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A Flower Grows in zaShunina

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They were tangled together, basking in the afterglow of their earlier activities, when zaShunina felt a curious spark inside of him. He tilted his head as his hand traveled to his midsection. He rubbed it in wonder.

“Is something wrong?” Shindo asked. “Are you hungry?”

“No. Everything is as it should be. I believe we created a life.”

Shindo froze. “What?”

zaShunina rolled over to face Shindo. He took his lover’s hand and pressed it to his flat stomach. “In here. There is a spark of life that wasn’t there before. I believe we created a child.”

“Is that possible?” Shindo asked in awe. He gazed down at zaShunina’s stomach, then looked up at his lover’s face.

“It appears that it is possible. Since I am an anisotropic being, my body is not structured as rigidly as yours.” zaShunina studied Shindo’s face. “Are you happy?”

“Yes!” He replied, clearly excited, but he paused. “Are you?” He asked, stroking zaShunina’s stomach gently.

zaShunina considered the question. He thought back to his distant nightmare. The warmth of Shido’s body beside him fought off the chill of the memory. That fate had not come to pass and he was glad of it. He couldn’t bear to lose zaShunina. But the child, Yukika, he would very much like to meet her again. He rubbed his stomach. “Yes. I am very happy.”

Shindo smiled. “I’m glad.” He leaned in to kiss him. “You continue to surprise me.”

“As you surprise me,” zaShunina replied fondly.

“I think this is a bigger surprise than any I could give you,” Shindo insisted.

“But you are the one who gave it to me,” zaShunina pointed out.

Shindo blushed. “I suppose I am,” he muttered.

zaShunina smiled. “You have already planted your seed within me, but I would like to recreate the act in celebration.”

Shindo was still blushing when zaShunina climbed onto him, but he still took a hold of zaShunina’s hips and let him have his way.