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Excuse Me, Is This You?

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It was a sunny morning, as always. Will stretched and groaned and let the rays of sunshine in, it’s good for the soul, it’s good for him and it’s good for most people, he advised that everyone should get a bit of sunshine unless they shouldn’t be. He picked his clothes for the day, a simple gray long-sleeve and joggers before he prepared a quick shower and brushed his teeth. He glanced at his clock and the stupid piece of metal said 7:34, he just got home three hours ago and his next shift is the following day at 4:00 PM and he just rolled his eyes because like hell he would be resting that long, shit will come and soon. Will Solace is a surgeon although his first thought was a teacher, but he’s certainly an overworked surgeon if you ask him. He never thought that this would be his calling but guess what? It was, the fault by an old memory of a boy he met when he was seven years old, the boy wasn’t tall or strong-looking and he kind of did look like your typical wimp wearing a sky blue round-neck and green shorts with a soccer ball on the bottom his muddy sneakers, his curly soft dark-brownish hair, warm hazel eyes. Will remember it as clear as the day itself;

His family is pushing him to be a lawyer not that he knew they were in his age but now he understood, so he sat there and asked, particularly no one, what would he be when he grows up? Then out of a sudden, a boy fell from the tree with a yelp, startling Will and making him run towards the boy as a reflex, “are you alright?” Will asked and the boy glared at him, “no, I fell from the tree” the boy replied brushing the few strands of his black hair from his face and dusting himself. Will stifled a laugh which made the boy glare harder, “don’t laugh at me!” the boy screamed and Will bit his lip to stop a grin, “fine, but you’re hurt and I’m older, I’m bringing you home,” Will offered and the boy looked at him weirdly, “aren’t you a kidnapper?” he asked and Will’s eyes widened before he shook his head with a smile, “nope, I’m just a kid,” Will replied and the boy’s jaw dropped awe, “so kidnappers aren’t kids? Then why are they called kidnappers?” the boy asked again but Will is getting impatient, and the wound on the boy’s knee looked bad which it is, its bleeding a lot, “why did you fell off the tree-what are you doing up the tree anyways?” Will scolded and the boy scoffed “it’s a secret, besides if I break a bone you couldn’t fix it”.

“You know what? Maybe I could… my house is pretty near…you wait here and I’ll get mom’s first aid,”

Now wearing fresh clothes Will sighed and sat back onto his bed, the boy probably grew up now, like him but he doubts the boy would remember Will the way Will remembers him. He was pulled back from his thoughts when the booming sound of his ringtone broke through the silent and gloomy air, he grabbed it from his nightstand and recognized the ID of said caller: ‘Broccoli Eyes’ and answered. Loud metal music suddenly screamed at his ear making him flinch and move the phone away in a quick jolt, “what the fuck Percy?! You want to make me deaf?!” he shouted through the receiver and the guy on the other line laughed, “Sorry Willy-o, I’m at the studio-” “I noticed,” Will interrupted rolling his eyes, “what are you doing there this early in the morning?!” Will scolded and Percy screamed at someone from a distance before talking to him again and saying “there’s a new one in the band, someone to replace that jerk Octavian, and dude he was a tonshit better” and Will ended up laying back on the bed, “is that why you called me for? Perc you’re my best friend but I’m going to be honest with you I don’t give a shit 70% of the time,” Will joked and Percy said a quick “fuck you” making Will laugh, “but seriously though, you’d love to meet this guy,” Percy continued and Will blew at the few golden strands of hair in his face as he looked directly at the ceiling grabbing a pillow and clutching it close, “hey Perc, I appreciate all the introduction of a new guy because you know I’m gay but…I’m not really in need of a relationship, I’m still kind of, busy.” Will replied and Percy sighed, “you sure you don’t want to meet him?” he asked again and Will smiled, Percy has always been a softy when it comes to Will, mainly he blames Percy why he’s single. Will looks for a guy that would treat him like Percy does but not exactly Percy, did you get that one? “yep, besides I got someone on my mind…you know that Perc,” Will reminded and Percy was about to say something but it was cut off because Percy is Percy and he gets over-excited at times and he most likely accidentally pressed the hang-up button again, Will is also a hundred percent sure he wasn’t going to call back because he’s probably too busy cursing and blaming the phone.

Will then headed downstairs, a good breakfast to lighten things up. Toast with milk, it’s as simple as it can get, maybe Percy made him lost his appetite because Percy is to blame on most things but then his phone rang again, he guessed the loser is in a good mood to call back soon. Will sighed blowing a few strands of his tousled hair away from his face, “now what?..” he grumbled before picking up his phone and an urgent voice broke through the speaker, “Will! Thank the heavens you picked up, we need you! Michael went out and he got into an accident he broke his leg-” “what!?” Will exclaimed but the person on the other line isn’t done, “yeah! And it gets worst! A guy came in just now, he’s got a few stab wounds and we’re losing him!”

“Holy shit-what the actual fuck is happening Lou?! I’ll be there real quick!”

‘this is a fucking mess!’ Will thought as he seen the said guy, named Jason Grace. Will promised he would remain fair and understand the situation of his every patient but this guy’s life is in pretty big shit. Wounds on the side of his head, two stab wounds on his thighs about five inches in depth, another one on his abdomen and a few slashes and gashes on the sides of his arms not to mention the dark purple spots on his shins and forearms along with the bleeding fists. It was a hassle fixing the guy up and he was doing the surgery while the guy is awake, Will figured as much because Mr.Grace has been muttering “I’ll murder your family” under his breath with barely open eyes. Will’s first thought was ‘I’m gonna need a miracle and two shots of coffee after this,’ the surgery lasted about four hours because this guy is being difficult, Will just told himself that the person is mushed-brained with the blood loss but Will survived, so did the guy and all he could think of was, coffee. He waked to his office, he’ll be working more than ever because the stupid Michael couldn’t drive to save his leg. His office was cold and white and cozy and he still got left over coffee from yesterday, he sighed and plopped down on his chair, playing and clicking his pen running his eyes around his office, the place needs more cheery stuff. Will don’t want his patients to feel like a hostage of an alien in a sci-fi movie but it sure does look like it’s what’s happening. Suddenly remembering about his other patients, Will went through some of their files, just to freshen up the memory, a guy who swallowed a nail, a kid playing with a knife, a girl who fell down the stairs holding a pencil and finally a troubled dumbass guy named Jason Grace. A knock the snapped him from his thoughts, “come in..” he called out and the nurse, Lou, came in. Lou is like a sibling to him and vice versa, “yeah, I’m sorry for the trouble William, it’s just that.. we can’t contact Piper and Mike was a stupid ass looser and I’m sorry that you’re letting yourself get all this crap,” she apologized before she took a sharp breath, “but I am thankful that there is still a doctor who lives up to his word,” she added with a grin and Will cracked a smile, chuckling weakly.
“come on Lou, you don’t have to say all of that, as you said this is my calling…” Will replied and Lou sighed, clicking her tongue and looking around the room tapping her foot, “I’ll go grab us coffee,” she suddenly said and Will snorted, “you don’t have to do that Lou-“ “don’t be a prissy, I’ll get us coffee and you stay here,” she forced before closing the door as she left, Will shook his head with a grin, he’s surrounded by great people and yet he still finds himself so stuck with looking for that guy. His face, his thick locks, his eyes, his small pouty lips, it all made Will realize that age fourteen, Honey He Gay. Then another knock sounded and Will threwn his arms up with a groan “Lou I swear if you got me an espress-oh…” there was a pause, an awkward long pause,

PLOTWIST: it wasn’t Lou.

It was an angel...

A punk angel, honey he rocked his outfit. They just froze there, locked into each other’s eyes. Will’s hands stopped in midair and his jaw fell.
There’s a handsome young man on his doorway, long and wavy matted black hair, dark brown eyes, black ripped jeans, black sneakers, a white undershirt that says ‘IT’S ME’ and an aviator jacket, and his face…

Dear Lord his face…

“are you Jason’s doctor?” the guy asked, his voice is a little husky, if not, raspy, and even though its deep it’s got that adolescence pitch, Will snapped and immediately touched the side of his mouth, checking for drools of course. (you can never be too sure you didn’t drool, blame Percy) Will tried to gain his composure, clearing his throat and straightening his back, shifting on his chair a little. “Y-yes, Dr. William Solace, you must be a friend of his?” Will started offering a small smile and the guy scoffed, “don’t remind me I’m connected with that dumbass,” the guy joked and Will chuckled as he tried to loosen his collar, suddenly feeling sweaty in the cold room. “I just want to say thank you for saving his sorry ass, the nurse…Lou, she told me you didn’t have enough sleep and you didn’t come home for three weeks now… is that true?” the guy asked, it was genuine concern, Will knew but Will also know that he could either push Lou on a cliff or hug her tight for being the best wingman (wing-woman?). Nevertheless, Will choked, literally and cleared his throat before offering another smile, “nurse Lou is exaggerating, please take a sit Mr.-” “Nico Di Angelo, Nico for everyone else,” he continued and Will nodded, “so Mr. Di Angelo as you-” “its Nico, that ‘call you by the last name ‘cause were being professionals’ shit never worked for me,” Nico interrupted again and Will raised a curios ,yet strangely amused, brow at the man in front of him, Nico also raised a brow in return and the two males stared at each other for quite a while before Will breaks and sighs, trying to ease the rising tension, “alright then Nico, as you may have known your friend’s state is quite a…tricky one, so don’t tell him to be surprised on the bill, also here’s what he’s been through,” Will began as he handed out sheets of paper to Nico and he snickered “I’d make him pay more if I were you, the little fucker goes into a fight he couldn’t win and we got to worry about him,” Nico grumbled but Will can tell he’s worried.
“Anyways, I’d better check him out..” Nico said as he stood up and walked towards the door, Will almost slammed his hand on the table, “w-wait, have I… Have I seen you somewhere?” he stuttered and Nico paused, looking up the ceiling, deep in thought before looking back at Will, “maybe… see you around doc,” Nico bided closing the door behind him and Will lost all strength and dropped back to his chair, his bones feeling like jelly as he breathed out a dreamy sigh..
“he’s so hot…”