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Love, Hunt Me Down

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 "So you're going to be the package, huh?" Shaw asked, watching with indifference as Root secured the agent who'd been staying at the pickup site when they arrived. 

"I'm stashing him over here, in the closet... I don't really care to hear him in the bathroom everytime we have to go."

Shaw shrugged and lifted her eyebrow expectantly. Root wasn't even looking her way but it seemed as though the other brunette could almost sense the shift in expression. "And yes, I am. Is that really so surprising, Sameen?"

Shaw ignored her, knowing that she was just trying to get a rise out of her by using her first name. 

She watched as Root shut the door before making her way back across the middle of the small living space from the kitchenette. The taller woman moved gracefully past her and into the dark room just across from the door, the bedroom.

"Only one bed..." Root said, her voice oozing that flirtatious undertone that she seemed to reserve only for Shaw.

She didn't outwardly show that she knew that Shaw had pushed off of her perch on the edge of the table but the shorter brunette knew that in some way, she knew she wasn't alone in the bedroom. 

Setting her jaw, Shaw grabbed Root's arms and tugged them behind her body before forcing her face down onto the bed. "You know, we should probably make this look more convincing." She said, her voice low and dangerous.

Initially, her only response came in the form of a small gasp but after a moment, Root regained her composure. The taller woman ground her ass back into Shaw's hips, pressing them flush together. A seductive smile tugging at her lips as she peeked up through her dark hair toward the other woman.

Shaw's eyes narrowed and she flipped the other woman over quickly. Her fist slammed into Root's chin before the hacker even knew it was coming. 

She smiled, watching in satisfaction as Root's tongue snuck out to lap at the blood oozing from her now split lip.

Suddenly, Shaw felt the air forced from her lungs as the heels to the other woman's boots landed solidly to her stomach. She hit the floor hard, her arms and upper back aching as badly as her stomach from the force of the fall. 

Root was on her before she'd even had a chance to catch her breath and the taller brunette was smirking. "I am so glad you said that."

She tightened her legs, pinning Shaw's arms more firmly against her body before leaning down and not so gently grabbing both sides of the other woman's face.

They kissed briefly but as soon as the taste of iron met Shaw's tongue she was reminded of Root's split lip. Without thinking, she pulled away, her teeth tugging the injured lip roughly.

Root hissed in pain, digging her nails in and raking them across Shaw's cheek before slapping her with her right hand. 

Shaw set her jaw, her cheek burning angrily from the scratches and the hand mark that was most likely visible now. She bucked her hips, throwing Root off balance with a little squeak. The shorter woman smirked then, using brute strength to force Root backwards before scooping her up and throwing her roughly back onto the bed.

Root's eyes widened when she felt Shaw's hand wrap tightly around her throat as the other woman leaned down over her. Dark bangs tickled her cheek and she gasped silently, desperately trying to fill her lungs. 

"Glad to see you're not a one trick pony." 

The words were breathed right next to her ear but to Root they sounded dampened and her vision was beginning to fade to black. She was just ready to slip into unconsciousness when Shaw's grip relaxed. 

The woman watched as Root gasped and sputtered, trying to fill her burning lungs. As soon as she was sure the hacker had her fill, Shaw gripped her chin and crashed their lips back together.

Her tongue slipped out passed her lips, circling the still bleeding cut she'd inflicted before she ran it along the line that sealed Root's lips together.

Her fingers knotted in the hacker's hair as she was granted access, and Root slowly relaxed beneath her. They were both bruised, bloody and sweating. 

And they spent the next few hours making sure they'd look as convincing as possible for Root's 8a.m. pickup. 


"She been sanitized?"

Shaw arched a brow, a slight smirk playing at her lips as she thrust the taser toward the male operative. 

"Looks like you got a fun one here, huh?" He asked, shooting her a knowing look as he took in her scratches and bruises from the night before.

Her smirk widened and she helped Root to her feet before looking back toward him. "You don't know the half of it."