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The Dragon Slayer and The Script Mage

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Chapter 1
Gajeel strolled into the Fairy Tail guild hall, he had to admit it was much nicer than the old one, which he had destroyed. He ignored the stares and whispers for the guild members as he walked up the bar to see the white haired barmaid smiling at him in a relaxed manner. She was one of the few guild members whose names he actually new, Mirajane, this was mostly due to her modeling career and that some of the guys in Phantom had taken to pinning her centerfolds up in the guild. Gajeel sat down hard on the bar stool ignoring the gossipers behind him. She greeted him warmly,
“Good Morning Gajeel.”
“Morning.” He said gruffly.
“We just have a one last thing to take care of to make you an official member.” She said pulling a large stamp out from under the bar. “Your guild mark.” Gajeel nodded and turned his left shoulder towards Mira.
“Just make it black.” He said. Mira smiled as she pressed the stamp to his skin, he felt the tingling sensation as the mark appeared on his shoulder. She pulled off the stamp and he looked at his new guild mark, black against his tan skin, this was it he was officially a part of Fairy Tail. ‘Well I suppose there was worse places to end up’ he thought. Better than the junkyard Makarov had found him in and least now he could get some real work. He ordered a beer from Mira then went over to a quiet part of the guild hall where he could relax. Thanks to his heightened dragon senses he could hear almost everything going on and if he sat in the middle of the room it would surely drive him crazy. Gajeel gaze drifted around the room observing his new guild mates, he saw the card mage Cana drinking from a barrel of beer, ‘I'll have to challenge her to a drinking contest some time’ he thought with a smirk. The two sharpshooters sitting awkwardly next to each other not twenty feet from him, he could smell their pheromones from where he sat. 'How could they be so clueless,’ he chuckled at the thought of two people so obviously interested in each other not making a move for more. Then a different sent caught his nose, lavender, paper, ink, and old books. He would never forget that sent, his eyes flicked to the table where the blue haired script mage sat with her two teammates. The guys where glaring at him, he couldn’t blame them for that, but it was the girl reaction surprised him. He could smell her anxiety but her face held only a fraction of the fear he had expected to find there.
He looked away from her warm hazel brown eyes and back to his beer, his stomach twisting into knots. ‘She’s obviously afraid of me and she would be an idiot if she wasn’t. Then why am I feeling like this?’ Gajeel had far from a clean past he had hurt many people before his three new guild mates, but that was now the problem he had never had to try and make amends for what he had done. ‘How do you ask forgiveness for something like that?’ Not that he planned on asking for it. He looked back around the room to try and find something to hold his attention when he heard,
“Why the hell did Master let him in?” He heard the orange haired one growl in a whisper to his team. “After what he did to us how can he join our guild.” Gajeel scowled into his drink, the black haired one nodded in agreement.
“Come on guys, maybe he deserves a second chance, he was following his Masters orders after all.” His eyes widened at the sound of her voice defending him.
“Well he had a shit Master, and should have just refused.” The orange continued sounding somewhat rebuffed.
“You know it’s not the simple Jet.” She shot back in a sharper tone than the dragon Slayer thought she would have possessed.
“I can’t believe you’ve forgiven him Levy.” Gajeel couldn’t believe what he was hearing, had she forgiven him?
“I wouldn’t say I’ve forgiven him for what he did, but I do think he should be given a chance to make up for his mistakes.” She said calmly looking back at the books she had on the table. “I need to get back to this translation.” With that Jet dropped the conversation grumbling to himself.
Gajeel stared into his cup, she was willing to give him a second chance, he knew he didn’t deserve her forgiveness and he sure as hell didn't have the right to ask for it. That thought alone pricked at a wound Gajeel didn’t realize he had. Levy, he thought the name suited her, hell it was almost as short as she was. He drank deeply chuckling at his own joke, he picked up different pieces of conversation from other parts of the guild none really worth listening to. When he saw a familiar mage making her way through the guild towards him. Without any hesitation Juvia plopped down across from him smiling.
“I’m so glad you decided to join.” She said happily.
“Hey Juvia I thought you were trailing after that ice mage who beat you.” Juvia blushed and Gajeel smirked.
“I was with Gray a few days ago,” she said twirling her fingers the way she always did when she got nervous, “but he and the others needed some time to recover after what happened at the tower and I wanted to surprise him by being an official member when he gets home.” Gajeel smiled at Juvia’s nervousness.
“You've got it bad for that ice princess don't ya.” Juvia pouted.
“Don't call him that. He sweet and strong and kind…” Juvia continued to rattle off all the traits of Gray she found appealing when Gajeel smelled Makarov headed their way. He looked down at the tiny man standing next to their table. It still amazed Gajeel that such a small man held so much power.
“What do you want old man.” Gajeel said breaking Juvia from her seemingly never ending ramblings about Gray.
“If wouldn't mind Juvia I would like to have a word with Gajeel for a moment.” Juvia looked between the two before stammering out and quiet, “Of course.” Makarov nodded his head back towards his office indicating Gajeel to follow. The Iron Dragon Slayer towered over the Master as they walked together up the flight of stairs and into his office. Gajeel casually walked across the room and leaned against the mantel as Makarov shut the door. The office was lined with bookcases and had one large desk placed in front of the windows covered in mountains of paperwork.
“So what is it you want to talk about.” Gajeel said. He had no idea why the master wanted to have this little chat with him. It's not like he had broken any rules, at least none that he knew about.
“I have an assignment for you Gajeel one that only you can accomplish.” Makarov stated. “You've now doubt heard of my son Ivan.” Gajeel nodded letting Makarov continue. “I need you to seek him out and work with him as a double agent.” Gajeel raised a pierced brow at this.
“Why's that.” He asked gruffly, he had heard rumors about Ivan and Makarov back when Phantom had wanted to go to war with Fairy Tail. The rumors went so far as to say the Master Jose had sought him out to help them take down Makarov but that Ivan had refused.
“I have no doubt that my son is planning to make a move against Fairy Tail. He has information that could do great harm to this guild if revealed.”
“So you want me to keep tabs on him.”
“Precisely, I'm sure Ivan would be more than happy to take you on. He's been looking for a way to get a spy into Fairy Tail for a long time now, I'm sure of that. Convince him that you are still the Gajeel of Phantom Lord that all of this is just an act to try and take Fairy Tail down from the inside for what we did to your guild. Tell him I'm an old fool who is too blind to see what's in front of me. Say whatever it takes to earn his trust. Keep me informed of all his dealing and plots. Do this and you will gain my trust absolutely.” Gajeel weighed the risks. Form what he had heard of Ivan his reputation was worse than Master Jose no doubt he wouldn't handle betray lightly. But what did he have to lose? If he pulled this of Makarov would never have a reason to doubt his loyalty to Fairy Tail and he would have a permanent place in the guild. If he failed Ivan would probably kill him in a very slow and painful manner. The answer was a simple one,
“I'm in.”