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Love, Hunt Me Down

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Shaw cracked her eyes open to stare at her ceiling as the first few rays of sunlight strayed in through her large windows.

Today was one that she had been dreading since it rolled around last year. Her Birthday.

She sighed, rolling into a sitting position and throwing her feet over the side of the bed. She was also dreading whatever sentiment Finch, Lionel or Reese would try to push on her.

Trying to push away the thought, Shaw padded toward her bathroom to begin her morning routine. 

When she was done and changed for her morning jog, she was feeling slightly more optimistic. Maybe they wouldn't mention it at all.


A jog had been exactly what she needed, it loosened up her muscles and cleared her mind. Preparing her for whatever the remaining hours of the day had in store for her.

Shaw slid her key from her sports bra as she rounded the corner to the hallway leading to her apartment. She glanced up, doing a double take as she noticed a large bag sitting in front of her door.

She approached it cautiously, glancing back over her shoulder to ensure that no one was attempting to sneak up on her. She wished now that she had brought a gun or knife with her, in case of this being the first step of an attack. 

Shaw peered over the edge of the bag once she was close enough, relaxing slightly when she noticed the card sitting on top of the tissue paper. "Sameen" written in a familiar feminine scrawl.

Rolling her eyes, Shaw grabbed the bag up roughly by the handle before unlocking her door with her free hand. She immediately deposited it on the floor next to her as she re-locked her apartment before heading for the shower.

She hadn't been planning on opening it, she really hadn't. But when she re-emerged and caught sight of it while towel drying her hair, her curiosity got the better of her.

Shaw grabbed the bag by the handle and set it atop her comforter before turning to pick out her outfit for the day. It was still cold, cold enough that she had to wear almost complete cover for her jog. She'd left the beanie at home but had worn three tops, long pants and thick socks along with her normal running shoes. 

After layering herself up again, in case the number Finch gave her required being out in the cold for the majority of the day, she finally looked back toward the bag. 

She grabbed the thin envelope, quickly ripping open the back to get to the card inside.

"You thought you would get away with nothing today, didn't you?" Was the simple message, there was no signature but again, the handwriting gave it away. Shaw exhaled heavily, dropping the card to lift out the tissue paper.

The large box of chocolate covered strawberries caught her eye first and she subconsciously licked her lips as she snatched it up from the bag. The cardboard was cool against her hands, obviously her not so secret admirer had dropped all of this off not long before she returned.

Probably just before, perfectly timed so that Root could see her slowing to a stop before heading inside.

She pushed that thought to the back of her mind as soon as her eyes fell on the beautiful fruit. There was an assortment of dark and milk chocolate dipped strawberries and the smell already had her mouth watering.

Shaw plucked the closest milk chocolate from the packaging, holding it by the leaves as she bit into it. Her eyes rolled shut and she deposited the box on the bed, returning the leaves to the empty spot before peeking curiously back into the bag. Her eyes narrowed as they settled on something dark pooled amongst the rest of the tissue paper.

"You have got to be kidding me..." The brunette muttered, her lip curling slightly as she took in the sight of the grey and black lacy lingerie. As soon as she had it in her hand, she knew something was off. It wasn't even her size. 

The top was soft against her hands and she was surprised to find that hiding beneath it was also a matching set of underwear and stockings. 

Shaking her head, Shaw stuffed them back into the bag, pushing the tissue paper she'd pulled out back on top before turning her attention back to her strawberries.


The day past mostly without incident, although as soon as she saw Harold he wished her a happy birthday. But that was it, they immediately returned to normalcy after that one comment.

"So we good to go then, Harold?" 

"I believe so Miss Shaw, if there's anything else... I know how to contact you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening." He said, shooting her a smile as he attached Bear's leash to his collar.

She nodded and walked out with them before heading in the opposite direction, toward her apartment as they set out on their evening walk. 

The brunette made a pit stop on the way home, stopping to treat herself to a steak and a beer. She enjoyed the quiet meal by herself but the chatter around her grew as time went on. She finished her beer before ducking back out onto the street after leaving more than enough money for her for her food and the tip.

The night air was cool against her face and Shaw exhaled slowly, watching as her breath dissipated before her eyes. By the time she was back to her building, the cold had made its way down into her core. She was grateful for the warmth she found when she made her way inside, and even more so when she was in front of her own door.

It was time for another shower, beer and then bed.

She slipped the key into the lock and pushed open the door, her eyes moving toward the left when she realized her light was on.

Shaw reached for her gun, proceeding into her apartment slowly and pulling the door shut behind her as silently as possible. 

"Don't worry, I won't bite." Root's voice said from back by her bathroom. 

The shorter woman swore under her breath, dropping her arms to turn around and glare at the hacker. "What the fuck are you doing here? Are you looking to get shot?" She snapped.

"No." Root said before closing the distance between them. 

"Well, that's what's in your future unless you get the hell out. And take this with you..." She said, turning to grab the bag still sitting on the edge of her bed. "Shit wouldn't even have fit me if I did wear this type of thing."

"I never said it was for you to wear... Did I?" Root asked, her smirk pulling a little wider as she watched something click in Shaw's brain.

The shorter woman glanced down toward the bag in her hand, swallowing thickly as she realized it was now empty, aside from the brightly colored tissue paper.

She glanced up when she realized that Root was coming closer, "But... If you're not up for it... I can always find someone else to wear it for..." The taller woman said nonchalantly as she lowered the zipper to her jacket to reveal the lacy top.

"Uh... No, you should stay." Shaw said, her eyes trailing over the other woman's torso slowly. 

Root's smirk returned and she grabbed both sides of the collar of Shaw's jacket and moved to remove it. "I knew you would come around... Now, we need to get you 'dressed' for the occasion as well."