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Love, Hunt Me Down

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Shaw choked, still trying to clear her lungs from the dust they'd kicked up in their attempt to escape Decima's men.

They had barely made it under the fence before making their way up through the woods toward where 'the boys' were parked.

Root had immediately been flooded with affection from her new friends, all three of them extremely relieved that the hacker was safe.

Shaw stood off to the side, watching them with a blank expression.

"Hey... Thanks again for doing this, I know you mentioned that you were trying to save one of your own. It means a lot that you'd come help us out... Even though we don't know you." Daniel said, smiling as he paused beside her.

The woman shrugged, her dark eyes moving to meet his as Daizo came over to join them. He bypassed a thank you and immediately held out his hand a fist bump. She scowled at it for a second before sighing and lightly pounding her closed fingers against his. 

It was then that she realized Root and the third member of her gang, Jason, were still talking quietly.

Shaw's eyes flicked between the two of them, carefully taking in their expressions. She nearly gagged when she realized that Jason was... Confessing his love or something to a similar effect.

Root seemed to have mixed feelings about the shift in conversation but they were partially hidden behind a mask. Shaw shoved her hands in her pockets, her nose wrinkling in distaste as she spared them one more glance before heading for the SUV. 

As she was walking away, she completely missed the way that Root dodged Jason's attempt at a kiss.

The shorter brunette drug her feet against the dirt road, kicking angrily at a stray stone that was unfortunate enough to find itself in her path.

When she reached the vehicle, she immediately pulled open one of the back doors and hopped up, not bothering to pull it shut behind her.

It was quiet for several minutes and she was sitting still, glaring at her boots. She was so busy moping that she failed to notice Root approaching, the woman was light on her feet after all.


Shaw glanced up, her eyebrows rising slightly in surprise. "What?"

"Why are you back here all by yourself?"

"Figured I would let you and the guys get all caught up... You looked like you were having a moment or whatever the fuck that was."

Root arched a delicate brow, a small frown playing at her lips. The expression didn't stick around long though and a second later she was laughing. "Is Sameen Shaw jealous??"

"Why the fuck would you think that? Of course not..." Shaw muttered, averting her eyes.

"Okay." Root said, her smile fading into one that was much more tame and affectionate. "Thanks... For coming for me. I don't know what I would have done without you." Root said, her voice growing soft. She took a step closer and placed her hands on either side of the frame of the door, her eyes staring pointedly at Shaw.

"You would have died." Shaw deadpanned, her dark eyes moving up to meet the hacker's.

"Probably." Root said, not bothering to argue.

She stared at Shaw for a moment longer before leaning down and pressing a small kiss to the shorter woman's cheek."You should come sit up front with me."

Shaw sat rigidly where she was for a moment longer, staring into space before blinking as Root pulled the driver door closed. 

The ex agent hopped down just in time as the boys were approaching, her eyes immediately narrowing as Jason moved for the passenger door. "Nuh uh. I've got shotgun, Chewbacca." 

She brushed past him and slid smugly into the seat, her grin tugging a little wider as Daniel and Daizo chuckled nearby. Jason shot her a glare before moving to take the seat behind her.

"Now, now... Let's behave ourselves, children..." Root mumbled affectionately and shook her head as she started the engine.