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Yandere Greek gods one shots

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My rules aren't that hard.

You can request a pacific description of a story of the god you want yandered or just say the god you want yandered and I can make a story.

1. I don't write male x male stuff. It's not that I hate gay stuff or something it's just I'm terrible at writing boy x boy and girl x girl. My friends say I'm good at writing other things but writing gay stuff isn't my talent. So sorry if you are gay and wanted a yandere gay, congrats if your gay and you have accepted it. Remember you can change the world no matter the sexuality.

2. I will write as much as I can *I have no life*

3. I will sometimes be late but I promise the latest your request will take is 2 weeks

4. If there are to many I will comment to you if I'm to busy

So please if you have an idea please write a request because there is a big chance I wont be full. I'm actually writing a Apollo x reader