'd rather have the blonde here with him, by his side. Yuu rolled over on to his stomach, right on top of the place the blonde slept the previous night and this morning. It smelled like him; the scent of burning wood. While most would not find that very appealing, Yuu does. In fact, he finds it comforting.

"Mika..." Yuu mumbles as he buries his face in to the pillow, breathing in deeply.

It was in this morning Yuu began to talk to himself. It was as though he was practicing some sort of script that he wanted to say to the blonde. Without even realizing it, he began to speak his heart out.

Though someone else was in the room.

"I hate feeling this way. I hate it so much, but it's so comforting. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I don't want Shinoa, Mitsuba or any demon hunter to come and kill you. I have literal nightmares of me watching you die in front of me while I'm powerless to do anything to do anything. I'm sorry I'm so weak; I would love to get stronger and fight with you, but I know I can't. I say these things, but I also want to spend the rest of my life with you... This is what we humans call love."


Mika's voice made Yuu scream. He sat up, his face entirely red and he looked rather panicked. He heard him. Oh god, he heard him. Yuu just knew it. He knew that the blonde heard him, every single word he said. The demon did not look mad at all. In fact, Mika had the very lightest blush anyone could really ever have. Yuu was scared shitless when his blonde demon walked towards him, crawling on to the bed. Yuu scrambled to get away from him, for he was fearful of his demon for the very first time. He scooted across the bed and accidentally trapped himself, falling down on to his back. He watched helplessly as the blonde crawled on top of him. Yuu turned his head away, expecting shouting but nothing of that sort came.

Instead, Yuu felt the very softest lips he ever felt in his life.

Yuu knew that his demon had begun to kiss him. It totally surprised him and caught him off guard as he just lay there. He didn't push him away, Yuu just froze there as if he were a statue. He gripped at Mika's shoulders and squirmed. It wasn't that Yuu felt trapped, he just felt rather scared.

Yuu couldn't even speak when Mika pulled away. He just blinked, blushed and stuttered, unable to find the words.

"Yuu-chan, I love you. I'm sorry I couldn't find the words to tell you earlier than this." Mika says to the shaking boy under him.
"You don't have to say anything, Yuu-chan." Mika smiles. "I know the way you feel. Do you... mind if I show you?" Mika asks.

It was in that night that the two did the unthinkable. The union of a demon and a human, locked intertwined with each other as the two made love.

~~To be continued


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