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Dance With Me

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Wad held his face in his hands, his elbows resting on the table. He felt Oak sway back and forth next to him. They always ended up drinking just a little too much when they went out after a big exam. They had to release some of that pent up stress somehow.

The live music was a little too loud for such a small space but Wad found himself tapping his toes. He finally looked up. Oak had a glazed look in his eye as he and M were yelling towards each other. Tew was smiling wide, looking at his phone. Kongpob had migrated to the next table.

Wad glanced around him. Arthit, of course, was leaning into Kong, telling him something in hushed tones. Bright and Tuta were bickering with each other loudly. As per usual it seemed. Knot was seated next to Bright, his face illuminated by the small screen in his hand. He looked over to Prem—

And Prem was looking right back at him.

Wad looked down, back to his own table mates, quickly. He knew he was already flushed because of the alcohol but he felt even warmer; his ears even pricked with warmth.

He risked another glance upward, but there he was, still staring at him. He was smiling. Wad felt himself smiling too.

Prem had a certain charm that always threw Wad for a loop. They had talked about the past and apologized for what had happened but they never discussed the things that they were feeling at the current moment. Wad knew what he was feeling but he couldn't know for certain what Prem felt.

Until Prem was standing all of a sudden. And he was making his way right to Wad. He stopped right next to him, offering his hand.

"Dance with me."


"The music is good. I can see you tapping your feet. So come and dance with me."

Wad just stared at the hand in front of him for a moment. He could feel the eyes of his suddenly quiet friends focused on him. But he was feeling good. He was feeling happy.

So he placed his hand in Prem's and let him lead him to the dance floor.

Prem's hands found their place on his lower back. Prem initiated the intimate position so Wad let his arms snake around Prem's neck. Prem led and Wad followedThey were both immune to the whooping and jeers from their drunk friends from the tables.

The song ended but the band somehow knew to let it fade into the next tune, slower than the first. Prem pulled him in closer as he slowed their movements to the pace of the music.

"P'Prem..." he started, not quite knowing where he was going with it.

"We can talk about it now or we can dance. I'm a little drunk so, I think, for now, we should just dance." Was all he said in response. Wad knew it was probably for the best; he was extremely drunk himself. He let his head fall forward, against Prem's cheek. And they danced.

They seemed to have started a trend. More and more couples had made their way to the center of the bar, in front of the stage, to slow dance to the music.

"Please Arthit. We're dating now, and I really would like to dance with you."

"I don't dance Kongpob," Wad heard Arthit argue, but everyone knew it was already a done deal. As much as Arthit likes to put up a fuss, Kongpob was going to get what he wanted. And they found their place on the dance floor right near Prem and him.

"Well everyone else is dancing! Damn Tuta, come on!"

"Bright, are you kidding me?"

"No, now come on!" And then those two were on the floor as well, a bunch of flailing limbs and high kicks.

Wad peeked around, still cozy in Prem's arms. He caught a glimpse of M making a break for the bathroom and Oak followed his friend close behind. He watched as Tew made eye contact with Knot across the two tables. He smiled to himself as he watched those two stand at the same time and make their way towards each other.

He nestled comfortably into Prem as they continued to move to the rhythm. He felt Prem press his lips against his forehead, lingering there for a quite a few beats.

And Wad just smiled and closed his eyes.