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Love, Hunt Me Down

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"I guess you really didn’t need back up." Reese’s voice said over Shaw’s earpiece as she exited the small store.

She rolled her eyes, “I told you.”

"I’m surprised you didn’t just kneecap that guy, with sporting a leg wound and everything."

"I also told you that my leg is just fine… Who died and made you Finch?" The brunette muttered, sliding her beanie back on as she made her way down the street.

Reese was mumbling back a response about how it was the role he had to play until the other man returned. Adding something about how Finch would be back when he was good and ready.

She was about to shoot back a rather blunt response when she felt someone grab her and pull her toward and into an alley.

The air was knocked from Shaw’s lungs as she was shoved back against the brick wall and a taller form pressed against her before she could grab for her gun.

Despite the fact that she was obviously smaller, she was ready to fight. Until warm lips pressed against her own and gloved hands squeezed her hips.

Shaw went limp then, realizing she recognized the smell of leather mixed with feminine perfume. 

"Root?" Shaw asked a few seconds later as the taller woman pulled back slightly. "Where the hell did you come from?" She asked, pushing the hacker away roughly so that she could adjust the front of her coat. She wanted to yell at the other woman, to hit her. But John was already worriedly asking her what was going on. He didn’t need to know the details.

The taller brunette smirked at her, thumb sliding against her bottom lip slowly. “Was just with a narco trafficker… Very relevant… But not the point. Tell John to stay where he is, we’ll be heading to him.” 

Shaw shot her a look but did as she requested and as soon as it was done Root plucked the earpiece from her ear. 

"Okay… Seriously, what the fuck is going on?" Shaw asked as she watched Root destroy the tiny device. 

"Did you happen to notice that SUV that passed as I tugged you off of the sidewalk?" 

"No? I was a little preoccupied… Planning to kick the ass of whoever it was manhandling me.”

Root’s smirk twitched wider but she decided not to comment on it, “It’s Decima, they’re hunting us. And John.”

"There’s more though, isn’t there?" Shaw asked, following as Root started walking further down into the alley. 

"Yes." She paused, making sure the coast was clear before leading Shaw into a nearby building. "It’s Samaritan, they’ve got clearance to have it online for 24 hours. Phone." She said, holding out her hand toward the shorter woman.

Shaw shot her a glare but handed the device over, watching as the other brunette tossed it into a cleaning bucket nearby.

As they moved, Root filled her in on the fact that Greer was keeping score and the odds were not in their favor.

Shaw was trying to listen, she really was… But all she could think about was the kiss. Even if it had been meant as a distraction, it had stirred something in her. Mostly a curiosity.

She blinked as a gloved hand was waved in her face, “Time to move, Sameen.” Root said, a knowing smirk on her lips.

Shaw grumbled out something under her breath but followed the taller woman back outside.

John had only been a few blocks away but having to move without being seen by cameras made the trip take much longer.

They were nearly there when Root pulled her down another alley, pressing their bodies close together again.

Shaw turned her head to look for for the vehicle this time, her eyes straining to see through the veil of long brown hair blocking their faces.

"No one is there." Root whispered, her voice low.

"Then why-" Shaw was cut off as gloved hands slid against her jaw and Root’s lips melded firmly to her own. 

Shaw grunted, her head falling back slightly as Root’s hands pulled her closer.

The other woman was kissing her slowly but firmly, pulling back a few minutes later with Shaw’s bottom lip held loosely between her teeth.

She was smiling again and the smile stayed firmly in place even after she released the shorter woman.

"Sorry… Just had to try that." Root whispered, her gaze dropping once more to look at the flush that had spread across the lips she had just been kissing. She slid a small slip of paper into Shaw"s hand, curling the other woman’s fingers closed over it.

Root took a step back then, hands pulling her hood back up. “John will understand. keep out of the view of cameras… No cell phones or GPS, destroy his ear piece. And most importantly… Stay safe, Shaw.” 

The shorter woman blinked, silently watching as Root disappeared around the corner at the end of the alley before unfolding the small slip of paper.

Shaw furrowed her brow, trying to keep her mind from wandering as she stared at the name looking back at her.

G. Hendricks.