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Dark 'Friend'

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Amane Yuichirou has never had a pleasant life; he's bullied constantly without any notice from his friends, he never sees his parents and he's too afraid to speak up. The bullying started in about 6th grade for a reason he cannot explain. Now in 11th grade, the bullying has shown no sign of stopping. If you think the bullying is bad, that's not the only factor effecting his current life; his parents are never around. Not only have they shown no sign of caring for him, Yuichirou never sees them.

Today, as he walks through the door he slumps on it. He drops his bag onto the floor, feeling as though his legs are made of jelly. He looks up and hoarsely call for his parents, of course he doesn't receive an answer. Sighing, he wishes for his life to just end. Yuichirou pulls himself from the door, slowly walking up the stairs to his bedroom. He wants to sleep, he wants to sleep and never wake up.

I want to die.

As he enters his room, he shuts the door behind him. Yuichirou slips out of his school clothes and in to something more comfortable; a black shirt a size bigger and pajama pants. He pulls a blanket on top of him and curls up on his bed, resting his head on his pillow and allows the familiar feeling of sleep take him in.

Instead of a normal nightmare he usually has, he opens his eyes to see him standing in an area full of pitch black nothingness. He's wearing the clothes he put on before sleep, barefoot and all. He looks around, of course not being able to see anything, the feeling of uneasy slips in.

"Hello?" Yuichirou's voice echos through the black. "Where am I?"

No response.

'Of course, this is just a dream,' he tries to reassure himself. It's cold here, too, so he rubs his hands on his bare arms to create some sort of friction, to no avail. Yuichirou is shivering, puffs of cold air escaping his lips. Said puffs were actually the only thing he could see in this black whatever of nightmares.

He doesn't like it here.

"Poor child," A voice pipes up, startling the onyx haired boy. "what is with the look on your face? You seem startled, perhaps I scared you?"
Who the hell...
"Who are you?" Yuichirou demands.
"Why ask for my name and not ask what I am?" The voice replies.
"That... that doesn't make any sense... But fine. What are you!" Yuichirou raises his voice.
"My my, I never thought an abused boy such as yourself could raise your voice as such." The voice makes a laugh.

"However, I'm not here to insult you."
"Then why are you here?" Yuichirou glares at nothing. "What the hell, where is 'here?!' I don't understand,"
He gains a chuckle as a response.

From out of the shadows, a man appears. The man has blonde hair and fiery red eyes, about 5'9" in height, skinny. He wears a white button up stained with marks and blood and a red scarf that comes down as a cape, his pants are black and he wears thigh high boots. To top it all off, this guy has horns popping out of his head. Horns!

"What... what the hell are you...?" Yuichirou whispers.
"I'm a demon." He says, Yuichirou's eyes widened in fear. "Not just any demon; I'm the Prince of hell."
"What do you want from me?" Yuichiro is scared.
"Hm, let's see. 'Amane Yuichirou' is your name, yes?" Before Yuichirou could ask how he knows, he was interrupted, "I've noticed how others treat you; you're abused so much at school, your parents don't give a shit and you're too scared to speak up. And for what? All because you can talk and see spirits, why should that be a bad thing?"
It was scary that this man knew all of this. But how? "How do you know that?"
"You see, I'm trapped." He admits. "I have been imprisoned in a tower in the woods by the demon hunters about a year ago. I cannot leave, I can only close my eyes and focus on the world outside this god forsaken tower. That is how I found you."
"What do you want from me?"

There was a pause. The demon looked as though he was giving Yuichirou pity. What the hell?

"My freedom." He says.
"But... I'm not a demon hunter. I can't free you," Yuichirou said, confused. Maybe he found the wrong person? Maybe this demon mistook him for someone else.
"A contract between a demon and a human is stronger than any demon hunter's exorcism. All you need to do is find me and I'll tell you the rest." Says the demon. "Remember; I am in an abandoned tower in the woods."
"And what if I want something in return for your freedom?" Yuichirou asks.

The demon's eyes widened. It sounded like he was agreeing to this, but he wanted a price. This boy is smart, unlike all the other humans he's tried to form contracts with.

The demon had to force this out, "What... what is it you want in return?"
Yuichirou thought for a moment.
The demon scoffed. "You do not know what you want, do you?" He sounded almost angry. "Fine. I will take my leave and find someone el-"
The boy walked up to him rather quickly, clasping the demon's hands in his own, smiling at him.
"I'll be your friend!" Yuichirou says triumphantly. "Being a demon such as yourself, you've probably never had a friend. I can also tell you of my hardships and maybe you can help me!" He says.
The demon is shocked. "Be my friend?" He repeats.

Then, he laughs.

"You'll be my friend, friends with a demon! Oh, how priceless! No human would be stupid enough to say that!" He laughs.
However, Yuichirou's smile did not fade. "Call me stupid all you want, but I'm serious. You'll be my first real friend and I'll be yours!"
The demon stopped laughing at him. His face returned to shock. Then, he couldn't help but crack a smile. "You are one strange human, Yuichirou."

"Then we have a deal." The demon says.

Yuichirou backs up from the demon to look at him. Curse this man for being so tall. The demon holds out his hand so they can form their contract, the human almost gives off a look of greed as he places his hand in the demon's. A thick, blood-red yarn wraps around their arms.

"The contract his sealed." The demon says as the thread fades, taking a step back.

When Yuichirou was about to open his mouth, the sound of crumbling and thunder began.

"Ah. It seems as though your waking up." The demon says. "That means it is time for me to go."

The demon spins on his heal and begins to walk.

"Wai-!" Yuichirou tries to follow, but falls through the floor. Before he can fall straight through, his hand latches on the edge. "What's your name, demon!?" He asks.

Yuichirou falls. Before he wakes up entirely, he sees the demon leaning over the edge where he just fell from.


Yuichioru sits up with a start. He's panting, looking around his room as his eyes adjust to the darkness. Did he really sleep that long?

"Mika?!" He shouts.

Of course he doesn't get a response, Mika is not here. Not yet, at least.

Yuichirou throws off the covers and stands, walking up to his closet and opening it. He throws on a My Chemical Romance shirt and a jacket, black jeans and shoes. He flies out his door and runs to the woods. Yuichirou ignores the freezing cold he feels, due to the Autumn nights they have are very cold. Yuichirou stops at the edge of the woods.

He hears singing.

'It must be Mika...' He thinks.

Yuichirou walks in to the woods in front of him. He's walking for maybe thirty minutes, starting to believe this was a lost cause until he sees it; a white tower, stained and vines growing on it. He runs to it, the singing stops. He opens the door with ease and begins walking up the stairs.

'I'm coming, Mika...'

At the top of the stairs, he sees another door. Like the first one, he opens it. As he walks in, he lets his eyes adjust to the darkness before his eyes landed on a boy chained to the wall by some sort of green chain, arms suspended above his head by said chains with his feet propped by either side of him.

"Mika...?" The human asks.

The blonde demon looks up, those red eyes of his seem to light up the room. The demon let's a grin form on his face.

"My my, you're early. Hello again, Yuu-chan."

~To be continued~


First chapter of my new MikaYuu fanfic! My Yandere one was kind of a bust, so to make it up I'm doing this one! Hopefully I don't abandon this one too, haha.

By the way, before ANYONE comments about my writing style and how it's in the middle, I'm NOT changing it! This is how I write! If you don't like it than please don't read. I'm really tired of everyone commenting about this.