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Kim Taehyung really liked his job.


When it came to being an MC, he was a natural. A quirky, but fun personality, gave him an advantage to stand out amongst the older and more mature people in the same profession. He was an embodiment of positivity and innocent, but effective, jokes that can make something burst in anyone’s chest. Even his appearance on screen and just the sight of his boxy smile radiates happiness and positive vibes as he interacts with other people. Most of the time, they tend to be strangers, but Taehyung greets them as if they have known each other for decades.


Not to mention that Taehyung was immensely praised for his good looks.


He never really understood it – as his looks were something he just got by birth – and he always looked pretty much the same. The biggest thing puberty hit him with was the change of his voice, but not much else. Sure, before he goes out on camera, the makeup artists outline his eyes with eyeliner and dust his cheekbones with powder. Sometimes they comb his hair. Nevertheless, he always looks good, regardless of the work put into it.


He is known to be an MC that has looks that can rival an idol. Moreover, considering how often Taehyung loves to dye his hair, he may as well be one. When he was a substitute once on Weekly Idol, it so happened that the famous idol group EXO were the guests. Byun Baekhyun kept joking that they should take Taehyung in to be Baekhyun’s substitute on over-scheduled days, because fans wouldn’t notice the difference. Of course, they weren’t that hard to differentiate, but it was a common inside joke in the entertainment industry of how alike they are in terms of looks and personality.


He was almost twenty-two now and young as he was, he should have been in a relationship. In fact, many people would be shocked to find out he wasn’t taken already. Taehyung had gotten numerous offers over the time of his career and even before that – guys and girls alike would approach him with hopes of something more than friendship, even for one night, but Taehyung never accepted.


It didn’t feel right to him yet.



○ • ○ • ○



It is late December in Seoul and Taehyung was called in as a substitute on Weekly Idol once again. He was rather pleased, because he liked to watch that show himself. And in this industry, he was friends with most idols, so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable to make certain jokes on one’s expense.


It was when he arrived at the studio and was sat in the makeup chair – getting some rather nice eye shadow being applied to his eyelids – that he was informed which idols are the guests that day.


“The B.Boys are today’s guests. You know them, Taehyung-ssi?” The producer had asked as he was adjusting his headset, reading the words written on the paper attached to the clipboard in his hands.


“Sort of,” Taehyung replies, his voice had gone a bit dry at this point.


He already got dressed and that day, he went for black jeans and a dark red dress shirt, where he left the few top buttons undone. The dress shirt had light vertical stripes, but Taehyung doubts they will be noticed on camera. When he arrived to the set, the stylist decided to add round, thin framed glasses to the look and demanded they slightly curled Taehyung’s blond hair. Taehyung didn’t care much about it, seeing as it ended up attractively messy in the end.


When the cameras started rolling, he slipped into his role easily. He chatted with Defconn in the beginning and made a few jokes, before they invited their guests over. Taehyung has already seen them backstage and like always, they told them a few jokes they were going to make in advance and what the overall contents of the show will be for the day. However, Taehyung didn’t talk to them personally just yet.


“Jeongguk and Jimin of B.Boys!” Defconn called with a grin and Jeongguk and Jimin smile and laugh as they approach and exchange greetings with them. Then they bow to the audience and introduce themselves to people who may not know who they are. Although that’s highly unlikely.


Both of them wore ripped denim jeans, although Park Jimin had went for an oversized black sweater because it went with his red hair a lot better than the loose white dress shirt Jeon Jeongguk decided to sport that day. Taehyung notices that Jeongguk wore timberlands again and he briefly thinks Jeongguk forgot that they will be dancing on this show.


The show went rather smoothly – more than Taehyung expected. They went through all the parts of the show with ease and it turned out to be quite funny.


“So, Jimin,” Defconn had begun, with a sly smile, “You’re quite famous for showing your abs on one of your songs.”


Jimin – already halfway through that sentence – had gone rather embarrassed and he covers his smiling and red face with his hands. Taehyung smiles, finding it rather endearing how shy he was whenever this was brought up. However, Taehyung didn’t want of him to be uncomfortable.


“What about Jeongguk?” He said, turning Defconn’s attention to the other member of the duo. Jeongguk raises his eyebrows and his eyes are confused, making him look like a startled rabbit. One more endearing feature, Taehyung concludes.


“He’s younger, but fans say he has grown a lot over the years since debut,” Taehyung says and Defconn says “ah” in agreement to that, nodding as Jimin was now less embarrassed and more amused about this situation. Jeongguk was now the one that was rather taken aback and Jimin sends a grateful look Taehyung’s way.


“Yes, fans would like to see that,” Defconn says and Jeongguk shakes his head, red in the cheeks just the slightest bit. After a few jokes, Defconn stands to his feet and approaches Jeongguk, who jokingly tries to strive away, that bunny smile on his lips as he lets out a startled sound. It sounded more like a giggle, or some cute animal.


“Let us check for the fans, at least!” Taehyung teases as he stands to his feet too.


“Yes, we won’t show it to the camera, but we should confirm it,” Defconn agrees and Jeongguk eases a little as Defconn makes him turn his back to the camera and Taehyung comes over to look at this. Jimin cocks his head to the side too, just to catch a glimpse.


Jeongguk grips the edges of his shirt and slowly raises it up to his abdomen and Defconn immediately lets out one of those long “wow” sounds that sound so much like a joke at this point – especially to those who watch the show regularly – and Taehyung sort of mimics it as he makes a sound of surprise. Defconn makes some sort of pun as he taps Jeongguk’s abs and Jimin laughs at the joke, clapping his hands together in amusement as Jeongguk smiles shyly and let his shirt back down.


Depending on how they edit it, it may turn out that they are joking about him having abs or not, but Taehyung is rather surprised to find out he was true to his words. Four years into their debut and Jeongguk really has matured – he used to be so little and scrawny, innocent looking almost. Now that he has grown into a man, he is more built. Taehyung thinks it must be a lie that Jeongguk doesn’t go to the gym as he stated. There is no way someone can look like that without being trained and disciplined.


In other parts of the show, they learn how good Jimin is in contemporary dance and how flexible he is (Taehyung would be jealous if he weren’t flexible himself). Jeongguk showed off various ridiculous talents he has, including some rather normal and impressive ones (he has to live up to the “Golden Maknae” title he got since debut). With some inside jokes and some regular ones, the show eventually ends and they get off the set.


Taehyung sort of hopes that Jeongguk and Jimin have to go home, seeing as it’s getting rather late, as this was a relatively late shoot. He hopes the fans of the two idols have been cleared from the front of the building.


Taehyung wraps himself in a black cardigan over what he already wore and then places a red beret on top of his head, his blond bangs falling slightly over his eyebrows. He was about to leave the studio and he was saying goodbye to the staff, when Jimin called his name and approached him with a smile.


“Thanks for that save today, Tae,” he thanked him with a grin and Taehyung can’t help but smile as they ease into a chat. Jeongguk eventually approaches them and asks Jimin if he needs a ride home.


“Actually, someone’s picking me up,” Jimin says as he was putting on his winter coat, sending a knowing smile Jeongguk’s way, “But you can drop off Taehyung.”


Taehyung’s eyes widen and he shakes his hands, refusing to accept the offer. “There’s no need, I’ll just walk to my apartment,” he says, sensing Jeongguk’s eyes on him.


“No way, only in that small cardigan of yours?” Jimin says, with an scolding tone, “Consider it a thank you for today. Please, Tae?”


Moreover, how could Taehyung refuse Jimin’s pleading stare? Eventually, he nods and then realizes no one asked Jeongguk. He looks at the youngest and tilts his head. “Do you mind?” He asks. He notices Jeongguk is somewhat staring at his chest, before his dark eyes snap back to Taehyung’s gaze.


“Not at all,” he answers, with a smile.


And that’s how Taehyung ended up in Jeongguk’s jeep (he actually wasn’t that aware of the types of cars, so he couldn’t pinpoint which car specifically this was; he just knows it looks expensive). He was in the front seat and was quite enjoying the manual warmth of it that Jeongguk had turned on as soon as they sat inside. They were quiet for a while of the trip, except when Jeongguk had asked what Taehyung’s current address is.


“It’s your birthday tomorrow, isn’t it?” Jeongguk said when they stopped at a red light and Taehyung was surprised, turning his head to look at him.


“You remembered?” He said before he could even think through his words. He claps his lips shut once he has that slip up and Jeongguk smiles not so discreetly, head turned towards the road, but eyes fixated on Taehyung.


“How could I forget?” He said, now turning to look at him. His eyes were burning into Taehyung’s with something more than just friendship. For a moment, his gaze snaps down to Taehyung’s lips. “After all,” he said, voice uncharacteristically smooth, “We had a rather special tradition attached to it, didn’t we?”


Taehyung gulps at this, now far too aware his cheeks were burning. It was probably too obvious with his blonde hair. “Y-Yeah…” He chokes out, feeling Jeongguk’s hand rest on his knee now. His throat had gone dry more than he wanted and suddenly, the air is stiff between them. Mentioning the past always has this kind of effect.


“We missed it last year,” Jeongguk says, now moving closer than Taehyung expected him to. His lips ghost over Taehyung’s and the older male can’t help but shiver, a shuddering breath escaping his throat and the sudden contact. Hearing that makes Jeongguk smirk. “How about we make it up tonight?” Jeongguk asks against his lips, voice lower than Taehyung thought it could go.


He was frozen and didn’t quite know how to muster an answer, but there is sudden honking and Jeongguk pulls back. Right, Taehyung forgot that they are in the middle of a road and that the light is green right now and people in cars around them. Jeongguk is an idol, Taehyung is an MC, and they can’t be seen together, especially in such a compromising frame, if anything.


But he can’t help it, letting the feeling of Jeongguk’s lips being so close linger on him and he almost feels like he’ll sink into the seat if he tried to. He doesn’t know if he feels this way because it’s been so long since he had romantic or sexual contact or is because this is Jeongguk, but what he knows is that he may be a little needy. Or more needy than he wants.


“What were you thinking?” He suddenly says, hand gripping the side of his cardigan. “Doing this right now?”


“Sorry, I just–” Jeongguk began, obviously a little embarrassed by how he acted, but once he glances at Taehyung and sees the smirk on the other’s lips, his throat goes dry and sentence goes unfinished.


“In the middle of so many people and your windows aren’t even tinted, Jeongguk,” Taehyung says, his other hand reaching out and placing itself on Jeongguk’s thigh. He takes delight in seeing the younger’s eyes grow wide and muscles tense, red dust spreading across his cheeks. “Anyone could see, Jeonggukkie.”


Catching up on what Taehyung was trying to imply, Jeongguk licks his suddenly dry lips and tries to focus on the road as he drives. “Your place or mine?” He asks and Taehyung smiles, glad they’re on the same page.


“If you live in a house, your place,” Taehyung says, “Don’t wanna deal with elevators and people in my building.”


That was enough of an agreement. Jeongguk changes his road and goes in the opposite direction, driving up to a house he has in a small neighborhood in Seoul. Jeongguk doesn’t think he can last long, especially with Taehyung’s hand still on his thigh and little self-control he has left, only backed by his brain’s need to act rational right now. It doesn’t take long – even if it felt like an eternity – but Jeongguk eventually pulls up into his yard and doesn’t even bother to park his car in the garage, even with a lot of snow falling at the moment.


He decides to regret that the next day and immediately gets out of the car, waiting for Taehyung to approach him before grabbing his hand and dragging him to his house.


“J-Jeonggukkie, wait, it’s slippery and–” Taehyung says, but then makes a startled sound as he trips and falls to the side of the marble road that leads to Jeongguk’s house. By holding the younger’s hand, Jeongguk ends up falling over Taehyung and they pant for a moment as they find each other covered in snow and on the ground.


Taehyung laughs suddenly, something booming from his chest and Jeongguk giggles, leaning his head down until it rests on Taehyung’s chest and he can feel his heartbeat thump in his ears. His hands reach up and wind themselves up in Taehyung’s, fingers interlocking and they stay silent for moment, just like that.


Jeongguk looks up suddenly when he feels Taehyung shift beneath him and he meets Taehyung’s eyes – now a bit hooded and glossy – lip between his teeth as he was almost expecting something. Jeongguk leans in and first places a kiss on Taehyung’s jaw. It’s not much, just a light press and ghost of his lips over the skin, but it’s enough to make Taehyung whine.


The younger male licks his lips at the sound, then moves up and stares down at Taehyung, seeing how his glasses crooked on his nose, and his beret had fallen in the snow, blond hair around his head like a halo. “Beautiful,” Jeongguk breathes out before he even realizes, Taehyung’s cheeks flushing red like a high school girl kissing her boyfriend for the first time. Jeongguk finally leans down and connects their lips together.


Taehyung’s arms shoot up, first gripping Jeongguk’s arms and feeling them up (he whines into Jeongguk’s mouth as he feels muscles there, oh god), before his hands move up to Jeongguk’s brown hair and he grips his nape with one hand, using his other to grip his hair. He tugs backwards and Jeongguk’s pulled back from the kiss, hazy eyes looking down at him with nothing but desire.


His lips are shiny and red and Taehyung rises up to kiss him again, but quickly pulling away. “Fuck me, please,” he moans brokenly and Jeongguk growls against his lips, kissing him again and his hands are gripping Taehyung’s waist way too perfectly.


When a light breeze hits, Jeongguk pulls back. “Let’s get inside,” he pants and Taehyung just nods. Until he said that, he really didn’t notice the pain in his lower back from the coldness of the snow and he was rather sensitive to anything of low temperature.


Jeongguk stands up first and before Taehyung can stand to his feet, Jeongguk is leaning down and – oh god, someone help him – he picks up Taehyung bridal style, one arm hooking under his knees and one supporting his back. Taehyung is realizing he might have somewhat of a muscle kink, considering how aroused he is beginning to feel just from Jeongguk carrying him like this.


He rests his head on Jeongguk’s shoulder and he realizes his glasses are gone – but who even cares right now? He nips on Jeongguk’s neck and he hears the younger groan a little, bouncing Taehyung in his arms in an attempt to make him stop, but it only makes Taehyung laugh. And also shift in arousal, once the realization of how light he must be to Jeongguk settles down. He becomes needier.


Jeongguk carries him to his house and he asks Taehyung to get his keys – which were, unsurprisingly – in his back pocket. Taehyung had no trouble finding the keys (and feeling him up at the same time), before Jeongguk is unlocking the door and carrying him inside. He drops Taehyung to his feet and while he locks the door, Taehyung is stripping his shirt off. Jeongguk turns back to him and curses under his breath.


“Fuck, baby,” he groans and then he’s pressing Taehyung to the wall in his hallway.


Taehyung has no time to appreciate the interior design of Jeongguk’s home, because said Jeongguk is hastily unzipping his belt and is too busy sucking marks into Taehyung’s neck. “N-Need you, Jeongguk, please–” Taehyung says, shuddering once Jeongguk presses their bodies flush together and kisses him again, strong hands gripping at his hips in a way Taehyung knows will leave bruises for the next few days.


“How’d you want it?” Jeongguk asks once he pulls back. He licks his lips and palms Taehyung’s ass through his briefs and Taehyung moans, hips itching forward until he grinds against Jeongguk, whining in displeasure of realizing the younger has too much clothes on at the moment.


“Here, against the wall,” Taehyung pants, hands reaching down and unbuttoning Jeongguk’s jeans and slipping them off, “Hard. I want you to fuck me hard, Jeongguk.”


Jeongguk groans again, but it’s deep in his throat now, making Taehyung lick his lips in anticipation as he pulled Jeongguk’s underwear down and immediately wrapped his fingers around the (unsurprisingly) hard cock. Gosh, the size makes Taehyung squirm to this day. Eight inches long, and thick enough so Taehyung barely wraps his fingers around it. It makes his inner size queen weep with joy, honestly.


He can’t really hold back anymore, and since his knees were buckling already, Taehyung lowers himself on the ground rather quickly and immediately leans in to lick a long stripe from the base of Jeongguk’s cock to the head, where he wraps his lips around the tip and slowly sucks. Jeongguk’s hands immediately shoot to Taehyung’s hair and he grips those blond strands as he watches the older male moan against his member.


Taehyung flicks his tongue over the frenulum and smirks to himself to hear Jeongguk moan through gritted teeth at that. He’s too eager – too eager to drag the foreplay as he sucks on the head, pressing his tongue flat against the underside and stroking the base slowly. It turns rather sloppy (kind of how he likes it actually) and it’s when he feels saliva drip at his chin that Taehyung pulls away to catch a breather.


“Lube?” He questions as he looks up at Jeongguk and the younger is panting, cheeks flushed and brown hair sticking to the beads of sweat on his forehead. That, combined with the fact he’s still wearing that dress shirt with only a few buttons undone, is a rather arousing sight, Taehyung must admit.


“Wallet, pocket,” Jeongguk pants and as Taehyung looks for the lube in the pocket of the jeans that were pooled around Jeongguk’s ankles, he keeps his other hand occupied with stroking the still hard shaft and Jeongguk curses under his breath because why is Taehyung an overachiever now?


He thinks that once Taehyung finds the lube and condom, he might rise to his feet and let Jeongguk take control, but instead he rips the packet of lube open and pours it on his own fingers. Through his hazy gaze, Jeongguk is confused and he raises an eyebrow, until he sees Taehyung reaching behind himself and slipping a hand beneath his briefs.


“Fuck, Taehyung,” he moans, rather brokenly, closing his eyes for a moment to remind himself that is real life, this is happening.


Taehyung grins and once again licks and kisses the length of Jeongguk’s cock, pressing a finger inside himself and finding it quite easy to ease into it. “You’ll do that later. For now, I want you to fuck my mouth,” he says, voice a bit muffled and raspy with his lips pressed against the head. He should look ridiculous with that stupid grin he has on and a cock in his face, but Jeongguk never felt more aroused in his life.


“Y-You sure?” He has to ask, not wanting to hurt Taehyung.


The older male rolls his eyes, now easing another finger inside himself after he spent some time just rubbing at his rim for preparation. The burn is there now, but it passes rather quickly for him (frequent masturbation is responsible for that one). He quirks his fingers up and barely brushes against his prostate, but it makes Taehyung whimper as he sucks on the head again, now too eager all over.


He was on the verge of begging, but different words pass his lips. “What, you think you can’t handle it?” He says, looking up at Jeongguk and sending a teasing smile his way. He feels Jeongguk’s grip on his hair tighten and once his gaze narrows, Taehyung knows he’s won.


Once he wraps his lips around the head again, his head is being pulled down more and he moans at the burn he feels as tears brim his eyes. He uses the opportunity to ease another finger inside himself and scissor them as much as he can. Of course, he would rather have Jeongguk do this, but that would take more time and he needs this now. And he’s perfectly content with Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth, thank you very much.


“F-Fuck, your mouth is sinful,” Jeongguk groans as he begins thrusting lightly and god, Taehyung missed that dirty tongue of his.


He knows he can’t take Jeongguk to the brim right now because he needs some easing into it, but he’s more than happy to wrap his fingers around the base and stroke the shaft that isn’t occupying his mouth right. Jeongguk fucks deep into his throat, making Taehyung whine and sob in, makes him remember to breathe through his nose as he can’t help but feel so pleased by the pleasure he is bringing to Jeongguk.


Once again, it’s rather sloppy and uncoordinated, but Taehyung doesn’t care. Taehyung began to thrust inside himself sloppily as well – he didn’t even notice the burn when he pushed a fourth finger in alongside – his hand other hand now only gripping on Jeongguk’s bare thigh for support, because the pressing against his prostate and the feeling of having his mouth fucked at the same time are too much.


He feels Jeongguk’s muscle tense under his hand and right when he thinks Jeongguk is about to cum, the younger pulls his cock out of Taehyung’s mouth and Taehyung immediately looks up at him, fingers inside himself, lips wet and red, cheeks flushed and eyes blazed and Jeongguk really can’t take it anymore.


He pulls Taehyung up (and grabs the condom on the way), and startled by the sudden movement, Taehyung’s fingers slip out of his hole. Thankfully, that gives an opportunity for Jeongguk to pull his – rather tight and now slightly wet (from both precum and lube, probably) – briefs down, until Taehyung is completely stripped off them.


“You’re driving me fucking crazy,” Jeongguk is mumbling as he has Taehyung wrap his legs around his waist and then – fuck yes, Taehyung thinks – pulls him up against the wall and presses him into at the same time he presses their lips together in a hot and wet kiss.


Taehyung pulls back this time, panting now, lust clouding his judgment. “Fuck me now, I’m ready for your cock, please,” he begs and really, who is Jeon Jeongguk to refuse that to this gorgeous being?


Taehyung discovers another of Jeongguk’s talent – being able to hold him up with one hand on his thigh as he uses his other one to roll the condom down his hard cock, once he ripped it open with his teeth. Yeah, Taehyung definitely likes his men all big and talented, alright.


Jeongguk leans in and presses a kiss to Taehyung’s collarbone as the blonde feels the head press against his rim, and it has him gasping in anticipation. “This is for last year,” Jeongguk muttered before he grips Taehyung’s already bruised hips and then lowers him down on his member, both of them groaning simultaneously at the feeling of finally being connected, bottoming out.


“F-Fuck… so f-fucking big,” Taehyung chokes out, loving the feeling of the burn to his sensitive walls. Loving the feeling of a real cock inside him after having used sex toys for so long. Loving the feeling of Jeongguk settled so deep inside him that it feels like he might just cum from that alone.


Jeongguk licks his lips, a smirk adorning his lips at Taehyung’s words. “You love that, don’t you, babe?” He says as he began to snap his hips into Taehyung, having no mercy from the beginning as he takes on a fast pace, effortlessly holding Taehyung up against the wall as he almost pulls his cock all the way out and then slams it back in, abusing Taehyung’s prostate and being to the core.


“O-Oh my god! F-Fuck– yes, yes, yes, that’s so good–” Taehyung sobs, the feeling overwhelming after so much sloppy foreplay and now, Jeongguk’s thrusts feel so calculated and it’s like they’re designed to rip Taehyung apart in the best way possible.


“Faster – oh fuck, right there, please fuck me right there! – fuck me faster, Jeongguk, please!” Taehyung is blabbering right now, not even comprehending sentences, but Jeongguk is too high off arousal to notice anything but Taehyung’s need and is nothing but pliant to obeying every plead that rolls off of that sinful tongue.


Taehyung’s whole being is overwhelmed; Jeongguk’s grip on his thighs is hard and possessive and the way he licks his neck and keeps devouring him whole, Taehyung really can’t help but feel he won’t last much long. With so much foreplay beforehand and now this, he hardly doubts he will need to jack off to finally cum.


“Gonna cum from my cock only, baby?” Jeongguk whispers against his ear, as if reading Taehyung’s mind, and Taehyung nods eagerly, broken sobs leaving his mouth as he struggles to breathe.


“Please, let me c-cum!” Taehyung begs, his grip on Jeongguk’s shoulders tightening as his whole body is shuddering, the feeling of pleasure settled deep in his stomach increasing by the passing thrust Jeongguk gives him. “I-I’ll be good f-for you, Jeongguk, please let me cum, make me cum, please!”


“Fuck, fuck, Taehyung,” Jeongguk groans, his thrusts not ceasing in pace. Taehyung’s words are having his mind go into the clouds, “Just a bit more, baby, a bit more, okay? You’re doing so well, angel, just a bit more,” he repeats again and again and when his thrust stutter a bit, Taehyung knows he’s close.


However, Jeongguk doesn’t hold back and his last few thrust are hard and deep enough to send Taehyung over the age, making him cum and spill all over his stomach. Jeongguk groans into his neck as he cums in waves of pleasure, releasing into the condom and making Taehyung whine at the pulsating cock still inside him.


He whines even more once Jeongguk pulls out and Jeongguk can’t help but find it amusing, the way Taehyung is pouting. He lowers him to the ground slowly and Taehyung finds it hard to stand on his own two feet, so he leans into Jeongguk for support.


“Up for one more?” Jeongguk whispers into his hair, kissing his head in such a loving way that it feels like they should be lovers.


The ache in Taehyung’s hips is what makes him nod with his head tucked beneath Jeongguk’s chin. “Yes, but on the bed now,” he mumbles and he can’t see Jeongguk smile as the younger once again picks up Taehyung bridal style, all too naturally and all too comfortably for just friends.


He carries him up the stairs and he kicks the door open to his room rather dramatically, making Taehyung giggle because it reminds him of one of those scenes in the movies, where the powerful hero finally saved his damsel in distress and now he’s gonna be making love to her all night long. Taehyung sort of feels like that’s pretty accurate.


Jeongguk carries him to his bed and gently lays him down, as if he was delicate. This time, Jeongguk strips his shirt off, as well as his socks and anything he happened to have on. He gets on the bed with Taehyung, looms over him like the god he appears to be, before leaning down and catching his lips in a chaste kiss. His hands touch Taehyung’s spread legs and appreciatively grip at his thighs.


“How’d you want it now?” He asks as he pulls away, lips sliding down Taehyung’s jaw and collarbones. His fingers touch Taehyung’s now red rim like a reminder of how he took him earlier and it makes Taehyung whimper.


“Slow,” he breathes out, breath hitching and letting out a moan as Jeongguk licks over his nipple and suckles on it, “Slow and deep, please,” he says finally and Jeongguk pulls back, smiling because he wanted it that way too.


“Let me pleasure you first, angel,” he whispers huskily and Taehyung doesn’t understand what he means, until Jeongguk is leaning down and pressing his tongue flat against Taehyung’s hole, before licking around it and up over his balls, to the base and tip of his erect member.


Taehyung’s elbows give out and he falls back into the bed, one arm thrown over his face and one hand occupied by gripping Jeongguk’s hair as the younger eats him out like a starved man.


He first sucks on his cock – not much, he takes him down to the base and coats it with saliva, but then he pulls back – before going back to the hole he abused with his cock earlier. Tentatively, he first circles the rim with his tongue, both of his hands gripping Taehyung’s cheeks and spreading them apart to give him more access. He pushes his tongue inside and fucks him with it slowly, peeling off layers and layers as Taehyung moans his name and begs for more at the same time.


It’s not long before Jeongguk is turning Taehyung to lay on his knees and elbows. “This okay?” He asks and Taehyung nods without question, shaking his ass to prove his point. Appreciating the sight, Jeongguk chuckles and playfully spanks Taehyung’s ass, then leans back down to eat him out like he deserves.


Jeongguk loved to rim Taehyung the way Taehyung loved to suck Jeongguk off – sloppily and hastily, with lots of saliva to make a mess, but in a way that made the receiver become helplessly aroused. Taehyung doesn’t bother to reach down and stroke his cock along to this – honestly; it feels intimate enough that Jeongguk is doing this for him. The way he presses his tongue into him and then leans back to suck at his rim is pleasurable enough.


Soon, there are a few fingers working inside of him – honestly, Taehyung can’t quite tell how many, he just basks in the feeling of it – and Jeongguk leans down to kiss his shoulder blades. “Is it okay like this?” He asks, voice sweet and innocent and Taehyung both wants to coo and sob at how sweet Jeongguk is to him.


“Take me now, like this, Jeongguk,” he moans, shifting back against his fingers, “Please, take me.”


It feels less explicit than “fuck me” and so much more intimate between them. The fingers are gone and soon, Jeongguk is pressing the head of his cock against Taehyung’s rim and his lips are pressed to the shell of his ear. “This is for this year. Happy birthday, babe,” he whispers and Taehyung feels like weeping.


With one more broken “please” leaving Taehyung’s pretty lips, Jeongguk is slowly pushing in and it feels like an eternity of satisfaction and pleasure before he’s finally fully seated inside him, hips barely rocking as he lets Taehyung take his length in, as comfortably as he can.


At first, Jeongguk fucks into him slow. In this position, he reaches deeper than before and Taehyung whimpers into the sheets as Jeongguk soothingly rubs at his waist and licks his spine, the arch of Taehyung’s back so sinful and angelic at the same time. Jeongguk is in heaven, from the tight heat enveloping his cock, and from having an angel beneath him right now. Now it’s not just his head, but his whole being in the clouds while he’s with Taehyung.


Eventually, Jeongguk flips Taehyung on his back. He seats a pillow beneath the blonde’s hips to make it more comfortable for him and then continues thrusting. Like before, Taehyung has an arm thrown across his face as he whimpers and moans.


“Let me see you, angel,” Jeongguk said, reaching and removing the arm from his face, with minimal resistance from Taehyung, “Let me see how you feel.”


It’s slow, but not in a painful way. It’s deep and slow – just like both of them wanted – and Taehyung doesn’t crave for anything but for them to stay like this, in the moment. Their fingers tangle together like the longest of lovers and their hearts beat in unison like the most fated of soul mates.


Taehyung’s blonde hair falling around him is really like a halo, Jeongguk concludes. His hips slowly push against Jeongguk’s thrusts and he pleads every now and then, but most of the time it’s him moaning his name and telling him how good it feels. Jeongguk doesn’t need to quicken his pace or harden his thrusts to make this pleasurable for both of them.


“I-I’m–” Taehyung suddenly chokes out and Jeongguk looks at him, eyes knowing. He noticed the way the muscles in Taehyung’s stomach clenched and hips stuttered, walls squeezing tightly around him, “I’m g-gonna cum, Jeongguk…”


“Me too, angel,” Jeongguk breathes out, blissfully, feeling the knots tie in the pit of his stomach. “Let’s cum together, okay?” He said gently and Taehyung nods eagerly, breathing labored and fingers grasping their hand lock tighter.


It takes a few more thrusts and Taehyung comes for the second time that night, tightening his walls around Jeongguk to make him finish at the same time. He feels lightheaded, shuddering as Jeongguk pulls out and brushes against his sensitive walls. Jeongguk mutters an apology against his thigh as he ties the condom and throws it in the bin.


He leans down and kisses him sweetly, pulling him under the covers and tucking him in his chest like it’s where Taehyung belongs. And Taehyung feels like he does.


Sleep overtakes soon; his mind and body greeting rest with ease.



○ • ○ • ○



Min Yoongi wakes up rather early for his liking.


It’s not like he could control it. Countless nights of not sleeping during university and of course, the social anxiety and depression in his teen years that kept him up late, made it so he ends up with insomnia. He learned to deal with it, especially on days like these when he wakes up at sunrise, in bed with two men who helped him take his mind off of things the night before. And quite effectively, might he add.


He hates that he ends up sleeping in the middle, so he has to remove Hoseok’s arm from his waist and then move across Jimin’s laid out body to escape the confines of the bed. He picks up his briefs from the floor and pulls them on. Yoongi finds it that the room is too cold for his liking – seeing as it’s the end of December; it’s not surprising – so he picks up a shirt also laying on the ground. He can’t quite tell whose it is until he pulls it on.


It’s then he realizes it is Hoseok’s, with it slipping off his shoulders and reaching to his thighs because of the bigger built. He sighs as he reaches for the cigarettes he has on his nightstand and he lights himself a rather slim one.


Yoongi walks to the window and looks outside – from his apartment being on the top floor, people down on the street look like ants. It’s snowing again that morning and he remembers it’s the 30th of December – or rather, it’s Taehyung’s birthday today. He thinks of his schedule that day and how much he has to do before New Year’s come. Thankfully, he planned and bought Taehyung’s birthday present ahead, as it’s resting in the closet now, wrapped in–


His phone suddenly rings and he hears Jimin make a noise of complaint as he begins waking up.


“Ugh, turn it off, hyung,” he almost whined and his voice’s got Hoseok waking up too, groaning as he shifts on the bed and eventually sits up.


Yoongi rolls his eyes at how dramatic they are being, approaching his nightstand and grabbing his phone. He sees that Taehyung is calling him and he raises an eyebrow, confused. What would he possibly need him so early for? Sliding his fingers over the screen, Yoongi accepts the call and brings the phone to his ear.


“Hey, Tae–” And that was a mistake, because he can’t even finish his sentence before Taehyung is shrieking in his ear.


“Hyung!” He cries desperately and lord, he’s too loud, too early. Yoongi can feel a headache coming and he doesn’t even suspect why.


“Gosh, brat, what is it this time?” He groans and he swears he hears sniffled on the other side. “Taehyung? What the hell, are you crying? I swear, if some motherfucker hurt you, I–”


“It’s all over the news, hyung!” Taehyung yells and by this point, Yoongi knows Jimin and Hoseok can hear him as well, considering how they turn in Yoongi’s direction with raised eyebrows. Yoongi tries to be rational, putting his cigarette down in the ashtray on his nightstand.


“News? What news, Taehyung?” He questions in caution, because he knows Taehyung can freak out over the simplest of things. He once made headlines because he cried about a goldfish dying, so who knows what might be this time–


“Me and Jeongguk having sex!”




Okay, so it’s not about goldfishes this time.


What?” Yoongi said, eyes widening as he tries to process this. He looks at the two men in his bed and sees them in equal shock – okay, there is no way he heard it wrong then. “What do you mean it made it news you two had sex? If you did it outside–”


And suddenly, Taehyung is sobbing and Yoongi has to keep his tone from sounding so accusing without intending to. He has to sit down on the bed this time and Jimin and Hoseok are quick to his sides, confused and worried expressions on their faces. “Sorry, Tae, just– gosh, tell me what happened,” Yoongi manages to say.


“I-I don’t know!” Taehyung says, voice genuinely scared. “Someone took pictures of us when we were going to Jeongguk’s home last night and I don’t know how they did it, but it’s all over the news, hyung and my phone is blowing up with messages and–”


“Okay, breathe Taehyung, breathe,” Yoongi says, remembering the lessons his therapist used to give him on calming down. “Breathe in, breathe out slowly. Just breathe.”


He hears the labored breathing turn slower and calmer and it has Yoongi relieved. “Okay, so let me get this straight… you went with Jeongguk to his house to have sex with him and someone took pictures of you two having sex. Is that right?”


It takes a moment, but Taehyung sniffles. “Y-Yeah,” he responds. “I don’t know how, but–”


“Listen, it’s okay, we’ll discuss it in private. At your apartment, okay?” Yoongi says, “Are you still at Jeongguk’s? Do I have to pick you up?”


“N-No, he dropped me off earlier when he went to practice,” Taehyung explains. “There’s paparazzi in front of the building, so take the back door, hyung.”


“Got it,” Yoongi said, now very relieved to hear Taehyung speak to clearly, “I’ll be there in a few, Tae. Hang on, okay?” He said and after a confirmation from Taehyung, he ends the call.


Yoongi feels a hand on his thigh and then Hoseok is sitting right next to him. “What happened?” Jimin is the one to ask and Yoongi can only sigh. He rubs his nape – as if the blond strands are suddenly itching there – and shrugs his shoulders uncomfortably.


“Someone…” He begins, sighing again, “Someone leaked photos of Taehyung having sex with Jeongguk to the public. It’s making headlines, I bet. Taehyung can’t even leave his apartment.”


“Gosh, poor kid,” Hoseok says, a frown on his face. He really can’t understand the cruelty of people. “You better go and help him out.”


“Just my plan,” Yoongi says and he was about to stand up, but then looks at them, “You two okay with packing up alone?”


Jimin chuckles as he leans down and kisses the bare side of Yoongi’s neck, making him lightly shudder because the kiss is hot against his cold skin. Hoseok chuckles too, hand rubbing at Yoongi’s thigh. “We’ll be fine. Are you– well, actually, are your hips fine after last night?” He teases, slapping Yoongi’s ass lightly and although Yoongi sends him a glare, there is a smile itching on his lips.


“Seriously, we’re fine,” Hoseok repeats, leaning in and pecking his lips, “Go and take care of your friend, he needs you more right now.”


Yoongi nods and then stands up from the bed, going to his closet to get ready. In the meantime, Jimin and Hoseok get out of bed to get ready themselves too. “You two need to visit Jeongguk, I’m guessing,” Yoongi says as he slides his briefs off to change into more comfortable underwear.


“Yeah, but I guess the company’s packed with reporters right now. We’ll enter through the back,” Jimin says and Hoseok nods in agreement. Yoongi knows, with Jimin being in an idol duo with Jeongguk and Hoseok being their choreographer, they have a rather tight bond. They have a lot of reasons to worry as well.


“I bet Namjoon is on his toes right now,” Hoseok says as he pulls his jeans on, “Talking to the director and shit.”


“He’s pissed, I bet,” Jimin adds and Yoongi thinks who wouldn’t be? With Namjoon being the manager, he gets the short end of the stick from this whole scandal breaking out, being in between the company and the idol duo.


Yoongi’s priority is Taehyung and he needs to console him as much as he can. When alone, Taehyung tends to bottle up too much and it will eventually burst out into chaos. He needs care and unfortunately for him, Jeongguk can’t provide that right now. Yoongi’s the second best thing.


“By the way, you look good in my shirt, hyung.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes at the teasing tone and chucks a shoe at Hoseok. His expression is still unamused as Hoseok went from laughing to groaning in pain.



○ • ○ • ○



It’s chaotic.


What, you might ask? Well… everything, if you were to ask Kim Taehyung. The same Kim Taehyung who had security escort him to the entrance of the apartment building he lives in, just because the paparazzi at the front were wild enough to the point they should be classified as animals. Not to mention that Jeongguk dropped him off and those reporters got some good shots of him exiting Jeongguk’s car. Taehyung feels bad, remembering the confused look of Jeongguk’s face before he drove away.


Well, he’ll soon find out what happened.


Taehyung didn’t know either, honestly. I mean, who in their right mind, would suspect to have their love/sex life leaked to the public like that? Unless that’s what you were aiming for and Taehyung certainly was not. But no worries, apparently some news were reporting that he hired someone to take pictures of him and Jeongguk to get back at him for something or whatnot? Honestly, it’s getting ridicilous.


Taehyung had so many missed calls and messages when he finally checked his phone, once seated in his apartment. That was when he checked the news and was informed of what happened. He immediately called Yoongi and had a breakdown. After consoling, Taehyung changed into pajamas and turned the heating to high.


He replied to a few messages he received – he told Baekhyun he’s doing alright and he told Minho they’ll talk somewhat later that day. Bogum took a little convincing that he’s alright, but after Taehyung set him a selca of him cuddling in his couch with hot cocoa, the actor gave in (but still told him to keep in touch and that they can talk whenever he needs it). Sometimes, Taehyung wonders what he did to deserve friends like these.


His doorbell rings and Taehyung almost runs to the door. As soon as he sees Yoongi, he hugs him like there’s no tomorrow and he tries hard not to cry. Eventually, they end up sitting on Taehyung’s couch, with hot cocoa and blankets. Taehyung told him everything that happened and skipped out on some parts that are more personal.


“Listen– gosh, okay. I called Seokjin over, that alright?” Yoongi says and waits for Taehyung to nod in approval before he continues, “He’ll bring us copies of the pictures that were leaked. We’ll see if we can find anything.”


Like on cue, the doorbell rings and Yoongi goes to get it. Seokjin is wrapped in so many layers of clothing he might as well be a tuft of scarves. He’s holding a folder case beneath a chocolate cake and Yoongi gives him a blank look before letting him in.


Once Taehyung looks at Seokjin, he stares for a moment and then begins laughing. “Oh, and you are an off-duty male model, hyung?” He said, smiling and just then it dawns to Yoongi, this is according to Seokjin’s plan. He really is like a mother.


Seokjin smiles beneath all of his scarves and places what he was holding on the coffee table. He peels off layers of clothing and dumps them on the unoccupied sofa. “Oi, this model brought you birthday cake, be grateful,” Seokjin says and Taehyung smiles wider.


“Tell him what happened, I’ll get more cocoa and stuff for the cake,” Yoongi says as he disappears into the kitchen.


Fifteen minutes later, the three of them are talking with hot cocoa in hands and eyes concentrated on the pictures Seokjin had brought. “Official pictures, right?” Yoongi muttered and Seokjin nodded. Only Big Hit, the official entertainment company of B.Boys, had those and of course, Seokjin being signed under the same label, got his hands on them.


“Where’d you even get them?” Yoongi questions.


“Stole them from Namjoon’s office,” Seokjin answers.


Yoongi shouldn’t be surprised.


There were various shots released to the public – some of them blurry and some crystal clear – and that was only because of confirmation, if some were to doubt it was just Photoshop or whatnot. All thirteen photos included three individual scenes and Yoongi picked out the clearest out of each to analyze.


“Was this when he was supposed to drop you off?” Yoongi asks as he points to the picture he’s holding – the one where Jeongguk and Taehyung are in the front seats of Jeongguk’s car, so close their lips were millimeters apart. Both had their eyes lidded and submerged in an expectant kiss.


Taehyung nods absently, not even feeling shameful that his friends are seeing this. “Yeah. We didn’t even kiss, though…” He mutters, observing how clear the shot is taken and it looks like it’s straight out of a romantic comedy. The moment of the long awaited kiss between the two protagonists.


“Alright, and this one is in his yard?” Seokjin says this time, pointing to the second picture they picked.


This picture was of when Jeongguk and Taehyung were in the snow, after Taehyung had slipped and fallen over with Jeongguk, also with them gazing into each other’s eyes (more innocently this time, however), hands locked together in a loving embrace. Actually, there were other pictures of this scene when the two of them kissed, but they were less clear than this one.


“Yeah,” Taehyung repeats and then notices something, “Oh, so that’s where I lost my beret and glasses! Weird, I couldn’t find them this morning.”


Yoongi and Seokjin share a look at that, but don’t point it out to Taehyung. Instead, they move to the final picture. Taehyung didn’t know if he should be embarrassed – this one is where Jeongguk is carrying him bridal style into his room last night. Jeongguk only had his shirt on – confirming that it’s from the same night as the other two scenes in the photos – while Taehyung was completely naked, although (thankfully), his genitals weren’t in the view, but just the silhouette of his body.


Other photos of that scene were of when Jeongguk carried him to his bed and laid him down, before looming over him and even their kisses couldn’t be seen because, fortunately for them, the window wasn’t big enough to let the photographer catch the glimpse of the whole bed.


“So,” Yoongi says, placing down the photos that got the entire nation’s panties in a twist, “Whoever took these couldn’t sneak into the house. These in the bedroom were taken from a tree, probably.”


“But they were able to sneak into the yard,” Seokjin says, pointing to the second scene photos, “Look, these are too clear. They had to be there.”


“Yeah, Jeonggukkie’s got a big fence,” Taehyung points out, pondering. “Maybe it’s some crazy saesang of his?”


“Not wrong to assume. Guessing by the first scenario, they must’ve followed you two,” Yoongi pointed out, regarding the photos of them in the car together.


Seokjin had been staring at the photos for a moment. “You two look so in love,” he blurts out before he can even think about. It’s only when Yoongi elbows his side and Seokjin looks at Taehyung, to realize the younger is wearing one of those forced smile he rarely ever has to use.


“Can we cut the cake now?” Taehyung says and Yoongi nods, while Seokjin remains silent.


They sing a birthday song and clap happily, as if nothing happened. Taehyung is thankful for Seokjin’s homemade sweets.



○ • ○ • ○



Like Taehyung, Jeongguk was basically ambushed once he arrived at the Big Hit building. The reporters were asking him about Taehyung once he exited his car and with a confused expression, Jeongguk didn’t know what to say. “What do you have to say about the leaked photos of you and Kim Taehyung engaging romantically and sexually?” One reporter asks boldly and it’s then that Jeongguk goes pale.


Thankfully for him, Namjoon soon exits the building and with a help of a few security guards, Jeongguk is led inside and away from the paparazzi.


“What is going on, hyung?” He asks. He doesn’t sound surprised or disgusted, but rather very confused.


“Let’s go to the practice room. It’s the most quiet there,” Namjoon says and he doesn’t sound agitated or put-off by this, but instead concerned. Very concerned.


They go to the practice room that was the furthest away from the entrance door and they sit inside. Namjoon sips on his morning coffee like an intellectual who’ll die of dehydration if he doesn’t get his caffeine in and Jeongguk is a bit scared, never seeing Namjoon like this unless it’s before a comeback.


No words exchanged, Namjoon hands him the copies of the photos that spread like wildfire that morning. “They were leaked on the internet this morning, around 07:30. Unknown source, but it’s all over the news. You’re making headlines Jeongguk. With Taehyung,” he explains.


Jeongguk doesn’t quite know how to feel – he feels anger settled down within him, but it’s not because he’s humiliated. It’s because he knows how hurt Taehyung must be right now and it makes annoyance crawl under his skin. This is a very big invasion of privacy and not to mention, these news can backfire more at Jeongguk than at Taehyung – after all, he is the idol here and the one that isn’t allowed to date.


On the other hand, Jeongguk also doesn’t want Taehyung to receive threats and insults from his fans. Jeongguk can remain an idol and be forgiven, but Taehyung can lose his career and the publicity can shut him down so bad he can’t ever appear on the screen again. So on second thought, this may backfire to Taehyung even harder than to Jeongguk.


“Since when has this been going on between you two, Jeongguk? Between you and Taehyung?” Namjoon asks, tone comforting. Jeongguk feels bad.


“Since trainee days, hyung,” he sighs.


“Oh, Jeongguk…” Namjoon sounds like a concerned father now, one that is partially relieved that his child told him a long kept secret he was suspecting, but also very sad that they kept it to themselves for so long.


“We stopped two years after our debut, but–” Jeongguk says and then gulps, a lump in his throat. He looks at Namjoon now, eyes like a scared rabbit, “But I saw him yesterday, hyung and– and I couldn’t resist it, hyung. He looked to beautiful, I couldn’t.”


It sounds like Jeongguk is apologizing and Namjoon looks even more concerned, feeling bad that Jeongguk has to elaborate it like that. That he sounds so broken for having to apologize of loving someone so much he couldn’t hold back. And it’s the purest form of love Namjoon witnessed. No matter what those photos might suggest – what sort of rendezvous the two young males were having – this was innocent. Innocent love that charmed Jeongguk. An angel without wings that took his breath away.


Before Namjoon can say anything more, the practice room door opens and Hoseok and Jimin are entering. Neither of them with their sports bags, which means they weren’t intending on practice. Namjoon stands up and was about to say something, but Hoseok beats him to it.


“We came through the back door. We know what happened,” Hoseok explains and once Namjoon raises an eyebrow, Jimin elaborates. “We were at Yoongi’s. Taehyung called him and freaked out,” he said.


Usually, Jeongguk would take the opportunity to tease Hoseok and Jimin about Yoongi, but now he was more concerned about the second sentence. “He freaked out?” He said and the three other in the room immediately looked at him.


“He was crying on the phone,” Jimin sighs, rubbing his head, “Barely remembered to breathe. Can’t even leave his apartment now.”


Jeongguk found himself fuming and standing up before he can even think it through. As he was about to pass Hoseok, the choreographer pulled him back and petted his back in comfort. “Yoongi’s with him, don’t worry. He’ll get better, don’t make this scandal worse for him,” he said and Namjoon says something in agreement. Jeongguk clenches his fists, but obeys, pulling back.


“Calm down, Alpha. Seokjin is probably with them now, they will be fine,” Jimin assured.


Namjoon stops the sipping on his coffee with blinking eyes and the other three look at him, not understanding the look on his face. “So that’s where the copies from my office disappeared,” he muttered into the mug like he just discovered the secret to the universe.


“What is gonna happen now?” Hoseok dares to ask and Jimin elbows him to stay quiet in the moment.


Namjoon sighs, running his fingers through his silver hair. “I don’t know what PD-nim will do. He can either deny or confirm that you two are dating and… it can go to hell either way, honestly.”


“What do you mean?” Jeongguk asks, frowning now.


“If he says you two aren’t dating and we shift the news to the one who took the pictures, accusing them of invading privacy and all of that, the nation might forgive you two and let you have your jobs back, letting the news sink.”


Jeongguk frowns, hating to hear him refer to the general public as “nation,” but he guesses it’s pretty accurate since B.Boys are the golden duo of South Korea. In the end, he’s right; it all goes down to how the public accepts this news. “But if he confirms we’re dating?” He dared to ask.


Namjoon is silent for a moment and it looks like he regrets his words as soon as he speaks them. “It can go two ways. One, the two of you are ostracized, humiliated, thrown out of the entertainment industry and have to publically suffer for the rest of your lives,” Namjoon says and Hoseok rolls his eyes at how bad Namjoon made that sound on purpose.


“And the other way is…?” Jeongguk says, pushing it on.


Namjoon bites the inside of his cheek like he refuses to speak, but then he sighs and obliges. “And two… the nation might end up accepting your love and you two become South Korea’s new Golden Couple, but that’s highly unlikely and–”


“I’ll take my chances, thanks,” Jeongguk grins as he grabs his jacket and runs out of the practice room before anyone can stop him.


Namjoon has this ‘concerned father’ look on once again, although this time it also looks like he’s contemplating multiple life choices at the same time. Hoseok snickers at this and wiggles his eyebrows. “Quite literally the Golden Maknae, isn’t he?” He says and even Jimin stares at him blankly.


Needless to say, Hoseok gets a shoe chucked on his head once again.



○ • ○ • ○



“I don’t like this,” Taehyung complains as he wraps his lips around the spoon he just used to eat ice cream in the middle of winter season, “Why’s Serena with Dan again?”


“Personally, I just want to see some more Chuck and Blair action,” Seokjin adds and Taehyung nods in agreement.


Yoongi is leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen, watching the two of his friends binge more of Gossip Girl after they abandoned the cake. “Taehyung’s doing well,” he says to the person he’s on the phone with. Taehyung turns when he hears his voice and waves for him to come over. Yoongi makes a vague gesture with his hand and mouths him ‘just a minute.’ Taehyung smiles sweetly and nods, giving Yoongi an opportunity to disappear into the kitchen.


“I’m glad,” Bang Sihyuk says with a sigh of relief to accommodate his words, “Jeongguk’s been more worried about him than himself. Poor kid.”


“Yeah, I know,” Yoongi says, rubbing the temple of his head, “But this is a risky decision you’re proposing. Are you sure the public won’t reject them?”


“I doubt they will. Sure, some fans are being disrespectful to Taehyung right now, but Jeongguk said he’ll release a statement regarding that,” Sihyuk explained, “For the most part, people are being supportive. A lot of them are also talking about the one who released the pictures, which is just what we need.”


“Are you sure that Jeongguk and Taehyung would want to be in a public relationship like this?” Yoongi questions, teeth gritting nervously.


“I’m pretty sure the kids were in love since trainee days,” Sihyuk says, “But either way, this is really their best shot at saving both of their careers. I’m sure you can talk to Taehyung about it.”


Yoongi sighs and thinks for a moment. “Alright, I will,” he says and the conversation ends.


Yoongi goes back to the living room and seats himself next to Taehyung. “Hyung, you missed Nate and Serena’s kiss!” He complains and Yoongi smiles, cocking an eyebrow up before speaking, “Is that before Chuck aims for Blair to mess up with Marcus’ stepmother and–”


“Spoilers!” Shrieks Taehyung as he hits Yoongi’s arm and almost drops his ice cream and Yoongi smiles a little, but then gives a look to Seokjin and gestures to the remote. Understanding, the oldest of the three lowers the volume and pauses the episode they were currently watching.


“Taehyung, we need to talk about something,” Yoongi says.


He breaks down the news to Taehyung as gently as he possibly can, explaining each scenario thoroughly and how the reaction of the audience might end up being. Taehyung looks slightly distressed to have to talk about this, but Yoongi knows he’s limited in time and he has to have Taehyung make a decision now. Otherwise, this might end up blowing up even more.


“So… we have to pretend to date for our careers to be saved, essentially?” Taehyung speaks after a lot of silence. Yoongi nods, but Seokjin looks off-put. “Pretend? Aren’t you dating?” He asks and once again, Taehyung goes silent.


Yoongi gives Seokjin a look, rubbing Taehyung’s shoulder. “Listen...” He sighs, “How about we finish this episode and then sneak you in Big Hit? That way you can talk to Jeongguk about this and you two will decide what happens. No more running away.”


Taehyung looks to be contemplating, licking his lips out of habit, and fumbling with his fingers as he looks down at his lap. More silence and Yoongi can’t help but find it weird to be so quiet while in the presence of notorious mood maker Kim Taehyung. It is scary how he completely shuts off when something hard bearing happens.


“Only if you watch another episode with us, hyung,” he eventually says and his smile even makes Yoongi grin a bit. He ruffles his hair and Taehyung’s laugh rings in his ears.


“Sure thing, kid,” he says, now relieved.



○ • ○ • ○



In the end, it’s difficult to sneak Taehyung into the building, now with the reporters also crowding the back door. Namjoon ends up pulling a plan B and having Jeongguk go out in the main entrance and make a statement to the press of how he doesn’t approve of any hateful commentary or actions directed towards Taehyung. This way, the press at the back door rushes to the front and Yoongi and Seokjin manage to sneak Taehyung in; while Jeongguk also made his statement earlier than anticipated.


The plan worked out well.


Now, instead of Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jimin, Jeongguk is stuck in the practice room with Taehyung. Seokjin was kind enough to bring them coffee and shoo the others away to leave them in some privacy.


“I wish I could take you out to a real coffee shop to talk, but this is fine too,” Jeongguk says suddenly and Taehyung splutters a little, blushing. Jeongguk is amused as he hands him a napkin.


“Do you want to go through with this?” Taehyung asks, going straight to the point. “For the nation to know us as a couple?”


“Yeah, sure,” Jeongguk answers nonchalantly.


It’s too smooth and totally uncalled for, the way Jeongguk seems so confident about this and not worried for his reputation at all. Taehyung is a bit baffled and also a bit offended and how non-serious Jeongguk is being. “That means we’ll have to do couple-y things in public!” He says, like it’s the most logical explanation.


“So what?” The idol said, still unfazed.


Taehyung doesn’t know if he’s angry because the other isn’t apparently taking this as seriously as him, or is it because he doesn’t take him as serious in general. “That means you’ll have to kiss me and hold my hand, things like that,” he finally said, averting his gaze.


“So what?” Jeongguk repeats once again, setting his cup down on the table and looking straight at Taehyung. “We like each other, don’t we?”




And when he’s greeted by nothing but unresponsiveness from the other male, something settles down to Jeongguk. Some sort of realization that suddenly makes him aware, suddenly answers all of his questions as to why Taehyung was so worried about this, why he wasn’t seeing this as only an invasion of privacy like Jeongguk was. Why he was so distressed about everyone finding out and it’s because he didn’t want anyone to associate them together.


“You don’t like me,” he plainly says in the end and Taehyung visibly flinches. It’s like he cowers away and hopes his jacket will swallow him whole. Jeongguk wants nothing more than to bring him close, hug him, and whisper that it’s okay, but now he knows Taehyung might not want that. He never considered the possibility before.


“I-It’s not like that, Jeonggukkie–” Taehyung says, but then stops, the use of the nickname feeling too intimate. Jeongguk doesn’t like the tone, because it sounds like Taehyung should be using it with a child. “I just– I… I really don’t know... I don’t know if I like you like… like that.”


And ouch, Jeongguk just wishes Taehyung said he doesn’t like him and that’s it. This way, it almost sounds like he’s disgusted of him, like he can’t see him romantically. Because it doesn’t matter that last night, Jeongguk both fucked him and made love to him. It doesn’t matter that he told him how beautiful he is, how he felt like they belong in each other’s arms. It doesn’t matter because Taehyung can’t like him like that.


“Alright,” Jeongguk says, tonguing the inside of his cheek. It seems like he forgot Taehyung knows that’s his habit to do whenever he’s distressed. “So, we just tell them we aren’t dating and that’s it?”


“No!” Taehyung replies all too quickly with wide eyes and the way Jeongguk raises an eyebrow at him (like in a judgmental way) makes Taehyung bite his lip for a moment. “I don’t want you to lose your career, Jeongguk…”


“Then what are going to do?” Jeongguk said.


“Pretend,” Taehyung says, all too quickly once again. He doesn’t hold back this time, “Pretend that you like to kiss me in public, pretend that you like holding my hand around people. Just pretend that we’ve been dating for much longer than they think and now we were exposed. Answer the question they ask you and just lie. Lie when they ask you when you fell in love with me; lie when they ask you how we began going out. Just… just– pretend, please.


Silence, once again.


Jeongguk just sits there and stares at him, making Taehyung think he might’ve even missed half of what he said. Their coffee had gone cold at this point and the practice room is colder and stiffer in the air. Once again, it’s like he’s peeling off layers and layers of Taehyung, taking him apart piece by piece, but not like he did last night. No, this time, it’s even more personal. Like Jeongguk is just staring into his soul right now.


“I don’t want to pretend,” Jeongguk eventually says. The blonde’s breath hitches and he nods.


“O-Okay, then–”


“I don’t need to pretend, either,” Jeongguk says, leaning back into his chair. “I don’t need to pretend to like kissing you or holding your hand. I like doing it as it is. And I don’t need to lie to anyone. I’ll be honest when they ask me when I fell in love with you, because I know when it happened. When it comes to the lying and pretending– I’ll leave that to you.”


And ouch, once again.


Taehyung doesn’t know why’s he’s suddenly overwhelmed. He doesn’t know how to feel about hearing that from Jeongguk. The blond knows him, okay? Ever since he was fifteen, in fact. And he knows Jeongguk can tend to overreact to the simplest of things and get jealous or irritated for the mildest of reasons, but this… this doesn’t feel that way.


No, this is when Jeongguk is really irritated; really angry in fact. And it’s scarier than Taehyung would like to admit. He turns cold and that is not the Jeongguk Taehyung is used to. The idol is more than whatever feisty image he puts on stage – Jeongguk is a baby, a talented individual with a good sense of humor and great taste in things that bring people joy (memes). That’s how Taehyung remembers him, not… not like this.


Can he even fix this?


“C-Can you… ah– can you give me time?” Taehyung chokes out and Jeongguk raises an eyebrow, arms crossed.


“Time for what?” He asks and this time, Taehyung doesn’t hesitate either.


“Time for me to fall in love with you,” he says and he’s smiling, even if his eyes are teary.


Does he really need it, though?


Jeongguk’s eyes widen in alarm and he finally reaches out, placing his hands on Taehyung’s shoulder. “Taehyung– gosh, listen… you don’t need to do this. Don’t feel sorry that you don’t want me like that,” he says, desperately. He should’ve known – with Taehyung being the kind and caring soul that he is – that he would feel bad about this. And now Jeongguk made him feel even worse.


The blond shakes his head and Jeongguk’s eyes widen. Then they soften and his arms tremble as he holds the other by his shoulders. He’s breathing rapidly and he looks down, avoiding Taehyung’s gaze. “Don’t force yourself to love me back,” he breathes out finally and his tone is broken, like he’s on the verge of sobbing.


“Jeonggukkie,” Taehyung calls as he takes one hand from his shoulder and places it on his cheek. Jeongguk finally looks up and yeah, his eyes are teary too, like he’s about to cry. Cry because he thinks he’s forcing something on Taehyung that Taehyung doesn’t want and it makes the blond smile, warmth spreading across his chest. “It’s okay,” he assures as he squeezes the younger’s hand.


“I’m not forcing myself,” he said, “But I want to try. So, please, give me time. Give me time to fall in love with you.”


It’s like he’s asking for the simplest request and Jeongguk might feel like it is. Because he nods after a pause and the smile that appears on Taehyung’s face makes Jeongguk to want to cherish him like the last angel left. Which he probably is.


“Yo, guys! We got news!” Hoseok’s voice was heard as the rest of their friends burst into the room. The two youngest retreat from their positions and look over at their hyungs, wondering what is going on.


“Have you made a decision?” Namjoon asks this time, averting the topic.


“Yeah, we’re gonna say we’re dating,” Jeongguk says, back to being unfazed, but his eyes are confused and eyebrows raised. “But what other news are there?”


Seokjin elbows Hoseok for talking and Yoongi is the one to speak this time. “More photos have been leaked about fifteen minutes ago,” he explains, “Only Namjoon’s seen them so far, so we thought you two might also want–”


Before he can even finish, Jeongguk and Taehyung are out of their seats and approaching them. Namjoon brings out the pictures he has and then clears his throat. “These are the… tamer ones,” he tries to hint as subtly as he can to whatever will come later, but it doesn’t seem like anyone was paying attention to what he’s saying. Instead, they are looking at the pictures.


The first few are of Taehyung and Jeongguk leaving the studio together and entering Jeongguk’s car. They weren’t romantically close, so it wasn’t much in all honesty, but it could raise suspicion. Then, the next few were also of when they were in Jeongguk’s car and the younger was supposed to drop Taehyung off. However, what’s different about these photos is that they’re taken from front – not from the back, like the previous photos.


“These are from the house…” Namjoon tries to hint once again, with no one still paying attention to him. Well, they’ll have it coming, Namjoon thinks as they observe the photos of Jeongguk carrying Taehyung to his house. Jimin elbows Taehyung suggestively at that and the blond hushes him with a blush on his cheeks.


Jeongguk thought this was it, but it turns out there are more pictures and when Namjoon shows them, his entire face goes pale and mouth dry.


The next photo is purely pornographic – like it’s taken from the other side of the hall, it’s a perfectly clear that Taehyung is down on his knees. And that, oh, his mouth is full of Jeongguk’s cock (the same Jeongguk who’s gripping his hair with upmost restraint), while his hand is down his boxers from behind. It’s actually quite clear what he’s doing regardless.


Before anyone can say anything to that, Namjoon – who just wants to get this over with – shows them the other photos.


This time, Taehyung is up against the wall, completely naked with his head tilted back, blond hair sticking to his forehead and flushed cheeks. His mouth is parted and back arched, while Jeongguk – the one holding him up – is sucking on his neck and holding his thighs, very much obviously sliding his cock in and out of Taehyung. It looks straight out a high quality gay porn and Taehyung feels lightheaded just by looking at it, while Jeongguk may want to be buried six feet under.


“Though, you do have bomb dick game, Jeongguk.”


Hoseok gets chunked at for the third time that day and he’s pretty sure it’s by Jimin this time.



○ • ○ • ○



Luckily for them, the photos were only sent to the company and not released to the public. However, they hadn’t gotten anything else besides that. No threat, no ransom, or anything. Whoever took the pictures just sent them straight to Big Hit and did nothing else. No one could tell if the person felt guilty or if this is some sort of threat, but they decided to stick with the plan they initially had.


To the public, Jeon Jeongguk of the B.Boys and the famous MC Kim Taehyung were officially dating.


A lot of people were happy for them, more international that Korean fans, naturally. But that’s just because Korean fans might need some warming up to it, while international fans were already exploding on every social media platform. Their couple name became famously known as “taekook,” because the simpler Romanization of Jeongguk’s name was Jungkook. Soon, the hashtag #taekook was trending on twitter and everyone was cooing over the couple.


However, no photos of them were released yet, even after Big Hit officially put out a statement that they are dating. In fact, both of them had been pretty absent on their schedules concerning work. Even Jimin was more in than out and many said that everyone close to them needed some adjustment before they finally show themselves again. After all, the scandal that broke out was huge and it made headlines for weeks.


It was one month in when it finally happened.



○ • ○ • ○


(★BREAKING) B.Boys’ Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung Spotted On a Date, a Month after Pictures of Them Together Were Leaked


A month ago, pictures of B.Boys’ Jeon Jeongguk and variety MC Kim Taehyung were leaked, of them kissing and doing more intimate things in the privacy of Jeongguk’s home. You can check the article here:


(★BREAKING) Photos Leaked of B.Boys’ Jeon Jeongguk and MC Kim Taehyung Together!


B.Boys’ company, Big Hit Entertainment, put out a statement about the two and confirmed that they are actually dating. Altogether, Jeon Jeongguk also spoke up about the abusive comments being sent to his boyfriend on the behalf of the news and wished that the fans would act more mature.


(★BREAKING) Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk Confirmed To Be Dating by Big Hit Entertainment!

(★BREAKING) B.Boys’ Jeongguk Puts Out Statement Regarding the Hate Targeted To His Boyfriend, Kim Taehyung


Now, it has been a month since the official statement has been out. Fans have noticed that the two haven’t yet been seen together ever since the photos were leaked. Some people began to suspect that the two have broken up or have drifted away from each other because of the scandal that broke out.


However, today, a photo was posted of the famous couple now on their alleged “first date” since the news came out!



Jeongguk and Taehyung on their alleged “date”


Fans have gone crazy and got #taekookfirstdate trending on Twitter! Even a lot of netizens are supportive of this.








[+3056, -41] They look really good together!

[+2451, -22] Taehyung is clinging to Jeongguk! ㅠㅠ we already know he likes being carried ㅋㅋ

[+1092, -253] Honestly, I thought this was fake at first and when they didn’t go out together, it confirmed my suspicion;; but now… it looks like they’re really dating… i wish them luck

[+124, -3690] lol, is this still for publicity?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+5788, -0] They are truly Korea’s Golden Couple now !! ㅋㅋ


We wish them the best of luck!



○ • ○ • ○



Taehyung was delighted to go back to his job and what better way to have a comeback than to guest on Hello Counselor. With it being a show that he watched whenever he had time, and also him being friends with a lot of the MCs on the show, it was bound to be fun and interesting. When he got to the studio, he was surprised to see that today’s guests were EXO’s Baekhyun and B.A.P’s Daehyun, both very close friends of Taehyung’s.


They didn’t have much time to chat because they were immediately called to the set and sat down on the pillows offered to them. Baekhyun ended up sitting between Taehyung and Daehyun and then complained about feeling short. Taehyung dismissed it with a laugh as the cameras started rolling and the public began to clap their hands.


“We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns!” One of the MCs said before they all say the name of the show together and Taehyung is in a really good mood that day, feeling the energetic and positive atmosphere radiating from everyone in the room and it makes him feel at ease.


“Here are today’s guests,” Dongyup said and then gestures to his left. “A son, mother, and father,” he said and the audience laughs, while Baekhyun grows flustered and his eyes widen, hands fumbling in front of him. Taehyung hits the floor as he laughs and Daehyun does seem a bit flustered too. It’s a common joke in the industry of how alike the three are, to the point fans commented that if Baekhyun and Daehyun had a child, it would be Taehyung.


“Today we have idol guests, B.A.P’s Daehyun and EXO’s Baekhyun,” Dongyup said as he gestures to them and everyone claps, cheering as the two bow in greeting.


“And also, we have a famous MC, Kim Taehyung here too,” Dongyup said and Taehyung bows respectfully as the audience claps, “He’s currently dating B.Boys’ Jeongguk!”


Taehyung’s the one that is now flustered, his cheeks pink as he playfully hits Dongyup’s arm with a pillow like an embarrassed girl who is trying to act cute in front of her crush. The audience laughs at the performance and the other MCs imitate his actions and joke about how he’s the girl in the relationship, at which Taehyung can only laugh some more.


The show went pretty smoothly and it’s the final concern that has something interesting going on.


It comes from a mother who has a daughter in high school. That daughter is currently dating a guy that is her age and they’re in class together, but the mother worries that her daughter might be in a relationship just to use her boyfriend. She says that she keeps pushing and ordering him around, but then she’s posting happy photos online to convince everyone they’re having a good time.


The mother comes down the slide and sits between Dongyup and Taehyung. She tells them what was going on and they talk about some extreme situations, before the face of the daughter is revealed, as well as the one of her boyfriend and her best friend who was there to give another opinion.


“I want people to know that we’re a happy couple. I want the nation to know that we’re dating,” is what the girl said.


“Taehyung, you’re in a relationship right now,” Lee Youngja said and Taehyung nods as he looks at her, “Does it really matter for people to know?”


“And you’re dating an idol, too,” Dongyup added, “Tell us your experience.”


Taehyung hums and he looks off for a small moment, as if thinking. “I don’t think people knowing is important. That’s just the surface. I think that it’s important to fall in love first. And then do everything else. If you love someone, you wouldn’t push them around like that. You respect someone you love,” he said.


“And how did you know you fell in love with Jeongguk?” Youngja asks.


Taehyung visibly blushes and he clears his throat. “Don’t ask something so personal!” Dongyup said as he turns to Youngja and the audience laughs at their bickering. “No, no, it’s okay!” Taehyung says as he shakes his head, smiling now that he’s less embarrassed.


“I knew Jeongguk before he became an idol and I became an MC,” Taehyung first explains and the audience simultaneously says a long “ah” in understanding.


“Oh, so you’ve known him longer?” Chanwoo asks and Taehyung nods. “More than five years,” he says after a bit of thinking and the audience awes in amazement.


“I think I always liked him,” Taehyung says, a shy smile on his lips that make the women in the studio coo, “He was always so talented and he was very kind to me. He treated me meals and we would go out together almost every day. I slowly began to fall in love because we appreciated each other. He respects me and that’s what everyone should want in a relationship. I think… I think I fell deep in love before I even had the chance to back out.”


His words are genuine because they weren’t scripted in his mind and Taehyung just said whatever came to him at the moment. It’s enough for the audience to cheer and clap, with men nodding their heads in approval and the women squealing at how cute what he said is.


“So, no, I don’t think it’s important for people – the nation – to know. Falling in love is important,” Taehyung stirs the subject and this time, he looks at the daughter in question as he speaks. “I don’t think people need to know,” he says and to his ears, it’s almost as if he’s saying it to somebody else.


“Well,” Baekhyun says this time, a grin on his face, “That’s because you already have a scale nationwide.”


It took a second for the pun and joke to sink in and once it does, it has the whole studio on the floor, hollering in laughter. Some of the MCs are impressed as they shake hands with Baekhyun in a joking context and Taehyung is laughing too, slapping his knee as he laughs. He might be thankful that he came to this today; it certainly lightened up the mood.


They wrap up the show and then, Taehyung is walking off the set. Baekhyun is quick at his side, bumping their shoulders together and grinning. “So, how’s it going with Jeongguk?” He asks and Taehyung smiles a little.


“Ah, pretty good for now,” he answers.


Baekhyun was silent for a moment and then he stops walking. Taehyung turns to look at him, thankful that a lot of staff was dispersing around and couldn’t stop in to listen on them without looking out of place. “Something wrong Baek-hyung?” Taehyung asks, head tilting and he sees Baekhyun fidget.


“I like someone,” Baekhyun blurts out and Taehyung stares at him for a moment.


“Like?” He questions, deciding not yet to ask who it is further.


“If I were to be completely honest, I probably fell in love with him when we were still trainees, so maybe not just like?”


Who does that remind me of? Sounds familiar.


“Well, why don’t you tell him?” Taehyung said, now genuinely curious.


Baekhyun sighs. One of those sighs that raises the shoulders and leaves his arms trembling as he tries to shrug it off nonchalantly. “We’re EXO… I-I can’t just ruin something like that. And we’re leaving to Japan in an hour and I don’t know what to do,” he blurts out.


Taehyung feels odd. It’s like he’s the older one in this situation and now he understands why Baekhyun wants to talk to him right now. “It’s not about EXO, I think,” he says and Baekhyun looks at him. “Wait; is this about the same person you were with for so long? Is it about Ch–?”


And Baekhyun rapidly nods his head, cutting Taehyung off of his sentence. “At first, I really thought I just missed his dick, nothing else,” he sighs with a poetic air and Taehyung splutters at how nonchalant the idol is being. Reminds him of someone. “But I actually miss the hugs, kisses… all of that. It’s my fault that I pushed him away, because I didn’t want to give it a chance. While on the other hand, he was willing to give the world to me.”


Baekhyun sighs again, but this time his shoulders drop and he looks to the ground, brushing his eyes before he tears up in the middle of the studio. Taehyung takes his hand and leads him to the makeup room. Thankfully, it’s empty, so they can sit down and talk more clearly and more privately. He holds Baekhyun’s hands to console him and he feels bad to see the idol so broken.


“Did you listen to Ex’Act? The signed copy I sent you?” Baekhyun asks suddenly and Taehyung nods. He rubs soothing circles into Baekhyun’s skin as he waits for him to continue, “Have you listened to Heaven?”


“Yeah, you sang so well in it,” Taehyung smiles, “The lyrics are gorgeous too.”


“He said he wrote it for me,” Baekhyun blurts out and Taehyung stills, eyes widening, “He said he wanted to give me a gift for… for being his angel. Even if I didn’t love him back.”


It wasn’t uncommon for artists to write songs for loved ones in mind, but that was a confession. A soulful one too – all feelings poured into something so sweet and majestic. And to think that such a beautiful song was born out of rejection of love.


“And then,” Baekhyun said, brushing his tears away and now he’s smiling. “I just realized it now, Tae. Why I was so desperate to fall in love with him.”


Taehyung looks at him, waiting for him to continue. What Baekhyun is saying is similar to what he’s experiencing right now and maybe another view will help him open his eyes a little. It can be difficult to talk to friends who already know everything and something like this is a second opinion. He stares at the idol, waits for him to speak and after hesitating for a while, Baekhyun looks at him. He squeezes his hands and smiles, eyes teary, before saying:


“It’s because I already am.”


The world slows down in front of Taehyung’s eyes.


“I’m already his, Taehyung,” Baekhyun smiles, “I’m desperate to fall in love, but that’s because I already feel something even more than that. But falling in love means that we do things together. We kiss, cuddle, hold hands, and go on dates… It’s not a feeling, it’s an experience. One that can last a lifetime. I already love him, but falling in love means we get to be in love together. Falling in love means that we get to share it with each other, not hold it in.”


Knock. Knock. Knock.


The door slides open and Jeon Jeongguk peeks in, brown hair bouncing a bit. “Um… am I interrupting?” He asks and Baekhyun shakes his head, standing from his seat. He hugs Taehyung close, he tells him “I think I’m ready to fall in love now,” thanks him for listening and then leaves the room with a goodbye directed to Jeongguk as well. Taehyung is shell shocked by the time Jeongguk is entering and closing the door.


“Babe?” He calls and it sounds like it’s out of habit now, unintentional and like second nature. Taehyung stands from his seat and approaches his “boyfriend.”


So falling in love means confessing? He thinks, just as Jeongguk pulls him close by the waist and kisses his lips gently, chastely. There is no audience for the affection to be needed, but it’s there and it makes Taehyung’s whole being buzz in appreciation.


“So–” Jeongguk starts.


“Let’s go on a date,” Taehyung cuts him off, looking straight into his eyes.


Jeongguk stares at him and he refers from asking if this is a joke, because Taehyung looks genuine. He doesn’t point out that it’s late and they should probably go home. Instead, Jeon Jeongguk smiles and takes Taehyung’s hand with a grin. “You got it,” is what he said.


They end up going to a movie, before crashing at an abandoned ramen shop and just fooling around without anyone of publicity being able to see them. They throw food at each other and laugh, kiss in between and giggled into each other’s mouths. They feel like teenagers once again and they don’t mind it – it feels liberating, easygoing, and lovely. Taehyung never thought teen years were lovely.


But Jeongguk is lovely. Oh, so much.



○ • ○ • ○



(★BREAKING) B.Boys’ Jeongguk Hints at Comeback in an Apology Letter to Fans, After One Month of Silence


A month ago, Big Hit Entertainment, confirmed that Jeongguk of B.Boys’ Jeongguk is dating the famous MC, Kim Taehyung! The news have been confirmed after photos were leaked of the couple together at Jeongguk’s home. Until recently, there hasn’t been any word from, whom many are calling, the “Golden Couple of South Korea” and many suspected they broke it off in silence, or that maybe the photos were just a publicity stunt.


However, a fan managed to take a picture of them on their “first date” from when the news came out. Everyone was very excited to see this happen.


(★BREAKING) B.Boys’ Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung Spotted On a Date, a Month after Pictures of Them Together Were Leaked


After that came out, it only took two days for Jeongguk to speak again, this time in a form of an apology that he posted to his Instagram account. However, the post had only stayed there for two hours before Jeongguk deleted it for unknown reasons. Fans have managed to translate it before it was completely lost and this is what is says:



Hello, this is Jeon Jeongguk of B.Boys! First of all, I want to thank all the fans that have supported us so far, especially after everything that happened in the last month.

As you may know, I am dating Kim Taehyung. I have never been more in love and I’m so thankful to our fans that have been very supporting of the decision for us to reveal our relationship to the world.

However, I also want to apologize to the fans. I didn’t want to hide something like this from you and I hope you can forgive me for you finding out because photos were leaked. B.Boys have been on hiatus for the last few months and although we really miss performing, we got some rest for the upcoming holidays. Since we only had a few appearances, I forgot to be aware of myself. I forgot that people can take photos of me when I am not careful and I may get caught in compromising positions.

Thus, since I have lost sense of being an idol, I failed to notice photos were being taken. I apologize that you had to find out everything this way.

I am very happy with Taehyung, especially now that we can show our relationship to the public, without having to hide! After this, I feel at relief.

And don’t worry, you will be seeing B.Boys on stage soon enough! It will be a BLAST! Jimin-hyung and I had a lot of fun practicing and preparing something for you guys! Thank you for the support!




Later that day, after the apology was deleted, Jeongguk posted another photo. This time, it was a selca of him and his boyfriend, Kim Taehyung, with the caption “angel ❤❤❤



Netizens have been commenting on the recent news.








[+8789, -0] Jeongguk basically said they’re gonna have a comeback ㅠㅠ the company probably made him remove it ㅋㅋ lol, poor Jeonggukkie ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+5451, -72] He apologized sincerely even if he doesn’t need to;; aaahh… he really is Korea’s Golden Boy..

[+821, -6053] Jeongguk and Taehyung are still together.. They’ll probably break up after the promotions for the B.Boys comeback end, lol ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+524, -46] Jeongguk posted a selca of him and Taehyung and hearts in the caption;;… they look so healthy, even after the news came out



○ • ○ • ○



“Gosh, this kid is so reckless,” Yoongi said as he shakes his head, scrolling through the news on his phone.


The sheets under the bed sink and move and Hoseok is on his right, looking curiously at Yoongi’s phone as he tilted his head. “What happened?” He asks, hoping it isn’t another scandal after everything that happened in the last month, which was wild on its own.


“He posted an apology and literally said “Jimin-hyung and I had a lot of time practicing.” He might as well spelled it out for them like “Hey, we’re gonna have a comeback soon!” So much about it being a surprise,” Yoongi scoffs and Hoseok laughs as he leans into the bed, lowering his lips to place a kiss to Yoongi’s exposed shoulder.


“Hey, don’t be like that to our maknae! He’s just excited. The kid loves to perform,” Hoseok says and Yoongi hums in agreement, “He seems happier ever since he and Taehyung got together,” the blond added and this time, Hoseok is the one nodding in agreement.


“Relationships do that to you,” Hoseok laughs a bit, hand on Yoongi’s waist, “By the way, you didn’t tell me how the recording for the album went.”


“Jimin didn’t tell you?” Yoongi says as he looks at him and the dancer shakes his head, “They were really good. As per usual. I trust you to make killer choreographies to my songs, okay?”


Hoseok laughs once again, arm circling around the producer’s waist as he leans in and kisses his neck. Yoongi shudders at the touch, licking his lips in anticipation. “Already did. Gave me an opportunity to practice my… hip movements,” Hoseok mutters, the sentence ridiculous and corny (so bad, overall), but his voice jokingly seductive and it actually makes Yoongi laugh.


“You’re impossible,” he said and Hoseok grins as he leans back up and now locks their lips together, swiping his tongue over Yoongi’s top lip and then invading his mouth with his tongue. The blond moans into his mouth and his hands shoot up to Hoseok’s hair, gripping as he presses their bodies closer.


In a matter of minutes, Hoseok is licking down Yoongi’s chest as he looms over him, sucking on his collarbones to leave red marks against the pale skin, and then sucking his nipples to make them pert and pink. He was occupied by kissing his stomach and leaving hickies on his sides when the door to the bathroom opens, followed by steam stepping out, as well as Jimin.


“You started without me,” he complains, using a towel to dry his hair while the other one is wrapped around his waist. Hoseok glances over and chuckles, gesturing for him to come over. Jimin smiles one of those shy smiles he tends to have, approaching the bed and kneeling on it.


His gaze turns hot as Yoongi looks up at him, before the idol leans down and kisses him deeply.


“Let’s take your mind off of things, hm?” Hoseok proposes with a smirk, sitting between Yoongi’s nude legs and tugging his belt off, with his shirt lost on the floor.


Oh, yeah, Yoongi definitely likes the idea of that.



○ • ○ • ○



“I don’t know if I should be mad that you didn’t tell me about the comeback earlier,” Taehyung said.


Currently, Jeongguk and him were in Taehyung’s apartment and wrapped in blankets, eating ice cream and watching their fifth episode of Sherlock that day (so they were literally one and a half seasons into the show). Jeongguk looks at Taehyung once he speaks and they make eye contact.


“Well,” Jeongguk says and then pauses as Taehyung reaches out and runs his fingers through Jeongguk’s newly dyed black hair. Jeongguk grins a bit and then continues, “I wanted to tell you that day when you were shooting Hello Counselor, but you jumped me for a date and I kinda forgot.”


Taehyung seems to pout, but lets it go. As he was retreating his hand, Jeongguk grabs it gently and brings it to his mouth, kissing the wrist and then his knuckles. Taehyung blushes, smiling, “Well, I do like you with this hair. Especially with the side part,” he says and Jeongguk laughs a bit, his breath tickling Taehyung’s hand in the most affectionate of ways.


“I wish I didn’t go brunette. I miss my blonde hair,” Taehyung sighs, falling back into the couch dramatically.


“Why don’t you try going red? I think it’ll look good on you,” Jeongguk says and Taehyung stills for a moment. He straightened up and grabbed Jeongguk by the shoulders, the expression on his face startling the younger because Taehyung looked like he just found out the meaning of life.


“Oh my god, that’s the best idea! I should’ve gone red earlier,” Taehyung was saying, at this point halfway through climbing on Jeongguk’s lap and Jeongguk didn’t mind at all, “I should let you choose more often, Jeonggukkie.”


Immediately, he was pressing close and kissing him. Jeongguk gripped Taehyung’s hips hard, although his grip lessened when Taehyung began to grind against him. He moans into his mouth filthily and well, Jeongguk didn’t expect the day to take such a turn, but you won’t hear him complaining. Hastily, Taehyung is tugging at Jeongguk’s sweatpants and whining into his mouth about how much he wants to suck him off.


For a moment, Jeongguk pulls back and pants as he looks at Taehyung – all messy hair, flushed cheeks, panting and begging for his cock. The desperate look in his eyes makes Jeongguk’s hunger grow.


“Fuck this. Sit on my face.”


Taehyung actually goddamn whimpers and Jeongguk never wanted someone so bad in his life.


They reposition – Jeongguk slides down until he’s laying on the couch and Taehyung, who was still in his lap, looks embarrassed as he takes his pajama bottoms off, leaving him only in his top – the pastel green one with little teddies on it, falling to his thighs. Jeongguk was oddly aroused at the sight and he was gonna eat him out like that, oh my god. He notices the brunet’s hesitance to take further action.


“You’re not gonna suffocate me, Taehyung,” Jeongguk says, already dropping honorifics. He then grins and Taehyung could sense a witty comment coming, “Though, it would be the best way to go, actually.”


Taehyung rolls his eyes – gosh, he can already imagine the headlines in his head. Something like: “B.Boys Jeon Jeongguk Hospitalized After Kim Taehyung Suffocates Him With His Ass.” Everyone would get a kick out of that one, that’s for sure.


Although, the humor does manage to ease him a little as he turns around and gulps, kneeling on either side of Jeongguk’s arms. Before he can even lower himself, Jeongguk is grabbing his hips and doing it for him instead, his tongue immediately swiping over his perineum, to his cleft.


“F-Fuck!” Taehyung curses as he grabs the side of the couch for support, gasping as Jeongguk sucks on his rim and grips his cheeks, spreading them wide to probe his tongue even deeper inside. Taehyung feels a shudder throughout his whole body, feeling like he would fall over.


“You’re perfect baby, perfect,” Jeongguk praises from time to time, wanting nothing more than to ravish his boyfriend with pleasure, “You taste too good, angel, I just want to worship you for hours.”


The position is a little risqué, and even if Jeongguk’s words are so sweet, yet the current sitting and slurred tone makes them sound so lewd in Taehyung’s ears. The brunette gasps once Jeongguk begins to thrust his tongue inside him, making him fall apart piece by piece. He quivers and moans, gasps on air because he’s so sensitive, because Jeongguk is too good.


For a moment, the younger pulls away and he slips both of his thumbs inside Taehyung’s hole. He stretches him and licks his lips at the sight of his boyfriend’s hole quivering open to welcome any intrusion that might come to mind. Once again, Jeongguk leans and slides his tongue easily inside – swiping it over the upper walls makes Taehyung sob as he clenches the couch tighter for support, but his hole also contracts around Jeongguk’s fingers and tongue, because it began feeling too good.


“Open up, baby,” Jeongguk mutters against his rim as he sucks on it gently, leaving it red and coated in his saliva, a bit amused as he hears Taehyung whimper and for the first time – have the courage to push his ass back towards Jeongguk, eager to feel him inside once again. The idol smirks at this, especially at the sight of the pretty hole fluttering back open and he dives back in.


It’s at one point – when Taehyung is still sobbing and trying to grip onto reality – that Jeongguk pulls back with saliva dripping down his chin. He was about to say something, but is distracted by Taehyung’s hole clenching around nothing as if it’s crying for him to come back, so Jeongguk takes a moment to spit on the rim, sucking for a bit and then pulling back again.


“Can you ride my tongue, baby?” Jeongguk said, caressing Taehyung’s thighs now as he speaks, voice a bit rough, “Can you do that for me, angel?”


Taehyung desperately nods, before he realizes Jeongguk can’t see him do that. “Y-Yes, Guk, p-please,” he whimpers, hips already moving before Jeongguk squeezes his thighs and stops him, “F-Fuck me with your tongue, please?”


Once again – who is Jeon Jeongguk to refuse Kim Taehyung like that?


Easily, he slips back into the feast he was having – only this time, the food was cooked even better. Taehyung rolls his hips slowly at first – he starts riding Jeongguk’s tongue like he tends to ride Jeongguk himself at the beginning; it’s slow, easy and leaves room for adjustment. However, Taehyung only needs a few minutes before he’s used to it and at that point, all shame is lost.


And gosh, does Jeongguk love when Taehyung gets shameless. He turns pliant, wanton moans escaping his lips as his hips move eagerly, erratically and desperately. Jeongguk barely holds up and he loves it being done so sloppily – to the point saliva is dripping down his chin and his vision turns so hazy he has to close his eyes.


“S-So fucking close,” Taehyung whines and Jeongguk knows, because he feels the same – it’s never quite enough when foreplay is so good. Taehyung shivers as his movements cease for a moment and Jeongguk pulls away to let the older male have a breather.


Taehyung turns his head and looks over his shoulder, down at where Jeongguk is laid on the couch. His “boyfriend” looks like the best wet dream right now – lips red from having fucked him with his tongue for so long and so hard, eyes hooded in anticipation of what’s to come and cheeks flushed because the temperature in the room had suddenly risen so much. Especially for Taehyung, who feels his knees buckle at the sight, with Jeongguk squeezing his thighs ever so comfortingly.


“F-Fuck me with your fingers, please?” Taehyung brokenly moans, head tilting forward and brown strands sticking to his forehead, “Make me cum dry, please, Gukkie.”


He hears Jeongguk chuckle and there is no doubt that he’s smirking and Taehyung really wanted to make some snarky remark – but that was cut off when Jeongguk leaks over his hole once again, now pushing a finger aside along to his tongue. He fucks him slowly with that – he leaves Taehyung desperate until he’s begging for even more fingers and really, it’s just a boost to Jeongguk’s ego.


In a matter of minutes, Jeongguk has three fingers inside of Taehyung and is pressing them against his prostate (that he so quickly and efficiently found), rubbing to the point it Taehyung can only cry and quiver in sensitivity. His kneels are bucking at the sides of Jeongguk’s arms and he feels a knot tying in his stomach, making him gasp with every hit delivered to his prostate, having him ride the idol’s fingers like there is no tomorrow.


“G-Gonna cum, Guk, fuck,” Taehyung moans, head tilting back as he grips the couch for more support than ever. And Jeongguk doesn’t stop; instead, he mercilessly begins thrusting his fingers – harder, deeper, faster and it’s not long before Taehyung cries out and cums the hardest he ever did from just oral sex.


He loves dry orgasms – no messes to clean up and for him personally, they tend to feel more intimate and stronger in intensity than when he’s jacking off or getting his dick sucked.


Taehyung falls over and pants, hearing Jeongguk laugh and feel him pat his thighs in assurance, feels him slip up from sitting beneath his ass for so long. Jeongguk pulls him back into his lap and kisses Taehyung’s nape lovingly. The MC pants and then he leans back into the idol. “Want of me to return the favor?” He asks and Jeongguk chuckles, but shakes his head, much to Taehyung’s surprise.


Effortlessly, Jeongguk grips Taehyung’s waist and rises him from his lap like he was a baby – he sets him down on the couch and then stands up on his own two feet, cracking his neck and sighing in relief from finally moving. “Which ice cream do you want for the next episode?” He asks, as if he weren’t just fingering and rimming Taehyung a minute prior.


When the brunet doesn’t respond, Jeongguk turns around and chuckles at the surprised expression on the older male’s face. “It’s really fine, Tae, I really like pleasuring you,” he smiles, “Now, I’m gonna grab some hot cocoa and some ice cream. Which flavor do you want?”


“Um… strawberry?” Taehyung replies, unsure and Jeongguk grins, leaning down to kiss the brunet on the forehead. “Suits you, angel,” is what he said before disappearing into the kitchen.


This aspect of not wanting an orgasm back screws with Taehyung’s mind – because, for a long point, he had thought of his and Jeongguk’s relationship as purely sexual (in a “you get me off and I get you off” kind of way), but for Jeongguk to be fine with just bringing Taehyung pleasure and expecting nothing back – it leaves no question in Taehyung’s mind that for Jeongguk at least, this isn’t only sexual. But for himself?


He pushes the question aside once Jeongguk comes back with the desired snacks and drinks. He still doesn’t think about it as he falls asleep in Jeongguk’s arms, after they were done with their tenth episode for the day.  


Taehyung really doesn’t think about it.



○ • ○ • ○






○ • ○ • ○



It becomes a haste whenever a comeback is just around the corner.


Well, not only is Namjoon too calm this time around, but it has been so many months since the B.Boys have officially performed as a duo they were formed to be, it kind of feels like their debut all over again. Jimin goes ginger this comeback and Jeongguk stuck to the simple black that so many fans seem to like the most on him. Sure, this is just a mini-album, but Jeongguk is aware that Namjoon is hiding the fact that Bang Sihyuk and Min Yoongi are planning a full studio album once summer rolls around.


And contrast to much belief, Jeongguk loves being an idol. Actually – he loves performing. Having people cheer on for his talent and praise him, even having fans idolize him, is just an amazing plus to this life experience. Sure, some things were fairly difficult – practice tends to bring lack of sleep, pressure to make it perfect and not make mistakes, then also the beauty standards people like to compare them to; all of that gets fairly tiring, even after four years after debut.


Since he debuted at sixteen years of age, Jeongguk didn’t experience much pressure because expectations weren’t that high – he was young, after all. However, Jeongguk set the tone and standard for any trainee that was to debut as a young idol after him – he simply set the bar too high. From rapping, over singing, to dancing, Jeongguk was dubbed a “Golden Maknae” for a reason, a title he still holds today, despite him and Jimin becoming some sort of veterans in the industry.


So one day, the B.Boys were practicing the choreography to their title track “Blast” and Hoseok really outdid himself with this one – it was rather impressive, but too hard at some points. Although, Jeongguk believed anything can be learned with enough practice.


Jimin called for a quick break and reached for his water bottle. Jeongguk knew that Jimin was more tired because he didn’t eat as much – from trainee days, the ginger male had this trouble of lack of appetite whenever he’s too stressed, so he tended to avoid food and just practice too hard. Ever since a few of his fainting episodes, Jeongguk kept an eye on him. Thankfully, the habit disappeared over time, but it tends to show some stressful days like these – especially because they hadn’t had a comeback in a while.


“How’re you and Tae doing?” Jimin had asked that day as he was still panting and Jeongguk raises an eyebrow, confused by his words.


“Good. Why?” He had said.


“Well… are you guys a real couple or…”


Is it just pretending? Jeongguk finishes the question in his mind.


“I love him,” he has said, clearly, “And he needs time.”


And so, that’s where Jimin knew to draw the line and not ask any further about it. They continued practicing and keeping up their routine until the day for the comeback came about.


That day, Taehyung sent him an early morning text, saying “good morning” and apologizing that he won’t be able to witness the comeback live, since he has a lot of work to do. Jeongguk had said that it’s fine and went on with his day. What he didn’t expect that, while he was sitting in the makeup chair and having his hair styled, that a message would arrive from Taehyung. It was the same conversation that had Taehyung reveal his hair is red now.


Jeongguk – who had been sipping on his latte at the time – chocked on air and had the staff ask him if he’s okay, while Jimin throws him a look from sitting in the chair next to him, getting his eyes rimmed with eyeliner. “Guk?” He calls and Jeongguk recovers quickly enough, dismiss the staff and saying that he’s fine.


“Don’t tell me Taehyung sent you a sext in the middle of the day,” Jimin deadpans with a serious look and Jeongguk gives him a look, before he shows him the picture on his phone.


“Oh, it looks so good on him!” Jimin said, smiling, “Tell him I said hi.”


Jeongguk nods and as he was immersed in his phone, Namjoon enters the room. He informs the staff that they have to leave for a moment and after it has been cleared out, the two idols turn to their manager with confused expressions. Namjoon sits down on the couch, silent for a while like he’s rethinking his words.


“This morning, more photos arrived at Big Hit,” Namjoon informs them, pressing his fingers together, “However, they aren’t of Jeongguk and Taehyung this time around.”


The two younger males are confused by this and they glance at each for a moment, before looking back at their manager. At that point, they realize Namjoon’s gaze is focused on Jimin and it’s then that it all sinks in – Jimin goes slightly pale, his eyes widen and his mouth goes dry. Even Jeongguk is surprised, an expression of shock resting on his face.


“No way–” He was about to say.


“Jimin, I want you know that it’s fine, that–” Namjoon began at the same time, but it’s Jimin that cut both of them off.


“How is it fine? And how did anyone even get the photos? We were completely discreet in what we were doing! We didn’t get close romantically even once outside of the privacy of our homes!”


“I know that’s true. That’s why all of the photos are from you guys being inside somewhere!” Namjoon says and then sighs to calm himself. Jeongguk rubs Jimin’s back to stop him from being so frustrated. “From what I’ve noticed, all of them are either from your house, Jimin, or from Hoseok’s apartment.”


“None from Yoongi-hyung’s?” Jeongguk asks this time and Namjoon shakes his head.


“And actually, the thing is, we suspected there are two people involved in this. And also Jeongguk and Taehyung’s dating scandal as well,” Namjoon explains, “Yoongi pointed it out first – if we look at the photos published and the ones that arrived to Big Hit with no word separately, notice the photos of Jeongguk and Taehyung in the car. The photos that were leaked showed it from the back, like someone who drove behind you took them. But for the ones that Big Hit got, they were taken from the front – like someone was driving in front of you.”


The words and realization slowly sink in. “So, what you’re saying is that there were two photographers that were stalking them and waiting to get the photos?” Jimin said, eyebrow raised.


Namjoon nods slowly, leaning back into the couch. “However, we’re not sure if they are in cooperation or are they competing with one another. If we go by assumption, the second person doesn’t want to leak the photos, but they do send them to Big Hit without word, just so they could keep us on our toes. As for the first person… I think that if they were to have photos of you three together, Jimin, they will probably leak them to the public,” he says, with a sympathetic look.


It goes silent and Jimin leans into his chair, thinking. Jeongguk feels bad for him – for him and Taehyung, it was fairly different and they were able to pull it off one way or another, but it’s not possible for Jimin because he’s dating (or whatever relationship he has with) two people. And the fans, the nation, won’t be really accepting of that one. In the end, it might end up getting brushed off as them “being reckless,” but that would be the case only if they caught in bed together.


Jeongguk realizes that if there are separate photos of Jimin with Yoongi and then separate ones of Jimin with Hoseok, the public will definitely see that as cheating. And the backlash for cheating – as they have learned in the past from other idols – in the entertainment industry is no small thing.


“Should we stay away from each other for a while, then?” Jimin breaks the silence, his voice uncharacteristically quiet.


“In hopes that the second person doesn’t have the photos yet, I recommend you do so,” Namjoon said, giving him an apologetic look, “I’m really sorry for this, Jimin, but I swear we will get to the bottom of it.”


Jimin just nods and averts his gaze, but Jeongguk doesn’t keep his mouth shut just yet. “How, though?” He asks.


“That’s what I came here for,” Namjoon says. “Jeongguk, I’ll need the keys to your home.”


The maknae cocks an eyebrow at that, crossing his arms and waiting for an explanation.


“I want Yoongi, Hoseok and Seokjin to check out the place and the yard. See if they can figure out from where someone took those photos and how they did it. To see if we can catch these guys before more scandals break out,” Namjoon said, shooting a look towards Jimin and then looking back at Jeongguk, “You can trust them.”


“I know,” the idol replied, but then there is knocking on the door and the producer is saying that the B.Boys are the next ones up to perform. “Grab the keys from my bag and give them back by the end of the day,” he said and Namjoon nods.


The two idols stand up and head outside, bumping their fists together with encouraging words for their performance.



○ • ○ • ○



“So, this is where it all happened,” Seokjin said as he slides his sunglasses (in the middle of winter), up on his head, while Yoongi and Hoseok take it upon themselves to close the doors to Jeongguk’s yard, instead of letting them close manually by themselves. “Did you bring the photos?” Hoseok asks and Seokjin nods, waving his folder case in the air.


“Let’s first look at the ones here in the yard,” Yoongi said as he looks around and the empty garage and parking space, then at marble path that leads to it and then up to the staircase that leads to the house. Where there is usually the bright green of grass occupying empty space, now it’s covered in the pretty white of snow. Yoongi approaches the spot where he thinks it happened.


Seokjin pulls out the clearest photo and hands it to the producer, watching Yoongi analyze the picture, looking at the space beneath him, then at the parking space and then towards the fence. “So, they were laying here. Approximately,” Yoongi said as he gestures to the ground, then looks at the photo again, trying to figure out where was it taken from.


He approaches the fence an looks around it – he moves the bushes aside to check is someone might’ve dug a hole or removed parts of the fence. “The photo is directly at their level. Jeongguk and Taehyung were laying on the ground,” Hoseok said as he approaches him and Yoongi nods in agreement to that. “Yeah, so the photographer was also laying on the ground when they took them,” Seokjin adds.


Yoongi kneels down and observes the photo and the spot where he is – this looks like from where the photo is taken. The fence is high and made of bricks, so it was really a wonder how someone managed to take those photos. However, once Yoongi touches over certain spots, he feels something odd.


“Hey… I think I found something,” Yoongi calls to Hoseok and Seokjin, who are immediately at his sides with question gazes. Yoongi pushes his hand into the fence and the other two are confused, but then notice one of the bricks moving in as Yoongi presses it. “This one can be removed,” Hoseok gapes and Yoongi nods in agreement, pulling back.


“There is no house or garden on the other side of this fence – there is just a part of the park,” Yoongi said and then looks up, spotting a certain tree that has rather long, stretched out branches. “The photos in the bedroom could’ve been well taken from there,” he said, gesturing to the tree.


“What’s putting me off, however,” Seokjin then speaks, “Is that Taehyung’s glasses and beret disappeared. He said they fell off when him and Jeongguk were in the snow, but the next day, he couldn’t find them anywhere.”


Hoseok looks back at the spot where Jeongguk and Taehyung were supposedly fell over and laid in the snow. “So, they fell there and someone then took them while those two were in the house. It happened that night, in that case,” he said.


“Let’s go inside the house and check how the photos in the hallway could’ve been taken,” Yoongi said.


They enter Jeongguk’s house with his keys and there is no denying that the interior design is very pretty and coordinated. When you enter, there is a long hallway to greet and Yoongi looks around, noticing there weren’t many photos hung on the walls (as expected of Jeongguk). He goes to the end of the hallway where it looked like the picture was taken from and he notices that there is a circled window there.


“It might’ve been taken from there,” Seokjin says.


“Yeah, but the thing is,” Hoseok says as he rubs his nape, “I’ve been to Jeongguk’s house a few times before this and he said he always keeps the blinds down on this window.”


“Well, the foundation of the house is high, so someone would need a ladder to reach this window from outside,” Yoongi said, narrowing his eyes at the blinds that were currently pulled down. He touches over them, skimming his fingers carefully until he feels something odd at the corner of one of the slats. “Is this… a camera?” He questions, quietly.


However, Seokjin and Hoseok hear him and they quickly, with wide eyes, approach him to inspect what the producer just pointed out and sure enough – there is in fact a small circled camera at the corner of the wooden slat. It’s so small that it’s unnoticeable unless you look for it specifically and Yoongi reaches out, propping it off of the slat. He rolls it between his fingers and inspects it.


“Someone’s been spying,” Yoongi muttered, “It seems like the event was taken in video. And then photos were made out of it.”


The doorbell suddenly rings and the three looked between each other in confusion. “Jeongguk’s not supposed to be back from the promotions yet,” Hoseok muttered.


They all look towards the door once the doorbell is rung again.



○ • ○ • ○



Indeed, Jeongguk does arrive later that day, when night falls upon Seoul. Tired, the idol thinks he really needs to get some rest for tomorrow, as he digs his keys into the keyhole with a little trouble at first, unlocking his door and going inside. What strikes him as odd is that the house appears cleaner – it’s weird, he usually hires a maid for a day to polish his floor so gland that he can see his own reflection if he looks down to it, amongst other things. The other odd thing is that there is a distinct smell of food coming from the kitchen.


Jeongguk takes his winter jacket off and hangs it on the coat hanger, then follows the scent down the hall and to the kitchen. He peeks in first and doesn’t say anything, standing there in surprise and just staring at the figure by the stove.


Taehyung was standing there and wearing a white shirt with– wait, are those red booty shorts? Jeongguk can’t really tell from afar, but they are definitely short and they are definitely hugging Taehyung’s ass in the best way possible (he doesn’t know if that’s to blame on Taehyung or the article of clothing). They’re not short enough to the point something is hanging out, but they do accentuate the fullness.


Not to mention that Taehyung is wearing an apron. A white apron is slung over his neck and tied to the small of his back as he hums a tune to himself and moves around the kitchen like he’s had the time to get acquainted  with it. He appears to be cooking.


“Tae?” Jeongguk decides to call and Taehyung turns around, a smile on his face. He doesn’t seem surprised to see him, probably because he heard the door open.


“How’d you get here?” Jeongguk asks as he approaches him, not minding at all that his boyfriend is in his house without any warning. He notices that on the front of the apron, with capital red letters, there is written “the man” with an arrow pointing up to his face, while beneath it there is written “the legend” with an arrow pointing to his crotch. Jeongguk promptly smiles in amusement, figuring Taehyung would have an apron like that.


“I came here while Yoongi-hyung and the others were on their investigation, so I took the opportunity to make my apology for not supporting you today,” Taehyung says as he winds his arms around Jeongguk’s neck with a grin. The idol notices that Taehyung’s hair is much redder in person that it was in the picture – the filter probably drew the color out.


“I hope you accept a meal as an apology. I made mandu and tteokbokki! And the bulgogi is almost finished too,” Taehyung is smiling brightly and Jeongguk grins, leaning in and pecking his lover’s lips while warmth spreads throughout his chest at the kind gesture.


“I couldn’t have asked for more,” he said and Taehyung giggles against the kiss, before gripping his arm.


“Now go take a shower and be back in fifteen minutes. Dinner’s gonna be ready,” he said.


Jeongguk did as he was told and halfway through his shower, he thought of how this day couldn’t have taken a better turn that this. Coming home to his lover cooking him dinner, smiling so beautifully and wearing goddamn short shorts. Okay, don’t think about Jeongguk, he tries to reason, not really in the mood to jack off in the shower when an ethereal being like Taehyung is waiting for him downstairs.


Coming out of the shower, Jeongguk decides to go for a simple white shirt and some old basketball shorts he has laying around and wears around the house when it’s too hot. He notices that Taehyung likes really warm temperature in the winter – hot to the point you would dress like it’s summer. Jeongguk didn’t come around to asking him why does he prefer that.


He goes down the stairs and once again stops when he’s at the doorframe of the kitchen – this time around, Taehyung had taken off the apron and cast it somewhere aside, left only in the shirt that Jeongguk notices is too loose now. It falls beneath his collarbones and it’s so thin that he can see Taehyung’s nipples peek through the material and okay, concentrate, Jeon, concentrate. Up close, the short shorts are, Jeongguk realizes, made of satin and they have two white lines going up the sides of the thighs. Concentrate.


Taehyung had set up the table and there was so much food that Jeongguk thinks the meal would be more appropriate for five-seven people, rather than two. Seokjin must’ve taught Taehyung to cook, because the food is delicious and it reminds Jeongguk of the homemade meals his mother would make back in his hometown of Busan. He falls in love a tiny bit more.


“Did you clean the house, by the way? Or are my eyes fooling me?” Jeongguk asks as they eat and Taehyung giggles a bit.


“Nah, I did clean a little. Had extra time after I made the sweets,” he explains and Jeongguk’s attention perks up again.


“Sweets?” He asks.


“Oh yeah, I made hodu-gwaja too,” Taehyung answered, smiling innocently.


Just marry me already, Jeongguk thinks to himself.


In the end, Taehyung ends up explaining to Jeongguk what Yoongi, Seokjin and Hoseok managed to find that day and told him about how they’ll track the person that took the photos. Jeongguk told him about Jimin’s situation and they talked for a few hours before they decided to clean up. The remaining food was placed in the fridge and as Taehyung was putting the used dishes in the dishwasher, Jeongguk came up behind him and peppered his nape with kisses. Taehyung shooed him to the living room before he got distracted.


Later that night, they were curled up on the couch and watching Hwarang, eating the homemade hodu-gwaja and drinking wine. For all intents and purposes – they looked like an old married couple.


“How do I look with the long hair?” Taehyung asks as he gestures to the screen and Jeongguk chuckles, kissing his head. “Amazing. You look good with any hairstyle, babe,” he said and Taehyung smiles cheekily.


“We didn’t have to watch re-runs just because I’m in the drama, Guk,” Taehyung then said.


“Don’t be ridiculous, I love seeing your face on the screen,” Jeongguk said, his hand resting on Taehyung’s ass– I mean, rather nice satin short shorts, “For a rookie, your acting is top notch. You should become a fulltime actor.”


Taehyung chuckles and then presses close, kissing Jeongguk and sighing in content against his lips. “I swear, this is why I love you,” he muttered, without much thought.


He didn’t realize what he said until Jeongguk pulls back and stares at him in shock. Just then, the words sink in and Taehyung’s eyes widen, his body automatically pulling back. He regrets it when he sees a flash of hurt cross Jeongguk’s features, but it’s gone rather quickly and replaced with a look of worry. “Oh my god, I didn’t mean–” Taehyung began, then quickly sealed his mouth shut. The rest of his sentence hung in the air.


Jeongguk was either not hurt or just hiding it really well, as he reaches out and places his hands on Taehyung’s shoulder. “Hey, it’s okay. I get, it just slipped out,” Jeongguk said and he smiles in an assuring way, so sweetly it makes Taehyung’s heart jump in his chest and he just thinks what did I do in my past life to deserve this man?


He wants to say “It didn’t slip out, I meant it,” but his feelings aren’t clear in head currently and he needs just a bit more time to get things straight with himself. He can only nod at Jeongguk’s words, but he can’t slip back into his embrace because it feels uncomfortable now. Jeongguk wanted to reach out again, but he stops his hand midway through and then retreats it back, not wanting to make the other even more uneasy.


Taehyung only stands up from the couch, saying something about taking a shower and wanting to sleep. He left Jeongguk alone to watch the rest of the episode of Hwarang, eat the cold hodu-gwaja and drink the rest of the wine on his own, in hopes it will wash the problems away.


That night, Taehyung slept in the guest room.



○ • ○ • ○



Two weeks pass and for the sake of the fans, they manage to make up.


It happened one morning, when Yoongi called Taehyung early on his phone and informed him that the one of the photographers that took photos of him and Jeongguk together, actually confessed to everything that morning when they were arrested. However, the person said that they are only responsible for sending the photos to the company – that they in fact, have nothing to do with the photos that were leaked.


Big Hit said that Taehyung and Jeongguk, as a couple, should make a statement to the press regarding this. So, Taehyung got dressed early and hurried to meet Jeongguk in front of the Big Hit building, where a ton of paparazzi were just waiting to get shots of them together. After reciting the words they needed to say, Jeongguk and Taehyung take cover in the entertainment industry building and simultaneously sigh.


Yoongi did mention that the person knows who is the one that leaked the photos (because, apparently, they were in some sort of collaboration?), but those thoughts were on the back of their minds right now.


“Can I take you out?” Jeongguk asks suddenly and when Taehyung looks at him in surprise, the idol realizes he doesn’t want Taehyung to take it in a way he doesn’t like, “I mean– we can, um, talk and…”


“Yeah,” Taehyung beats Jeongguk to it, his face unfazed but words welcoming. This time, Jeongguk is the one that freezes in surprise, “Yeah, you can take me out on a date. Let’s go.”


That’s how they end up here – in a small, fairly empty coffee shop down the street (once they sneaked out of Big Hit through the backdoor). The walls are beige and there are pictures of black and white abstract art hung on the walls; the tables are clean and nice and all of the employees wear white dress shirts with black aprons. It’s like an aesthetic imagine of a coffee shop come to life.


Neither Taehyung or Jeongguk are coffee drinkers, but they both order whatever the waiter offers with a kind smile. They occupy a table in the corner of the room, the counter and bar thankfully blocking the view of them through the glass walls of the coffee shop. The waiter brings them their coffee and smiles as Jeongguk pays and gives him a big tip. They are left alone to talk, but for a moment, they sit in silence.


“I’m sorry,” Taehyung says and Jeongguk looks up from his macchiato, “I’m sorry I made the whole situation uncomfortable and– and I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you for the past two weeks. I hate when I say things in the spur of the moment and I feel bad that I have to call it that and–”


“Taehyung,” Jeongguk cuts him off, his gaze gentle. Taehyung tends to forget about his blabbering habit whenever he’s nervous, “Taehyung, it’s fine. I understand that it was a ‘in the spur of the moment thing’ and I’m not mad at you, either. I learned not to take those words to heart too much.”


Taehyung bites his lips and his fingers tremble around his cup. He watches Jeongguk sip on his coffee and then make a face of distaste, grumbling something about putting too much sugar earlier. “How’d you realize you love me?” He suddenly asks, voice daring.


Jeongguk is caught off guard, but only for a moment. “It was always in the back of my mind. However, that night we spent together on your previous birthday– I think it’s then when I realized,” he says, licking foam off his lips and then leaning on the table, forearms propped up on it as he looks Taehyung in the eyes. “You were my first in many things, Kim Taehyung. And love is no exception.”


Of course, Taehyung remains silent for a moment, letting the words sink in. “That may be the problem, Guk,” he speaks, “You’ve only been like that with me and maybe– maybe you need to meet other people. Out there, there is someone who deserves your far more than me.”


“I’ve been with other people, Tae,” Jeongguk sighs, leaning back into the chair, “Two years into debut, you wanted to stop what we’re doing. So we did– for two more years in fact. I’ve been with many people all over the globe, Taehyung– I had broken hearts and got mine broken, I had drunken and sober hookups in the backs of regular and gay clubs, abroad and here and–” He pauses, tonguing the inside of his cheek like he’s thinking and then he laughs lightly as if he came to a realization. Jeongguk looks back at Taehyung, smiling, “I realized I love you when I held you after all of that.”


“You–” Taehyung begins, but then goes into silence once again.


“I missed you so much in those two years, Taehyung,” Jeongguk sighs, glancing aside for a moment, “I mean, when we were still trainees, the first birthday of yours that we spent together, you took my first kiss. And two years later – two years into my debut – on the same day, I lost my virginity with you. And then you disappeared from my life, saying I need to meet new people. I did that and tried to forget you, but… I always missed you, even if I was with someone else. And when I got to hold you again– I realized I’m in love.”


And really, what can someone say when a heart is being poured out to them? Remembering the memories they shared, what happened when they were still so young, when they met as Big Hit trainees. When Jeongguk was only fifteen and Taehyung was seventeen and they were awkward teens that didn’t know what to do with themselves or each other. The innocent kiss Taehyung gave Jeongguk when the younger handed him a poorly wrapped birthday present.


The memories of the first night they shared together – they decided not to do it on Jeongguk’s birthday, as Taehyung felt it would shift it’s real importance to it being sexual. Instead, on his own birthday, he was the gift Jeongguk didn’t receive earlier. And the sex was sloppy, quickly over, uncoordinated and awkward. But it was sweet, warm and pleasurable and Taehyung wouldn’t change that experience for the world.


So, why does his heart ache so much? He’s so desperate to be in love, yet he feels like he can’t do it. Like it’s out of his reach.


“So, just to make it clear–” Taehyung says, then sips on his coffee. Jeongguk’s sharp gaze is on him and Taehyung fidgets for a moment, “This is not just for the sex, is it?”


“Gosh, Taehyung, no,” Jeongguk denies, shaking his head, “Don’t get me wrong, your body is breathtaking. And most of the time, I don’t think of it as sexual. I love all the little moles you have scattered over your body like stars. I love your collarbones, your gorgeous thighs and hips and those long legs, that go on for miles. And of course, your ass is phenomenal, how can I skip that,” he laughs a bit.


I slowly began to fall in love because we appreciated each other.


“But your soul is beautiful,” Jeongguk says and when Taehyung stares at him, wide eyed and blushing, Jeongguk grows flustered too. He coughs into his hand and leans into his chair, gaze cast aside. “I’ve been spending too much time with Namjoon-hyung…” He muttered and Taehyung’s lips stretch out into a smile, listening to him talk.


“My soul?” Taehyung dares to ask, now genuinely curious. Suddenly, the topic doesn’t feel taboo anymore.


“Your whole being,” Jeongguk answers without hesitation, a smile in his voice. He looks back at him, a loving stare that makes Taehyung’s heart flutter, “It’s why I call you the way I do. Not only is your appearance ethereal, but you’re so… breathtaking,” he breathes out, as if making it a point, “Sometimes it’s hard to believe people like you exist. That they’re human. Your kindness, positivity, talent and passion… It’s why I call you for what you are.”


It’s why I call you an angel; it’s why I call you mine.


“I feel like…” Taehyung says, finally having the courage to open up. He heaves a heavy sigh and then looks at the idol, “I feel like you love what I used to be– an angel, you might call it. At this point in my life, it’s like I’ve been strapped of the wings, if I might say? My career has been good, but I always think to how things were… supposed to be. And what I did,” he says, voice already breaking, “I didn’t mean to leave, I’m sorry. But, it really hurt. It really hurt when–”


When Big Hit decided not to debut us as a trio and just debut Jimin and you as a duo, instead.


His sentence left unfinished, but the words hung in the air. It was rather obvious was he was intending to say and the fact he couldn’t voice it out, his voice cracking and tone breaking, hurt, was telling enough.


Jeongguk looks guilty and he opens his mouth, then closes it again. Like he doesn’t know what to say or if there is anything to be said.


“I understand why,” Taehyung muttered, looking off, “You and Jimin are a good match, Guk. You both are amazing dancers and have melodic voices and you work well together. It’s smart that you debuted without me. I had no dancing skill to be compared to the likes of yours and my gruff voice just doesn’t go with the two of you. Honestly, I would’ve just dragged you two down.”


Jeongguk is frowning now, fists lightly clenched. “Don’t say something like that, Tae–”


“No, you listen to me now, Jeongguk,” Taehyung interjects, although his voice is soft, “I know you were hoping I’d debut solo and we would still see each other because we’re from the same company, but… I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t train anymore. And when the opportunity for being an MC arose, I took it. And I don’t regret it. I just– I was selfish, okay? I cared only about myself. And that’s not an angel, Jeongguk. That’s not someone you want to love.”


Jeongguk only stares at him when he’s done ranting.


“We should probably–” Taehyung says and then pauses, breathing slowly. He looks away, fidgets and tries to think, but there is only one thing clear in his mind. “We should stop this… this relationship that we’re having.”


Once more, Jeongguk just stares and listens. Like he stopped functioning.


Taehyung doesn’t know what kind of reaction he expected. He expected of Jeongguk to deny, agree, say anything and not be this silent about it. Like he’s thinking. And the fact that he might be reconsidering makes Taehyung’s chest ache, even if he was the one that proposed the end of whatever they had going on. He almost wished Jeongguk would start yelling at him, just to get rid of that emotionless expression that he has on.


“Why?” The younger than asks and Taehyung should’ve seen that one coming.




“No, why,” Jeongguk interrupts as if Taehyung didn’t even say anything or avoided the question he proposed. “You said I should give you time. Time for you to–” And then he pauses, finding a lump in his throat when he’s supposed to say it out loud, “And I did. And I’m fine with it. Why do you suddenly want to disappear again?”


It sounds like he’s trying to hold onto Taehyung and it makes the red haired male gulp, because his heart is aching, aching, aching and he wants nothing more than to tell him the truth, but he can’t. He doesn’t know what to do.


“It’s because I’m leaving, Guk– Jeongguk,” he said, biting back the nickname he was about to say and watching the younger’s eyes grow wide and confused.


“I got a role for a drama that will be shot in Japan. And then I have modeling gigs in the US,” Taehyung explains, “I got a few sponsorship and partnership offers that I can’t possibly turn down.”


I’m no angel, I’m too selfish to be one.


“Jeongguk, I’m sorry, but… when it comes to time–” I don’t think I need it anymore “–I’m afraid we have run out.”


Jeongguk lets out a shuddering breath and looks off, his hands gripping his cup a bit too hard. He’s thinking, Taehyung can see that he’s thinking and he makes that ‘thinking face’ he’s had ever since he was a teenager. For a moment, they sit in silence and drink the coffee that had by now gone completely cold. Snow is falling outside and there is only the sound of other people in the café chattering and the clinking of cups coming from behind the bar.


Jeongguk looks more mature, Taehyung observes. He’s wrapped up in a grey scarf and black coat, his face is a bit pale and there are dark bags resting beneath his eyes, that on their own look rather tired. It’s like the last five months of them together managed to drain him in some way, age him almost. Taehyung knows he’s not the kid he used to know, but– but hearing him speak like that to him, he definitely aged, definitely matured.


“When are you leaving?” Jeongguk asks, suddenly.


“Next Sunday,” Taehyung replies and sips on his coffee, trying to make it look like he doesn’t think it’s a big deal to him, but his hands tremble while holding the cup and he has trouble drinking down the beverage. “My flight will be a bit late – around eight in the evening, I presume.”


“So, there is a week left,” Jeongguk says and he looks back at him, “We have a week left, hyung.”


Taehyung is caught off guard, both by the sudden liveliness in Jeongguk’s eyes and the sudden use of the honorific. “We? What do you mean–”


“We didn’t run out of time, hyung,” Jeongguk says, leaning on the table, “We have a week left before you leave. That’s more than enough.”


“Jeongguk, I don’t know if we should…” Taehyung speaks, voice gently as if talking to a child, as if he doesn’t know Jeongguk hates it when he uses that tone with him.


Taehyung is afraid, he’s scared of what might happen in that one week and he doesn’t know why he’s afraid.


Jeongguk doesn’t hesitate – he reaches out and grabs Taehyung’s hands in his, squeezes them like he’s afraid to let him go and his fingers may be meshed together, but Taehyung can’t help but feel that it somehow fits right. The idol smiles – one of those bunny smiles of his that makes Taehyung’s heart do leaps – and he speaks gently, like a child the red haired male remembers him to be.


“Just one week, hyung,” he said, “One week, let me treat you how I think you should be treated. And when I escort you to the airport and you leave, it’s done. We’re done with whatever you want to call this. But give me one week, please.”


Taehyung stares at him this time around – he hesitates to accept or say anything, for that matter. He feels like he’s in a story, or in a movie where he’s now supposed to say yes and where the inevitable outcome will be him falling in love with Jeongguk during that one week and having him escort him to the airport, but then purposefully miss his flight at the last moment. He’d run back to Jeongguk’s arms and he’d kiss him and tell him that he loves him.


But that’s not going to happen. His life isn’t a movie, right?


“Alright,” he decides to say, “One week, Jeonggukkie.”


Taehyung would deny his heart fluttered at the smile Jeongguk gave him, after hearing a nickname that brought up so many memories.



○ • ○ • ○



Monday came rather quickly.


Taehyung hadn’t told any of his friends how the situation between him and Jeongguk currently stands. To their friends, to the company, to the nation – MC Kim Taehyung was still dating idol Jeon Jeongguk. And actually, they technically kind of still were – for only a week though.


The red haired male didn’t hear from Jeongguk the whole Monday, until at afternoon, he got a text from Jeongguk asking if he’s free for tonight. Guessing that the younger will take him out on a date, Taehyung replied yes – he was supposed to go on coffee with Seokjin and Yoongi to share some gossip or whatnot, but tea can be spilled another day, so he had no trouble cancelling. The reply that came from Jeongguk was a dress code – dress formally, I’m picking you up at eight is what the text read.


Taehyung decided to go for a formal gray suit, although he switched the white dress shirt for a white turtleneck – made it more casual, but still stayed formal. He put on polished shoes, grabbed a comfy and stylish coat, put some makeup on and did his hair. He doesn’t know why he puts so much effort in it – either him or Jeongguk won’t care as much about it. But he wanted to look good for their date.


At eight sharp, Taehyung left his apartment and took the elevator to the ground floor, walking out of the building and seeing Jeongguk’s car parked right at the front. He exits the car, clad in a suit himself, just to open the door for Taehyung and the older male smiles, thanking him as he sat in and buckled up. As soon as he starts driving, Taehyung knows they’re headed to Gangnam.


“So, where are you taking me?” Taehyung asks, the atmosphere comfortable.


“To dinner, obviously,” Jeongguk says as he makes a turn, “I never got around to doing that earlier.”


So to dinner they go. Taehyung didn’t quite know how to feel and he didn’t quite know if Jeongguk genuinely wanted to talk with him over some fancy food, or did he run out of ideas on where to take him out on a date. Or is this perhaps his way of thinking of having a “mature date” because most of the other ones they had included going out to watch bad horror movies and then crashing at a fast food place afterwards. Sounds a bit childish compared to this.


Jeongguk parks his car and Taehyung exits on his own before the younger can get the door for him. In return, as they walk to the restaurant (that for some reason had a red carpet?), Jeongguk opens the door for Taehyung and lets him go inside. Taehyung looks around while Jeongguk checks for the prior reservation he had made – lots of truffles, as Taehyung expected, maroon walls and people dressed in fancy clothing, walking around.


An employee leads Jeongguk and Taehyung do their table, thankfully a bit vacant from the other tables and nicely set up with silverware, candles and expensive looking napkins. Jeongguk pulls the chair for Taehyung and Taehyung nods thankfully with a smile as he sat down. After Jeongguk did as well, a waiter approached them and gave them their menus.


“Would you like to order right away?” The waiter asks as he gets his pen ready and Jeongguk hums a little. “We could. What would you like, Tae?” He asks.


Taehyung’s eyes scan over the menu, over the many complicated and foreign names to the foods he doesn’t know (thankfully, there were Korean words between brackets that explained what the dish contains). Despite so many things on the menu, they managed to order the food and in the end, they settled for some white wine on the side. Taehyung looks around and realizes the place is quite full.


“How’d you manage to make the reservation for today? The place looks packed,” he said.


“Oh, that’s cause I made a reservation last week,” Jeongguk elaborates, “I was gonna take you out so we can make up for the thing that happened at my house, but… Well, I didn’t want this to go to waste.”


The waiter comes back and pours them their wine before leaving. Jeongguk and Taehyung clink glasses with no toast and they sit in silence for a moment.


“Why an exclusive restaurant, though?” Taehyung asks suddenly and Jeongguk’s eyes widen, a light panic in them.


“Shit, did you not want to come here? We can still leave if you–” He begins and then stops when Taehyung chuckles and shakes his head. “It’s fine, Guk,” he said, “I’m just a bit surprised. Didn’t expect of you to be a ‘fancy dinner’ type guy.”


Jeongguk flushes a little and rubs the back of his neck nervously. “W-Well, I wanted to try to impress you? Namjoon-hyung recommended me this place and I didn’t really want to miss an opportunity. I thought that maybe you don’t like those spontaneous dates and that this… might be up more to your standard,” he says.


Even if Taehyung wanted to make a remark to that, he didn’t because the waiter comes over to serve them their food, with Jeongguk paying the bill beforehand. They don’t say that much and just ate silently.


“So,” Taehyung speaks first, “How’re the promotions going?”


Jeongguk accidentally chokes on his wine and Taehyung cocks an eyebrow in amusement as he watches the younger male grab a napkin and cough into it. Jeongguk brushes his lips and his face is still flushed – he’s quite the opposite to the mature Jeongguk Taehyung talked to yesterday. This version reminds him more of what Jeongguk used to be when they first met.


“G-Good,” Jeongguk responds, coughing again to clear his voice, “The album sold out pretty well and um, we’ve gotten lots of praises. We amounted around… nine wins, I think? I’m not sure, Jimin keeps more track of that than I do.”


“That’s pretty impressive, Guk,” Taehyung says as he takes a bite of his dish, “You two are doing really well.”


“Yeah…” Jeongguk muttered, as if distracted. He was just digging a fork into his food, not really eating it. “How’s your, um, job going?” He asks, cringing at how badly he phrased that.


“Good, it’s okay,” Taehyung answers calmly, “My career ahead seems bright.”


At the mention, at the reminder of that, the two of them go silent once again.


Suddenly, the whole restaurant goes silent and there are some hushed whispers. The two young males, in confusion, turn into the direction they saw people gesturing to. They spot a man down on one knee and holding up a small box in his hands, reciting words as the lady sitting in front of him held hands over her mouth in shock and tears streaked her eyes. After she choked out a “yes” in answer, the restaurant claps and cheers for what appears to be a now engaged couple.


Taehyung and Jeongguk watch the scene and clap along, the air of the entire room suddenly shifting and turning into something more serious. More mature. And Jeongguk couldn’t take it as he sighs heavily and rubs his hands on his face, groaning. Taehyung raises an eyebrow at him, noticing Jeongguk looks apprehensive.


“This is not us,” he said, sighing, “I wanted to show you how serious I am about this, so I took you to a restaurant with a menu full of dishes I can’t dream of pronouncing and I’m trying to make a business-like conversation. I’m just failing miserably.”


Taehyung stares at him for a moment and he thinks, until there is a twinkle of amusement in his eyes. He set the silverware down and looks at the younger. “Let’s ditch this place, then,” he said, no joking tone to his voice.


Jeongguk removes his hands from his face, that contours into one of confusion. “What?” He said.


“I know this really good place down the street. They sell killer fries,” Taehyung says, grinning cheekily, “Well, unless you mind wasting this reservation and paying for food we didn’t eat much of–”


“Let’s do it,” Jeongguk replies with no hesitation and he quickly raises from his chair.


Taehyung grins wider and he sits up after him, drinking his wine down in one go and sighing in relief. His hand is grabbed by Jeongguk and he’s being dragged out of the restaurant. If there weren’t a grin on his face, people would’ve thought he was being dragged away by force, but Taehyung was happy. He followed Jeongguk with a grip to his hand. They abandon Jeongguk’s car and Taehyung leads the way downtown.


When they enter the fast food place, the employee is confused as to why two good looking men, dressed in suits, walked in a place like this and ordered fries. Regardless, he serves them what they asked for and this time, Taehyung paid for the food. They stumble out of the place and then take a walk in the nearby park.


The two of them sat on a bench and after assaulting each other with fries for a few minutes, they just sit and eat, enjoying the moonlight and stars shining on them. “Fuck, this is so much better,” Jeongguk commented and Taehyung laughs. One of those angelic laughs that take Jeongguk’s breath away each time.


“We may be adults in age, Jeonggukkie, but we’re still kids in spirit,” Taehyung hums and then leans back into the bench, head tilting back and looking up at the night sky. The air is cold, but refreshing.


“Back then, we used to do this a lot too,” Jeongguk says, “Sneak out of practice and just go eat together in the middle of the night.”


“Yeah, it was pretty fun,” Taehyung smiles, for the first time not bothered by the bringing up of the past. “I feel kinda sorry that we ditched Jimin so many times. Although, it was always a good excuse for him to hang out with Yoongi-hyung.”


Jeongguk laughs at that and nods in agreement. “Oh yeah, I know he actually didn’t mind at all. But he really didn’t want to admit it,” he agrees.


Taehyung looks at the stars with a smile and wonders. “Hey… ever wondered how it would’ve been if we met in different circumstances?” He asks suddenly.


Jeongguk turns his head to look at him, a curious expression on his face. “What’d you mean?” He asks, munching on his fries.


“Well, like,” Taehyung tries to think, humming, “For example, what if I was a florist and owned a flower shop. You opened a tattoo parlor across the street and we somehow met. I would be intimidated by all your tattoos, but then I’d find out you’re just a cutie-pie. One that I would like to fuck me.”


At the last added sentence, Jeongguk chokes on his fry and Taehyung looks amused by this. “Sounds like a story a fan would write, Tae,” he says, but there is a smile on his face and he’s just happy to be able to listen to Taehyung like this, “You have a rather imaginative mind, hyung.”


“Yeah, I tend to wonder how things could’ve been,” Taehyung muttered, but he doesn’t make it sound bitter. He doesn’t want to ruin the night like that. “But it’s cool, I think. Those other versions of us that exist out there. Creative minds that explode because of something they are passionate about. It must be cool to be a writer. Maybe, in another universe, I am a writer and I write about–”


Jeongguk stares at him and listens and only thinks one thing.


Under any other circumstance, I would still fall in love with you.


They don’t kiss that night, but they do hold hands as they walk back to the car. On the way, Jeongguk buys a small bouquet of flowers from an old lady selling them, giving her extra money and not noticing Taehyung smiling at his kindness. Taehyung held Jeongguk’s hand in one hand, in the other the bouquet he bought him, his head rest on Jeongguk’s shoulder as they walked and Jeongguk’s heart was worn on the sleeve of his shirt.


Jeongguk drives him back to the apartment building and kisses his hand as goodbye, saying something along the lines of “goodnight, angel,” and he doesn’t drive off until he’s sure Taehyung entered his building safely. Giddy, Taehyung immediately puts the flowers in a vase and goes to sleep with a smile.


He tries to forget that they only have six days left.



○ • ○ • ○



Taehyung didn’t anticipate this.


But he damn knew something was off when Jeongguk called for their date on Thursday to be in the middle of the day. And when he sat himself in Jeongguk’s car and noticed the two pairs of ice skaters in the back, he gaped in surprise at the younger male, who – not just did he say nothing – but he had the audacity to simply grin and drive off to a nearby skating rink that was just recently opened.


Taehyung is not a child, okay? But who can resist ice skating? “How’d you know I wanted to do this?” He exclaims in excitement, seeing the rink being half full and lots of parents with their children around, helping them skate and holding their hands. There were even a few couples, kissing and doing other affectionate things as they either stand by the rink or just skate around. It all seemed so positive and happy.


“You were ranting about some Viktor Nikiforov last night and I did a bit of research,” Jeongguk answers to his question, getting the skates from the back seats and handing the white pair to Taehyung and kept the black ones to himself. They put them on with a little difficulty, but they were soon in the rink.


Taehyung felt one with the ice – at first, he was hesitant and lacked coordination, having him feel like he will fall over any time now, but after a few slips and a few almost-falls, he managed to learn to keep his balance and freely skate around. “Jeonggukkie, join me!” He called and looked to the outskirts of the rink, seeing Jeongguk still holding onto the railing.


With an amused grin, Taehyung skates over to him. “Ne, did we just find something our Golden Maknae isn’t so good at?” He teases and it sounded like a challenge, so Jeongguk narrows his eyes and immediately stops gripping on the railing and tries to take a step.


Much to his misfortune, he immediately slip and fell backwards, although his hands landed on the ice before his butt could, so he held himself up partially. Taehyung couldn’t help but laugh behind the black face mask he had to wear (after all, they couldn’t just be recognized in public). He helps Jeongguk up and holds his hands as he tries to make Jeongguk stay balanced.


“Oh…” Jeongguk mutters in realization as he finally stands still, but he still doesn’t let go of Taehyung’s hands. Not because he still needs support, but because their hands fit so good together. Taehyung giggled softly and tugs him along. “Come on, let’s skate around!” He said.


And skate around they did – they stumbled a few times, they knocked into strangers and apologized a few times and they had to grip the railings a few times. But they were happy and they determined to learn as much on the ice as they could. Eventually, Jeongguk could pick up Taehyung and twirl him in a circle on his skates. Jeongguk in general was stronger and he could effortlessly pick up the older male any day, but he was a fast learner and Taehyung trusted him.


“We should compete in couple figure skating,” Taehyung grins, “Fuck being an idol and being an MC, this is so much better.”


Maybe it’s the freedom that made it seem better? The lack of pressure and so much imagination, perhaps?


“Tae, most competitive figure skaters do ballet, I don’t think we’re qualified.”


“Then let’s get Jimin to do it! He can compete with Yoongi-hyung!”


“And have Yoongi-hyung break his old bones? Isn’t Hoseok-hyung a better idea?”


“Oh my gosh, he’d be too dramatic. Like JJ.”


“You just want to live that life, don’t you?” Jeongguk remarks and Taehyung can’t see his teasing smile, but the tone is light and happy and it makes Taehyung giggle again. “Yeah. I’m sure there’s a story out there with us as skaters, anyway,” he replied.


Eventually, Taehyung slips and falls on accident. His leg hurts for a moment and Jeongguk brings him out of the rink and sits him on a bench. Taehyung is whining and complaining about how he wants to skate more and Jeongguk wraps an arm around him, holding him close to his side. “Calm down, we’ll get back in the rink in a second,” Jeongguk said.


The idol slips his mask off for a moment to plant an assuring kiss on Taehyung’s head, rubbing the side of his shoulder to comfort him. Taehyung flushes, his cheeks matching the color of his hair, standing out against the snow around them and warming him up more than his thick clothing does already. He doesn’t hesitate to snuggle against Jeongguk.


“You’re hot,” he reasons, something he should’ve said in his head only, but it slipped out accidentally.


“Thanks,” Jeongguk replies lamely and Taehyung snorts, shaking his head at the younger. He looks up suddenly, hand on Jeongguk’s chest and even if they had face masks on, Taehyung leans in as if they are about to kiss.


However, Jeongguk doesn’t kiss him. Instead, he holds Taehyung by the waist and nuzzles their noses together once Taehyung was close enough. The red haired male wanted to die from how adorable that was and he giggles softly, head leaning on Jeongguk’s shoulder and feeling all soft and giddy inside.


Jeongguk grins, arm still wrapped around Taehyung gently and they rock for a moment, enjoying the heat they brought to each other. “Wanna go back to the rink?” He whispers, lips pressed to Taehyung’s ear and the older male nods, even if the sensuality makes him press himself more into Jeongguk’s chest.


Eventually, they do stand up and hand in hand, go back into the rink. “I want you to pick me up and twirl me,” Taehyung said and even if the idea was ridiculous and probably not safe, Jeongguk couldn’t help but agree. He was confident in holding Taehyung just right in his arms.


It was no secret to either of them – or to the public, ever since they photos of them together were leaked – that Taehyung liked being carried. There was something safe to be wrapped up in someone who, although may share the same height as you, is bigger in frame and able to protect you. And that’s how Taehyung felt when Jeongguk would hold him up carefully – protected and secured, safe and sound.


His hands would hold Taehyung’s waist gently, but he showed resilient strength whenever he picked him up as they skated, like he was as light as a feather. And his hold never tightened, it always stayed gentle. Taehyung would touch Jeongguk’s arms as he held him up, he could feel the muscles bulging and flexing and it almost felt like Jeongguk put more weight on himself, just so he could hold Taehyung so tenderly.


Despite that, his arms or hands never shook or showed signs of weakness, like he wanted the older male to feel so secure. And Taehyung let himself be swept away by the feeling, enjoying how the wind touched his face as Jeongguk twirls him around. As if they have been doing this together for a longer time than just a few hours. Even as if they have known each other for longer than they have – for decades, at least, or maybe even lifetimes.


With a few more spins, Jeongguk slowly lowers Taehyung back on the ice, but his hand is still resting at the small of Taehyung’s spine and one hand still enveloping Taehyung’s own. The MC’s body follows, tightening his fingers in the hand lock and the other hand naturally coming up to rest on Jeongguk’s shoulder. He smiles behind his mask, because this is akin to something reminiscent of their trainee days.


At the time, Jeongguk was sixteen and Taehyung was eighteen – a few months short before debut. Jimin would tease them whenever he caught them practicing this dance in the practice room, but neither of the two cared. They would put on some Chinese ballad and just hit some basic moves of ballroom dancing. It wasn’t skilled, but it was fun and it held meaning.


And four years since that, Taehyung’s body just knows to follow what they practiced then. This time, they were on the ice, but it didn’t matter, because their feet moved along to the music that played only inside their minds, that at the moment felt connected. People around the rink moved closer to the railings and watched the couple dance on the ice, the children would point and ask their parents why that was so mesmerizing and the women would hush about how beautiful it is.


A lot of the moves changed and they had to freestyle most of what they did, but Taehyung and Jeongguk felt nostalgia. For example – Jeongguk would lift Taehyung and the older would arch his body in the sunlight, in a way it made it seem like he should have wings hidden beneath his clothes. When they were younger, Taehyung was bigger than Jeongguk and there is no way that the younger could pick him up then, but to come to this now – it seemed like a natural build up.


Eventually, their dancing stopped and Taehyung was pulled back into Jeongguk’s embrace. There is buzzing in his ears from excitement, it dawned out the cheering and clapping of the people around them. He stares into Jeongguk’s eyes as the younger holds him – something unreadable is hidden beneath all the admiration that is evident in his eyes, but he doesn’t need to see the idol’s face to know that he’s smiling.


But falling in love means that we do things together. It’s not a feeling, it’s an experience.


Taehyung reaches up to his face and tugs his mask down until it rests beneath his chin. His red hair is covering his face enough so people won’t recognize him, but he presses his and Jeongguk’s foreheads together and just breathes. Puffs of air escape his lips and he waits for the idol to follow his movements, but Jeongguk simply pulls him so close that Taehyung’s head is eventually tucked into his neck.


Strong arms wrap around his waist and pull him closer, until they’re hugging and the press of their bodies together is enough to make Taehyung forget his intentions and just bathe in the warmth of the moment. And he couldn’t believe that he felt good.


Because Taehyung hated his trainee days – he doesn’t want to remembered wasted time and energy, especially the memories he shared with Jeongguk that are so painful. Instead of them being nostalgic, they hurt. But now, they re-created a memory – it stayed the same, but some things had to be changed. Because it showed their growth as individuals and as a pair. And suddenly, the memory doesn’t hurt anymore.


Taehyung briefly wonders if that can be applied to all of the memories they share.



○ • ○ • ○



It was Wednesday and Taehyung was at Yoongi’s apartment. Days are rare when the older male has free time, with him mostly staying up to pull all-nighters when working on an album. Because Bang Sihyuk trusted Yoongi to make amazing songs for his company’s idols, with Yoongi being the main producer of Big Hit Entertainment. And so, days when he isn’t in the studio are rare and even rarer are the days when Taehyung can come over to talk.


They have known each other for years and the harsh reality of adulthood and work is that you come to have a minimum amount of time for friends. Especially with them working in the entertainment industry – an industry that never sleeps.


So, on Wednesday, Taehyung finds himself sitting in Yoongi’s kitchen and watching his hyung make him some tea, while he made himself some coffee. Yoongi wasn’t much of a coffee consumer, but tea wouldn’t be able to keep him up at night.


“You okay, hyung?” Taehyung asks as Yoongi slides him cup of tea, sending his hyung a worrisome look. Yoongi nods rather grimly and sits down, a cup of coffee in his own hands. He crosses his pale legs, bare except the black socks that reach just beneath his knees.


“I’m fine, Taehyung,” he assures, sensing the younger’s concerned gaze. Taehyung doesn’t believe him because he can see how tired his hyung is. For a moment, Yoongi closes his eyes and lolls his head to the side as he sighs, the bones in his neck cracking because it’s been stiff for so long.


The wrinkled dress shirt he wore slips off his shoulder and Taehyung thinks that it can’t be his own, seeing as Yoongi doesn’t usually own white clothing and since this shirt was bigger on him (Taehyung thinks it reached his mid thighs). Taehyung thinks it can be Hoseok’s because he’s taller, but it can also be Jimin’s because his frame is larger. Either way, it all translates into loneliness.


“You miss them, don’t you?” He says before even thinking it through, a look of sympathy in his eyes as Yoongi turns his head and refuses to look at him, or either decline or confirm the statement.


“It’s kinda stupid,” Yoongi mutters, hand rubbing his nape, “I was alone my whole life. I was always alone. It shouldn’t–” He pauses and his face scrunches up at the word that he almost said, “It shouldn’t affect me like this. It’s stupid.”


Taehyung observes him, fingers tapping against his cup. “Why’s it stupid?” He said and before Yoongi can answer, he continues, “Yeah, you were always alone, but you weren’t always in love.”


Whatever the elder had to say stuck in his throat in form of a lump that he had struggle swallowing down. His lips seal together and he ventures into silence, showing a sign of thought. Taehyung knows he has to give him time and as if to break the quiet atmosphere, his phone suddenly rings.


He takes out from his pocket and looks at the caller ID, eyes ranking over Jeongguk’s picture and his name at the top of the screen. Taehyung excuses himself to Yoongi, who dismisses him with a wave of his hand, then leaves the kitchen and goes to the vacant living room to accept the call.


Sliding his fingers over the screen with a smile, Taehyung brings his phone up to his ear and plops down on the couch. “Hello?” He says, a grin spreading across his face. Jeongguk must’ve called for their date, as he usually does, and Taehyung was (not admittedly) waiting for that the whole day.


“Hey, hyung. Good morning,” comes Jeongguk’s voice from the other side.


“Morning to you too, Guk,” Taehyung replies, lip caught between his teeth to keep his excitement in. He quickly throws a glance to the nearby clock and checks the time, “Quite early, isn’t it? Another middle-of-the-day date, hm?”


His tone was teasing and it made him giggle, but he didn’t notice that Jeongguk’s chuckle was awkward until he spoke. “Listen, Taehyung…” He says and Taehyung’s excitement dies down for a moment, eyebrows raising in confusion. By the tone of voice, he can just see Jeongguk rubbing his nape nervously like he tends to do.


“Yeah?” The red haired male prompts, urging the younger to continue on.


“I don’t think I can make it today. To our date, I mean.”




By all intents and purposes, Taehyung shouldn’t be disappointed. After all, he agreed to this “one more week” thing just to appease the younger and he promised himself to not get swept away by it, not to get caught up in the feelings, especially because he would have to leave. And getting caught up would result in damage to both of them. He doesn’t need to feel disappointed that they’re missing one day together.


In fact, he should be happy, because that means Jeongguk can be less attached to him and realize that one day without Taehyung can be good for him. Taehyung knows that, but… he can’t help but feel a twinge in his chest. He doesn’t want to call it disappointment, but that’s how it feels. Especially after yesterday.


“I meant to take you out today, but we got caught up in a fan meeting and an interview and I can’t cancel and–”


“Jeongguk, it’s fine, I understand.”


Taehyung, it’s fine. I understand.


“I tried to get out of here, but manager-hyung won’t let me and I can try to–”


“Jeongguk, no. You have to–” be selfish sometimes “–stay at work right now.”


Taehyung hears hesitation and a sigh on the other side. He doesn’t notice his hand is shaking as it rests on his knee. “Alright, but… can I come over tonight? I’ll bring pizza and we can binge watch all the Harry Potter movies together? Sounds good?” Jeongguk says, a smile evident in his voice.


The MC smiles too, relief running through his body. “Yeah, sounds good, Guk,” he says, voice gentle, “I’ll see you tonight. Text me before you come over, okay?”


“Will do. Pepperoni pizza sounds good to you?”


“It’s fine as long as it’s not pineapple.”


“Alright, alright,” Jeongguk laughs, “See you tonight, Tae.”


The call is finished and Taehyung sighs as he locks his phone and looks around for a moment. Yoongi’s apartment is rather small, but it still looks expensive because of the black and white interior design. He knows Yoongi purposefully has everything small in his apartment, except for his big bedroom and even bigger home studio. He says those two places is where “the passion happens.” Taehyung doesn’t doubt that.


He goes back to the kitchen, guessing his tea had went cold. Yoongi is on his phone and Taehyung is startled, gesturing to the older that he’ll leave until he’s finished, but Yoongi gestures for him to sit down. Reluctantly, Taehyung does so.


“I get it, I get it,” Yoongi says to whomever he’s speaking over the phone with, “Alright, I’ll talk to him later. Call me if something comes up.”


His phone is cast aside and he’s looking at Taehyung now. “Sorry, something came up,” he says.


Taehyung blinks a little. “It’s fine. You wanna talk about it?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.


“It’s nothing, just… Jimin is having a bit of trouble in dealing with… everything that is going on. Namjoon called to tell me to talk to him later,” Yoongi explained, “The fans shouldn’t notice that something is off.”


“What happened to the photos of the three of you?” Taehyung asked, fingers wrapping around his cup and realizing that indeed, his tea had went cold.


“Well, we still don’t know who the second photographer is. Big Hit assumes that since nothing has been leaked, that they just don’t have any photos. We were advised to stay away from each other until the person is caught,” Yoongi muttered, looking away and his face held a frown, “It’s just tiring, but I don’t want for Jimin to suffer because of this.”


Taehyung understands as he nods and listens to his friend. It was different for him and Jeongguk, because they are in a monogamous “relationship,” but polyamory isn’t that understood or accepted (especially with it being confused or associated with polygamy in a religious context). People would call it cheating and as an idol, Jimin’s career would suffer with that label stuck on him. And with him, Jeongguk and Big Hit would suffer too.


In the end, Taehyung and Jeongguk turn out to be so lucky for people being supportive of them. Even if nothing was actually real behind the scenes.


“I’m sure the person will get caught, hyung,” Taehyung assures, “Did the one that was caught not reveal anything about this person or..?”


“From what he explained, the other photographer offered him money so he could help him out with taking the photos, but he only talked to this person over e-mail,” Yoongi says, “We tried to track down the address, but we didn’t find anything in the end. Whoever the second photographer is, they’re hiding themselves pretty well. The one we caught, although he invaded all of our privacy, at least didn’t leak anything to the public. He said something about being afraid of causing harm and more legal issues.”


“And as soon as this person is caught, the three of you are back to normal?” Taehyung says, hope evident in his voice.


Yoongi doesn’t seem hesitant to answer. “Yeah, there might be some issues, but we’ll be fine,” he says, “The only thing concerning me is what is going on right now. They’re supposed to have some interview, I think?” He muttered, confusion written all over his face, as if trying to remember. His brain backtracks when he doesn’t have enough sleep.


“Yeah, I talked to Jeongguk earlier, he mentioned something about it,” Taehyung said.


The producer goes silent for a moment and then he looks at the younger male. “You told him about you leaving to Japan on Sunday, right?” He raises an eyebrow, having that look of if you didn’t, I’m ready to scold you and Taehyung smiles, despite the pain in his chest.


“Yeah, I told him everything,” he replies, “He’s fine. He just wants of us to spend the remaining of the week together to say goodbye–” one week, let me treat you how I think you should be treated, “–and we mutually decided that we’re done after that.”


Taehyung can see doubt in Yoongi’s eyes and he also sees a questioning gaze. One that almost screams “why don’t you tell me the truth?” But he doesn’t say anything for the time being and Taehyung is thankful for that. He trusts his hyung not to meddle in his business and either way, he guesses Jeongguk will tell them the truth once he leaves. He can deal with the scolding once he’s miles across the sea in Japan.


“That’s good,” Yoongi says, although his tone is completely empty.


“So,” Taehyung averts the topic with ease and expertise, “That day when I met you and the hyungs in Jeongguk’s house and I talked to him later, it was the day when Namjoon-hyung told him and Jimin about the photos. One thing that stands out oddly and that is all the photos were taken at either Jimin’s or Hoseok-hyung’s place, but none at yours.”


For a moment, as if realization dawned in, Yoongi freezes. Once again, it looks like he’s thinking, contemplating. “A camera was placed in Jeongguk’s house and that’s how the photos of you two together were taken, so what if it’s the same case here?” He breathes out, “Someone who was both at Jimin and Hoseok’s… unless it’s someone we know, the possibility is so low.”


“Maybe if they hired the same service–”


Both of their eyes widen and Taehyung’s assumption goes empty in the air.


Of course, what if someone sneaked in and put a camera somewhere while they were “at work?” What if they happened to have hired the same maid, plumber or electrician? Because Yoongi didn’t do any of that for the last few months and the photos were taken only recently. And it was weird that the caught photographer said he planted a camera in Jeongguk’s home by breaking in, even if there was no evidence of it.


“Does it help, though? I mean, the photographer who took those has already been caught…”


“Oh, I think it helps loads, actually, Taehyung,” Yoongi says, reaching for his phone, “But we’ll have to wait and see.”


Later, Taehyung arrives back at his apartment.


He paces around and wonders what he can do before Jeongguk arrives? What should he wear? He thinks it through a bubble bath and a wine glass in his hand, the newest B.Boys songs blasting on his phone, with Taehyung singing to Jimin and Jeongguk’s parts. In the end, he puts on the outfit that he wore that day at Jeongguk’s house. He missed the feeling of those satin shorts on his skin, but what he wanted more was to fix another memory that hurts.


It’s around six thirty, night has already fallen and Taehyung has gotten ready after taking a swift nap (with the assumption that they’ll stay up late to watch the movies like promised). He hadn’t eaten anything for hours and he’s starving, but he wants to save it all up for the pizza Jeongguk promised to bring.


“Blankets check, movie check, popcorn… fuck, I forgot popcorn,” Taehyung muttered as he aimlessly wondered around his apartment, before heading to the kitchen.


It’s around eight when Taehyung decides that Jeongguk is being late and he should watch the first movie without him (besides, it’s his least favorite one, but only because he can’t call Malfoy hot yet). He munches on his popcorn to kill hunger and coos at the now famous actors starring in their kid roles.


It’s around ten thirty when the movie finishes and Jeongguk still didn’t arrive. Taehyung doesn’t send him a text to ask him if he’s coming at this point or not, because that would make it seem like he cares. Instead, he ignores the aching in his chest and convinces himself that the younger is only being late because he has a lot of work going on, before turning on the next movie.


It’s around twelve thirty and Thursday had technically begun. Jeongguk still isn’t here and there was no Wednesday date at all. Taehyung is still hungry, but he refuses to eat. Instead, he washes it away with a tight smile and a refusal to cry at what felt like rejection. He curls up in his blankets, on his couch, and starts the third movie with a hazy mind.


It’s around one in the morning and not even halfway through the movie, when Taehyung falls asleep on the couch, dry cheeks and wearing satin shorts that now had two bad memories attached to them.



○ • ○ • ○



Upon waking up on Thursday, Taehyung yawns and raises from the couch. His stiff neck was aching from sleeping without a pillow and he was a bit cold from only using blankets to cover himself. The TV was shut off, which Taehyung considered weird because he never sets up a time interval for automatic shut off if the TV is inactive for a certain period.


It’s then that he notices there is a bouquet of red roses on the table, wrapped in white wrapping paper and tied with a silk red bow. In between the roses, there is a white card that Taehyung reaches out to. As he takes it, his fingers brush against the petals of the roses and he realizes they must be fresh. Turing the card around, the red haired male reads what is written on it.


I’m so sorry for last night. I used the spare key you gave me to leave you this.
I want to make it up to you today, so if you’ll have me, I can pick you up at four.
Text me whatever you decided on, angel.
– Jeongguk.”


Taehyung stares at the note and re-reads it a few times, a soft sigh escaping his lips. Earlier yesterday, he thought that he shouldn’t be bothered by Jeongguk not being there because it will make their split easier, but now as he stares at the bouquet of roses on the table and the vacant key next to it (a spare he gave Jeongguk a while back), he’s rethinking whatever he meant.


Don’t get attached, don’t make it seem like you care, you will leave, is what his brain conjures rationally. Right, he has no right to be mad at Jeongguk because work came up. Sure, the younger did say he wants to spend every day together, but with him still being an active idol, it’s not always doable. And that’s fine.


Taehyung now thinks he should be glad Jeongguk didn’t come by yesterday – this breaks the fantasy he had made up in his mind, and it brings him back to the reality of the situation, which is that they would never work out. He was hurt because he was living in a bubble of cute dates and it burst when one date was missed. He dismissed those feelings as being immature.


Before even replying to Jeongguk, Taehyung goes to his bedroom and changes his clothes. He tosses away the satin shorts with a begrudging sigh, but he can’t bear to wear them anymore. With once glance at the clock, he realizes it’s nearing eleven and he immensely overslept. He has filming for another variety show scheduled that day, so he texts Jeongguk that he’ll only be available around four thirty, before taking a shower and getting ready.


Jeongguk replies quickly and enthusiastically, apologizing once more and saying that he’ll pick him up from work. Taehyung briefly wondered if he should’ve used Jeongguk missing their date as an excuse to cut off all the other dates for the week, but he doesn’t want to hurt the younger (more than he already has) and Jeongguk would be persuasive either way.


As he left for work, he forgot to put the fresh roses in a vase.


That day, he was all smiles on the show, despite an inner turmoil messing around in his head, his mind only capable of thinking back to everything that happened lately. He cracked jokes and fooled around, had people ask him about his and Jeongguk’s relationships and he would purposefully blush and reply like he was embarrassed, when in fact it was just lies and lies.


He slips back into his natural mood and tries to forget everything that happened thus far. Because like every other time, he just doesn’t want or like to think about it.


After the shoot was done, some of the staff members began to ask if he needs a taxi they could call in, because they know the MC doesn’t drive, but Taehyung smiles and replies with a simple “my boyfriend will pick me up,” which is a statement that makes his throat dry up. Pretend, he repeats in his mind and says goodbye to all the staff and then walks out of the studio.


He sits on one of the benches in front of the building and texts Jeongguk that his shoot is done. The young idol replies that he’ll pick him up right away and with a small smile on his face, Taehyung relaxes and just sits in the cold wind. He stares at the sky and tries hard not to think about anything. There are a lot of things that he can’t avoid, but the last few months have been a long ride– actually, the longest ride of his entire life.


Ten minutes pass and Taehyung notices that people are coming out of the building and giving him odd looks. Some would ask if he needs a ride and like before, his dismissal included a smile and a statement that goes something like “my boyfriend will pick me up.” Despite that, shriveling anxiety was picking his skin apart and he curls into himself for heat.


Thirty minutes pass and Taehyung debates going inside or texting Jeongguk, but he decides against either. Going inside will make him feel pathetic if people would notice that his boyfriend still didn’t pick him up, but if he texts Jeongguk (who is probably still at work), the younger will sense Taehyung’s annoyance and panic. He would rush over without thought and Namjoon would later scold him for not respecting his work ethic.


And with Jeongguk choosing Taehyung over work, Taehyung would just end up feeling guilty.


Twenty minutes later, a familiar jeep pulls up in front of the building. The window slides down and Jeongguk’s face comes into view, a worried and panicked expression on his face as he looks around as if checking if Taehyung is still there. The red haired male rises from the bench and realizes how stiff his bottom had become from it. Achingly, he rubs his hips and walks to the car.


Jeongguk almost rushed out to open the door for him, but Taehyung gestures to him to stay inside and he opens the door and gets in himself. When the window rolls back up, there is relief rushing through his bones because inside the car, it’s so warm (no wonder Jeongguk got rid of his jacket).


“I’m such an idiot,” Jeongguk blurts out before Taehyung can even say anything, “I’m so sorry! First, I miss our date yesterday and now I’m late to pick you up… I’m terrible and I know you can’t forgive me, but–”


“Jeongguk, it’s totally fine, I’m not mad,” Taehyung cuts him off, placing one hand on his shoulder. He secretly hopes the young idol can’t notice how cold his skin is, “You need to focus on your work.”


You need to allow yourself to be selfish.


Jeongguk seems doubtful at his words, with a face of a wounded rabbit as the corners of his lips drop. “But–” He begins once again, but Taehyung shushes him.


“Don’t get so hung up on it,” he says, “Now take me out, again. You can make up for it.”


That seems to loosen Jeongguk up, his grip on the steering wheel relaxing and he nods. He starts to drive slowly and he doesn’t speak much. It’s almost like he’s nervous, if anything. He did mention something about them going bowling, but that’s pretty much everything he said. Taehyung notices that something is rather off, but he doesn’t point it out. The younger seems to have a certain mood that day and the MC knows how that feels.


And bowling was actually pretty fun.


Well, except the fact that Jeongguk beat him every time and kept having strikes, Taehyung was having fun learning and for a moment, just trying to forget. “Hold it like this,” Jeongguk instructs as he adjusts Taehyung’s hold on the bowling ball and Taehyung’s shivers lightly, when their fingers brush together or make contact. He feels so young because of it.


When he finally manages to get a strike, he jumps in Jeongguk’s arms and the idol laughs with him as he twirls him around. “You learn fast, angel,” Jeongguk coos as his arms are tightly wrapped around Taehyung’s waist and holding the small of his back. He leans in and for a moment, the red haired male flushes in the cheeks with the anticipation of a kiss in the air.


Instead, Jeongguk kisses the side of his head and then lowers him on the ground. Taehyung felt a bit dizzy as he balances himself rather quickly.


“Did filming go well?” Jeongguk had asked when his turn came along. It was obvious that he was trying to avoid talking about his affectionate actions or about what happened last night and Taehyung didn’t blame him. He kind of wanted to avoid that too.


“It was fun,” Taehyung replies, even if it wasn’t that true. It seemed fun, but there are definitely days when he has to exaggerate how happy he feels and this day is one of them. With his friends, or with Jeongguk, Taehyung doesn’t feel the pressure to be a ray of positive light all the time. So this date turns rather relaxing to him at that point.


“You busy with promotions?” Taehyung asks, choosing his words carefully because he didn’t want to sound passive-aggressive about Jeongguk being late earlier.


“Yeah, we’re having a world tour soon, so we’re preparing a lot,” Jeongguk explains as he watches his ball hit only seven of the pins, but that’s fine.


Something aches in Taehyung’s chest at those words, but he tries to ignore it. He also tries to make it seem like he was really happy about it, because he doesn’t want the younger catching onto his feelings. “That sounds amazing. You and Jimin are gonna take the world apart,” he grins and Jeongguk chuckles.


He shouldn’t be disappointed that Jeongguk is leaving too, because that would be hypocritical.  But it does feel odd and unsettling for some reason. If anything, he should take this into account of Jeongguk being so busy lately – preparing for something as big as a tour is no small thing.


“I can’t take it, you beat me again!” Taehyung whines, pushing his thoughts aside.


“I let you win the last round,” Jeongguk points out as he glances at the scores for a moment, then looks back at the red haired male. “Had enough of bowling for today? Because we’re dropping to my place after.”


Taehyung makes a confused expression, mouth falling slightly open. “Eh, why?” He asks and Jeongguk grins slyly, like he knew something Taehyung didn’t. He approaches him, setting the ball he picked up back down, signaling that he had enough of bowling, no matter how much he loved it. “Well,” he speaks, stretching his arm to the side. “If you can’t kick my ass at bowling, Overwatch is the next best thing, right?”


Taehyung’s eyes immediately lit up and he stands from his seat, jumping like an excited puppy. “Yes!” He almost squeals, clapping his hands together happily. “Let’s go, come on!” He says as he grabs Jeongguk’s hand and attempts to pull him along, but Jeongguk grabs their jackets first and then lets his boyfriend take him along.


“And I want pepperoni pizza on the side,” Taehyung says on the way. Time to erase bad memories associated with pizza, is what he thinks to himself.


True to his words, they do end up with taking pizza on the way to Jeongguk’s house, along with lots of cola and some chicken nuggets. Jeongguk says something about how he “shouldn’t eat junk food because of his image and going to the gym,” but Taehyung isn’t having none of it. He persuades him to go loose for one night.


Soon, they’re back at Jeongguk’s place and trying to kick each other’s ass at Overwatch.


“Can I just say, you suck at playing with Tracer,” Taehyung said at one point of their game. Empty cola cans were all around the floor, along with empty pizza boxes. He was munching on his nugget and he looked at Jeongguk, who rolls his eyes and grumbles into his drink.


“Like you’re any better. You’re only good with D.Va,” he accuses and Taehyung makes an offended expression, although it looks ridiculous with a chicken nugget halfway in his mouth.


“Says the one playing with Mercy all the time,” he shot back.


Having had enough, Jeongguk put his drink aside and then lurches towards Taehyung, tackling him on the ground as Taehyung let out a squeal of surprise. After a few laughs shared between them, Jeongguk pulls back slightly and Taehyung realizes his legs had wrapped around the idol’s waist, arms having fallen on the ground, on either side of his head. One of Jeongguk’s hands was splayed across Taehyung’s thigh and holding him up, while the other was on his hip. Taehyung almost whimpers because the muscles in Jeongguk’s arms are obvious even when he’s not trying to flex.


Jeongguk’s gaze seems to darken, tongue swiping over his top lip and he begins leaning in. Unintentionally, the crotches press together and that sends a shudder through Taehyung’s body. For him, it was a clear indication of something that is about to go further than expected, this time around. And he doesn’t mind, he finds it.


However, Jeongguk stops halfway and begins giggling, obviously not containing himself. Taehyung was confused, but then he catches Jeongguk throwing a glance at his lips and just then he remembers oh, right, the nugget. The MC sits up on his forearms and balances his body weight as he sends a look in Jeongguk’s direction. The younger male understands and hums as he presses one finger against the nugget and pushes it further into Taehyung’s mouth, so the older male could eat it.


Accidentally, Jeongguk’s finger ends up getting caught between Taehyung’s lips too and they stand like that for a moment, just staring at each other. Jeongguk then begins giggling again, slurping forward until he buries his face in Taehyung’s neck and the older male grins.


“One more game?” He asks, fingers playing with the hair that fell over Jeongguk’s nape.


“You got it,” Jeongguk says, grinning too, “I’m gonna beat you this time around.”


I think I fell deep in love before I even had the chance to back out.



○ • ○ • ○



Things, however, change.


Sunday comes around and it’s the day of Taehyung’s flight. It’s the end of the “give me one more week, hyung” thing that Jeongguk proposed seven days ago in the coffee shop. This is supposed to be the day when Jeongguk escorts Taehyung to the airport and this… this relationship of theirs will finally end. They get to go their own ways and Taehyung can finally feel like he’s not dragging Jeongguk down with him.


His flight to Japan is at eight twenty and he’d been prancing around his apartment the whole day, packing stuff he needs for a long-term stay, because he’s travelling to the US right after his shoot in Japan is finished. Earlier that morning, Taehyung made sure to leave his plants to Seokjin and then give most of the food and drinks he didn’t consume to Yoongi, because he won’t be back for a while. It was then that he took the opportunity to say goodbye to his friends.


Taehyung dropped by Big Hit on his way back from Yoongi’s apartment and Jeongguk wasn’t there, unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately, since it shouldn’t seem like Taehyung cares. He only met Hoseok and Jimin in the practice room and shared greetings and goodbyes with them. He did the same with Namjoon, whom he bumped into on his way back to the exit.


Now, it was five thirty in the afternoon.


Taehyung looks at the roses Jeongguk left to him when he missed their Wednesday date. On Thursday, after a long night of gaming, Taehyung slept over at the idol’s house (in the guest room) and on Friday morning, he put the roses in a vase so they wouldn’t wither. He almost wished he didn’t do that, at this point.


Most of his friends called him already – Seojoon, Hyungsik, Minho, anyone that had a close relationship with Taehyung called to wish him a good trip. And Jeongguk didn’t even text him. Even Baekhyun, who was currently in Thailand with the rest of his group members, sent him a text. One that only read “are you sure you’re alright?” and it almost felt like Baekhyun knew what was going on, without Taehyung needing to tell him. Like a mother that sensed her child being unwell.


When his doorbell rang, Taehyung knew who it was. He wasn’t surprised when he opened it that Jeongguk was there and he looked sorry, but Taehyung can’t ever overlook what happened. He let him inside and Jeongguk follows hurriedly as Taehyung disappears to his living room.


“Tae, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean–” Jeongguk began.


“That’s hyung to you, Jeongguk,” Taehyung interrupted, turning back to look at the younger, whose lips immediately seal shut, “Why come here just now? I thought the last two days said enough.”


Maybe it’s sort of a low jab and Taehyung tried to convince himself so many times that it didn’t matter, but he didn’t see Jeongguk on either Friday or Saturday. They had no more dates and neither did they spend some more time together. It shouldn’t annoy him, especially because he knows Jeongguk is preparing for a tour and therefore, he’s so busy.


“I’m sorry, but I always have so much work and I can’t catch some free time,” Jeongguk says, gaze apologetic, “I’m so sorry, hyung.”


One week, let me treat you how I think you should be treated. Give me one week, please,” Taehyung repeats the words Jeongguk said that day in the coffee shop, the words he thought so much about day and night. And the idol’s fist clench at Taehyung’s almost mocking tone, the one that made it seem like his words are a joke, when in fact– they were genuine, “So much about it, right? Is this how you think I should be treated, Jeongguk? Like a fucking leftover?”


Jeongguk’s gaze softens at the broken tone in Taehyung’s voice and he almost regrets how anger was starting to form. He’s stuck in place, not sure if he should approach Taehyung or stay away from him. Because the MC’s expression is unreadable at this point – Jeongguk can’t tell what he’s thinking or how he feels. He would perceive him as emotionless if his voice didn’t crack so much.


“I know, I know, I should’ve treated you better, because you deserve it and–” Jeongguk begins and then gulps, a lump forming in his throat, “I’m sorry, I wish I could change what I did–”


“Change what, exactly?” Taehyung snarls, eyes narrowing. He doesn’t know where the sudden fury comes form, but it was building up for so long and it’s about to burst at the worst time. Because he cried himself to sleep yesterday and he feels such an idiot for it. And who is Jeongguk to make him feel that way? “That you couldn’t stand to hold me even once? That you didn’t kiss me at all during this week?”


And suddenly, the air shifts.


From worried and apologetic, Jeongguk’s expression turns into one of confusion and curiosity. Tears are welling up in Taehyung’s eyes, but not because he’s upset at the idol, no, he’s upset at himself – how could he let such an insecurity slip out? He doesn’t like feeling so vulnerable, especially in front of someone he gained and lost so much with. He doesn’t want Jeongguk to know that he actually craved to be kissed by him.


“I didn’t know what made you feel uncomfortable and what didn’t,” Jeongguk tries to explain, expression panicked when he tries to approach Taehyung, who can just back away like a wounded animal, “I didn’t think that would hurt you.”


“I tried to kiss you!” Taehyung said, not addressing the second point that Jeongguk made, “Wasn’t that an obvious enough indication of what I wanted?”


“I didn’t want to make it seem like it was all about that,” Jeongguk tries to reason, “I didn’t want you think that I only appreciate you sexually or romantically and–”


“Oh, so you perceive me as just a friend then?” Taehyung cuts.


“No– no, I–” Jeongguk begins and then takes a breath, his fists shaking because it was hard to get a word in, “I wouldn’t stop and that… the kisses would give me false hope. The sex would give me false hope,” he says, trying hard to reason, but his words and his thoughts were so jumbled from having the need to hurry and explain himself, “You know I love it when we do all of that, but I didn’t want to give in.”


Jeongguk’s explanation should’ve been good enough, clear enough for understanding, but there was nothing rational going on in Taehyung’s head because he was mad. And the line of whether he’s mad at Jeongguk or himself started to blur so much that Taehyung could barely see straight or think reasonably.


This entire week gave false hope to Taehyung, not Jeongguk.


“Oh, I get it,” Taehyung says and Jeongguk would’ve been relieved if Taehyung’s voice wasn’t so condescending, “So, I’m just a friend who you can fuck on the side, right?”


“What, no! I didn’t mean–”


“And after you can’t bear to even kiss me, you leave for two days!” Taehyung says, trying to laugh at himself, even if it leaves his lips in a form of a broken sob, “Why would you spend time with me when you have other things to worry about? It’s not like you promised to treat me how you think I should be treated or anything, right? And then you stop coming, like I’m boring you!”


“Fucking hell!” Jeongguk finally snaps and his harsh tone makes Taehyung’s mouth go dry and fall open in surprise at the same time, “Why would you even care if you don’t like me back?!”


Another insecurity was dropped out, vulnerable and raw.


Of course it came to mind to Taehyung, how cruel he is to lead Jeongguk on when his own feelings aren’t so clear. How Jeongguk is confident that he loves Taehyung, but he was so insecure about the love not being returned back. And of course he tried to make it seem like he can put up with it, like he can sustain to wait for Taehyung to return his feelings. And it made Taehyung anxious, because he would feel so guilty and obligated.


Jeongguk’s outburst only confirmed Taehyung’s thought that neither of them are ready for a serious relationship yet.


He still sees Jeongguk as a child – someone who believed that this story could have a happy ending. But it couldn’t. Even when Jeongguk’s exterior immediately subdues when those words pass his lips, it’s too late because it’s already out there. His thoughts are out there, his insecurity is out there.


And of course, he would try to fix it.


“Fuck, I–” He begins, clearly startled by his own wording and the regret in his eyes is so obvious, “Angel, I’m sorry, I didn’t–”


“Don’t call me that,” Taehyung chokes out; and he can’t even look at him, “Just– just, please. Leave now.”


Maybe this is one of those rare times when Jeongguk shows his maturity. He doesn’t say anything more and even if he hesitated for a moment, in the end, he does turn his back and head to the door. Taehyung had been holding in a breath from the moment he spoke to the moment he heard the front door shut.


It’s my fault that I pushed him away, because I didn’t want to give it a chance. While on the other hand, he was willing to give the world to me.


That evening, Jeongguk doesn’t escort Taehyung to the airport like he said he would. Instead, Taehyung leaves alone, and disappears out of Jeongguk’s life once again.



○ • ○ • ○



(★BREAKING) People That Leaked Photos of B.Boys’ Jeon Jeongguk and MC Kim Taehyung Together Finally Caught!


Five months ago, photos of idol group B.Boys’ Jeon Jeongguk and famous MC Kim Taehyung together were leaked on the internet and it caused a huge uproar when it happened. It took only a little for B.Boys’ entertainment company, Big Hit Entertainment, to respond to these news by revealing that the two are in fact a couple. Jeongguk even spoke up about the harassment his boyfriend began to receive from the fans. The two were quickly dubbed the Golden Couple of South Korea. One suspect that was behind the leaked photos had even been caught!


(★BREAKING) Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk Confirmed To Be Dating by Big Hit Entertainment!

(★BREAKING) B.Boys’ Jeongguk Puts Out Statement Regarding the Hate Targeted To His Boyfriend, Kim Taehyung

(★BREAKING) Person Responsible For Leaked Photos of Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung Finally Caught!


However, two weeks ago, Big Hit Entertainment put out an official statement saying that the two have broken up. The claim was that two of them have become too busy to keep up a stable relationship. It was backed by the fact that the B.Boys’ had an upcoming world tour and that Kim Taehyung had been cast for an upcoming drama that is shot in Japan.


(★BREAKING) Big Hit Entertainment Confirms that Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung Have Broken Up


For fans, this had been a rollercoaster, but it doesn’t stop just yet.


Today, police confirmed that the all of the suspects behind the leaked photos have been caught and arrested. At first, there was only one suspect – Kim Haeil (male, 26) – who plead guilty to sending photos that weren’t leaked to the officials of Big Hit Entertainment and breaking into the personal home of Jeon Jeongguk to place a camera that the photos were taken with, but he didn’t plead guilty to having taken the leaked photos and putting them online. Here is his official statement:


I talked to another photographer over e-mail and they told me that they will pay me three million won if I helped them take photos of Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung together. What I did was break into Jeon Jeongguk’s home and place a camera to take the photos since I am not a good photographer. However, the person told me that they would only bribe the entertainment company, but they ended up putting the photos on the internet. They told I should bribe the company, but in the end, I couldn’t do it. I sent them the photos, but I couldn’t ask for ransom.”


Police tried to track down the other person involved in this scandal, but the e-mail led them nowhere.


This morning, three more people have been arrested on the behalf of this case – Sam Sunwoo (male, 32), Yu Haneul (female, 25) and On Yoomi (female, 36). Almost all plead guilty to the charges once they have presented with proof and police released this statement regarding the situation:


On Yoomi owns a business (Hire For a Day) that lets customers hire a form of quick service for a single day. Services include maids, electricians, plumbers, cooks or so alike. Big Hit informed us that they found a connection between their employees and this business, since some of them used the services Hire For a Day has to offer right before photos of Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung were posted.

Yu Haneul admitted to once working as a maid under Jeon Jeongguk and therefore, she placed a camera at his residence. She plead guilty to taking several photos that were later posted. It has been revealed that Kim Haeil didn’t break into Jeon Jeongguk’s house and was only responsible for developing the photos. He is now also being charged for providing false claims to the police.

Sam Sunwoo also plead guilty to taking photos, however, he was also the one that posted them on social media. He admitted that this was for the purpose of starting a scandal and having Big Hit Entertainment become aware of them. He also plead guilty to installing cameras in two other homes, both of employees under Big Hit Entertainment.

The unreleased photos that were sent to Big Hit were sent by Yu Haneul, who said that On Yoomi threatened her to ask for ransom for having the photos. Yu Haneul said that she felt guilty for what she did, so she couldn’t bribe the company. Instead, she only sent the photos to, and this is her quote, “make them aware that there is more than one person involved in this.”

On Yoomi refuses to plead guilty to her crimes, but Sam Sunwoo and Yu Haneul say that she is the one that organized these events and threatened their job positions if they weren’t to follow what she said. Kim Haeil still refuses to speak.

The rest of the pending charges depend on Big Hit Entertainment.”


Big Hit Entertainment is yet to release a statement regarding this and for now, all the fans are trying to take the situation in and fully comprehend what is going on. Police hadn’t disclosed who the other employees of Big Hit Entertainment that are involved in this are.


Neither Jeon Jeongguk or Kim Taehyung have made a statement regarding this.



○ • ○ • ○



In the long run, the situation was rather confusing, but also rather simple.


Facts that weren’t disclosed by the police were that Sam Sunwoo worked as cook at Jung Hoseok’s apartment and as a electrician at Park Jimin’s house, at which times he installed cameras to catch both of them in compromising positions with the main Big Hit producer, Min Yoongi.


Shortly put – On Yoomi’s business was a cover up for a group of people that earned money by bribing entertainment companies. When police search through On Yoomi’s home, they will find photos of even more idols caught together, or of idols doing compromising things that would ruin their reputation, and not just the ones under Big Hit Entertainment. Many of them were from idols of the big three entertainment companies of South Korea.


Hire For a Day was always an organized group of people and there never were any “threats to their positions” like they claim. They were collecting photos of all of the Big Hit idols and what happened to Jeongguk and Taehyung was only supposed to be a preview. Unluckily for them, they were caught before they could ask for a big amount of money. Some of their intentions aren’t that clear, but was it really important at this point? Why it all happened the way it did?


People would argue that it’s simply destiny – something that was meant to happen so Jeongguk and Taehyung could get closer and realize their feelings for each other. But even after the culprits behind their scandal were caught, neither of them reacted strongly.


Jeongguk and Taehyung’s relationship had been over at that point and both of them tried to move on from what happened. There yet wasn’t a silver lining to the story.



○ • ○ • ○



Almost seven months later, late December strolls in on Japan rather beautifully.


Tokyo was one of the few cities that looked gorgeous at any time of the year, but Taehyung really enjoyed walks in snow and whenever they had to go to outskirts of Japan for work, he would be happy. Taehyung liked the turn his career took. He always wanted to be an actor and this was a dream come true to him, especially in a drama that was deemed to become popular.


There was big publicity and anticipation around this drama and Taehyung was really thankful for the opportunity to work with so many other amazing actors, directors, stylists… basically, anyone he met during this journey. And it’s weird, how you come to learn something through the character that you’re portraying. And with Taehyung playing the lead role, his character was mostly developed. And he had a lot to learn from him.


Kim Taehyung was stuck in the past.


And now that he thinks about it, it’s what he was afraid of the entire time he was with Jeongguk. He was afraid of romantic love because it was something so foreign to him– it reminded him of when he was young and so foolish. And when he was handed a certain script once, one line that his character was supposed to say stuck with him for more reasons than he would admit.


You don’t learn from the mistakes of your past, but you choose to live in them.


It took him a lot of thinking to set some things straight and some things to realize.


So now, they finished up filming their drama and it was the 31st of December. The director was holding a banquet with the whole production team and that included people who didn’t specifically work on the set. They were to welcome New Years Eve together and Taehyung had no problem dressing up formally for this occasion and stepping foot in an extravagant dining hall, that was full of people who liked him and even more food that he would certainly enjoy.


He’s a total lightweight, but he indulged himself in only one glass of champagne for the night. That’s when a co-star of his, Jeon Haerim, approached to him with a smile. “Taehyung,” she greets and Taehyung notices that she’s wearing a fitted red dress. It looks gorgeous on her, especially taking into account that she’s older than him by seven years.


“Evening, noona,” Taehyung greets with a smile of his own and they clink their glasses of champagne together, once she raised her own. Haerim served as a mentor to the character Taehyung is playing in the drama and in real life, she isn’t that far off either. The woman was a powerhouse when it came to the work ethic.


“Are you happy with how the drama turned out?” Haerim asks with a smile and Taehyung smiles back, nodding with his lips pressed against the glass.


“It was really fun to film, honestly,” he says and was about to continue further, but there are sudden whispers and noises and they are so loud, considering that the entire dining room is aware of them. And the room was gigantic, with lots of people and a big chandelier hanging off the ceiling (when he first entered, Taehyung almost thought he accidentally attended a wedding).


Haerim and Taehyung turn in the direction of the entrance from where there is a lot of talking coming from and lo and behold – Park Jimin and Jeon Jeongguk of the B.Boys are entering.


Taehyung’s comprehension is rather slow and his eyes widen, before he blinks at Haerim, who didn’t seem that surprised compared to him. “What are they doing here?” He asks, in a rush forgetting to address her accordingly, although she didn’t seem to mind.


Haerim looks in confusion at him and Taehyung suddenly feels like he’s missing out on something. “You don’t know?” She says, “Both of them recorded songs for the soundtrack of this drama.”


Fuck, of course no one told him.


Taehyung knows all of the production was decided before they began filming. They probably purposefully wanted Jeongguk to have a song on the soundtrack of the drama Taehyung is acting the lead role in, because they were still together at the time. It would serve a lot of publicity then and it would still now. No one mentioned it because they never talked much about the production that went off screen.


And now, Jeon Jeongguk has the audacity to show up all dapper and gorgeous as he is, seven months after him and Taehyung have broken off whatever kind of relationship they had to begin with. A relationship that began with Taehyung asking for more time and that ended with Jeongguk asking for even more of it. A relationship that was based on the desperation to fall in love – while also being afraid of it – and to fix something between them that happened so long ago.


And oh, some really good sex on the side.


Speaking of sex – Taehyung didn’t have any ever since he separated from Jeongguk. He always beat himself up for some reason and nothing ever felt right after he found out how it is when Jeongguk holds him. How right it feels. And maybe he still denies that he’s in love, but there is something there.


Maybe he’s desperate to fall in love again. Or maybe he just wants to get pounded into the bed. It’s hard to differentiate between the two at times.


Jimin notices Taehyung first and he approaches him with a wide smile and a glass full of wine. “Tae-Tae!” He cheers and hugs Taehyung as if they have been friends for years (actually, that is sort of true; they’ve known each other since both of them were fourteen). Jimin congratulates him and smiles all happily, while Jeongguk trails slowly behind him.


He didn’t change much, Taehyung notices. His frame is the same, as well as his face and hair. Taehyung wouldn’t admit it, but he did look a bit more mature (if he were to admit it, he would blame it on the styling of his hair).


“We almost missed this,” Jimin speaks with a grin, “New Year’s approaching quick. Yoongi and everybody send their greetings, Tae-Tae. They’re very proud of you.”


“Aw,” Taehyung smiles, his heart doing leaps in his chest, “I’m glad! I didn’t know you guys were a part of our production team,” he says, tone teasing. He throws a glance in Jeongguk’s direction, only to catch the idol already looking at him. He averts his gaze when Jimin chuckles and then begins speaking again.


“I wouldn’t say two songs are much of a production. They didn’t even tell us you’re acting in this drama until we had to record it,” Jimin explains and Taehyung glances at Jeongguk yet again, wondering if the idol would still record the song if he knew it was for the drama Taehyung left him for.


He can’t even begin to imagine how Jeongguk felt when he found out.


Jimin indulges into a conversation with Haerim and Jeongguk drinks all of his wine before setting the glass on a vacant table. “Hey, Jimin, I’m gonna go catch some fresh air,” he says to his friend and Jimin nods in understanding. Taehyung fidgets for a moment, then sets his glass aside too. He only drank his champagne halfway.


“Can I come along? I need some fresh air too,” he says. Jeongguk raises an eyebrow, but he nods in confirmation.


As soon as they are out of the dining hall, Taehyung turns into the other direction of the exit door. Sensing Jeongguk’s confusion, Taehyung speaks before the younger male can. “There is a nice balcony upstairs,” he simply explains and honestly, Jeongguk didn’t need much more than that to follow Taehyung upstairs like he said.


They enter in an empty room, that mostly had some spare food and drinks that couldn’t be kept downstairs in terms of saving up space. It was mostly some wine rarely anyone drinks and some dry desserts. Taehyung knew that no one would come here and that the balcony this room holds is the prettiest in the entire residence.


He slides the glass doors open and fresh air immediately hits him, making him both shudder and sigh in relief. Jeongguk is quick to follow and he looks around. There is something so pleasant about the traditional architecture of Japan and the way so many trees surrounded the place made it seem so magical and ethereal. Perfect for filming a drama there (which they did, actually).


“We need props,” Taehyung speaks as he leans over the railing and looks up at the starry sky, “Let’s grab the duvet and some bad wine.”


And so they do, with no complaints on Jeongguk’s part. The younger of the two takes the vacant duvet that was leaned against the wall and then takes it to the balcony, he places it on the ground while Taehyung brings blankets that employees used to cover the boxed food with, in order to keep it warm. And they do grab some wine, as well as some snacks on the side. Thankfully, they had glasses there.


“Ugh, this wine really is bad,” Taehyung makes a face of distaste as he voices his thoughts, putting his glass on the ground as he and Jeongguk were sitting on the duvet, looking up at the sky and awaiting fireworks for New Years Eve, even if that wasn’t so soon.


Well, the wine wasn’t actually that bad, but Taehyung needed an excuse to stop drinking. He refuses to admit that he’s an extreme lightweight.


“How have you been?” Jeongguk asks, words odd on his tongue. He seems mature once again (this time, Taehyung blames it on the wine glass pressed against his lips). He even let Taehyung take most of the blankets.


“I’m good,” Taehyung replies. Sure, it had been seven months and they separated on a rather bad note, but he can’t quite put his finger on it – on why this doesn’t feel weird. In a way, it almost feels like it’s been years since they saw each other and now they’re speaking just as old friends. And even if he doesn’t like to talk about what happened, he decides it’s something they both need for clarity, “I was an idiot, you know.”


The sudden wording catches Jeongguk off guard and he looks at the other male, blinking in confusion.


“I always treated you like a kid, Guk,” Taehyung sighs, legs crossing under the blankets that covered his lap. He was looking up at the sky, “I mean, I knew you since you were merely fifteen and– and most of the time, I still saw you like that. Maybe everything was hard for me to accept because I refused to acknowledge that you grew up. And me asking you for time, I– that was childish on my part.”


Jeongguk listens carefully and he obviously takes time to think. He’s changed a little, Taehyung thinks to himself, noticing how Jeongguk doesn’t rush to talk anymore and appear super confident about his words and feelings. This time around, he seems more collected than before. Fuck, he really matured.


“You’re right about me acting as a kid, hyung,” Jeongguk confesses suddenly, “I mean… I had this dream in mind of us being together like we used to be… It was childish of me to think love can be returned that easily. I wanted everything to be perfect. Everything. And I was ready to sacrifice so much for it– I thought that selfless.”


Taehyung indeed remembers – during the five months they have been “together,” Jeongguk was short on time they could spend together. There were rare days when he would pick him up from work or take him out on dates, but Jeongguk was – at the end of the day – still an idol. Which meant that he barely had enough time for himself, little alone a lover.


And many times, Jeongguk was ready to abandon work for the sake of being Taehyung. However, Taehyung couldn’t allow that – he often had to derail Jeongguk to go back to work instead. No matter how happy both he and Jeongguk were whenever they spent time together, Taehyung would feel so guilty afterwards. He couldn’t bear to think that Jeongguk could lose what he worked so hard for, just because of him.


“It’s alright to be selfish,” Taehyung says, even if the words have a bittersweet taste to him. He forgets how he doesn’t hold selfishness as a grudge with other people, but he does so with himself. Maybe he wishes he could be perfect, the person– angel Jeongguk actually loves, “You work hard for your dreams, Guk. But don’t do the same for love. Don’t sacrifice hard work for love. I think… love will come to those who are hardworking on its own.”


Jeongguk stares at Taehyung – maybe Taehyung doesn’t realize it, but he matured as well. “When you asked me for time,” he speaks suddenly and now, the older male does actually look at him. When their gazes lock, Jeongguk continues speaking, “Were you really trying?”


His tone is gentle, innocent, soft... but genuine, first of all. It renders Taehyung incapable of telling lies.


“Yes,” Taehyung answers honestly, pulling his knees to his chest. He broke their eye-contact once he spoke, not knowing what kind of reaction to expect from the young idol, “And sometimes… sometimes, I did wish we did what we did under different circumstances. Without people thinking that we’re together. Perhaps we weren’t ready to be in the spotlight like that, or to spend so much time apart because of work.”


I don’t think people knowing is important. That’s just the surface. I think that it’s important to fall in love first.


In a weird way, Taehyung is thankful, actually. The incident of the photos getting leaked, of them pretending to be together in order to save their careers… Without that, it would never come to this, the moment right now. Because Taehyung would still probably try to convince himself that he doesn’t feel anything but sexual attraction towards the idol. He would go back to how they once were – distant.


But now, they are so much closer.


“I told you once, already, that we may be physically adults, but we’re still like kids in spirit. It wasn’t that wrong, honestly,” Taehyung says, with a small sigh, “In certain times, we tried to be adults about it and maybe that’s what went wrong.”


Jeongguk doesn’t say anything, but his silence is synonymous to agreement. Taehyung takes that a sign to continue speaking.


“I don’t think it’s about love anymore–” I’m desperate to fall in love, but that’s because I already feel something even more than that “–I think that now, both us just need maturity. You need to learn how to be selfish and imperfect. And I need to learn how to show and tell my feelings.”


Jeongguk fumbles with his fingers as if he’s nervous, when in fact, he really isn’t. “And you think we should do that… apart?” He asks, a little hesitant, but accepting.


Taehyung is silent, before he nods in confirmation. “Well, actually, it’s not that we should, but rather we have to,” he elaborates. “I’m going to the US in just a few days and I will be gone for… many months. It’s better, I think. Back home, there would still be a lot of pressure for us to work on our relationship. Distance may help us value some other things more.”


“And you… will you be seeing other people?” Jeongguk asks, hesitant once again.


“I think it’s better for us to be open,” Taehyung says, neither confirming or declining what the younger just asked, “I don’t think you can truly know I’m the one right for you, Jeongguk, until you experience people who are wrong for you or more right than me. How will you otherwise know?”


Jeongguk doesn’t agree with that – because he knows, in his heart, what Taehyung means to him. It’s unexplainable. And he told Taehyung before, that he tried being with other people and that nothing worked, but perhaps what the actor wanted of him was to take it more seriously now and not just brush it off. To sincerely try this time and have an open mind about love.


Because now – after therapy, after countless conversations with Namjoon, after everything – Jeongguk thinks it may be a bit selfish to think that Taehyung must be right for him. Even if he sincerely believes that, it’s still selfish to Taehyung who may not feel the same way. And this kind of selfish is the one that the actor wants to see; what he wants to see is more regard.


So, even if he may not agree with Taehyung’s words, Jeongguk nods. Because he respects what he has to say and maybe, Taehyung just wants to be one hundred percent confident about his feelings. He said that he kept seeing Jeongguk as a child, so he perhaps he saw his feelings that way too. Now that he is mature, Taehyung needs to make sure the feelings are intact.


Because Taehyung was always afraid and living in the past. He doesn’t want to take away Jeongguk’s youth by leading him on. He wants to take that time to fix himself and give Jeongguk time to breathe and grow.


“If so–” Jeongguk then says and they look at each other again. Jeongguk is smiling and Taehyung’s eyes are expectant, “–can you do the same for me, now?”


“Do what?” Taehyung asks, voice mellow.


“Can you give me time?” Is the question Jeongguk lays out.


Taehyung then realizes, how Jeongguk felt when the same question was given to him; there are so many feelings – there is anxiety, insecurity, fright, but… there is also a dash of hope. It’s so unpredictable and almost helpless and now Taehyung really admires Jeongguk for pulling through with that. The element of unexpectedness must’ve been a turmoil day in and out.


And now, it was time for Taehyung to feel it on his own skin.


“Of course,” is what he so replies.


In a way, this means Taehyung doesn’t need time anymore – and he actually doesn’t, he knows that. When Baekhyun’s words from that day kept echoing in his mind over and over again, realization and growth kept coming up on his part. But as he said, he needs to learn how to show and tell those feelings now. It won’t be that easy.


They stared at each other and Taehyung doesn’t quite know who leaned in first, but his eyes were already closed by the time their lips connected. It was soft, warm and had a childlike, innocent charm to it. Like they were kissing for the first time all over again.


Jeongguk’s hand finds his waist and his palm is warm, even when he touches Taehyung’s skin only through his shirt. He pulls back and kisses both his top and bottom lip separately, he pampers his face with soft kisses, like he was appreciating every inch of skin his lips touched.


“This okay?” Jeongguk whispered once he kissed Taehyung’s jaw and with a shuddering breath escaping his lips, Taehyung slowly nods. Even if it was lightly cold outside, Taehyung shuddered because of Jeongguk’s warmth.


“My birthday was only yesterday, so it’s not too late to do it for this year too,” Taehyung grins and he can feel the smile Jeongguk’s lips stretch into against his skin, before he nods and kisses his neck.


“And how do you want it, angel?” He asked, hickeys adorning Taehyung’s neck and gentle fingers holding his hips. The nickname he hasn’t heard for so long left Taehyung breathless and needy.


“Slow,” he replies. He bucks his hips until their crotches grind together and Jeongguk has no choice but to pull Taehyung into his lap for more leverage. Whilst he’s stripping his clothes, Taehyung speaks breathlessly once again, “I want it slow and deep. Until I feel fireworks.”


In the midst of arousal, they both knew they had no lubricant or protection at hand. The lack of a condom wasn’t as much of a problem as a lack of lube was. And with Taehyung not only not having sex for almost a year, but also not having masturbated for months because of overworking, he was bound to have some difficulty taking an eight inch cock without preparation.


However, Jeongguk – the sweet soul that he is – gave Taehyung a look of comfort. He reached up and brushed a strand of hair beneath his ear and then kissed the side of his jaw. “It’s okay, don’t force yourself into it,” he whispered, hand rubbing soothing circles into Taehyung’s hip, “We can do other things, if you want.”


Taehyung’s heart did leaps at the words, as he smiled and then leaned forward, kissing Jeongguk’s forehead. He giggles softly against his skin, especially when Jeongguk’s hair tickles his cheek. “It’s fine, I want this,” he assures, “We’ll figure it out.”


Jeongguk decided not to try and convince him otherwise. “Hands and knees, angel,” he instructs him, and once Taehyung pulls back slightly to raise an eyebrow at him, Jeongguk licks his lips a little. “I wanna eat you out,” he says, sounding shameless, but Taehyung can see Jeongguk’s blush at his own crude words. It’s adorable, really, Taehyung thinks as he giggles to himself, but obliges either way and moves into the position.


Rimming wasn’t in plan for Taehyung, but it’s not an unwelcoming gesture. As soon as he’s settled comfortably with his knees sinking into the duvet, Taehyung places his chest down and his hands reach behind, grasping his own cheeks. “Taehyung–” Jeongguk starts, but he chokes audibly when Taehyung spreads his own asscheeks apart, his small, pink hole coming into view.


Taehyung looks over his shoulder and locks his hot gaze with Jeongguk. “Please?” He whimpers and the idol was right about gone at that moment.


Jeongguk scattered kisses down Taehyung’s spine, before nipping on each of his asscheeks and leaving small, blossoming red marks. He moves Taehyung’s hands so they won’t start cramping and grips those full cheeks in his own hands instead. Jeongguk groans against Taehyung’s skin, loving the fullness that filled his hands.


Taehyung didn’t mind the massage his ass was suddenly receiving when Jeongguk began to rub soothingly into his skin and he was also glad his hands were free, because they gripped the duvet as soon as Jeongguk licked a broad stripe from his perineum to his cleft. Taehyung’s gasps turned into sobs as soon as Jeongguk pushed his tongue inside him, lips sucking on his rim.


“So pretty,” Jeongguk offhandedly muttered as he pulls back a bit, eyeing how Taehyung’s hole had become red from all the treatment it received and bright from all the spit; how Taehyung looked so beautiful wrecked and desperate, pleasure itching on his skin and eyes so hazy from lust.


The idol grips the cheeks again and spreads them, watching how the rim of Taehyung’s entrance stretches easily to accommodate. Jeongguk licks his lips and then leans back in, eating Taehyung out wantonly. It’s not as sloppy as it tended to be – he was actually gentle and slow, taking the actor apart piece by piece.


“G-Guk, wait,” Taehyung gasps suddenly, once he felt his impending pleasure building up. Jeongguk pulls back, confused, and Taehyung takes the opportunity to turn around. As he pants, he watches Jeongguk’s eyes trail down his figure, his flushed skin and obvious arousal. It makes Taehyung shift, “I wanna suck you off.”


That’s how Jeongguk ends up sitting down, with Taehyung between his spread legs and his lips stretched around the head of his cock. The actor’s hands slowly stroke Jeongguk’s inner thighs and the young idol groans, hand finding Taehyung’s nape and just holding it there, not pushing Taehyung to take more of him in. However, Taehyung takes that upon himself and lowers his head halfway down Jeongguk’s cock.


Taehyung, the overachiever and multitasker that he is, he has no trouble with bobbing his head up and down the length whilst reaching behind and thrusting fingers inside himself. It reminded him of the night that started this whole fiasco and when he giggled against Jeongguk’s shaft at the memory and the younger asked him what’s up, he just shook his head.


“You– you wanna ride me?” Jeongguk pants once Taehyung’s lips pull off the head of his cock and he settles in his lap rather comfortably. Jeongguk feels like he’s a bit dizzy from this sight, especially with Taehyung nodding to his words and then leaning in to brush his lips against Jeongguk’s ear.


“Want you to fuck me gently,” he whispers and before Jeongguk can even react, Taehyung is lowering himself on his cock until it’s fully inside. He whines a bit at the stretch and digs his nails into Jeongguk’s shoulders, but he also moans about how good it feels once he adjusted to the size.


Jeongguk only obeyed to what the actor requested from him. With his hands on Taehyung’s hips and his mouth on Taehyung’s chest, Jeongguk slowly began to thrust and direct Taehyung up and down at the same time. His lips found Taehyung’s nipple and he sucks gently, lapping his tongue over it and hearing Taehyung moan as his fingers thread in Jeongguk’s black hair.


“Mm, so– so good…” Taehyung moans, tilting his head back once Jeongguk’s mouth is on his neck, sucking and nipping small marks into the tan skin. His back arches beautifully and Jeongguk’s hands move up his back and to his shoulder blades, as if checking if wings are about to pop out suddenly, because Taehyung is so wrecked and so breathtaking at the same time. Jeongguk never saw someone so perfect before.


They do it like that, until there are fireworks outside and the sound of people cheering for New Years Eve, but the sound of it only buzzed in Taehyung’s ears, compared to the building amount of pleasure he felt through his whole being. And like that – stark naked with only blankets covering their bodies and the stars smiling at them from the sky – both of them found completion and reached it together.


Jeongguk swallowed Taehyung’s moans as he pressed their lips together through their climaxes, holding his body tightly and whispering a gentle “I love you” against his lips as he listened to Taehyung sob and felt him shake under his hands.


Taehyung woke up alone the next day, on the start of a new year, in a bed with no memory of how he got there. There was a single rose next to the pillow and nothing more.


This time around, Jeongguk is the one that disappeared on Taehyung.



○ • ○ • ○



Another seven months pass in the blink of an eye.


Taehyung didn’t exactly know what to expect, quite honestly. Because after the drama had been so successful, he barely got any rest. And he didn’t take any rest as a model either – he had a nice agent, but she always had Taehyung doing loads of work wherever she found a big enough campaign. And with Taehyung now being recognized as both an actor and a model, many people wanted to take opportunity of the new, fresh and talented face in the industry.


Although it was tiring to travel abroad back to Asia every week – and going to a different country every time, no less – and then go back to mostly stay in the US, Taehyung liked what he was doing. It included loads of hard work, but he was extremely happy.


Since two weeks ago, he had begun staying at a hotel on Manhattan and it was then when he received a call from the casting director, to inform him he just got a new lead in a drama that they will be shooting in Korea. Taehyung had went to the casting about a week ago and he planned to stay in Korea until they called him just to be sure, but his agent had him go back to New York early because of work.


He already talked to his agent and they agreed that Taehyung will put a small hiatus on modeling until the shooting for the drama is done. Even if the filming of the drama starts in about three months from now.


It was around eight in the morning when he got the call and after it, Taehyung immediately jumped on his bed and grabbed his laptop from the charger, booting it up and squirming as he waited.


There are a ton of people he would like to tell these news to, but there is one person in particular that he had to see first. He pulled up Skype and quickly found the contact he wanted to dial.


He doesn’t have to wait too long for an answer either.


“Hyung?” A voice comes before the picture, but when it does, it shows a surprised expression of Jeon Jeongguk himself. Taehyung notices his hair is now brown, but he hasn’t changed that much otherwise. He looks tired as well, so Taehyung almost feels guilty because he forgot it’s about ten in the evening there. “What–?”


“I’m coming back to Korea,” Taehyung asserts before he loses the chance and watches how Jeongguk’s eyes go wide, his tired expression fading away and he quickly readjusts on his bed, grabbing his laptop and pulling it closer. His white shirt slips off his shoulder at the action and Taehyung is a bit distracted as he stares at the slither of skin.


“What? When?” Jeongguk questions immediately, his voice making Taehyung shift his gaze back to the confused and surprised eyes. He grins a little at how innocent they appear. “In about three months. I’ve got a new drama to shoot,” he explained, shifting happily.


Jeongguk is pouting suddenly and Taehyung raises an eyebrow. “No fair, you’re gonna miss my birthday, hyung,” he complains and Taehyung can’t help but laugh at the childlike tone.


“Right, dear Jeonggukkie is turning twenty-two this year!” He pretends to cheer, fist bumping the air in encouragement. Jeongguk snorts and shakes his head.


“Don’t remind me please,” he groans, head lolling forward as he sighs gently. “Every time that I mention something about it, Seokjin-hyung complains about turning twenty-seven this year.”


“Hyung being twenty-seven is somehow mindboggling,” Taehyung said, scratching his nape.


“Yeah,” Jeongguk says and then he grins, “He also keeps complaining about you stealing his token ‘actor and model’ status. Can’t get over it.”


Taehyung giggles and then his phone rings. He cast his gaze on it and sees the name of his agent across the screen. “Fuck, I got work now,” he said, sending an apologetic gaze to Jeongguk, “We’ll talk again, okay?”


“Sure,” Jeongguk smiles, “Go kill it out there, hyung.”


Taehyung smiles and nods, but he can’t help but notice the hesitation Jeongguk had before saying “hyung.” Almost like he wanted to say something else.



○ • ○ • ○



Two days later, Taehyung wakes up to text alerts that tell him to check the news.


He’s groggy as he wakes up, shuffles in his bed and yawns. It’s way too early – about six in the morning according to the blinking of his digital clock – and Taehyung musters every bit of energy to reach to his phone that was on the nightstand and then try to type in the password without dropping it.


“What the fuck is this about?” He mutters, a bit annoyed. He can’t even comprehend who the texts are from, but they all say the same thing – check the news. Figuring it must be important, he does so, but his eyes are confused as he scrolls through the news and finds nothing important or shocking (unless you consider a celebrity being pregnant shocking, in which case it’s like people are shocked that women can get pregnant?)


Taehyung, for his better judgment, checks in on Korean news too. And the first thing that pops up makes his heart drop to his feet and his phone to drop from his hand. He scurries up in his bed and suddenly he’s panting, panic wires going off in his mind and in front of his eyes and the words flashing and flashing.


Did he see the headline correctly. The one that read–


B.Boys’ Jeon Jeongguk Seriously Injured in a Car Accident.


Taehyung tries to collect himself first and then reaches back for his phone and goes to speed dial, calling the first person on there, which happened to be Yoongi. Now his heart is thumping in his ears and his legs are shaking– no, his whole body is shaking from the impact of shock.


His cheeks are wet by the time that Yoongi answers and immediately, Taehyung chocked out a, “Hyung–;” one that leaves him unable to speak anymore. There is so much running through his head, so much pain and there is a feeling that his chest is about to burst, but his heart will shrivel up and die on its own.


“Taehyung, breathe, please,” Yoongi’s voice is heard from the other and it barely makes through the heavy sound in Taehyung’s ears, “I know why you’re calling and–”


“Hyung– I-I can’t–” Taehyung’s voice cracks and more tears escape his eyes, dread and fright ripping his soul apart.


Breathe, just–” Yoongi tries to reach him again.


“I c-can’t–”


“Fuck, Jeongguk is fine, okay?!” Yoongi finally snaps, hoping that would do the trick.


Taehyung deflates and falls back into the bed. Words run through his mind and even if there was relief, there was also something so unsettling. “H-He is?” He barely manages to ask, hand coming up to his face and touching his cheeks and eyelids to feel them so wet from crying. But now, he is on the verge of sobbing from relief.


Yoongi takes a deep breath on his own and it’s a reminder to Taehyung that he should calm down. “Yes, yes, he’s fine, he’s at Big Hit now. He’s practicing with Jimin and Hoseok, he’s fine,” Yoongi repeats and then sighs. Taehyung recognizes that kind of sigh – one that Yoongi lets out after he’s been frustrated for so long. It doesn’t sound like this is the first time he’s saying this.


“So, what is– what is going on, then?” Taehyung croaks, throat so dry. He looks around frantically and spots a water bottle thankfully sitting on his nightstand. He reaches for it when Yoongi speaks again.


“Fake news, it’s all over the place since a few hours ago,” he explained, “Namjoon’s trying to keep it calm, but Seokjin is immensely pissed; especially as Jeongguk was bombarded as soon as the news came out. He can’t even leave the building and Big Hit is packed right now. You wouldn’t want to be here, Taehyung, it’s a fucking mess.”


“Shit, I was so scared,” Taehyung replies after gulping his water down, still panting, “And I haven’t even gotten the chance to say that I lo–”


He trails off into silence and he deflates once again. The grip on his water bottle tightens so much that his bottle scrunches under his fingers, as Yoongi is completely silent on the other end. The silence is expectant and Taehyung can’t almost take it.


“Hyung?” Taehyung asks, trying to make sure that Yoongi is still there.


“Yes, Taehyung, you haven’t gotten the chance to say what yet?” Yoongi speaks, not letting it go, and Taehyung was a fool if he thought that would pass him. He knows Yoongi is only trying to help and not meddle in his business. He never did, unless he was scared for Taehyung’s health. And this, frankly, was bad for his heart.


“I haven’t gotten the chance to say that I love him yet,” Taehyung breathes out, head hanging low and tears brimming his eyes once again. His hair sticks to his forehead and it’s a bit annoying, “And I didn’t say it for so long because I was so scared and– and I don’t want to miss the chance. He needs to know, after he waited for so long and–”


His words are jumbling up and it’s pretty incoherent with how fast he is speaking, but Yoongi somehow manages to understand him. “Maybe this was a good wakeup call to you, Taehyung,” he says, gently, “Life is really too short to just bask in insecurity.”


Taehyung knew Yoongi was right. He came to the realization of love even when he was in Japan. Being apart from Jeongguk tore him in the worst way possible and that’s why they had a fight – because he was so hurt, but stuck in denial.


Now, there is no more denial. Taehyung is confident in his feelings.



○ • ○ • ○



The day goes on normally – he works and then goes back home. The day happened to be so busy and his agent advised him not to even take a short break home, because it wouldn’t pay off, but Taehyung decided he needed to do it today. The small free time that he got, he took the opportunity and rushed to his hotel room and arrived around three thirty in the afternoon.


He did the same thing as two days ago – got his laptop and dialed Jeongguk on Skype.


“Hyung?” He receives the same response as before and Jeongguk looked tired this time too. Taehyung forgot that it’s probably five in the morning in Korea, once again. He had no regard for time because he deemed this important. “It’s– it’s so early, is everything alright?”


“I wanted to call you this morning, when I heard about the news and–” Taehyung pauses, panting a little because he ran back to the hotel and all the lack of physicality is finally catching up on him. I’m getting old, he thinks to himself. Jeongguk was rubbing at his eyes and trying to comprehend what the hell is going on.


“It was fake news, hyung, just…” Jeongguk sighs and then rubs his nape and why was he shirtless. The biceps unintentionally flex as he raises his arm and Taehyung tries not to stare, because he doesn’t have much more time left before he has to go back to work and his agent will have his head if he turns up late to the casting.


“Doesn’t matter, listen, I–” Taehyung says and then pauses, takes a deep breath and tries to gather up the courage, “I need to tell you something.”


In all honesty, Taehyung wanted to tell this to Jeongguk once he’s back to Korea in a few months, but he can’t bear it anymore. He was getting impatient and he didn’t want to deny the urge that he suddenly felt for expressing how he feels. Because Kim Taehyung was scared of what love meant and now, when he finally understands the words Baekhyun told him over a year ago, his desperation to fall in love came back.


Falling in love means that we get to share it with each other, not hold it in.


“I may not know how to show it, yet, but–” Taehyung breathes slowly again, the buzzing in his ears there again, just like earlier that morning. He bites through it and takes a deep breath once again, “I want to tell you. I just want you to know, even after so much time passed.”


Jeongguk seems more awake, his eyes grow wide and his mouth falls open a bit in surprise. It’s like he knows what’s about to come and his brain isn’t capable of making him do anything but look shocked. “Taehyung, you don’t mean–” He tries to formulate words, but everything gets stuck in his throat.


Taehyung smiles brightly, relief surging through his chest and it was a feeling akin to stone falling off his heart. They need to talk about this.


“I love you–”


“Jeongguk, babe, why are you up so early?”


Actually, it would be better if the stone didn’t fall off, because then the crack in his heart might’ve hurt less.


As it was spoken at the same time, Taehyung and Jeongguk venture off into silence. Jeongguk doesn’t display anything but pure shock – no happiness, no delight, not even excitement, no; just pure shock, that’s it. Taehyung’s whole being is overwhelmed as he tries to take this in, because another voice just spoke as well and it definitely didn’t belong to Jeongguk.


Taehyung then realizes, the background on the screen displays a room that doesn’t look like Jeongguk’s (perhaps it’s a hotel or…) and he can’t recall Jeongguk having pastel pink bed sheets either, laid across the bed he is sitting on right now. It’s when the sheets shift that Taehyung’s heart gets caught up in his throat.


It’s a girl. A girl.


Well, a woman technically. She looks young, probably around Jeongguk’s age, and when she sits up on the bed, Taehyung notices long black hair and fair skin. She yawns and her voice is mellow just like he heard previously, before she latches onto Jeongguk’s back, arms wrapping around his neck as she looks at the screen.


Taehyung then realizes why Jeongguk doesn’t have a shirt on – because she’s the one wearing it.


“Who’s this, honey?” She asks, eyes fixated on the screen and a curious, innocent gaze in her big eyes.


Honey. Honey. Honey. It keeps echoing in Taehyung’s mind and it’s almost as if he’s underwater, the way the world slows down and swallows him whole, leaving no room for safety.


“A-Ah, Mitsu,” Jeongguk smiles, rather nervously. Taehyung catches on his accent on her name and he realizes she must be a foreigner. Jeongguk looks back at the screen after he had her sit next to him, an apologetic gaze in his eyes that Taehyung recognized all too well. “This is my– this is Taehyung. He’s in New York right now, for modeling.”


The girl’s eyes lit up and she smiles brightly, so pure that it makes Taehyung’s cracked heart shiver. She bows her head a bit in greeting and the shirt she wore slipped off her shoulder a bit. She was so small in comparison to Jeongguk, especially when she sat next to him. “Nice to meet you, Taehyung-sshi! I’m Suzuki Mitsukai, but please call me Mitsu,” she greets, an apparent accent to her words.


Japanese, Taehyung observes as he smiles rather tightly. “N-Nice to meet you too,” he greets back, bowing his head slightly. Guessing by her lively aura, she probably didn’t hear the words the actor said to Jeongguk prior to all of this.


Taehyung can’t quite put his finger on it, but why does his heart feel like it’s being ripped apart?


“I’m Jeongguk’s girlfriend,” Mitsukai smiles brightly.


Oh, that’s why.


Sensing the atmosphere, Jeongguk shifts until he’s holding the laptop and lifting it up. Taehyung thinks he heard some words being exchanged, but a lot of it sounded empty in his ears. He turns his head to the side and hopes that his hair covered how pale he had probably went. His hands scramble around until they grip at the sheets, and he remembers to breathe.


“Sleep, Mitsu, you have work in a few hours. I’ll go talk to Taehyung alone,” he hears Jeongguk say, followed by the sound of footsteps, as well as a door opening and closing. The screen is soon clear and it appears Jeongguk set the laptop on a table, whilst he sat on some sort of sofa. Taehyung notices that the background is once again of a place he isn’t familiar with.


“Taehyung–” Jeongguk begins, voice cracking with simply his name.


“I’m happy for you, Guk,” Taehyung interrupts, finally gathering the courage to look back up at him and speak. His voice is strained, but his words are genuine and the pure expression on his face makes Jeongguk appear concerned and uneasy. “I told you there is someone out there better for you.”


“That’s not true,” Jeongguk interjects immediately, but the way Taehyung is still tightly smiling is showing how the elder isn’t convinced, “I’m just– I’m trying, okay? I’m trying to do what you wanted of me and that is to try and be with other people. Nothing worked out so far and nothing still is… I just keep thinking about you and now, you–” Jeongguk speaks and his voice gets caught in his throat, finding it hard to voice out the last part.


Taehyung stares at him and realizes how frightening the uncertainty of giving someone time is. Is this how Jeongguk felt during their relationship? Is this how he felt when he was blankly rejected?


The words the younger says put him off, especially as his girlfriend is right in the next room. “Don’t be like that,” he frowns, trying to put his feelings aside, “You have a wonderful girlfriend, what more is to want? Are you even taking this seriously, Jeongguk?”


This time around, the idol stares at him, but there is an incredulous expression on his face. “You– are you serious?” He says, like Taehyung is out of his mind or something.


“What do you mean?” The model says, frown deepening.


Taehyung,” Jeongguk says and his tone makes said Taehyung feel like he’s the child here, “Of course I’m taking it seriously! My feelings are serious, Taehyung, I’m not fooling around. And that’s why I’m honest when I tell you that nothing has worked out so far.”


“But your girlfriend–”


“Fucking hell, are you even listening to me?” Jeongguk is frowning now, “Why can’t you ever take anything I say as truth? Are my feelings for you that bothersome, Taehyung? Is the idea of a relationship with me that disgusting to you?”


It’s like he’s about to cry, how broken he sounds. And not just his voice, no– his soul sounds so broken. It makes something inside Taehyung shift and weep on its own (probably his heart). Breathing through his nose now, the older male tries to calm himself and keep it cool and collected.


“You said you love me,” Jeongguk croaks out, fingers obviously shaking and breathing labored.


Taehyung feels tears brim his eyes. So much about being cool and collected, his brain shoots at him. There is something so sad about the young boy in front of him that reminds Taehyung of the Jeongguk he used to know. The one that would get so frustrated about not doing things perfectly and cry when he was surrounded by love.


Only now, it’s not quite clear if it’s the overwhelming love or the fright of its actual existence?


“Y-Yeah,” Taehyung admits, shoulders falling from standing so stiff, his soul detaching and it’s as if it’s holding onto his body, “I thought– I thought you might want to know.”


Silence is dreadful after that.


It’s only broken at the point when Jeongguk starts crying and his face is hidden in his palms, his body is shaking from the force of the sobs that escape his lips and become muffled and Taehyung wishes he could reach out to him, touch him and hug him and tell him that everything is totally fine. But it’s hard when Jeongguk is only in a screen and Taehyung feels so torn in his feelings.


“B-But it doesn’t matter now, does it?” Taehyung forces himself to speak, trying not to cry himself. He hated how badly this was hurting both of them.


Jeongguk raises his head from his palms, eyes red and puffy, cheeks strained wet from tears and expression almost unreadable. “Why?” He simply asks, his voice still broken and so raw from being overwhelmed. It makes Taehyung feel guilty about even saying anything from the start.


“B-Because,” Taehyung clears his throat and then averts his gaze, “You’re obviously in a good relationship right now, so why would my feelings make a difference?”


“What are you on about?” Jeongguk furrows his brows together and gosh, the frown is even worse when his eyes are so red like that, “Fuck, Taehyung, I’m– I’m only trying, that’s why I asked for time. Even if I don’t think I needed it.”


Looking back, Taehyung would say the same about him asking for time too.


“It’s not working out between me and Mitsu, but I wanted to try. To make sure, because you are the one not confident in my feelings,” Jeongguk says, cracking, “Was I planning on breaking up with her? I don’t know, I was having my doubts. But should I have any left now that you finally love me back?”


“B-But,” Taehyung says, doubt clouding his mind. He remembers how Mitsukai looked so happy and cheerful, how Jeongguk blushed when she wrapped herself around him, how small and pretty she looked in Jeongguk’s shirt and how perfect they looked together. They were clear opposites, unlike Jeongguk and Taehyung, “But you’re happy with her–”


“I’m not!” Jeongguk says and then lowers his tone, aware that another person is currently residing in the same apartment as he is. He sighs, runs fingers through his hair in frustration and tries to function, because it’s still so early in the morning, “How would you even know if I’m happy with her, Taehyung? You only saw us together for… five minutes at most.”


Taehyung’s mind flashes back the images from before and he begins quivering. “Jeongguk, you just think that because I said I– I said what I feel and it got you confused and–” He tries to reason, but the younger couldn’t handle any more of it.


“For fuck’s sake, I’m not a child anymore, hyung!” He snaps, now not even bothering to check his tone. Taehyung flinches, but Jeongguk doesn’t retaliate, “I’m not fifteen anymore, I know what I feel! Why do you keep thinking that you know my feelings better than I do?! Am I really that much of a child that my feelings need to be explained to me by you?”


Taehyung ventures into silence and he doesn’t know what to say anymore. It’s hard trying to make a point when everything the idol said up to this point was completely correct and true. Taehyung keeps slipping back into the problem that rooted their relationship to doom and that’s how he didn’t take Jeongguk seriously because he thought of him as a kid. And now it’s coming back to slap him in the face.


“If you break up with her, she’ll be hurt and–” Taehyung says, once again having a hard time of looking the younger in the eyes, “Why’d you want to do that?”


“Oh, now you know her feelings too?” Jeongguk says, and the venom in his voice is uncharacteristic of him. He was obviously functioning on pent up anger right now and it was frustrating. Taehyung understood why.


“You’re in a relationship, Jeongguk–”


“Weren’t you the one that wanted that?!”


It was really too much.


His heart was being tugged around, his eyes hurt from blinking the tears back and his body was suddenly so light he felt like he would collapse. Taehyung couldn’t handle this anymore and both of them needed to think this through, without all the arguing and frustration.


“I-I have to go,” Taehyung chokes out, forcing himself to speak.


He hangs up the call and slams his laptop shut, not wanting to deal with it anymore. Checking his phone, Taehyung realizes there were dozens of missed calls from his agent and with once glance at the time, Taehyung realizes he missed more than one casting. But he just couldn’t bring himself to care. He informed his agent that he can’t take any more jobs today, because he was sick.


(Heartache counted as sickness, right?)



○ • ○ • ○



Taehyung first took a bath and then calculated everything else in his mind. There was a lot to think about. But a nap was welcoming first.


It’s around ten in the evening when Taehyung finally decides he needs to talk to someone. Even if he is in no hurry, he pulls up speed dial on his phone and now calls the second number on there, which happens to be Seokjin. He needs emotional support and someone who will be understanding, so of course he was the best option.


“Hello, Taehyung?” A gentle voice says from the other line and Taehyung finds himself smiling, even with so much pain inside.


“Hyung,” he greets, with a soft sigh, “Are you available to talk right now? I kinda– I kinda need to let some things out.”


“Of course, I’m all ears,” Seokjin replies, with no hesitation, “Tell me what’s up, Tae-Tae.”


And he does.


Taehyung doesn’t know how much time passed as he told Seokjin everything, from the beginning to the end of his and Jeongguk’s relationship. There was something so relieving about letting it out, crying if he felt like it and laughing even if there was no reason to. The emotions were raw and real and Seokjin was silent the entire time, listening with upmost attention and care and only adding a few things each time Taehyung started to derail from the story.


(Truly like a mother.)


“Are you hurt that he is with someone else?” Seokjin then asks and Taehyung can imagine him sitting in a chair, with reading glasses on and writing down everything Taehyung says like some sort of therapist.


“I don’t have any right to be hurt, because I asked him to do it,” he replies, confidently.


“I didn’t ask if you have the right to feel hurt, but are you hurt?” Seokjin pushes on.




“Y-Yeah,” Taehyung admits, albeit hesitantly, “But I don’t want to ruin what he has right now, hyung.”


“Jeongguk was right, actually,” Seokjin sighs, “You’re projecting feelings on him. The feelings you think he should feel, even if that in reality may be something else. You should believe him if he says he isn’t happy in that relationship. Why would you doubt it?”


“B-Because he only brought it up after I told him that I love him,” Taehyung replies, a bittersweet taste on his tongue at those words. He furrows his eyebrows together, rubbing at the temple of his head to ease the headache he felt coming on.


“Taehyung,” Seokjin says and it’s that tone that Jeongguk used before. It makes him feel like a child and it’s so annoying (wait, is that how Jeongguk always felt?). Seokjin does pull it off better, though, with a motherly stern vibe, “What other time was he supposed to bring it up then? I would say that the fact he will break up with his current girlfriend so he could be with you is telling enough. If he truly cared about their relationship, he wouldn’t be so confident about calling it off.”


“But he’s only doing it now and–” Taehyung says and then gulps, “I don’t want to be a… a leftover, hyung. Something he picks up when it’s convenient.”


“Are we talking about the same Jeongguk here, Taehyung?” Seokjin says, his tone not changing in the slightest, even if he was probably feeling a bit incredulous at the moment, “Think it through. He was doing what you wanted of him to do. And he was only waiting for the moment when you become confident in your feelings. In yours and his own.”


Taehyung goes silent and he tries to think, clear his mind.


“What I’m saying,” Seokjin says, calmer now, “You should be confident that he loves you if he waited for so long for you to return his feelings. He did what you wanted him to do, even if he probably didn’t like it. He’s willing to give everything to you and now, he is just trying to prove it. He’s trying to prove that he is working on it, that he wants to be a man you can accept as your partner. He’s trying to be selfish and imperfect, in the way you wanted.”


It’s in that moment that Baekhyun’s words return to Taehyung and they echo in his mind repeatedly. It’s something that has been haunting him ever since they had that conversation, because now it began to align with his and Jeongguk’s situation so much that it left his mind dizzy. And Seokjin was right, Jeongguk really was doing everything for him, even if it meant that he won’t get anything in return, almost like it was a gift.


He said he wanted to give me a gift for… for being his angel.


“He…” Taehyung breathes out, thinking and thinking, “He really loves me, doesn’t he?”


“He wouldn’t cry when you confessed, otherwise,” Seokjin says gently.


It’s like a storm is clearing up in his mind and there are only clouds now. He began to feel at ease.


There is clinking on the other side of the line, as if Seokjin was placing down a teacup or something. “Listen, Taehyung, I need you to know something,” he says, “Even if you may see Jeongguk as a kid, he matured when he was still very young. In fact, I would say that he matured even before you did.”


Taehyung’s eyebrows furrow together in confusion. Some things aren’t adding up to confirm that statement. “What do you mean?” He genuinely was confused, not offended.


“Jeongguk debuted at sixteen. You left Big Hit soon after, Taehyung, but I stayed and Yoongi stayed, and Hoseok and Jimin and… and we saw how he grew up. You just weren’t there to witness it and that’s why you see him as a kid,” Seokjin sighs, “He was under so much pressure, Taehyung. He was so young, but he had so much passion that it’s unimaginable. The fans had him under pressure, the company had him under pressure, the media had him under pressure and he rose above it. Like no adult could.”


He always had so much patience, Taehyung realizes. Pieces are beginning to fall together in the puzzle and it’s making a clear picture for the first time.


“The way he is confident in his love for you isn’t childish, Taehyung. In fact, it’s the complete opposite,” the older male spoke, “It isn’t blind love, it’s appreciation. Because Jeongguk was so broken when you left after his debut. He would never tell you, but he felt guilty because he thought you left because of him. You were a role model for him, the only one he ever had, and when you left, you left him broken.”


Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. It’s the only word that rang in Taehyung’s mind as he took deep breaths.


“And despite that, despite how painful it was for him, Jeongguk understands why you left. He is fine with why you left, he supports that you left, even if it hurt him. He takes your feelings into account and respects you,” Seokjin says, “And that – if anything – shows how mature he is.”


I don’t think it’s about love anymore. I think that now, both us just need maturity.


“Almost everything you deemed was childish on his part was the complete opposite. But it was hard for you to believe so when you weren’t there when he matured,” Seokjin says. “You didn’t see him for years, Taehyung. Well, except the annual visits you two would have for your birthday.”


Suddenly, everything crashes and Taehyung groans at the teasing tone in the elder’s voice. Seokjin was trying to push it aside, but it was almost like a parent said something embarrassing about sex and Taehyung couldn’t deal with it. Good lord.


Seokjin laughs lightly from the other side and then he hums, peacefully. “You’ve matured too, Taehyung. But there are moments of immaturity, like what happened earlier today between the two of you. And you know what, you shouldn’t worry about it. You two are allowed to be immature at times; everyone is,” he speaks, seriously again even if there was a light tint, “If I had someone treasure me like that, I would never be insecure in their feelings for me.”


Life is really too short to just bask in insecurity, is what Yoongi said.


“I thought– I thought distance may help,” Taehyung speaks quietly, fumbling with his fingers as he rolls around in his bed.


“It probably did. It made you realize a lot of things and it’s probably the same for Jeongguk,” Seokjin assures, “But I think you convinced yourself that distance may also distance you from your feelings and that if Jeongguk happened to find someone else, you would find it easier to detach. If you come back to Korea, I think one hug of his will make sure you think otherwise.”


The thought of it makes something bubble up in Taehyung’s chest and make him all giddy. It’s been so long since he was affectionate with anyone and he actually finds himself missing it. Gosh, why was Seokjin always so right?


“Ah, I’m so desperate,” he suddenly says, looking up at the ceiling.


“Desperate for what?” Seokjin asks.


“Desperate to fall in love,” Taehyung breathes out and he can almost hear Seokjin smile on the other side of the phone line.


But falling in love means that we do things together. It’s not a feeling, it’s an experience.


After, Taehyung makes sure to change Seokjin’s name in his phone to “Therapist.”



○ • ○ • ○



It took him almost two months.


It took him a lot of thinking, a lot of regard and a lot more therapy sessions with Seokjin, but Taehyung came to terms with everything. He knows that he will need a lot more to change his opinion on certain things, but the foundation is different now, which means the whole house will be built rather nicely this time around (Taehyung wants a mansion now, not some sorrowful cottage).


It’s the first of September when Taehyung calls Jeongguk.


He was delighted that the younger took no hesitation to answer and this time around, it was too early in the morning for Taehyung, while it was a nice afternoon for Jeongguk. When his face showed up on the screen, Taehyung was so grateful that he looked healthy. Sure, he had eye bags, but that was a given considering how busy he always is.


“Hey,” Taehyung greets with a smile, “Happy birthday, Jeonggukkie.”


The bright smile and use of the nickname make Jeongguk’s face lighten up on its own, a shy smile adorning his lips as he giggles and rubs his nape. “Thanks, hyung,” he says. He sounds tired, but in a good way – like in a tortured, but healed soul kind of way, “How are you?”


“Good, good. I hope you’re even better,” Taehyung replies and he’s satisfied when Jeongguk nods to affirm the statement. “I need to say sorry for– fuck, for everything. My feelings were a mess and I… and I’m sorting it out. Whichever way it goes, I’m confident that I love you. I won’t deny it anymore.”


Jeongguk smiles even wider, a glint in his eye that makes the model’s heart heal its cracks. “I love you too, Taehyung,” he says and then sighs, almost wishfully, “I’m sort of tired of all the fights and conversations and… and I just want us to be together, to be happy, to… to be in love.”


“I want it too,” Taehyung says, his heart thumping loudly in his chest. However, there is one thing he keeps thinking about. “What… what happened with your, um– your girlfriend?”


It was more questioning because he didn’t know what to refer to her as, but Jeongguk laughs and shakes his head. “We broke up,” he replies, unsurprisingly, “About a month ago, perhaps? We talked it through and reached mutual agreement. Mitsu wasn’t that attached to me, but she was willing to try it out for my sake. And I was willing to try because of you. She had to go back to Japan, either way.”


Taehyung nods in understanding, now not allowing insecurities to pop up. “That’s good,” he speaks.


“You’re blonde again,” Jeongguk points out and Taehyung’s hand reaches up, fingers tangling in his hair like he actually forgot that he dyed it.


“Oh yeah, I dyed it a couple of days ago,” he explains.


“I like it,” Jeongguk says, his chin resting on his hand as he smiles and observes Taehyung as if he were a special specimen, “It looks really good on you, angel.”




It wasn’t supposed to have that much of an affect as it did, but Taehyung couldn’t help but shudder. He grips the hem of the oversized shirt that he wore, tugging it down as if he was feeling hot suddenly. He failed to realize, however, that it only resulted in the collar slipping lower, putting his protruding collarbones on full display. Jeongguk’s gaze darkens a little and he swipes his tongue over his bottom lip.


“Babe,” Jeongguk says, almost in warning. Taehyung does no more than bat his eyelashes innocently, squeezing his naked thighs together and only giving Jeongguk the sight of how full they are. Of course, Taehyung only wore a shirt and briefs. It was too hot in the goddamn hotel room.


“Sorry, it’s been too long,” Taehyung says, then licks his lips. He’s still playing with the hem of his shirt, this time pulling it to one side because he felt nervous suddenly. Jeongguk notices how the action causes the shirt to press to Taehyung’s side and perfectly outline how thin his waist is, “I didn’t have sex since you left Japan.”


“Neither did I,” Jeongguk supplies, shifting because he was suddenly feeling too much heat too.


“You didn’t?” Taehyung asks and when the younger shakes his head, he lets out a laugh, “Fuck, and here I thought that you having a girlfriend maybe meant you realized guys are not your thing anymore.”


Jeongguk laughs too, shaking his head. He drags his palm across his chest and then rests it on his thigh, refusing to go further. Taehyung stares intently because of it. “I’m down for both guys and girls, you know that,” Jeongguk said, gaze heavy on Taehyung, “I wouldn’t have fucked you so many times if I weren’t into guys, Taehyung.”


“Hey, maybe you liked to imagine that I was a girl and that I had a… a vagina or something,” Taehyung mutters in defense and Jeongguk quirks up an eyebrow, obviously more than just amused.


“Or something? Sure, with your cock dangling between your legs,” he says, on the verge of laughing again, “Besides, your small, pink hole is prettier than any pussy I’ve ever seen.”


“Oh my god, Jeongguk,” Taehyung gapes, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh (or both) at Jeongguk’s bad attempt at cheesy porn dialogue, “Why are you like this?”


“Cause you think you’re being subtle about being hard right now,” Jeongguk points out, eyes fixated on the growing bulge under Taehyung’s shirt. The model flushes and he tries to cover it up more, but Jeongguk tongues the inside of his cheek and then gestures to his clothes. “Show me, babe, come on,” he encourages.


His gaze makes Taehyung squirm. He sits up on his bed more and gives Jeongguk a better view of his legs, which the younger appreciated more than he thought he could. Those long, tan legs make him salivate, fuck. Taehyung hesitantly pulls up his shirt, revealing his plump thighs and the black briefs that he wore, tightly hugging him and making his arousal evident.


The way his briefs sit high up on his hips make them seem wider than they are and that, compared to his waist, made Jeongguk so lightheaded. “Fuck, I could never wish you were a girl, Taehyung. That body of yours… fuck, I want to put my mouth all over you,” he says and Taehyung whimpers, shifting until his thighs rub together and he lets out a shuddering breath.


With one hand holding up his shirt, the other skims down to his hip. Taehyung sees Jeongguk’s eyes follow the movement, as Taehyung’s finger slips into the side of his briefs and then slowly tugs it down his hip. Taehyung smirks once he notices how Jeongguk’s gaze turns heavy and his lip is caught between his teeth, hand pressing against his crotch, but not doing anything else.


“I wish you could touch me right now,” Taehyung sighs wishfully, palm caressing his chest and pinching his nipples, his own back arching and body shuddering from the simple action. He becomes so sensitive whenever he doesn’t do this for long.


“Mhm, me too, angel,” Jeongguk said, head tilting as he watches Taehyung tease himself with shimmering and light touches, careful and gentle strokes up his sides and small presses against his hipbones. It’s almost like he was imagining Jeongguk gripping them, akin to every time he fucked him and held him close.


Taehyung really is so beautiful, Jeongguk sometimes wouldn’t even want nothing more than just watch him for hours. He looked so pure, especially with that blond hair, so innocent, so clean, so–


“I really wanna suck you off right now,” Taehyung moans, rubbing his wrist up and down over his clothed erection.


Okay, maybe not that innocent, but he looked ethereal. Despite having a sinful mouth.


“Underwear off, babe,” Jeongguk commands and Taehyung has no trouble following what he said.


Both of them get rid of their undergarments and Jeongguk doesn’t even bother pulling them completely off, but instead lets both his sweatpants and boxers pool around his ankles, fingers wrapping around his hard member immediately. He wasn’t going to be the one with legs up on the bed either way, so why bother, right?


Taehyung whimpers suddenly and Jeongguk looks at him, notices how he’s completely gotten ridden of his briefs, only leaving him in that godforsaken shirt. His pretty fingers were wrapped around his own erection, but he wasn’t stroking himself, instead just pressing a steady finger into the slit. Jeongguk smirks when he notices Taehyung’s gaze is heavy set down below.


“Fuck, I miss your cock so much,” Taehyung moans, his legs parting and palm pressing flat against his inner thigh as he shudders, “Y-You’re so– so–”


So what, baby?” Jeongguk prompts, licking his lips in anticipation.


“So big,” Taehyung drawls out, legs inching further apart and breathing rapid. The deep flush set on his cheeks rest nicely against his tan skin, “Shit, I really wanna suck you off. Want you to fuck my mouth hard.”


Jeongguk can’t help but groan, the words spiking arousal up his veins. “Your lips always look so pretty around my cock, babe,” he praised and Taehyung squirms at that, whining at the acclaim directed towards him, “And your little hole always stretches around my cock perfectly. Like you were made to take me, angel.”


Taehyung can’t even help it anymore, hand going further down until two of his fingers press against his rim and the slight push and contact has him whimpering, has him caving for more. Jeongguk doesn’t miss the action and his eyes lit up, a teasing smirk on his face. Taehyung’s whole body feels so heavy from arousal, but the relieving lust makes it feels so light and the feeling is odd, yet sensational on his skin.


“Legs up on the bed, baby,” Jeongguk says and he’s working himself rather slowly, taking far more enjoyment in watching Taehyung play with himself and spike himself up, “I wanna see that pretty hole of yours.”


Fuck, Jeongguk sounds so hot and heavy when he’s commanding. Taehyung first leans forward and tilts the screen a bit up so Jeongguk could have a better look of his new position. Whilst leaning, his collar dips and Jeongguk marvels at the sight of Taehyung’s jutting collarbones and his pert nipples. Taehyung goes back to the bed and  pulls his legs further up, spreading them apart agonizingly slowly.


With his hand wrapped around his cock, he holds it up and resting against his stomach, so Jeongguk could have a full view of what he wanted. The groan of arousal that Jeongguk lets out not only makes the model aroused, but also incredibly satisfied.


“Spread your cheeks for me, angel,” Jeongguk says and really, it’s almost like bad porn dialogue again, but Taehyung can’t even complain because his mind is preoccupied by the want and need he feels.


Being the good boy that he is (sorry, mom), Taehyung’s hands first caress his legs and squeeze his thighs, making him let out a shuddering breath, before they grasp each of his plump ass cheeks. He squeezes them and he knows Jeongguk loves the sight, because he’s pumping his cock even faster now (but still not fast enough to get him off). Slowly, again, he spreads his cheeks and moans halfway through.


“Lube,” Jeongguk speaks and Taehyung would’ve missed it if he didn’t speak again, “Got lube, love?”


Taehyung nods quickly and gets out of his position for only a moment so he could grab lubrication from his bedside drawer. He stumbles, looking past the box of toys he has there, but he eventually gets it. When he shows back up on the screen, Jeongguk smirks the slightest bit.


“You know what I want you to do, pretty,” he says and Taehyung bites his lip.


“What?” He asks. Two can play that game.


“Finger yourself,” Jeongguk says with no hesitation. He’s satisfied when Taehyung blushes at his blunt words, “Finger yourself and imagine it’s my fingers fucking you, preparing you for my cock.”


The blond moans again and this isn’t fair, he feels like he will cum before he even starts. He has a bit of trouble opening the lube bottle because it’s new, but he gets there eventually and drizzles some on his fingers, rubbing them together to warm it up. He sits back into position and gives Jeongguk an even better view than before, leaning on his forearms slightly and spreading his legs more.


It’s been a while since Taehyung did this and he was actually planning to do it later that day, but this was even better. As soon as two of his fingers circle his rim slowly and teasingly, he gasps at the feel of the lube and the press of skin against skin. He doesn’t have the patience to start with just one finger, no matter how tight he must be after not doing it for so long. Just watching Jeongguk jack off makes him too eager for the “easing into it” phase.


As soon as the two fingers press it, there is that delightful burn that goes away rather quickly. It’s uncoordinated – the way he thrusts his fingers inside himself and tries to find his prostate, but once he does, his mind goes into overdrive. His mouth falls open in a gasp and his fingers still for a small moment as he whimpers.


“Found your sweet spot, baby?” Jeongguk drawls and it’s almost as if he’s there, whispering filthily into Taehyung’s ear and working him open with his fingers. It makes Taehyung’s skin burn hot.


“M-Mm, it’s so– so good. Feels so good,” Taehyung moans, pushing the third finger in and thrusting them slowly, but hitting his prostate hard and making his spine arch.


“Stroke yourself, babe,” Jeongguk says, observing every inch of Taehyung – from his messy blond hair, parted lips, hazy eyes and flushed cheeks, down to his hard nipples pressing against his shirt and three fingers deep inside himself. His thighs were quivering and that was a sign of an upcoming climax, “I wanna see you cum, angel.”


It really doesn’t take much – between the abuse happening to his prostate and the sight of Jeongguk touching himself – because Taehyung barely wrapped a hand around his cock and gave it two strokes before he was cumming all over his stomach, dirtying his shirt. The fingers inside him still and he hears Jeongguk let out a groan too, suspecting because he reached his orgasm as well.


They pant and stay like that for a moment, coming down from their highs. Taehyung pulls his fingers out and shivers because he felt so sensitive, looking at Jeongguk once more and catching him staring at his cum covered hand like it was the secret to the universe (maybe he was in disbelief?). Taehyung chuckles because it was an amusing sight.


“Let’s clean up,” Jeongguk says first, although still panting a bit, “Call me when you’re done, okay?”


Taehyung nods, then ends the call.



○ • ○ • ○



“I can’t believe we did that,” Taehyung drawls out, leaning back into his pillow with his laptop propped up into his lap.


After taking a quick shower and cleaning himself, throwing the shirt into the washing bin and changing the sheets, Taehyung felt so clean and nice as he laid on his bed still too early in the morning and talked to Jeongguk over Skype.


“Yeah, it was good,” Jeongguk hums, leaning back into his bed as well. He was in a pretty similar position as Taehyung, although he decided to not wear his shirt this time around (which was rather distracting, actually), “You’re so hot when you fuck yourself.”


“Jeongguk,” Taehyung groans in disbelief and he hears the younger laugh in amusement, “Stop it, one was enough for tonight.”


“More are waiting when you come back,” Jeongguk smiles, “Speaking of that… only a month left, right?”


His hopeful tone is so sweet and Taehyung nods with a soft smile, feeling so much relief unlike before. “Around month and a half, I’d say,” he responds, “I think I’ll make it to Jimin’s birthday.”


“And…” Jeongguk speaks and then seems to hesitate on asking something, “And what about… about us?”


It’s weird, how the question isn’t as heavy as Taehyung thought it would be. He cocks his head to the side and he doesn’t know how to feel about Jeongguk looking so insecure about asking. Can he blame him, though? After everything that happened between them in the last two years, there is bound to be insecurity, as much as there is bound to be hope.


“Well, I’m yours, aren’t I?” Taehyung says, not hesitating, “For real, this time.”


And really, Jeongguk bunny smile and red cheeks are so adorable it makes Taehyung wonder why didn’t he do this sooner? He’s happy, genuinely happy, and Seokjin was right about him projecting feelings on Jeongguk. Taehyung shouldn’t want more than this – genuine and pure happiness for both of them.


“You know, I’ll still have my doubts at times,” Taehyung says, “I believe the time that we spend together will chase certain thoughts away. And I need to correct a lot of the things that I thought of as truth, but it’ll be fine. Sure, we’ll fight, we’ll make up, have awesome sex and then fight again,” he said and Jeongguk snorts, rolling his eyes, “But I think we can pull through as long as we’re together.”


“Of course. I mean, we’ll talk this more thoroughly once you’re back in Korea, but,” Jeongguk speaks now, “I don’t want distance anymore, I don’t want us to keep disappearing on each other, I don’t want us asking each other for more time. I want us to be like we always were. I want us to have fun dates, binge shows together just… be friends, be lovers, be together.”


Taehyung’s heart is jumping and it feels like it’s poking at his chest. It’s odd, how healing this is after all the heartache that they brought to each other. It’s not perfect yet, and it may never be perfect, but it’s a start and it’s a beginning. There will be issues and both Taehyung and Jeongguk still have a lot of things to sort out, but it finally feels like it’s going to be okay.


After all, there is no more that feeling of unpredictability. Now they know they are on the same page and they are willing to fight the issues together. Two minds are better than one.


“I love you so much, Jeongguk,” Taehyung says, clear and confident and happy.


“I love you too, angel.”


Angel. Angel. Angel.


It takes Taehyung back to something he has been thinking about…


“Say, Guk,” the blonde speaks suddenly, a knowing smile on his face that leaves Jeongguk confused, “Later, I want you to listen to a song for me.”


“A song?”


Delight is the only feeling burning on Taehyung’s skin. Pure delight.



○ • ○ • ○



It’s the 12th of October when Taehyung arrives back to Seoul, South Korea.


With his small luggage strolling behind him, he takes in the air of Seoul, of his home country and he smiles happily, because he’s finally back. He didn’t even bother with a face mask and he won’t care if someone recognizes him, because his friends are waiting for him and he just can’t wait to hug everyone again.


The space of the airport is big once he checks out and looks around, trying to spot his friends. They spot him first, instead and there is a loud voice calling: “Taehyung!” that said Taehyung can only recognize to be Seokjin.


Turning in that direction, he smiles to see everyone walking up to him. He meets them halfway and he drops his travelling bag and lets go of his luggage, allowing himself to be embraced in a big hug by Seokjin. He laughs warmly, booming in his chest and loving every bit of the positive energy surrounding him.


“How was your flight, did you sleep, did you eat well?” Seokjin asks as soon as he pulls away, hands on Taehyung’s shoulders and shaking him as if he weren’t coherent at the moment (and he is about to be with how hard he’s being shaken).


Thankfully, Namjoon steps in and touches Seokjin’s shoulder, making the elder stop his ministrations and turn to look at him. “Easy, hyung, he just arrived. Let the kid breathe,” he says and although Seokjin pouts, he backs off with a little resistance.


“Gosh, thanks for that save, Namjoon-hyung,” Taehyung said as he hugs Namjoon next and the older laughs, patting Taehyung’s head as if he’s some sort of baby. Taehyung can just feel Seokjin glaring at the two of them.


Hoseok jumps on him next and Taehyung almost topples over as he’s getting hugged tighter than before. “C-Can’t breathe…” He tries to mutter over Hoseok’s excited squealing, but thankfully someone steps in again and this time it’s Jimin.


“Hobi-hyung, come on,” he said as he pulls him off. Taehyung notices Jimin’s hair is pink now and the color looks gorgeous on him. “And you,” Jimin says as he gives a look to Taehyung. For a moment, the model is startled before he’s being embraced once more, even tighter than with Hoseok. “You almost missed by birthday, Tae-Tae,” Jimin mutters and Taehyung laughs, hugging back.


“But, I didn’t, so…” He says, grinning and Jimin rolls his eyes as he pulls back, hitting his arm playfully.


“Welcome back, kid,” Yoongi says and this time, Taehyung is the one that initiates the hug with a wide smile. His arms wrap around Yoongi welcomingly and his hyung hugs back, obviously happy that he is back, even if his face might now show it as much.


“Also, all the food you left me is gone by now, so…” Yoongi says and Taehyung laughs as he steps back, rubbing his nape.


“I suspected so,” he says and then realizes one more person is missing – the most important person, in fact. He looks around, all knowing gazes on him. “By the way, where’s–”


“Oh, he went to get–” Jimin starts, but his sentence is cut off by another voice joining them.




Everyone moves to the side and Taehyung looks forward, in the direction of the door, to see Jeongguk running over to them. He didn’t change much – or maybe at all, actually; even his hair stayed black. His black coat was open, so it flew magnificently at his sides, making it look a scene from a movie. The bouquet of roses that he held in his hands only added to it, as well as the many eyes of the people around that turned in their direction.


Taehyung didn’t mind the attention – in fact, he was smiling by the time Jeongguk came and when he did, he immediately swooped up Taehyung in a hug, arms wrapping around his waist and holding him in the air, twirling him around. Truly like a scene from a movie.


Taehyung laughs, especially when he sees Jeongguk smile so brightly. “I missed you so much,” Jeongguk breathed out, lowering Taehyung the slightest bit so their faces were closer. From there, Taehyung could count every eyelash on Jeongguk’s eyes, every mole on his gorgeous skin and he never wanted this to end – them looking at each with so much appreciation.


“I missed you so much, too,” Taehyung breathes out as he cups Jeongguk’s face in his hands and then leans in, pressing their lips together in a loving kiss.


Truly, it was like fireworks. There was cheering, clapping, whistling from Hoseok, excited squeals from Seokjin and Jimin and relieved looks from Yoongi and Namjoon. People around them joined in, phones already out because they apparently just realized that this is B.Boys’ Jeon Jeongguk swooping up and kissing MC, model and actor Kim Taehyung that he used to be in a relationship with.


Taehyung’s beret falls off his head and Jeongguk’s bouquet presses into Taehyung’s back, but it’s perfect.


I think I’m ready to fall in love now.


Jeongguk lowers Taehyung on his feet and then brings him close, kissing him again, this time on the cheek. “I love you, I missed you so much,” he whispered, taking Taehyung’s hand and then bringing it to his lips, now planting a chaste kiss on the top of his knuckles. The blonde is blushing from this, in pure delight and happiness.


The idol offers the bouquet of red roses to Taehyung, which the older gladly takes. He brings it up and takes a whiff, letting out a sound of satisfaction of the gorgeous smell that blessed his senses. Looking at Jeongguk, blinking his eyelashes prettily, he smiles shyly and dares to speak again. “Did you listen to it? For comfort?” He asks, voice small.


Taehyung didn’t expect the smile Jeongguk gave him. He steps forward until his hands curl around Taehyung’s and he presses their foreheads together, for a moment forgetting everything that is surrounding them.


Hello, angel,” Jeongguk sings softly and his hold on Taehyung’s hands tightens, whilst Taehyung blushes some more, enjoying his voice. He wasn’t loud enough to the point that everyone in the airport could hear him, but he was pretty sure their friends could and nearby passers, “you’re like a painting. You’re all I see when I look to the skies.”


They began to sway slowly, with Taehyung humming the tune and closing his eyes. He enjoyed the atmosphere and for the first time in his life, everything felt so light and so bright. “City street lights,” Taehyung joins, not wanting to miss the opportunity. At the sound of his voice, Jeongguk smiles and holds him even closer, “even if the lights go out and the moon disappears, it’s so bright because–


I have a star that fell from the skies–” Jeongguk continues and then he’s holding Taehyung’s chin, tilting it up so they look each other directly in the eyes. Whilst holding the roses, their fingers lock together. With the most beautiful smile Taehyung has ever seen on a human being, Jeongguk finishes, “–and it’s you.”


Once again, the cheering and clapping is drown out by whatever is happening in the air between them.


Taehyung never felt so happy before. Even here, in the middle of an airport with many people watching them, a song shared between them felt liberating. Because the way the sung it made the words come alive for each other – because they were genuine and appreciating.


Their eyes were hazy, but their minds were finally clear of anything. They were, at the moment, blank. Blank for everything except their love for each other. Even as they held hands, it was through rose thorns digging into their skins and honestly, that represented their relationship perfectly – no matter what, they wanted to be together, despite how much it hurt. Because it was beautiful at the end of the day.


“When you sang hello angel,” Taehyung suddenly says in the silence, “I thought that Baekhyun-hyung must be sneezing somewhere in Seoul.”


Jeongguk laughs and holds him close, kissing the side of Taehyung’s head affectionately.


“Yeah,” he replies and then smiles at his lover, “But you’re the only angel to me. My angel.”


“Yeah,” Taehyung repeats, leaning in and pecking his lips, whispering against them, “Your angel.”


Falling in love is not a feeling, it’s an experience. One that can last a lifetime.



○ • ○ • ○ THE END ○ • ○ • ○