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*yawn* ‘OMG this is so boring’ I thought as class went on. For those who don’t know me, my name is Ruby Rose and you can say that I’m some sort of genius. School is so easy for me I feel like sleeping, but I don’t I’m a good star student. “RUBY ROSE PLEASE COME TO THE OFFICE! MISS RUBY ROSE PLEASE HEAD TO THE OFFICE!”. The principal called for me through the speaker, and I stand from my seat and walk out of class and down the hallway. I knock on the door and hear a soft come in from the headmaster. I step in and he greets me with a smile.

“Please take a seat,” he says and signals with his hand. He looks for some papers and organize them before looking back at me “I noticed that in class you seemed to be rather bored so I decided, with permission from your father and uncle, to put you ahead a year or two. It wouldn’t be that hard considering you're our star student, what do you say?”

I jumped out of my seat with one of the biggest smiles I have ever had and jumping up and down I replied “OH MY GOD!!, YES!! YES!! YES!!” I heard the headmaster chuckle and told me that I could go home. ‘OMG! Best day ever!’.

I got home and no one was there so I went to downtown Vale to walk and think. I put on my headset to listen to music while I checked a magazine in a dust store. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to find a guy that told me he was robbing me. I kicked he’s and his partners ass only one guy was left he had a white coat and was running of. I catch up to him thanks to my semblance and cornered him in an alley. I was about to knock him out when a mysterious girl in black beat me to it.

“Where did you come from?” I ask pointing at her with Crescent Rose.

“Aren’t you a little too young to have a weapon like that?” She asked and I swear I blushed just from hearing her voice. As if her beauty wasn’t enough her voice was the sweetest melody I’ve ever heard. Let me describe her so you can get a catch of the beauty in front of me. Long, wavy black hair with a black bow on top, creamy white skin, gorgeous golden eyes, nice set of tits but my sister is still a little bigger, but even better than my sister, a great and perfectly round ass. Yes I can be perverted, just because everyone else think I’m innocent doesn’t mean I really am.

“What kind of question is that? It’s not like you’re that much older than me, and you haven’t answered my question,” I reply and like 5 seconds from it I start hearing sirens getting closer signaling the police.

“Come with me to a nearby cafe and I’ll answer your questions. You’re paying though, I did help you with that guy, it’s the least you can do,” She said and walked past me. I turn and see her walking out the alley, her hips moving from side to side. I gulp and pull a little on the collar of my shirt.

“For your information I didn’t ask for help, I could’ve handled that myself, but I guess I do owe you that one just give me a second,” I went back inside the store and took the magazine I was eying and payed for it.

“Wait a second young one,” said the old man that owns the store. “Come over here,” he motioned with his hand to go back to the counter. He fetched for something under the counter and put it on top it was a box. He open it and turn it for me to see. It was a heart shaped piece of dust. I look from the box to the man, and from him to the box. “I want you to have this as thanks for saving my store, the legend says that this dust glows when you’re close to the one you're meant to be with for the rest of your life. It also says that if you give it to that person and they accept it, but you guys can't have kids it will create a miracle to make it possible,”.

I look at it and smile “Thank you,” I say and take it. I look at it while I walk out the store and it suddenly started glowing like he said it would. I look up to see the girl in black that helped me with the guy in the alley and my cheeks turned crimson red. I quickly close the box and put it in the puckett in my jacket.

“I thought something might have happened to you. I was about to go in there and look for you. What took you so long?” she says and keeps walking and I start jogging to catch up to her.

“I’m sorry, I was checking a magazine before everything started so I just went in to try finding it and buy it. Also the owner of the store gave me something in exchange for helping him with the robbers,” I say walking besides her and she turns her head and looks at me in question, but lets it go.

“We’re here,” she says and I turn to look at a small cafe. We go in and sit down in silence.

“Who are you?” I ask and she looks at me then sighs and leans back.

“My name is Blake Belladonna, what is yours?” she asks and looks at me. Curiosity clear in her eyes.

“I’m Ruby Rose, nice to meet you,” I say and smile. She blushed a little but before I could say anything else a waitress stepped by and asked for our orders.

We’ve been talking for about an hour or so, getting to know each other and making jokes and stuff. We get out of the cafe and keep walking through the streets until we get to a small apartment. I’m guessing it’s hers. She motions for me to come in and I walk in with her. We walk to the living room and sit on the couch and we keep talking.

“What did the owner of the store give you?” she asked and looked at me with her eyes full of curiosity and wonder. I take the box from my puckett and show it to her. She takes it and opens it to see the heart glowing brightly.
I hug her from behind wrapping my arms around her waist, she tenses a little but then relaxes and I put my chin on her shoulder. “He told me that the dust would glow every time that I’m close to the person I’m meant to be with for the rest of my life,” I tell her and her eyes widen. “Do you want it? He said that if whoever it was accepted it no matter what the problem was it would make a miracle so that future little us could happen,” I continue.

She turns around facing me and sits on my lap. I still have my arms around her waist and she puts her arms around my neck. She then pulls me into a really passionate kiss and I return it with eagerness. “Thank you,” she said once we separated with a smile on her face and one of my own as well. She touched the heart and it started to glow more. The heart started levitating and then two hearts appeared instead of one. The first heart glowed red and the other glowed black. The red one went through her chest and the black one went through mine. I started feeling tingly in between my legs and something growing. My pantis felt tight and there was a weird sensation that I couldn’t put my finger on. Whatever it was that grew I think Blake felt it because she looked down.

Her eyes widen… a lot and it made me nervous, but I got even more nervous when she looked back up with a blush completely covering her cheeks and a nervous stare of her own. I hesitate before drifting my eyes down… there was a pretty big bulge in my pants. A sweat dropped from my forehead ‘The myth was true! Like completely real!’ I look up with somewhat a scared look in my eyes… I open my mouth to say something, but I get cut off by Blake kissing me with immense passion and love.

I kiss her back with the same amount of love and passion as a thanks for demonstrating me she still wanted to be with me. The kiss started to get heated… really heated, and my new extra body part started pulsing. I sneaked my hands around her hips and moved them a little bit lower and took hold of her perfectly firm and round ass. She moaned into my mouth and I started lowering her until she was laying in her back. I was supporting myself with my arms and my waist was between her legs.

She breaks the kiss panting and I move to start kissing along her neck. I kiss at the corner connecting her shoulder and began a trail of kisses up to her ear and bit on the top of it to then go a little bit down and suck on her earlobe. She let out a moan and I blow some air on her ear. I hear her moan again and I smirk.

“Do you want me to continue?” I ask and move one of my hands up her inner thighs. I feel her shudder and my smirk grows some more. “I can stop if you think we’re going to fast, I don’t have a problem with it,” I continue and move to kiss her neck some more. I see a trail of hickeys that I left on her neck earlier and move to leave more on the other side of her neck.

“P-please… ahhh… continue…” she said, her blush increasing and her bow twitching yet again. I took a hold of one of its ends and pull to reveal a pair of adorable cat ears. She blushed even more and looked at me with a sad expression. She probably thinks I’m going to leave her. I kiss her right cat ear, showing her that I don’t care and go down living more hickies down her neck.

“Ahhh… R-Ruby… nghh… wait…” I stop and look at her in the eyes with immense love.

“Yes?” I ask as I rub her cheek with my right hand and my left hand is resting on her hip.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I thought you would hate me if you knew,” she said and a rough tier went down her cheek. I kiss it away and then kiss her on the lips with all the love and passion I could gather.

“I would never do that, even if we weren’t meant to be. I always thought it’s horrible how people treat faunus just because a few are trouble makers. I would accept you as you are because you’re an amazing person,” I said and smiled down at her and she smiled back. She looked down and then back up at me, she sat up and took my hand dragging me with her to another room, that I could only guess it was her bedroom. She turns and kisses me roughly and keeps dragging me with her till we reach the bed.

We separate from the kiss and she took of her shirt. I follow and take my shirt off as well. I grab her hand and spin her around so her back is facing me and I take hold of her pants and pull them down. She turn again and kicks her pants off. I push her gently on the bed and hover on top of her. Now in the same position we were in the couch I look at her, her adorable cat ears, her mesmerizing ember eyes, her beautiful and firm breasts confined in her black bra, her toned stomach, and her milky hips.

“Beautiful,” I whisper but thanks to her faunus heritage she heard me and blushed. She looked away with small smile on her face and I lean into her and start kissing her cleavage. I move my arms to her back and unclasp her bra. I threw it somewhere in the room and savagely assaulted her breasts. I don’t know what came over me I just thought of her and making her mine. She moaned loudly and arched her back as if asking for more. I move my mouth from one of her delicious looking nipples and kissed her roughly. She moaned into the kiss and I could feel her hands working on my pants.

She unhooked my belt and unzipped my pants. We separate from the kiss and she pulls my pants and pantis down. I hear her gasp loudly at the sight, I look down and really don’t blame her. There stood, what in my mental calculations looked like a 9 inch in length and 6 or so inches around, dick.

I look at her she reaches down and touches it giving little strokes. I gasp at the sensation of her soft hand on my new appendage and shudder in pleasure.

“Does it feel good?” she asked and I smile at her lining in.

“Yes it does,” I whisper in her ear and sucked a little on her earlobe getting a moan from her. She turned her head and kissed me roughly ‘I guess she likes it like that’ I thought and moved down to kiss her shoulder and to test my theory I bit on it.

“AAHHHHHH!” she moaned… no screamed in pleasure. She blushed, probably embarrassed that I discovered her little kink, and arched her back a little bit more. I moved my hands downwards to the edge of her pantis and pulled them off roughly.

“So you like it when I play rough with you, huh, I guess that I’ll just shove my whole cock inside you, would you like that?” I whispered in her ear and rub my dick in her drenched slit which got wetter when I finished my little dirty talk.

“Ahhhh…” she just moaned not able to do anything more but wiggle a little to find better friction. I keep going down and to her breasts. She moans more and holds my head in place. I suck harder on her left nipple and her moans increased.

I moved my hips away from hers and positioned so the tip of my dick was aligned with her slit. Without warning I bit her nipple so she would let go of my head, she did, I kissed her roughly full on the lips and shoved my whole thing in her. I felt something block my way but it broke easily. ‘Most be her hymen’.

I grinned “I’m surprised someone that has such kinks would still be a virgin”, she blushed and looked away as to hide it but I saw it all too well. I kissed her cheek going down to her neck to her collarbone and to her breasts. She turns and looks at me, and I smile and kiss her lips.

She moans desperately into the kiss and thrusts her hips upward. I got the message and started moving in and out. She moaned, wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips keeping me there. I started to thrust more roughly and pulled her up with me into a sitting position.

I was sitting at the edge of the bet thrusting up and she was sitting on me, her boobs bouncing in front of my face and thrusting down every time I thrusted up. She went down roughly and her tits jiggled in such way that I couldn't resist any more and grabbed her left one, massaging it and teasing the nipple and suking on the nipple of the right one.

She moaned louder and I stood up slamming her to the nearest wall and thrusting faster and harder. We moaned at the same time me for the tightness of her pussy and her for roughness of my thrust. She scratch my back in pleasure from the lower part almost to my neck and I moaned at the feeling. It didn’t hurt that much, I got more pleasure than pain from it but I’m not sure if it is because of the adrenalin of the moment or because I might like the pain.

We are a sweating mess of limbs and moans by now but I don’t think there is a single grain of me that really cares.
“AHHH… Ru-Ru-RUBY!… I’M GOING TO… CUUUM!!…” she basicly yells and I groan because her walls just tighten even more around my meat.

“Nnnng… me too… ahhh” I say and we cum together.

*** A few days later***

“Ohhh, I can’t believe my baby sister skipped two years and now is going to go to Beacon with me!” my sister Yang says giving little jumps and crushing me into a hug.

We got at the entrance and I stop and look around. “Are you looking for someone or are you drinking in the sight?” asked Yang which caused me to look at her and punch her in the arm.

“Shut up, of course I’m drin…” I didn’t finish because Yang fell on someone’s stuff. I tried not to laugh when the owner, which looked like a rich girl, started giving Yang a lesson about dust. “I’m sorry it was my fault. I guess I punched her too hard.” I said with a little sorry smile.

“Aren’t you too young to be here at Beacon?” she asked eyeing me a little curious.

“Yeah but I skipped two years so here I am, I’m Ruby and this is my sister Yang” I say presenting us to the girl “What's your name?”

The girl looked at us like if we came from another planet “What do you mean?”

Now we looked at her weird, we looked at each other then back at her. “Weiss Schnee, heiress to the dust industry Schnee,” said a strange voice from behind… well strange for the other two not strange for me.

All three of us look behind me, “Finally some recognition,” said Weiss.

“The same company that is hated for ‘racism’ against faunes and has questionable business partners,” Blake continued with a smile and I laughed.

“Why you…” Weiss started but didn’t say anything else.

“Hey” I say.

“Hey” she answers. “I was looking for you”

“Wait you know each other?” asked Yang with a smile and eyeing Blake up and down, clearly interested in taking her to bed.

“Disgusting,” mumbled Weiss noticing Yang's look.
I smiled ignoring her question “Yeah I figured since you weren’t at the front when we got here” I answered Blake who pulled me in a tight hug.

“Not my fault I missed you too much” Blake said and pulled away a little to smash our lips together. I kissed back eagerly and she moaned into the kiss.

I had to try so hard not to laugh at Weiss’s and Yang’s reaction. Weiss had her eyes the size of dinner plates and a huge blush covering her cheeks. Yang blushed some, her jaw almost reached the floor and her shoulders slumped.

When we separated Blake was panting a little and her arms were over my shoulders and around my neck. I have no idea when but she had jumped on me and her legs were wrapped around my hips.

I was holding her up with my hands on her butt and she slid down but my hand didn’t live it’s place as to say ‘this is mine, only I can touch’. “So presentations, Yang this is my girlfriend Blake. Blake this is my sister Yang,” I say pointing at them with my hand.

“Damn, Ruby hit better than my whole history in her first try,” said Yang more proud than disappointed really. She gave me a high-five and we did our secret hand sign. Then they shook hands started talking I looked at Weiss and she looked at me then turned her head to the side.

“You coming or what?” I said and Yang and Blake look back at her with a smile.

“I guess I could tag along” she answered and kept walking with us.

At the end of the next day we all got in the same team. Blake and Yang are partners just like me and Weiss, and together we form the most badass team in the world.

Team RWBY…