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Love, Hunt Me Down

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 Reese turned, his eyes narrowing as he heard Root’s door snap open. His hand flew toward his hip and the gun that he had holstered there but relaxed almost as quickly.


The woman shot him a glare and pulled the door shut behind her before locking it. “You weren’t supposed to be here yet.”

His brows rose slowly on his forehead, “And here Harold was worried Root would break out… I doubt he even considered the possibility of someone wanting to break in.”

"Shut up and lose that grin." Shaw warned, stalking up to him in a few short strides to stare him down. Her jaw flexed as a chuckle came from behind her and Reese’s eyes moved past her own to look at Root.

"She doesn’t seem too relaxed and she certainly isn’t happier… Am I misunderstanding the reason for her visit?" He asked, his smile pulling a little wider despite Shaw’s warning.

"No, absolutely not." Root replied from where she stood just inside her small space, her tone oozing smugness. "She’s just disappointed that she got caught."

"I hate both of you." Shaw muttered, snatching her coat from a nearby chair before stalking toward the hallway that lead to the exit.

"I love you too, honey! Bring some of your toys next time!!" Root called after her, smiling wider when Shaw bit back a gruff 'there won't be a next time' before slamming the door.

The brunette turned her eyes back to Reese then, her smile disappearing immediately. “We may have had a moment… But it’s over. You ruined my chances at round five.”

Reese shook his head as he removed his jacket and scarf, “I wouldn’t have to be here and you wouldn’t be in that cage, if you knew how to behave yourself.”

A wicked smile pulled at Root’s lips, “Ah… Yes, you see, that’s where Sameen stands out from the rest of the group… She loves it when I misbehave.”