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Of Skies and Seas

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She kept on walking. A grimace plastered on her face. Her hands balled into what seemed like permanent fists. Her eyes blazing with furious anger. Her right eye twitched as her mind scanned through the memory of what had happened over the past few minutes to make her this angry. Bushes and branches brushed up against her left side and she had almost fallen into a ditch to her left, but she kept storming through the forest as if she was a raging Ursaring. She might as well have been. The man behind her, just as furious as she was but for a totally different reason, was trudging on after her, screaming her name and profanities.

Zezili growled. Tightening her fists and squeezing her eyes shut tight. ‘Why the fuck is he still following me?!’ She whirled around to face the enraged man. Her midnight blue hair whipping in her face as she turned. She took a step forward and poked his chest with a finger as hard as she could.

“Fuck you, Carman! Just fuck you! I’m not doing your fucking bidding anymore! I refuse to be a part of your little fucking schemes anymore! I’m a fucking champion in three separate regions! I didn’t come to fucking Alola to be your fucking puppet!”

“But ya’ done it before!” Carman retaliated, flicking her hand away from his chest. “God, Z! Don’t cha’ miss the fucking rush of jipping people of their cash and-!”

No! No I fucking don’t!” She snapped back quickly before he could say anything more. “I haven’t fucking missed it at all! I can’t fucking believe that you roped me into doing this kind of shit again! I left that fucking part of myself back in Kanto! If you’re going to keep fucking doing this kind of shit then we’re fucking through! I’m done!”

Zezili turned around with a huff and started walking again, but stopped dead in her tracks at the next brutal sentence that came out of Carman’s mouth.

“If ya’ don’t stay, I’ll report you to the authorities.”

“...You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, but I would.”

“You’d be in trouble too.”

Carman shrugged and strolled over to stand right behind her. He took a handful of her hair gently, bringing it to his face to sniff. It smelled of her usual vanilla shampoo. “I would, but I am such a better liar than you are. Oh, Zezili manipulated me to do it. She forced me to take part in her crimes. You may be the legendary champion of three regions that has the most unique way of battling, but everyone knows of your crimes back in Kanto. Well, at least the police do. Who are they going to believe when it comes to these crimes in Alola? A lowly ex-grunt who doesn’t have any evolved pokemon to his name, or a legendary champion who has a huge criminal background and is even the niece of you know who?”

Zezili stood there for a moment, contemplating what he had said. He was right. She knew he was right. She didn’t want to go to jail. She hadn’t been to jail the first time since she had helped the police bring that specific criminal organization to an end, or at least bring down the big boss and complied to whatever they thought a suitable punishment would be for her... and because she was only 16 at the time. But now she was 23 with a long history of crime as Carman had said. They wouldn’t believe that she was the one that was roped into this. That she was the one who was forced and manipulated into all these crimes throughout Alola.

However, she didn’t want to continue this partnership in crime. Hell, she didn’t want to even be a criminal anymore. She was a champion. She was actually well-respected now and damn it she wanted to keep it that way. Being reported to the police would ruin everything she worked for. She wouldn’t have her pokemon anymore who she absolutely needed. But Carman... Carman was even worse than falling into infamy again. He was worse than not having her pokemon with her. He took advantage of her “power” as people called it. He took advantage of her in general all the time. He took advantage of her disability, her pokemon, her past. Everything. Did she want to deal with that anymore?


“Fine. Report me. I don’t care.”

That was absolutely not what Carman had wanted as an answer.

“FUCKING BITCH!” He grabbed both her wrists, wrenching them into one hand and with his other, took a rough hold of the back of her head. He positioned himself on her left side and rammed her into the closest boulder. His body pinning her to it. With the hand on her head, he drew it back and smashed the right side of her face into the boulder. Immediately, blood started to pour down the boulder and her face, splattering on to her shirt and pants.

“I NEED THIS FUCKING MONEY! YOU KNOW I NEED THIS FUCKING MONEY, BITCH! I HAVE FAMILY AND I NEED THIS MONEY!” Carman brought her head back and again smashed it into the rock. He took a step back and threw her on to the ground, jumping on her immediately so she couldn’t get up.

“S-STOP! CARMAN! S-STOP!” Zezili put both hands on his chin and pushed up, but her head was fuzzy, her vision was fading and her strength was failing her. “Carman... Carman please!”

There was a vibrating at her hip. Her pokemon! Things were going so fast that she forgot about using her pokemon. Why didn’t she have one out to begin with? That was stupid of her and now she was paying the price of her stupidity.  She reached down to get the vibrating pokeball, but Carman snatched her hand and pinned it over her head.

He picked up a rock in his right hand. It was about the size of his palm, and hovered it over his head. She was so frantic with trying to either get out from under him or reaching her pokeballs that Zezili didn’t realize that Carman had a rock over his head.

“If you’re not going to stay in this with me... then you might as well fucking die! You are of no use to me anymore!”

He brought the rock down, but it didn’t hit. In a flash, something pummeled Carman off of her. Something with more legs than she could count at the time. Something huge and all types of gray colors. But, as it knocked Carman off her, it also had rendered Zezili unconscious.