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Warm Little Heart

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If you have not read Cold Little Heart, this story will not make sense to you.

“Abraham!” Abigail ran after her brother when he took off in the snow.

Abraham ran faster, glancing back to see that his sister was gone. He looked around quickly, coming to a sliding halt. It was December, and Abraham was freezing, jacket or not. He held the Jasper dagger close, closing his eyes –listening for his sister.

The alpha looked up when he heard noise, sliding out of the way when Abigail jumped out of the tree. He smirked, “I thought you said you could get me in flesh?” Abraham lifted a smug brow, “gave up?”

Abigail circled him, mouth huffing out white smoke. She stopped moving, ear twitching slightly. Abigail stepped back slowly, confusing Abraham. “What is it –ow!” He groaned at the weight on his back, huffing when he realized it was Demetrius. “Deme…”

The small wolf crawled off him, running to his sister. He licked her a few times before turning back to Abraham.

Abraham rolled on his back, looking at his brother upside down. “Hey, Deme, I thought you did not want to come?”

Demetrius hopped over to him, rubbing their faces together. Abraham scratched behind his head, “so sweet, Deme.” He chuckled, rubbing his face back. “Thank you.”

Demetrius whined softly, crawling onto Abraham’s chest. Abigail growled at him and Abraham rolled his eyes, “it is done, Abi, and you cheated –hey!” He grabbed her paw, “do not change now, it is freezing.” He groaned, sitting up, “come on, Deme, let us go.”

Demetrius whined to be carried but Abraham set him down. “You can walk, you need to stretch any way.” He looked at his sister, “ready?”

She nodded, wiggling against his leg.

Abraham looked back when his brother stayed put, “oh come on.”

Demetrius whined louder, rolling onto his side when Abigail went to him.

“Deme,” He crossed his arms, “you are heavy. The faster we leave, the faster we get home.” Demetrius ignored him, swatting his sister away. “Demetrius, you are going to alert wolves, they will think you are in trouble when you are just being lazy.”

Demetrius howled as if he was wounded and Abraham grumbled. “Lazy, lazy, lazy –no!” He ran to his brother when he changed, “change back right now!”

Demetrius shook his head, shivering, “baba…”

“Baba is at home, Deme –Abigail!”

“Deme, change back.” She hugged herself, “it is so cold,” she laughed, “I love it!”

“You are both naked –could you please!” He removed his jacket, covering his brother, “Change back now, Demetrius!”

“No…” He touched the snow on the ground, “pretty.”

“No –ugh! See, and then when mama asks why I do not go training with you both –this, this is why!”

“Our skin will be okay, Abby.” Abigail smiled, rolling beside her twin. “We have thick skin.”

He bent down, “if I call baba, do you think it will be thick enough to deal with him?” Abigail frowned deeply, changing back. She flopped on top of her twin, keeping him warm. “Thank you –now you, Demetrius.”


“Stop saying no.”


“Ugh! Never again –never again.” He helped his brother put on his large sweater, picking him up. “Ugh, you have to stop eating so much, Deme.” He dragged his feet up the hill they’d come down. “Lord, you do not look it, but you are heavy.”

Demetrius hummed, playing with Abraham’s pulled up hair. “Baba says I am cute.”

“Oh, yeah?” Abraham huffed, out of breath. “He said I was too, now he just calls me obnoxious.” Abigail ran ahead, rolling in the snow.

Demetrius laid his head on Abby’s shoulder, “what is obni-ous?”

“Obnoxious,” Abraham stopped to catch his breath, “means –annoying.”

“Baba never says that to me.” He yawned, “loves me.”

“Yep,” Abraham took another step, “he loves us all.” He smirked, kissing his brother’s cold arm, “you are just his favorite –oh –no!”

Abigail ran after them as they tumbled down the hill, she sniffed at them quickly, licking their faces.

“Lord, why me…”

Demetrius sat up, frowning, “we fell.”

“Oh, really?” Abraham held his side, “I had not noticed.” He stood up, “why do you think we fell, Deme?”

Demetrius tilted his head, and this is how he always got his way.

Demetrius’ eyes –in any light, they were beautiful. One was a solid emerald, and, on dark days, they were a hazel mixed with a soft orange. The blue eye was identical to Abraham’s, but Demetrius’ was crystal clear blue –on a dark day or on a bright one. His lips were the same color as Harry’s, bright pink –especially now that they were in the snow. His nose was a button, like Louis’ –little and soft. His hair was usually pulled up, two stands hung by his eyes. The boy had it made, and he had no idea.

He was the most beautiful one out of Abigail and himself –and no one tried hiding the fact. People said it to their faces and, at first, it was discouraging, but now it was just honest. Demetrius could have anything –whatever he wanted because of his looks.

He was sweet, soft-spoken, smart –never liked getting dirty.

Harry always says that Demetrius would be his savior child. Abraham would excel, Abigail would conquer, but Demetrius would walk on gold for the rest of his life –never lifting a finger (even if that meant that Harry had to out-live him to make it happen).

He was spoiled, cried too much for his own good, and never stopped eating.

Demetrius was Louis and Harry’s golden child –Abigail acted like Demetrius was hers, and Abraham wished for a child like him in the future (just less lazy).

“Cause you dropped me.” Demetrius stood up, wiping the snow from his legs. He wiggled his toes, rubbing his eyes. “I want to go home.”

“Well then you have to walk up by yourself.” Abraham climbed up the mountain while Abigail stayed at her twin’s side. “Come on, we have to find Abigail’s clothes.”

“Carry me…”

“No!” Abraham hiked up the steep hill, “come on, you can do it, Deme!” Abraham stomped his feet when Demetrius started crying, “What did I do to deserve such wonderful siblings?” He laid on his back, thin long sleeve not keeping out any cold, before rolling back down the hill.


“What is,” Harry walked up to the three, grabbing Abraham’s arm. “This?”

“What?” He tried looking behind his arm, “oh, I got scratched.” Abraham shook his head at his brother who put a puzzle together. “Thanks to my loving brother.”

Harry grabbed his face, kissing his forehead, “watch it.” He sat and Abigail immediately found a spot in Harry’s lap. “Hi, baba!”

“I am here, Abigail.” He kissed her cheek, “you do not need to scream.”


“I feel as though you have screamed so much, now you are just deaf to your own voice.”

Abigail frowned and Abraham laughed, “mean, baba!”

Harry hugged her close, kissing her neck until she burst into laughter. “Yes, you have definitely gone deaf.”

Abraham picked up his book, “when does mama come back home?”

“At seven, any later and I will go find him.”

“What if,” Abigail giggled, “you leave and ama comes home?”

“I will smell him before that,” He poked her side, “I would never make such a mistake.”

“You never know, baba –ah!” Abigail squirmed away from tickling fingers, “no mistakes!”

“Thank you.” Harry glanced at Demetrius, “Abraham, how long has your brother been doing the puzzle.”

“He is so fast!”

“I was not speaking to you, Abigail.” He covered her mouth with his large hand, “Abraham?”

Abraham smiled, “about ten minutes, maybe less.”

Demetrius had his blanket to his face, doll inside of his folded legs. He placed a piece down slowly, making sure it sat perfectly in its place.

“Do you know how many pieces are in it?”

“No, baba.”

Abigail raised her hand high, gnawing on Harry’s hand when he removed it. “I know! –It has two-five-zero-zero.”

Harry blinked slowly when she looked up at him, “impressive, you can say numbers separately.”

Abigail’s mouth fell open, “baba!”

“Two thousand five hundred or twenty-five hundred –not two-five-zero-zero.”

She held up her hand, “I knew the number, you did not, and Abby did not!”

“I know, my sweet alpha.” Harry turned her around, kissing each of her cheeks, “thank you for your attempt.”

Abigail smiled, “welcome!” She curled into her father’s arms, “two thousand –two thousand and-”

“There is no ‘and’, alpha.”

She looked up at him, “talking to myself!”

Harry looked away, “excuse me.”

“Thank you.” She pressed her face into his chest, “two thousand –five hundred.” Abigail smiled when Harry kissed the top of her head, whispering a small; ‘good, alpha’.


“Ama!” Demetrius ran straight for his mother when he entered the home.

Louis threw him up, beaming, “my baby, hello!” He kissed him hard, “I missed you!”

“Mm!” Demetrius breathed in when he was scented. “Missed you…”

“Ama!” Abigail screamed, running down the stairs. “I smelled you!”

“Did you, precious?” Louis sat on the floor, opening his arm, “you smelled ama?”

“Yep!” Abigail licked Louis’ cheek, “seven o’clock on the dot –baba and I were going to look for you if you were one minute late!”

“Inside voice, baby.” Louis smiled, “your baba is very silly.”

“No,” Demetrius frowned. “I love him.”

“I know, Deme, I know.”

The boy was so sensitive about his father and about Louis. One word against them, even if it was playful, was an automatic no. You had to tread lightly around him.

Abigail loved insulting everyone, mostly unintentional, but it never fazed her. Either she was screaming that she had to poop, or she was screaming that someone smelled like poop. Sometimes they even looked like poop –sometimes there were poop.

Specifically, anyone who looked twice at her siblings –especially her twin.

“Hi mama.”

Louis smiled, “Hi Abby.”

Abraham was head strong on getting into Wolf’s Retreat in two years. He was going to be twelve and he’d been training non-stop for it right after he turned ten.

Abraham looked up to Harry in everything. His comedy, his pride, morals, strength –even his past. Abraham wanted nothing more than to go to the military. He wanted to follow in Harry’s steps, become the first half-bread to ever do something so surreal. He was only ten and no matter how many times Louis called him a baby –his baby, Abraham was growing, and he was growing fast.

He was fast, strong –he pushed himself hard and exceled in school, training –in himself. He was learning his strengths, weaknesses –his passions, his wants and needs and how they were all different. Abraham was head strong and made it a point to get what he wanted –he made it a point to have what he needed and never forget what he is supposed to do.

He was happy, loving, sweet as can be –Abraham was hilarious; just like Harry.

And when people would tell Abraham how much he was like Harry, the smile on his face was identical to when Louis would get told that Abraham looked just like him. –Pride.

Abraham had no friends at school. He is not bothered by it, he always says; “I will make friends eventually –I go to school to learn, not to make friends.” And he does nothing but learn. He’s learning at school and learning at a grade higher with Solomon.

He’s beautiful. He has Louis’ eyes, his nose –lips. Everything that CJ doesn’t have, and it makes him so happy. His hair was long and Louis didnt want to cut it but the straggly hairs were always in his face. It bothered Abraham, he would say it all the time, but if you got near him with scissors –it’s over. Abraham wants his hair to look like Harry’s, long and curly.

“You are cold.” Abraham touched his mother’s face, frowning. “Where is your jacket?”

Louis smiled, “in the car, baby.”

Abraham crossed his arms, “it is supposed to be on you, mama.”

Louis smiled wider, “I took it off when I got inside, it was warm with the heater.”

Abraham shook his head, motioning to Louis when Harry came down the stairs. “Mama is being stubborn, baba.”

“Oh, is he?” Harry raised a brow, squatting. He grabbed Louis’ face, “you are cold, omega?”

Abraham lifted both hands, huffing, “I told him.”

Louis giggled, “Like father like son.”

“Mama is cold!” Abigail touched his nose, “look at that!” She touched it again, “wow –mama, wha –where is your sweater?”

“I just asked him that, Abi.” Abraham rolled his eyes, “in the car.”

“You should always have your sweater on, Camellia.”

Louis shook his head, “you hear this, Deme?”

Demetrius looked up from his lap, “I will stay so you are warm, ama.” He dug his face into Louis’s arm, leaving kisses on his skin. “I will warm you up.”

“Oh, thank you, Deme.”

“Hey, me too!” Abigail hugged Louis’ head.

Abraham shimmied over, hugging over his sister. Harry smiled softly, “I guess I am last.” He laid over Louis’ squishing Demetrius to Louis’ side.”

“No, no! Harry!” Louis screamed as the kids laughed, “off!”