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Love, Hunt Me Down

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Harold glanced up from his work as he heard his agents return to the library. "What have you two been up to?"

"Corrupting Detective Fusco." Reese said, a small smile playing at his lips as Shaw rolled her eyes beside him.

"As if he needs any help with that..." She mumbled sarcastically, crossing her arms and watching as Finch shifted some things around on his desk.

"I'm merely inspiring him to move up the HR ladder..." Reese said, almost innocently. Finch shook his head, the longer the two of them spent time together, the more they acted like siblings.

"Well, I'm afraid that you'll have to hold off on any further corruption for the time being. We have a new number." He turned away from them, knowing by the click of their shoes that he'd caught their attention.

Finch smoothed down the tape he'd placed at the top of the image to ensure that it stayed in place on the board. Shaw and Reese both took in the face of a brunette woman, probably somewhere in her early to mid thirties.

"Her name is Caroline Turing."

Shaw glanced up toward the taller man standing beside her, "Well, she's prettier than Lionel."

Reese nodded but before he could comment, Finch was continuing. "And much more discreet, her online profiles are all carefully managed."

"Are we thinking that she's got something to hide?" Reese asked, arching a brow.

"Many things, I would suspect. She's a psychiatrist." He ignored the way that Shaw wrinkled her nose at the woman's occupation. "She appears to specialize in high end clients, the sort who insist on discretion... I need the two of you to get closer to her and see if you can't work out where the threat is coming from."


It didn't take Reese and Shaw long to track the woman down. They knew where she worked and they had her address, after figuring out which route she took between the two, they were able to spot her in the morning crowd.

"Well, we're off to a good start. People act crazy getting their coffee, maybe she pissed someone off before they could get some caffeine in their system." Shaw muttered, watching the woman as she headed toward the coffee shop across the street.

"How about you go pick something up?" Reese suggested, knowing how much his partner in crime liked food.

"Are you serious?" Shaw asked but she cut him off before he could answer. "Oh, yeah. That's all you ever are. Thanks, Lurch."

The man shook his head and watched as she made her way across the street and into the shop in no time at all. She slipped into the line once she was inside and pulled out her phone. There was only one person between her and Caroline and the woman appeared to be composing a text. Shaw easily cloned her phone before the woman slipped the device back into her pocket to place her order.

"So, how'd it go?" Reese asked, his eyebrows rising as she handed him a fresh doughnut.

"Well, everyone in there seemed friendly enough. And she was careful with her double shot Macchiato, even made sure to grab a sleeve, so it wasn't going to be anything self inflicted..." The woman answered around a mouthful of her own deep fried breakfast.

Reese shook his head and started off toward their next destination, the building next to Caroline's office.


"So, have the two of you decided who will be going in as Miss Turing's new client?"

Reese and Shaw exchanged looks and a slow smile pulled at the woman's lips. "Flip for it?"

"Oh dear... You cannot be serious." Finch grumbled into their earpieces, completely ignorant to the fact that they already had a coin out and were in the process of flipping it.

"Yes! Don't worry, Finch. I've got this covered."

"Why is it that you always manage to win on the ones that matter?"

"You're just pissed 'cuz she's hot." Shaw said, grinning smugly as they turned their attention back toward the conversation happening in Caroline's office.

After a few minutes, it became more than obvious that something was going on with the current client. He seemed highly irate and everything that Caroline said to him only seemed to make things worse.

"Wow, this guy's a charmer." Shaw muttered, a frown pulling at her lips as she watched him chew the other woman out.

"Yeah... We might have someone for you to look into, Finch."

The two continued their surveillance and were surprised when the session with Hans ended with Caroline offering to refer him to another therapist. The patient seemed reluctant and Shaw grimaced.

"Ugh, clingy men are the worst." The woman muttered, "I don't know how she puts up with this day in and day out."

Reese ignored her and continued to watch the two, although Hans still seemed irate, the knowledge that Caroline seemed to have made up her mind made him deflate slightly.

Shaw and Reese both looked away from the building as the man's phone rang in his pocket. "What now, Lionel?"

"Nice to talk to you, too, tall dark and broody. Just got done with my meeting with the big wigs, HR is going murder for hire."

Reese furrowed his brow and turned away from Shaw as he listened intently to what Lionel was saying on the other end of the line. "Do you know who the target is?"

Shaw watched as Reese's features darkened further and she put down the camera she'd been using to snap their surveillance pictures. She glanced down one last time toward Caroline's office to find that the woman was alone and Hans had seen himself out. By the time she was done, Reese had wrapped up his call.

"What was all that about?"

"We've got forty eight hours to figure out who wants Miss Turing dead." Reese said, tucking his phone back into his pocket. "Whoever they are, they hired HR to do their dirty work."


Reese sighed and finished screwing the last screw to the face of the thermostat, "What is this for again?"

"You just installed a motion sensor camera, it will record the faces of anyone coming and going to Miss Turing's floor." Harold responded immediately, sounding pretty proud with himself over the idea to use that tech.

"Sounds good and I'll keep watch from our previous spot next door... How are you doing, Shaw?"


Shaw had been scowling even before Reese's voice cut in over her earpiece but she somehow managed to darken the expression even further. "Do I really have to wear this?"

"I'm afraid so, we need your outfit to seem convincing, Miss Shaw."

"Are you saying my normal clothes aren't good enough, Harold?" Shaw asked, her voice low and dangerous. She crossed her arms over her chest, hating how stiff and tight her power-suit was. She hadn't been able to sneak any firearms into her outfit and even a blade had been too obvious with the form fitting lines of the fabric.

"I'm sure you'll make it work, Shaw. Just make sure to utilize that outfit to its fullest... Distract her and make her spill her secrets to you, instead of the other way around."

The brunette clenched her teeth and was about to respond when the door to Caroline's office opened suddenly.


Root paused just after opening the door, the words she'd been ready to speak catching in the back of her throat. She tried to keep her expression mostly neutral but she had felt her eyebrows rise slightly in her surprise. "Hello. Sorry about the wait... If you could come on back, we'll get started."

She smiled charmingly at the other woman who was rising from the couch nearby. Admittedly, she had been expecting the legendary man in the suit, not a beautiful woman in one. It confirmed her theory though, that they had a new member. Root had seen the two of them tailing her the day before and had figured that was the case.

Once her newest client was inside, Root shut the door and watched the woman make her way over toward the window across from the door.

"So, what is it that you do, Miss...?"

"Raven, Raven Royce." Shaw said, turning away from the window and back toward the psychiatrist. "And, I'm a consultant. It's… Complicated, not really all that interesting."

A slow smile spread across Root's lips, "Are you sure? I find that business is often quite personal with my patients…"

Shaw forced a smile and hoped that it was believable enough to fool the other woman. "I was told that I could count on your discretion."

"Of course. My client's are private people… I respect that. And I will protect whatever it is that you choose to confide in me, at all costs."

Shaw nodded and walked toward a small book case that was not far from the door, Root watched her closely. Noting her stiff posturing and wandering eyes. "So, what brings you to my office?"

The other woman turned, her dark gaze flitting toward the psychiatrist before moving toward the large windows. "Would you mind closing the blinds?"

"If it would make you more comfortable, I certainly can." Root said gently, turning toward her desk to grab a small remote. Seconds later, the blinds were slowly moving at the single push of a button. "Would you care for something to drink?"

"Water would be nice." Shaw said, watching as the creme colored blinds finished their descent.

From his vantage point on the building across from Caroline's office, Reese watched helplessly as his visibility was destroyed. "You know Shaw, I did have you covered."

"Can't be too careful..." The female operative mumbled, making her way over toward Caroline's desk now that the other woman was absent. She flipped open a small, leather bound book and started snapping pictures to send to Finch.

"Ah, good... You've found her schedule. Thank you, Miss Shaw. Unfortunately I am only seeing her client's initials."

Shaw rolled her eyes and shut the book once she was sure she'd gotten all of the recent pages. "I can only get you what she has available, Finch."

By the time Caroline returned to her office glass in hand, Shaw was seated casually on the couch. The psychiatrist placed the glass in front of her before smoothing down her dress and taking a seat in her chair. "Tell me, what is it that you see as the purpose for your visit?"

Shaw shrugged and averted her eyes. Caroline leaned forward a bit in her chair curiously, "You seem... A bit agitated."

The shorter brunette tried to resist the urge to squirm under the other woman's attentive gaze, "Why would you say that?"

"Body language, closing the blinds…. And you sat facing the door, your eyes moving toward it often... What is it that you're afraid of?"

Shaw's eyes fluttered closed and remained that way briefly, Cole's face flashing behind closed eyelids.

"Careful Shaw." Reese's voice over the earpiece disrupted the image and she barely resisted the urge to turn the thing off. Instead, a slow smile pulled at her lips as she glanced toward the psychiatrist.

"Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing."

Caroline's eyes widened briefly before she narrowed them, cocking her head to the side.

Shaw's smile pulled wider, "What's the panic button under your desk for?" She asked, her eyes moving over toward the piece of furniture lazily.

Caroline followed her gaze and her smile disappeared almost immediately. "Is there someone you're afraid of?"

The psychiatrist's eyes flicked back toward her then, a more intrigued and calculating look covering her features. "You're… Highly observant. Hyper-vigilant… Aware of your surroundings."

"Are you calling me paranoid, Doc?" Shaw asked, tilting her head to the side slightly to mimic the way the other woman was looking at her.

"Is that what you think?" Shaw's eyes narrowed, she hated it when they did this. "I was thinking something else… Former military?"

"Tread carefully… Miss Shaw." Finch's voice said softly, snapping her out of her staring match with the other woman.

"Is it that obvious?" Shaw asked, a small chuckle escaping her as she feigned tucking her hair behind her ear to turn off her earpiece.

"A little. You see the world differently than most, a threat around every corner… Tell me, Miss Royce. Do you feel the need to… Protect people?"

Shaw's jaw flexed beneath her skin, "I do."

"Have you... Lost someone, that you were trying to protect?"

"Yes." The brunette breathed, knowing that opening up a little would probably get the other woman to feel more comfortable to do the same. "If I'm being honest... It is my Mother who insisted I come here."

"And why's that? Why was she concerned about you?" Caroline asked, grabbing her pen to start jotting down a few notes.

"I struggle with... Emotion. Ever since I was a child. She's always been worried about it, thinks it can be fixed. That I can be fixed."

Caroline's lips smoothed into a thin line, "Well, I don't agree with the concept of fixing someone. You can't fix something that isn't broken. Your brain most likely just deals with emotion differently than others. And that's nothing to be ashamed of."

Shaw absorbed the words but only just. She'd heard it before, her Mother had insisted on therapy for her, after her Father passed. Nothing had worked and the two had grown further and further apart over the years because of it. And now, her Mother thought that she was dead. In some ways, she was grateful that she had less of a capacity to feel. It made goodbyes easier.

"Would you mind if I asked, who it is exactly that you lost?" Caroline asked, her voice soft. Her pen was down now, forgotten along with the paper on the coffee table between them. Shaw could see pity in her eyes and although she didn't want it, she knew that it meant her plan was working.

So she breathed in deeply to prepare herself for a topic that hadn't been touched for many years. She was twisting some of the details of her Father and Cole's deaths but there was still some truth to her words.

"My Father."


Reese stood stoically by a window, watching as Caroline ate by herself in the small outside sitting area below. He was desperately trying to ignore the sounds Shaw was making as she shoveled food into her mouth nearby.

Finch had just contacted them moments before, with more bad news. He still had no leads on whoever it was that had paid off HR to take out the therapist, the money they were paid with had come from several different accounts. Although he himself had faith that they would be able to protect the woman, Finch seemed a little shaken by the fact that he was having no luck on his end.

"She's cute." Reese was snapped from his thoughts as Zoe spoke up next to him, her hand ghosting across the small of his back.

Shaw looked up from her food, a mischievous grin tugging at her lips. "Don't worry, I took point on this one."

Zoe smiled at the other woman, a slender brow arched above the other. "Good to hear you're getting some help."

The brunette shot her a glare before stabbing her fork into the plate harshly and leaving the two to their conversation. Reese smiled "Hello, Zoe. Are you familiar with Miss Turing?"

"No but I do know a few of her clients..." Zoe said as she pulled out photographs she'd gotten of the men, "I've narrowed it down to three players. Hans Friedrickson, Terrance Baxter and David S-."

Shaw is listened intently as she watched Caroline take a sip from her tea below.


"She's got to be done soon, right? The last client left like an hour ago..." Shaw muttered, her breath turning into fog as soon as it hit the crisp night air.

"Yes, that's her now if you'd be patient." Reese muttered, watching the woman exit the building.

Shaw moved to keep up with the man as they started to tail her but he shook his head. "She's seen your face already... You should bring the car around, let me handle this."

Shaw huffed in response, shoving her hands deeply into her pockets and slowing her pace so that she could veer off toward the car. She knew he was right, although the fact that Caroline was going to see a new face when HR made their move made the brunette feel a little on edge. Hopefully the other woman would trust Reese and the plan would go off without a hitch.

Harold had already booked a room at a nearby hotel for them, a very swanky suite. And if anything, Caroline would probably appreciate to get into a vehicle with a familiar face after having guns and a mystery man come to her rescue.

Over her earpiece, she heard Reese approach the woman. He tried to explain that he saw some shady men up ahead but Caroline seemed more creeped out by him than the possible men down the way. Shaw tightened her grip on the steering wheel and brought the car to a stop, listening in as the other woman calmly explained to Reese that this was the same route she took home every night, that she'd be fine. She thanked him quickly for his courtesy before resuming her walk toward her subway station.

"Real smooth, Reese." Shaw mumbled over the line, she knew that he heard her but he didn't respond. And less than a minute later, gunfire broke out.

"Everything okay over there?" She asked, this time there was no sign of humor in her voice.

"Yes, we're on our way now." Reese responded coolly and Shaw could barely make out Caroline's terrified voice as she commented on the fact that he was now talking to himself.

Reese quickly led Caroline to the vehicle, calmly telling her that his friend was going to get her to safety and that she had a place to stay for the night. The woman seemed concerned but approached the car anyway, for fear of being shot at again.

As soon as the passenger door was open, Caroline's eyes widened. "Raven?"

Shaw smiled and patted the seat behind her, motioning for the other woman to get in the back instead. "Hey Doc, you wanna go on a date?"


Shaw raised her eyes to glance in the rear-view mirror, looking past the silhouetted form of Caroline as she changed into less familiar clothing. "If you could put down your hair too, that would be great."

"I'd love to, if you wouldn't mind telling me what the hell is going on." Caroline snapped, her cool and even tone from earlier completely absent. "This, w-whatever this is... It's not okay. Did you have that man following me, were you following me?"

"Well, when you put it that way... I guess it does sound kind of bad." Shaw admitted, "but wouldn't you rather be in this car with me now, than shot full of holes?"

Caroline didn't answer, instead she situated herself on the seat properly so that she could let her hair down.

Shaw was about to say something else when her earpiece came to life suddenly, "The plan is working perfectly thus far, I've intercepted some of the calls between Simmons and his men... They think Caroline is still with the man in the suit. Please proceed to the hotel as soon as possible, Miss Shaw."

Shaw smirked, glad to be done driving around in circles until the coast was clear. "Gotcha, thanks."

"You talk to yourself too? Wonderful..." Caroline muttered, putting on her seat-belt as the other woman took a rather rough right turn.

"Nah, I'm not that type of gal. I like quiet, wouldn't want to disturb it, even with my wonderful voice. That was my boss and he's footed the bill for our room tonight... So I would try to be a little more respectful."

Caroline shot her a look but remained quiet for the rest of the drive, Shaw handed the keys over to the valet before the two women quickly made their way inside.

"Hello, how can I help you tonight?"

Shaw approached the woman at the reception, her arm looped loosely around Caroline's torso. "I reserved a room ahead of time, last name Royce."

The woman entered the name on her computer, clicking a few times before looking up. "Raven?"

"That would be me."

The woman smiled and looked between Shaw and Caroline, "The honeymoon suite, a good choice. Here are your keys. I hope you enjoy your stay."


They hadn't even made it to their floor when Shaw's earpiece came back to life suddenly. "The area is still crawling with cops, you'll have to lay low for the night."

Shaw nodded, "Got it. Thanks Reese."

"Reese?" Caroline asked curiously, "Is he your boss?"

"No, he's the guy that saved you back there." Shaw answered as the doors opened for them to make their way into the hallway. "He just told me we get to spend the entire night in this place. Could be worse, right?"

Caroline stared after the woman, shocked by her nonchalant behavior. She followed her down the hall to their door and Shaw swiped the key before hurriedly pulling her inside.

"Let's work on shutting all of the blinds, first and foremost..." The shorter brunette said, making her way over to the large doors that lead out to the balcony. She pulled the curtains together before moving to close the blinds to the windows nearby.

"I-I don't understand... Who would want to kill me?" Caroline said softly, sinking down onto the plush sofa.

Shaw shot her an exasperated look, "We were sorta hoping you could tell us that... It's gotta be someone rich, with the connections necessary to take you out... Sound like any of your patients?"

Caroline swallowed thickly, looking extremely pale at this point. "All of them."

"Well, the only way we can get the dogs called off is if we know who hired them." Shaw said from the bedroom before making her way back out toward the other woman. She paused, frowning slightly as she took in the panic building on Caroline's face.

"I-I can't think... I can't move. What are we going to do-" Shaw grabbed the woman not so gently when she rose from the couch and held her by her biceps before shaking her.

"Hey, chill! You've got a safe place to stay for the night, one man checking in on possible leads and the other leading the goons away from you. You're fine. Trust me."

"But they want to kill me! They had guns!" Caroline argued, her voice rising sharply. She continued to panic verbally, ignoring the way that Shaw's eyes had drifted closed as she tried to keep herself calm.

Then, suddenly, Caroline fell silent. Her eyes widened as she felt Shaw's lips press firmly against her own, the shorter woman's hands tightening their grip on her arms and keeping her from pulling away. They broke apart after a moment and Caroline could only stare after her eyes had fluttered back open.

"Was that to produce an adrenaline response?" The taller woman asked, her voice quiet as she glanced between Shaw's eyes and mouth.

"No. You just... You just had to stop talking." She said, moving to drop her hands but Caroline caught them and threaded her fingers through Shaw's.

"I won't say another word..." She whispered, leaning in slowly to give Shaw a chance to pull away. Their lips had almost brushed when Shaw leaned back, shaking her head.

"I can't." She made her way over to the kitchenette to grab a bottle of wine. Shaw paused, eyes landing on two bars of chocolate and picked them up quickly to throw toward Caroline. "Here, eating always makes me feel better."

The woman's eyes widened and she managed to catch the candy despite her surprise. Sighing, Caroline opened the wrapper and took a bite, watching as Shaw opened the wine.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Well, I ain't Raven Royce... Name's Shaw." The shorter brunette said before bringing the freshly opened bottle to her lips. "Oh, sorry... Do you want some?"

Caroline arched a brow, still looking wary. "Alright, alright... Sorry I lied to you, let's just say... You and I, we both help people solve their problems. I'm just a little more hands on with my line of work."

"Was anything that you told me real?" Caroline asked, her expression relaxing slightly.

"Kind of." Shaw responded, making her way over to join the other woman on the couch. "I did really lose my Dad when I was a kid but it wasn't to burglars... He died in a car crash. I barely got hurt. The person I lost in a shoot out, that was when I was in the military... He was my friend."

It still wasn't the entire truth but she wasn't going to spill that she had previously worked for a secret government agency.

"I see..."

"And the part about my emotional stuntedness... That's true too." Shaw added, taking another sip of the wine before offering it to Caroline.

"I can tell." The other brunette said, rather bluntly as she grabbed the bottle before taking a large gulp of its contents.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Shaw asked, a little incredulously.

"You so no sign of being afraid... Despite the fact that there are men after me, that want to kill me and you apparently intend on standing in the way..."

"Not just standing, I'll take 'em out before they even know what hit 'em." Shaw said, snatching the bottle back and narrowing her eyes.

"And you kissed me only to turn me away-"

"Woah, hold up. So my being respectful and sticking to my job instead of getting up your dress made you mad?"

Caroline immediately turned her face away from the prying eyes of the other woman, her cheeks darkening slightly. Shaw chuckled then as realization dawned on her, "Oh, I get it... Well, sorry I got you all hot and bothered but my intention was just to distract."

The taller woman looked back then, her eyes narrowing. "I'm going to go lay down."

Shaw shrugged, "Fine. Suit yourself, I'm going to continue to enjoy this free wine."

She watched from the corner of her eye as Caroline headed into the bedroom alone, pushing the door shut behind her until it was almost closed. Shaw rolled her eyes and sat out in the living room for a while longer, drinking from the wine occasionally until she decided she was buzzed enough.

The brunette sank deeper into the couch, her head falling back to rest on the top of the cushion.

The rest of the hotel room was quiet, it had been for a while now. Caroline had only been moving around for a few minutes before she had fallen completely silent after the light had been switched off.

Curious, Shaw set the wine down on the coffee table before silently making her way over to the bedroom door. She pushed it open wide enough to slip her head inside the room to scope out the space. Despite the darkness beyond the door, the little bit of light coming in from behind her made the outline of the other woman under the covers visible.

Shaw lingered a moment, her body warm both from the alcohol and her conversation earlier with Caroline. She was trying to be professional, for Harold's sake but her body wasn't agreeing. Caroline was a gorgeous woman and they tended to not keep in contact with their numbers once they had rescued them. It was exactly what Shaw looked for in a date.

She hesitated, her hand gripping the doorknob before she slowly eased out of the room.

"Aren't you going to join me?" Caroline asked, stopping Shaw in her tracks. The other woman had sat up slightly and was peeking over her bare shoulder through a dark veil of hair.

Shaw swallowed thickly when she realized that the dark shape clinging to the bed frame was actually Caroline's dress hanging off of the end of the bed.

Outwardly she guessed that she looked stoic but inwardly she was warring with herself. She was just starting to get settled in with her new boss and she doubted that he would appreciate her sleeping with the woman that they were trying to protect. Her body and the alcohol running through it seemed to win over the thought of his disapproval though and she knew that John would back her up.

Shaw pushed the door back open and took a few steps toward the bed, her stomach twisting in anticipation as Caroline rolled over to face her. The other woman was still clad in her bra and underwear but the tan and black lace left little to the imagination.

Caroline reached out as soon as Shaw was close enough, her fingers wrapping around the other woman's belt. "You're overdressed..."


Root smirked, her eyes roving up Shaw's torso lazily as the other woman did the same. She was trying her best to keep up the facade she had built but her resolve was crumbling. The man in the suit wasn't nearly as interesting as his female counterpart.

Something about the other brunette had caught her eye immediately and that instant attraction had made it difficult to focus ever since.

Root's teeth teased her bottom lip as she pulled Shaw closer by her belt before deftly undoing the buckle. Although Shaw seemed determined to keep a straight face, her body didn't seem to be on the same page. She exhaled heavily as her thighs hit the side of the mattress, her eyes finding the other brunette's.

"You aren't still having second thoughts, are you?" Root asked, her voice a low and flirty.

Shaw's left eyebrow twitched a fraction higher than the other, "No."

Root's smirk pulled wider before she let out a small gasp as she was pressed into the mattress, Shaw's hips settling smoothly over her own. The other woman was seated over her, legs framing her hips and hands catching her forearms when she tried to touch.

The mischievous glint remained in Root's eyes despite the look of disapproval that shot across Shaw's features. She knew the other woman wanted control but she wasn't too keen on just passing it all over. Her libido was doing quite a lot of her thinking as well and the risk of showing more of her true nature didn't seem to have as big of a consequence at the moment.

"You're still wearing so much clothing." She said, pouting. Her eyes flicked up then, to catch the dark ones watching her.

Shaw's grip relaxed and Root immediately slid her fingertips beneath the hem of the shorter woman's shirt. She could feel muscle pull taunt beneath warm flesh and felt compelled to trace the contours of Shaw's stomach further.

Root's lips once again twisted into a smirk as she ground her hips up into Shaw's, causing the other woman's eyes to fall shut.

She watched Shaw's jaw flex before strong hands found her own. Her fingers stopped their exploration, just short of the other brunette's bra but she was rewarded with Shaw tossing her shirt to the floor a minute later.

"Now we're getting somewhere..." Root said softly, her eyes tracing over the same contours that her fingers just had. Her tongue slid against the backs of her teeth and her eyes darted upward. Shaw was watching her carefully through thick lashes and a few dark strands of hair.


Their kissing was rough, almost desperate. Root sighed into Shaw's mouth and dug her nails into the other woman's back as she felt strong hands cover breasts.

It had been months since she had taken the time to let someone appreciate her body and she had honestly missed it. Usually she struggled to find someone who fit her needs. Too many shied away from the opportunity of mixing pleasure and pain but Shaw's rough and passionate approach suited her needs nicely.

"This needs to go, now." Shaw grumbled suddenly, her breath hot against Root's neck.

The taller woman smirked and sat up a little once Shaw's weight shifted for her to do so, she was just undoing the clasp when a ringing sound broke out nearby.

Shaw glanced toward the floor and the dark shape that was most likely the crumpled outline of her pants.

"Are you going to get that?"

The shorter woman shot her an incredulous look, "Hell no."

With that response, a slow smirk spread across Root's features and she let the tension release with the clasp of her bra. Shaw ripped the piece of clothing off like it had personally offended her before settling back down over the taller woman. The ringing fell silent and the two fell back into their kissing without hesitation.

The moment of silence was short lived however and the ringing returned.

Shaw sat up and shot her deadliest glare toward her pants before reluctantly rising to pad across the carpet and retrieve her phone.

"What?" She asked, not bothering to hide her annoyance.

"Why is your earpiece off? Finch has been trying to get a hold of you." Reese asked.

"I was- I was busy." Shaw said, "Why? What's going on?"

"Busy...? Please tell me you aren't- Nevermind. You two need to get out of there, I'm on my way over. Finch saw HR talking to some of the security guards, they're on their way up now."

"Shit... Alright. Thanks, Reese." Shaw said, pulling on her pants and ignoring the disappointed looks that Caroline was shooting her. The other woman had sat up and was watching as Shaw hurriedly got her clothing back on.

"Something wrong?"

"That is an understatement if I ever heard one. Get dressed. We need to go." Shaw said, "The hotel security is on their way up, the guys looking for you are only waiting in the lobby as a courtesy."

Caroline's expression immediately shifted to one of alarm and she hastily reached for her bra. Shaw shook her head, cursing under her breath as she made her way back out into the living room area. She turned on her earpiece and was immediately met with Finch's frantic voice.

"Miss Shaw? Please tell me you are prepared... You won't be able to make it out of the room, the security guards have just reached your floor."

Shaw sighed and fixed her hair, "Got it. Thanks for the heads up Finch."

She had barely finished speaking when a knock was rapped loudly against the door. Shaw exhaled slowly and slid on a confused look before pulling the door open. "Hello?"

"Hello, we're here to speak with Raven Royce?" The first man asked, staring her directly in the eye. His companion was trying to discreetly look past Shaw and into the rest of the room but she saw everything.

"That would be me, is there a problem?" She asked, leaning against the door.

"I don't think so but we needed to come and talk to you regardless. The police are searching for a woman and we weren't sure if you or your partner fit the description... Would you mind if we came inside for a moment and could we talk to her as well?" Shaw could feel her muscles slowly starting to stiffen. These two would be easy to deal with but if HR got any hint of foul play, they could have reinforcements there before Reese.

"Sure, come on in..." She said, stepping aside for the two of them to walk toward the living room. Once the door was shut, Shaw followed behind them and paused by the bedroom.

She was brought out of her thoughts as a warm arm wrapped around her waist from behind and Caroline's body melded against her side. "Hello, I'm Samantha. May I ask what this is about?"

The man smiled, "I apologize for the inconvenience, Ma'am... We just need to make sure that neither of you are who the police are looking for and then we will leave you to the rest of your evening."

Shaw blinked, surprised by how easily Caroline seemed to slip into her role. She almost missed the way that the second man, who had been quiet this entire time, pulled his phone from his pocket.

It only took him a few seconds to assess the fact that Caroline was the same woman in the photo on his screen and Shaw had to move quickly. Both men saw the punch coming and did their best to try to subdue her and with their extra height and weight advantage they almost did. They each held one of her arms, keeping her from reaching for their holstered weapons. The two were so busy with Shaw that they didn't notice Caroline approaching.

The taller brunette had grabbed a large decorative vase and brought it down heavily against the head of the man who had recognized her. She watched him crumple to the floor before watching as Shaw quickly dealt with his partner. When that was done, and he was lying next to the other on the floor, she shot Caroline an appreciative look. "Thanks for the backup."

"No problem..." Caroline breathed, watching as Shaw collected the guns from the downed security guards.

"We've got to get moving, grab your coat."

Caroline nodded and moved to do as she was told, they were just getting ready to exit their room when Finch's voice cut in over Shaw's earpiece.

"Since going down isn't an option, I think I found a suitable escape for the two of you... Do you know how to fly a helicopter, Miss Shaw?"


Shaw moved quickly up the steps toward the roof, Caroline hot on her tail. "So... Do you do this job because of your Father?"

"What?" Shaw asked, shooting the woman a confused look over her shoulder.

"Do you save people... Out of guilt-"

"Woah, c'mon now. I thought we were closer than this, Doc. You're still analyzing me?" She spat, her eyes narrowing into a scowl.

Caroline frowned slightly, "It was an attempt to distract myself from the fact that there are men trying to kill me..."

It sounded like she had more to say but Shaw tuned her out, her teeth gnashing together as sounds and lights from the roof reached her. "Shit, why is there a helicopter?"

"Isn't that what we're looking for?" Caroline asked, trying to peek around the other woman who had slowed to a stop.

"Yes... But I haven't stolen it yet."

She ignored the worried look that Caroline shot her and instead focused on contacting Harold, "A little help here would be great."

"Working on it, Miss Shaw! I have to find a route for both you and Mr. Reese at the same time." The man's voice came sharply over the line and Shaw was actually pretty proud of him for being so assertive.

She and Caroline paused, glancing up as the door to the roof was thrown open violently above them. "Come on." Shaw hissed, grabbing the taller brunette's sleeve and tugging her toward the nearby door.

"Who was that?" Caroline panted, glancing back toward the steps.

"The FBI."

"They want to kill me too?!" She asked moving closer to Shaw and trying to keep her voice down despite her alarm.

"Actually, they're after me... Well, not really, they're after Reese but me, by association." Shaw admitted, shooting her a slightly apologetic look.

"That's reassuring..." Caroline muttered, following the shorter woman as she ducked inside the doorway to another room.

"Miss Shaw, Mr. Reese, make your way to the freight elevator at the Northwest corner of the building and take it down to parking, sub-level 4. There's an old service tunnel that leads out to the old water treatment plant. I'll pick you up there."

"Thanks Harold, see you soon." Shaw said before nodding for Caroline to follow her back into the open hallway.


They had been moving for a while now, desperately trying to fly under the radar of both the FBI and HR as they made their way toward the rendezvous point.

Carter had even started giving them intel from where she was being forced to stay with the FBI. Her texts came frequently, giving them a heads up when the search units were getting too close.

"Come on, we're almost there... And Reese is, too." Shaw said, holding the door open for Caroline to head out into the parking lot first. She glanced down the hallway one last time to ensure that they weren't being tailed before going through herself.

They had barely made it five feet before several dirty cops came out from where they had been waiting behind the parked cars. Shaw swore under her breath, stepping in front of Caroline and gritting her teeth as she glared at the men.

"And here we told the boss this bitch was with the man in the suit..." One of them said, stepping forward and giving Shaw a slow once over. He was smirking, it was a sleazy expression that betrayed exactly what he was thinking. "I don't know who you are, sweetheart but you would be wise to drop that weapon right now..."

"Yeah, that ain't gonna happen." Shaw muttered, her lip curling up slightly in disgust. She could feel Caroline shift uneasily behind her.

"Don't you think you should listen to them?" She whispered, her breath hot on the back of Shaw's neck.

The shorter woman shook her head before whispering back, "Just trust me."

There was a small stare down before the man who had spoken shook his head, motioning for his men to move forward. "Take them both out."

Shaw smirked, catching sight of movement back behind the men. She could feel Caroline's hands balling up in the back of her jacket but remained still and silent as Reese took out two of HR's men before she took out two more, leaving only the man who had spoken up.

His eyes were wide and he immediately dropped his own weapon to the ground and kicked it away from him. Shaw shook her head, shooting him once in each knee cap before looking toward Reese.

"Sorry I'm late."

"Nah, perfect timing. I knew you had our backs." Shaw said, reloading in case of another attack.

"You two head for the service tunnel, I'll hold them off..."

Just as he finished speaking, shots were fired off from Simmons. The man had just emerged from another part of the parking lot and he appeared to be furious.

Shaw nodded, "Got it."

The women moved quickly, staying low to keep themselves away from any stray bullets that might have hit them otherwise. Shaw glanced back toward where Reese was, not exactly liking the fact that she had to leave him behind. She quickly broke the lock off of the door leading to the tunnel before holding the door open for Caroline.

"I'm going to make sure you get in the vehicle and then I'm heading back... Reese may need backup."

Caroline nodded, making quick work of the ladder that lead up to the exit. Shaw did the same before breaking the lock on the last barrier keeping them from exiting the building.

"It's been fun but you should probably get out of here." She said, gritting her teeth as she brought the butt of her gun down heavily against the lock. Sparks flew as the metal clashed and the lock fell away to the cement floor.

She was just about to turn back when she felt Caroline grab her roughly from behind, "You have no idea who exactly it is you're working for, do you?"

Shaw's muscles went rigid as she felt the needle slip into her skin, her body pressing heavily against Caroline's taller form as her legs went weak. The other woman lowered her gently to the dirty floor, a fond smile covering her lips.

"I really do like you, Shaw. Don't make me hurt you."

Those words were the last thing that Shaw heard before everything went black.