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Angels Rendered

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In impossible dreams,
the doomed can be saved—
mounting trickery and tenacity
as an attack on impenetrable death.

In the unforgiving reality,
others are lost along the way.
The smallest ripple becomes a tsunami,
a diversion turns deadly… there's no going back.

A legendary robber becomes an ally,
a friend, then is lost and bitterly mourned.
A key becomes a person, becomes desperation,
and self-betrayal brings forth a nearly fatal end.

Within the deadly walls of SONA,
Michael wishes for things he never thought true.
The afterlife he doesn't believe in
could heal his mistakes— even make his victims whole.

He hopes Veronica has found her fiancé,
that Westmoreland and his daughter now dance along the stars.
Today, his heart heavier than ever, he imagines Sara
held close by her father, everything forgiven between them at last.

In the wake of all his planning lies nothing but pain,
a bloody trail of loss and sorrow leading back to Lincoln's fate.
Lincoln lives, but Michael no longer deserves to—
it's on his hands, all those choices, they're imprinted on his soul.

Please let there be something more. He clings to it now,
to the idea of reparations to all he's wronged.
He doesn't pray to the silence (where he hears no answer),
but still he hopes: Let them find the peace he cannot.


----- fin -----