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Lord of the Castle

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Warning: this story takes characters from the 2017 Netflix anime adaption(which is f***** amazing by the way and if you have not seen it yet I highly recommend it) while taking some elements from Symphony of The Night(My favourite and the best game of the series...sorry Aria of sorrow)
Along with the Justice League TV series from the DC animated universe...because it's the best adaption of the Justice League to date and the movie sucked.

Seriously  DC you did it right with Wonder Woman, what the hell was that crap with Batman vs Superman and Justice League? Your animated moves are amazing, what went wrong with your live action films?

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Alucard stood next to Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnads, he stared at the pile of ash that was now the remains of his Father; the two humans were injured and Alucard's injuries were swiftly healing. He felt very guilty at the role he had played in his father's final death; one year ago the church had killed his mother. Burning her alive at the stake for being a witch.

This of course was not true, his mother had been a doctor and had used her knowledge to aid people in there need. However her medicine was so effective and a head of it's time that she was accused of being a witch and had been burned to death.

Alucard had grieved for her but his father Count Dracula had instead unleashed the residents of hell itself on mankind. Alucard had tried to stop him but in the end he was not strong enough, so Alucard did the only thing he could; he fled.

After his defeat Alucard took his coffin and hid himself away, to heal his wounds his father had inflicted upon him in his madness and grief. One year later he was awoken by the last surviving member of the Belmont Clan and a Sorcerers who claimed he was the legendary Sleeping Soldier. A saviour and the only man capable of ending Dracula's reign of terror and the curse he had placed on mankind.

Alucard had of course tested the hunter and found that he was indeed strong and Alucard believed with help the hunters help he could in fact kill Dracula. So he joined the hunter who was weary on receiving aid from a vampire, but none the less Alucard led the hunter and sorceress through Castlevaina and past all its traps straight to Dracula himself.

It had been a hard fight but with the combined powers of all three of them, the legend had proven true as the Vampire Lord and King of Darkness fell; leaving behind a pile of ash and his clothes.

"It's over…right?" Trevor asked.

"Yes, with my father's demise the army of hell shall return to the depths of the earth from which they came," Alucard claimed.

"So…humanity will live?" Sypha asked.

Alucard turned and looked at the two humans.

"Yes, I thank you both for trusting me and aiding me in ending my father's reign of terror," Alucard said gratefully.

"Yeah well…we had one vampire to deal with I didn't want a second one," Trevor said jokingly "easier to keep you where I can see you,"

Alucard approached the pile of ash and pulled out the black cape, Trevor watched carefully as Alucard looked over it. Trevor and Sypha walked up to him.

"What is it?" she asked.

"My father's cape, he said it enhanced his magic," Alucard said "I suppose it is mine now,"

Before Sypha could respond the castle began to shake and a large mass of red and black energy began to gather above them. Alucard quickly punched Trevor and Sypha out of the way just as the energy was unleashed.

It shot directly where Alucard was standing as magical pillars formed and went into various different parts of the vampire's body and a concentrated beam went into his chest. Alucard screamed as he could feel how evil this power was.

Trevor and Sypha watched in fear as the energy continued to pour into Alucards chest, Trevor ran over to Alucard to pull him out of the energy beam but a magical barrier blew him back. He then looked around the room frantically looking fearful that they had missed something or that Dracula had left one last trap for them, but after a few seconds the shaking stopped and the energy dissappared; Alucard collapsed on the ground.

"Shit," Trevor hissed.

He and Sypha ran over to Alucard just as the vampire was pushing himself up.

"What was that?" Trevor asked gripping his whip just encase.

"I do not know….the castle has never done that before," Alucard answered through a moan.

"Are you hurt?" Sypha asked worriedly as she helped him up.

Alucard shook his head.

"No…I am a little dizzy but I am unhurt," Alucard claimed.

"You just got blasted with some dark power from your dads evil castle and you say your fine?" Trevor asked.

"See, I knew you cared about Alcuard," Sypha teased.

"I don't, I care about the dark powers that just showed up out of nowhere and then vanished without a trace," Trevor shot back.

"If that is your way of saying you care it is no wonder you don't have any friends," Alcuard said "though that could be due to your constant smell of alcohol and vomit,"

"I hate you," Trevor said flatly, though there was no hint of hate in his voice.

"Still...what do you think that shaking and dark energy was? Do you think it has something to do with Draculas death?" Sypha asked.

"Indeed it does my dear," A dark and deep monotone voice said.

The three turned to see a skeleton in a black robe carrying a scythe fade into existence in the centre of between Trevor and Sypha and Alucard.

"You…I killed you," Trevor gasped, recognising the foe.

"You cannot kill Death, Trevor Belmont," Death said.

All three got on guard and prepared to fight the reaper. He was a formidable opponent and they had only been barely able to defeat him the first time. Now they were tired and injured from fighting Dracula there chances of defeating Death a second time were slim to none.

"Fear not I have not come for any of you…your time is not up yet," Death said.

"Then…why are you here?" Sypha asked curiously.

"To pay my respects to the new Lord of Castlevaina," Death said.

"New lord?" Trevor asked confused.

"Yes," Death responded and approached Alucard.

Alucard took a hesitant step back and pushed his friends behind him just encase the reaper tired something. Death stopped in front of him and bowed.

"All Hail Lord Adrian Tepas…Lord of Castlevaina," Death proclaimed and bowed before the vampire.

"HUH?!" Trevor said and his jaw dropped

"WHAT?!" Sypha gasped.

"M…M…Me?" Alucard asked.

"You are Draculas only son, upon his death it is only natural that you inherit everything. Including this cursed castle and all the power it contains," Death said.

"Wait…Castlevaina is mine?" Alucard asked.

"Indeed, you know of its dark powers do you not? They were just transferred to you and are now yours to command," Death claimed.

Alucard looked around, death was right he could feel the evil in the castle and all its power more clearly than before. He felt like the Castle would bend to his every desire; he had only to will it.

"Wait that's what that power was?" Trevor asked in shock.

"Of course, had Lord Adrian not been here the castle would have merely disappeared. Castlevaina must always have a lord," Death claimed.

"So Castlevaina is mine now…" Alucard said softly as he looked up towards the roof. He of course knew exactly what the castle was capable of having spent so much time living in it…and he could think of a few things to do with it.

"Oh great, now look what's happened, all that power has gone straight to his head," Treavor muttered "as if he needed the ego boast,"

Sypha slapped him for that.

"What?" Trevor asked.

She sent him a glare and Trevor rolled his eyes.

"Could…Could I make the Castle go anywhere I want?" Alucard asked ignoring Trevor, tuning back to Death "Anywhere in the world, at any time?"

"Yes, you are the Lord of the Castle now," Death claimed.

"Hold on, if he's the new Lord…was the story wrong?" Sypha asked.

"If you're referring to the story of the Sleeping Solider than no. Adrian is the Sleeping Solider and he was met with a Sorceress Scholar and a Hunter and you three did in fact kill Dracula," Death claimed "Congratulations by the way, you have done what many mortals and monsters...even gods thought to be impossible,"

"But the story says Draculas evil disappeared from the world of man," Trevor claimed "Yet Castlevaina is still here,"

"Indeed, perhaps the story is not yet complete," Death suggested cryptically "after all it is one from the future, perhaps this is not the end and only the beginning,"

"Wait what about the army from hell? Are they still here?" Sypha asked.

"Worry not child they have returned to the pit," Death assured "however if Lord Alucard wishes it he may bring them back,"

"No they go back to hell where they belong," Alucard said.

"Then that is where they will stay," Death said "I will make sure of it,"

"See that you do and that they never set foot on this earth again," Alucard commanded.

Death nodded and disappeared.

Trevor looked around to make sure that the reaper was gone and once he was satisfied he relaxed a bit and turned back to Alucard.

"So am I the only one concerned that the grim reaper dose what you say?" Trevor asked.

"You need not worry; Death was a close friend of my father. He was the only one apart from my mother who could tell him off," Alucard claimed.

"Your dad's best friend was death himself?" Trevor asked "That makes way too much sense,"

"Why didn't he stop Dracula from raising his army then?" Sypha asked.

"Death has never actively interfered with my father or his plans, I once asked him why and he told me that he was not here to look after anyone only ensure balance was kept,"

"What does that mean?" Treavor asked.

"I have no idea…I never figured it out. He was more of a family butler than anything else…a very scary family butler," Alucard claimed "He used to babysit me when my mother was unable to and my Father was away,"

"That sounds like a very scary childhood," Trevor commented.

"It wasn't so bad, he lost his patience with me very quickly," Alucard agreed "I think he lost his patience all together after the first time he had to look after me,"

"Right….so I guess you're the new boss then," Trevor said.

"It appears so," Alucard agreed.

Trevor sighed and rubbed the back of his head, he looked away.

"Pity, I was going to let you go but now…I can't let you live," Trevor said seriously.

"TREVOR!" Sypha yelled.

"I'm a Belmont Sypha, a Vampire Hunter and he's a Vampire lord," Trevor argued.

"Newly appointed Vampire Lord," Alucard corrected.

"Whatever, it's my job to kill him so his evil will never bother the world of man again," Trevor claimed.

"No, you can't…he helped us," Sypha argued.

"I can and I will," said dangerously "however..."

Suddenly his demeanour changed from dangerous and ready to fight to completely defeated.

"I am so tired from fighting Dracula and his army. I'm out of supplies, stamina and I could use a drink…or three," Trevor complained in light hatred voice.

"And a bath," Alucard added.

"Watch it fang face," Trevor warned before tuning to Sypha

"I could fight him now but that would be suicidal…I suppose I'll have to leave to get more supplies,"

"Trevor….what are you saying?" Sypha asked.

"Come on Sypha you know how crafty vampires are, he's likely to leave the second I do and hide away somewhere where I can't find him or see him again," Trevor said in a fake disappointing voice.

Trevor looked over at Alucard who was staring at the hunter in surprise.

"And if that happened I'd have no choice but to let him go," Trevor said with a smile and gave Alucard a wink.

Alucard smiled and chuckled a bit, Trevor was a vampire hunter but he was also a very good friend.

"Since this castle can travel anywhere you will unlikely find it and me again," Alucard claimed.

"Is that a challenge Vampire?" Trevor asked playfully.

"No it is a fact. Death is correct this castle is cursed and those that live here are pure evil," Alucard claimed "myself included,"

"You're not evil," Sypha claimed.

"Aren't I? While the world died I slept, while family's were brutally torn apart and devoured by demons I was safe in my underground keep and I made an alliance with a vampire hunter to kill my father and end his reign. I should have killed you two the moment you woke me up but instead I turned on my own family and committed Patricide…how is that not evil?" Alucard asked.

Neither Trevor or Sypha responded.

"The dark powers this Castle has poisoned this land. The evil it produces will continue to corrupt mankind…even if my father is no longer here," Alucard claimed.

"Are you sure you don't want to kill me?" Alucard asked "Doing so may rid the world of this place for good,"

"I'm out of stakes, you broke my sword and my consecrated whip doesn't seem to affect you as much as it should," Trevor shrugged "Plus I'm way too sober right now,"

"Besides if you're the new Lord that means you can stop it…right?" Trevor asked; he really did not want to have to kill Alucard if he didn't have too.

"No…but I can move the castle to a place where its dark powers cannot affect anyone anymore," Alucard said.

"Where's that?" Sypha asked.

"The bottom of the ocean," Alucard answered "the high salt content will block the evil that escapes and turn it into harmless mist,"

Both Trevor and Sypha stared at Alucard in complete shock; they knew if he went there he could never leave.

"But that means you will be imprisoned too…you'll be alone for eternity inside your own prison," Trevor argued.

"It is better this way, if even one part of my family remains in the world of man…it will mean the end of Mankind,"

"There has to be another way," Sypha said.

Alucard shook his head.

"There isn't the destruction done out there was brought by my father, I cannot undo it but I can make sure it never happens again. Mankind can reach the potential that my mother tried so hard to make my father see…it's the same potential I see in you Belmont,"

"But that can only happen if this castle and myself are no longer part of it," Alucard said sadly.

The three occupants stood there in silence for a moment, the two humans knew that Alucard was going to do this no matter what.

Trevor broke the silence by letting out a long sigh.

"Just…don't give me a reason to hunt you down," Trevor said sadly "I know where you live after all,"

"Castlevaina will never again see the world of man; you have my word on this. Now you had better leave….It is tradition to have a feast when a new Lord is named and I would hate for you to be served at mine," Alucard said with a smile.

Treavor smiled in response and he walked out of the throne room pulling Sypha along with him, they walked down the corridor and headed for the exit. They had an esear time of finding it and getting out that they had of getting to Dracula. Trevor suspected that it was because Alucard was letting them leave.

Once Trevor and Sypha were out they turned and watched the Castle start to shake again and then it vanished from sight.

"So…he's gone," Sypha said sadly.

"Good riddance, one less vampire in the world is a good thing," Trevor claimed.

Sypha glared at him.

"Okay fine…I'm sad he's gone too," Trevor said "happy?"

"So…what do we do now?" Sypha asked.

"Well…Europe needs rebuilding after Dracula's curse. I thought I would start with that and then see what happens next," Trevor said.

"I hope Alucard will be alright by himself," Sypha said sadly, she had grown fond of the Vampire.

"He'll be fine, he'll probably sleep the next eternity or so away," Trevor said.

Though it was more to assure himself than Sypha as he too knew he would miss the Vampires compony.

"Still, loneliness is the worst curse of all," Sypha said.

"I know…say if you don't have anywhere to go…did you want to help me rebuild Europe?" Trevor asked.

"I suppose I have nothing better to do. I would like to find my Grandfather and let him know we're alive, but what happens after that?" Sophia asked.

"Umm…well….we uh could…start a family together," Trevor said nervously.

Sypha blinked as she processed what Trevor was saying.

"Trevor Belmont, are you asking me to marry you?" Sypha asked.

"Um…maybe…if you want too," Trevor said.

"Good, because it's about damn time," Sypha said and started walking away.

Trevor smiled and then looked at the sorceress.

"Wait…so was that a yes?" Trevor asked.

"You'll have to follow me to find out," Sypha responded playfully "Besides with Alucard gone someone has to keep you in line and make sure you bathe regularly,"

"Well lead the way," Trevor said and the two walked off together hand in hand.

At the bottom of the ocean

A large see through dome suddenly faded into existence and a dark Castle appeared inside it preventing the water from crushing the eerie looking building. Inside the Castles throne room its soul occupant walked up to the window, Alucard did not see his reflection. Alucard looked out and nodded in satisfaction.

"So it worked," Alucard said as he saw the small lava pools begin to form around the Castle base outside the dome.

"They will make a perfect hiding place," Alucard said.

He closed his eyes and drew upon his magic, he uttered a few words and the sea floor began to shake and two large thick walls of rock grew on the either side of the castle creating a massive cliff face that seemed to mold itself perfectly around the Castle and lava veins started to appear on the cliffs edge. The cliff grew until it was twice the height of Castlevaina.

Alucard released his magic and looked at the newly created cliff face. He then waved his hand and the steam giving off by the new lava pools thickened forming a blanket of dense mist that hid the Castle from sight.

If anyone came down here they would automatically assume that an underwater volcano was there and leave.

"This cliff and the lava pools should keep anyone from finding this cursed place," Alucard said.

He looked down at his father's cape for a second before putting it on and walking out of the throne room; heading for his coffin. Once he arrived he opened it and got in.

"Now to sleep for an eternity," Alucard said and he used his magic to close the lid.