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Murder on the Rainbow Bridge

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In honor of Thor: Ragnarok's release, I wanted to share with everyone a murder-mystery party I wrote and developed for my birthday last year. I've included links to all the character sheets I used, all the designs I made, and even editable documents you can copy and tweak as needed.

The plot is pretty simple! Odin's dead, and you have to find out whodunit. Thor is the host of the party, and I created character sheets for 12 other attendees. I actually had two people cancel at the last minute, and we played this with 10 people, and it was still amazing.

This isn't set up for a dinner party, and should be hosted someplace a little more unstructured. You don't have to be a murder-mystery expert to run this, but I think that if you have experience with a murder mystery party (even just as a participant) it will help you understand this format better. I would recommend something like 2 hours, although the game I hosted went almost 3, and only ended after a third person figured out the mystery (the first two people decided to just keep the party going). I had prizes at the end for three categories: Best Costume, Most Valuable Player, and Best Character Actor. Encourage people to dress up and really get into character. 

Characters have abilities, items, and motivations that are all independent of one another. Think D&D meets LARPing. There are Asgardians and Midgardians, and a few other -gardians hanging around, so it's a pretty great mix. Again, this was played by hardcore fans and people who knew Nothing of Marvel, but with a little bit of help, everyone had a great time.

If you have any questions just leave a comment! And if you use this game, please let me know!